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The Fellowship of Truth

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posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 06:17 PM
Hello friends! The time has come, when the fellowship of the truth has begun! The Fellowship of Truth is a Collaborative Writing adventure, where myself and all my friends are welcome to come in and share ideas and thoughts with eachother.. In hopes that we can take all of our energy and focus this into some solid truth for those who don't understand what we are all about. And can get a good idea of where we are headed in the years to come!

As the only way we are going to get through the next few years are together!

And here is the base that I set this up upon.. The ground rules if you will.

I've want to make an online group for sometime now, Yet I want to keep this group from turning into a cult or coven like thread..

This group can not have a leader or leadership spots.

We all must be equal members.. And membership to this group doesn't mean we meet in person. But a meeting of the minds.

While I may have a big role in helping to start this Fellowship of Truth.. I want everyone who wishes to partake in our group feel their own freedom to express their ideas.

And Keep this as far away from becomming cult like, or religion based group. Nor is this intended to recruit or gather people for personal agendas or gain.

Granted all religious ideas are welcome here, but we must draw a line at some point if it gets to heavy with religious points. Lets try to keep them peaceful, open, and most of all honest!

Co. writting is always something I have wanted to do for a long time now.
As I have been working on a book, that talks about personal truths to each person.
I belive strongly that the truth is a personal idea.. And One mans or womans truth will not be anothers truth.

So lets keep this in mind, when working together on this thread.
This can go in many directions, and can be in the shape of stories, true to life exp. and metaphors to gain a higher understanding of eachother.

I shall start with this:

Its time we stick up for ourselfs. And stop these bullies from killing and hurting us all! So that we can move on as a human race!

My problem is this.. I do not want to kill anyone. Nor hurt anyone to get my point across.

How do you fight evil? How do you fight the governments that have become such bullies?

How do you fight something without attacking it.. Or hurting the people being blinded by such maddness?
As if you go to attack groups of people.. You inturn become as bad as them. If you tell them what they should belive.. You become the very thing you set out to defeat..

And its how we have been trapped in this loop for so very long!

How do we end their rain of maddness.. How do we stand up to a bully. Without doing the very things the bullies did to us..

How do you beat the bully without becomming the bully?

Would that in essence be doing what I am doing right here? To speak the truth?
Bullies come in all shapes and sizes.. All classes and colors. Of all creeds, and culture.
I'm not calling anyone group out.. Or making any direct suggestions as to who the bully is.. Deep down we all know what Im talking about here.
Collectively, I'd like to see what we can come up with.

And this is just the start.. This can go in many directions.. I just wanted to take the first step.. My brothers and sisters will help me fill in what I do not fully understand at this point in my life.

Such as.. Are governments that rule us, honestly doing this to protect us, and save us from the evils of the world?

Or have they inturn become the very evils they claim to fight?

So many groups that do good.. Do good, yet at the highest levels use that good, to do bad deeds.. All in the name of protection!

Such as.. Are you a bad parent, if you do not chip your child? So many children come up missing each year.. Yet are we really that scared to have them chipped with these tracking devices?

Is it really that bad? Or do they want us to belive its gotten that bad?
For the greater good, much evil can be done.

P.S- To any Mod who comes across this thread..
I honestly think this thread would go here.. But if I placed this wrong. Feel free to transfer this thread to where you find it fitting.(will have no hard feelings about that)
I want to collaborate with others in forms of short stories, ideas, and threads all lumped together, to help me with my on going search of knowledge and truth to many many things that control us here.
All of my friends.. And if you are new here and do not know me.. Your welcome to help out! All are welcome.. And this will be an on going thread that I want to put alot of work into over a long amount of time.
Atleast until 2012.. Day by day.. step by step..

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 11:26 AM
The old wizard tips his hat forward, as to block the rays of the setting sun upon the Grey hilltop of knowledge. He is gazing off into the distance, where big billows of smoke arise from the grounds far into the northren lands of the Dowin.
The northren lands of the Dowin where once all forest and beautiful lakes that went on as far as the eye could see. Once home to the elves of Quill's Nest.
And now machines and industry have taken root in these once beautiful lands, scattering all the life that once took root there.

The plumes of smoke rise high into the purple and pink sky of Gia.
Gia is the homeworld to many strange and mystical creatures, that where created by the figment of thought from other places across the great expanse.. Or known to some as space.

"Raven!" A short beard man shouts, as he hobbles up Grey hilltop.
The old wizard then turns around, and he speaks with a grandfatherly strong voice.
"Flintstone, its good to see you made it here, where are the others?"
"Raven, we where ambused on the Grey Road on our way here, Orcs!" Flintstone said while breathing very heavy.. Blood was running down his face from a wound he got during battle. His mace to his side still had lumps of Orc hair and flesh hanging freshly from his weapon. Flintstone then went on to saying," The Orcs have been growing in strenght the past month, no road is safe anymore, I lost 3 close friends on that road." As he then falls to the ground, battle torn and tired..
Raven, then picks up his staff made from the wood of a hollywood tree, and lays his hands upon Flintstone.. Suddenly a bright light surrounded them both, and his wounds where magically gone! Yet the blood of battle still stained his armor and face..
Flintstone a sturdy dwarf opens his eyes slowly and then spoke soft words.."Raven my old friend I thank you once again for saving my life, Here is the scroll I bring to you from across the lands. It seems the orcs are only the slaves to a larger power base that controls them and the goblins. These creatures have never been so organized! And the humans of the lands are doing nothing to stop them from what they have been doing, Raven I think the humans are in leage with these filthy creatures, its time the truth came out."

Raven then reached and put the scroll into his side pouch, and then put his hand over Flintstones forehead.. "Rest my friend, you have travled far to bring me this knowledge, and many of our friends have died for this knowledge. We must bring this to the high council, hold on friend."
Raven then waved his hands, and a yellow and blue light surrounds them, and they are magically teleported to the outskirts of a Large Human city. The City of Atlas!
Huge spires and towers can be seen looming over the small inns, and blacksmiths shops of this large city. Huge stone walls span across the landscape, that surround the city of Atlas! The council lives within these walls, within the castle of Atlas..
Within the Walls of Atlas is where the Fellowship of Truth was started.. And now all that is left of this Fellowship is Raven and Flintstone. When starting with a large party of 12 men, and 6 women. All ranging from human, elves, Dwarfs, halflings, and half elves. Each one with a true passion to find the truth. While its well known to the people of Gia, that the truth will bring down the wrath of the overlords!
As the overlords have burned down many of the great cities that contain the knowledge of the world. And hording all that knowledge for the overlords themselfs.. Much has been lost.. And the Fellowship of Truth will stop at nothing to get back the knowledge that was taken from this world.

End of part 1.. if you would like.. You can either write the backstory to this event.. Or you can Continue Raven, and Flintstones adventure into the city..

Yet its to be known that the councile is in on this conspiracy..
So if one writes what happens next.. take into considerion. That the councile wanted RAven to bring back the scroll.. So that they could give it to the overlords..
As the councile works for the overlords in secert..

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 10:53 AM
Meanwhile under the beautiful land scape of Gia, one faction of the Overlords gather for their yearly meeting to summon their Grand Lord.. The Demon Overlord, who has many names, and many faces..
This is a back story to the main story.. This will fill in some of the blanks.

Yet anyone is welcome to come in and add their own spin, and their own short story to the main story.. The Fellowship of Truth..

Deep within the stone caverns of Bavarian, wicked statues of Molech the owl god peer down upon the robed figures who now gather in this large chamber. 13 humanoid figures dressed in black robes slowly gather around the bloak soaked alter of Marduk. Human and humanoid skulls line the dark alter, with black candles burning a subtle blue flame that dance. Casting their shadowly figures upon the stoney cavern walls. The shadows themselfs seem to take on a life of their own, as the shadows of the robed figures climb up the walls casting the true forms of these demon like creatures. Yet these demons where not spawned from the pits of hell.. But right here on Gia. Within the hearts of all men dwell such evil creatures. For every wicked thought, and every evil action upon this world gives them strenght. With every crooked preist, and bishop empowers these beings. A high pitched scream of a woman, echos throughout the dark and vile stone cavern of Bavarian.

Together as one, the 13 robed figures subdue the woman onto the alter of Marduk. Each one pressing a fingernail deep into her skin. The more she screams, the higher the blue flames from the black candles become.

"All together here my breathren, Together while the sun is at the highest point in the Gaian sky, shall we give this soul too you, OH Marduk, grand master and the Sun of our true God!"
"We offer you this pure being, as our sun peaks into the day lit sky well out of site of the dark caverns" Chant all 13 figures..

As you see.. Evil in this realm functions at all hours. And prefers to offer their evil Gods fresh souls while the sun is at its highest point in the sky.. As for thosands of years we have done this by night.. By the darkness of the moon is where most figure they would sense such evil deeds.. But not here.. IN this realm.. Evil has such a strong hold here that evil deeds like this happen in broad day light.. Well within the dungeons of the Keepers of Bavarian!

The pure virgin screams out her last bit of breath.. As the main robed figure brings down his hood, to expose his face so that the pure of heart can see who is taking her life and giving it to the evil Gods, whos names are many, and has many faces, bodies, and temples.

AS his cloaked hood falls, she looks up and for her last moment she takes wittness to a man, a human.. Who is well respected within the world of Gia as the holy one. The Pope! Known to her as a child since a young age she was prepared by Joseph Alois Ratzinger, to become this very energy of sacrifice. Ratzinger then thrust the Serpent dagger straight into her heart!

The blue flames of the candles burning, upon her death raised 13 feet into the air.. Turning a deep red and purple color!!
The other figures then started dancing and and shed their robes off of their bodies.. Dropping their robes to the ground, their skyclad bodies then pile upon eachother.. In a wicked frenzy they then partake in ripping the woman into four seperate parts. Each figure doing sexual acts to the dismembered body, as blood flows to the ground turning into a river of blood and gore..

Ratzinger then kneels before the great looming Owl statue, and takes off his robes aswell, and takes a bath in the blood of the pure virgin.
AS the sexual acts reach thier peaking points. A portal then opens up in the middle of the room, and out of the portal comes a dismembered figure of such hate, and pure evil, that all of the figures drop to the ground, and bow their heads too this summoned demon!
Ratzinger raises himself from the blood bath, and speaks..
"My lord, What is your will?" says Ratzinger, now dripping with the blood of the innocent.

"You little worm, you sickening puke," thunders the voice from the hideous Snake like demon that came threw the portal..

"You are not worthy of my essence until you bring me all of the last 24 scrolls of knowledge!" Crackles the horrid Demon!

"The 24 scrolls of knowledge hold the key, to manifesting my power to stay within this realm, and rule over this world for another 10,000 years!" Yowls the wicked Demon!

"These scrolls can only be gained by the trust of your fellow kin, they must belive that you are the holy one searching for the truths of this world! Yet at the same time, each soul you bring me.. Brings you closer to the age of darkness!" Growls the Demon!

"As you see.. The scrolls of truth, can only be handled by those with pure hearts! Only those who follow the path to enlightenment can be tricked into doing my bidding." Laughs the Demon with no name, yet with a thosand names..

"Your flithy ways can only blind those who follow us.. You Ratzinger, must grow your faith! Take this book, It is my absolute Word! And anyone who doesnt follow blindly shall be controled with great fear and manipulation!" explains the Demon..

Ratzinger then grabs this book.. His hands shaking wildly, and eyes rolling back into his head.. And he then says.. "Yes my master! AS you will, by your will, it will be done.. And those upon this land, will fear your wrath, and listen to your words as the absolute truth!"

"We shall create new temples in your name, AS your book dictates us.. We shall follow you my dark lord, and we shall gather these scrolls."
Ratzinger says franticly!

"You had best not fail me Worm!" The last words that come from the vile demon before he phases out into a horde of hundrends of cockroaches! That all scurry across the blood soaken ground of the stone cavern of Bavarian!

The now naked preists and bishops gather their robes and cloak themselfs back up.. As the deed has been done.. And the orders have been given. They know what they must do.. Find some Heros that will blindly follow their orders, under the idea of doing good deeds for the newly formed church.. With the Book of God in Ratzingers hands, he slowly starts to read what is laided out before him..

And it didnt take long to set up the first churches, and temples.. As the word of God spreads quickly in these lands.. And groups are formed to hide the truth to what these churches are really about.. A group named SEBA was formed.
Which is directed by Ratzinger himself, as a group that helps those in great need.. As the gold and gems that have been looted in the past, will come in handy in starting SEBA..

SEBA will indeed help those in need, take in the homeless of the lands.. And start raiding parties to find and kill all Orcs and goblins across the land.. While in secert, they are killing the homeless in sacrifce to the Evil gods.. And gather groups of Orcs and goblins by night to do the secert dealings of the main church.. SEBA grew into a powerful front group.. And the only deeds ever reported by the churches of Gia where those of great and noble deeds! Only heros could ever join SEBA! And thats how they would get ahold of the scrolls..

In due time, everything takes time! AS the ages pass, and the years turn into decades.. The torch is then passed down the ages, and the powers now rest in the hands of a new generation.. All formed by a great evil, under the notion of something pure and good..

posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 10:49 PM

Original art by LGM

The warrior priest gazes across the tainted land. He checks himself and knows he is prepared and saddles up on his big black stallion the morning sun glints off the handle of his long sword. He looks in the direction of Atlas spurs his steed and rides across the wasteland to the one that calls to him. 1,100 clicks to the south he must travel in a hostile land.

His ride is long and full of danger his heart beats in his broad chest as he fights and rides. The warrior priest that is called Drakon fought for years through the ruined great cities and ravaged countryside on his way to Atlas. He fought off every type of evil trolls, Orcs twisted humans and entities from the abyss. He gets to the Forbidden City of atlas battle scared on both his outer and inner being. His horse drops dead from exhaustion. He yells out I am here to see the Priest Lenu! The guards of the gated city draw longbows down at the Warrior. Tell us why we don’t drop you where you stand warrior!

Drakon takes a step foreword and unsheathes his heavy long sword. He drives it into the limestone as the moonlight reflects off his Armour chest plate and yells in an animal-like voice that makes the evil Gods wince. I AM THE CHOSEN ONE! Lightning flashes into the heavens where the sword meets Gia and thunder rumbles through the mountains. The smell of ozone and silence befalls the land, not an animal, bird, human or even insect dare make a sound. The gates are drawn upward as the guards cower with heads down as the warrior walks past them into Atlas. He takes a steely look at the captain of the guard and growls "take me to the priest".

He walks up to the candle lit altar; standing with his back to him the priest turns, and drops the hooded robe. The warrior stands with feet shoulder width apart and starts to tremble. The priests fiery long golden hair falls and the warrior recognizes those beautiful crescent-moon blue-violet eyes, the full lips, the high cheek bones and feels his soul stir. The beauty of the priest strikes him with in his chest like a war-hammer. Drakon stutters for the first time in his life, you are female. The priest answers I am neither. I am one.

The warrior hears shuffling boots and realizes they are his as he steps back. He has caressed this face in his dreams, looked into those eyes with his heart and soul like a distant time. His world shimmers like heat off the southwest desert. His mind confused as his heart races a torrent of blood through his veins and feels love stricken and his knees shake. Without thinking he drops to one knee and finds his confidence again and his voice becomes soft yet sure “Drakon in your service”. The priest/priestess taps him on each shoulder with a scepter and whispers “I dub thee first knight”. The warrior feels tears on his cheeks making trails on his dirt and ash covered face for the first time he can remember.

The dream manifested...

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