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Discussion of Ruling Bloodlines Disclosure

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posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 01:55 PM
Hello Joan! I really appreciate your time giving us this amazing information. We are very fortunate and I hope it becomes useful
in our daily life. I send you a hug!

posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 02:03 PM
Dear Joan, I was wondering if all of us belong to a certain House, even
though we dont know?. I have the feeling I belong somewhere. All this
information is very familiar to me, it seems to be a refreshment for my

posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 06:46 PM
In the Ra Material, Ra mentioned that his part of his mission when he was incarnate on earth was to spread the law of one.

Were you, Hidden Hand and Insider assigned to teach us about the Law of One?
Have you met the SMC Ra?

If would you describe the appearance of a SMC such as Ra.

Do you have any knowledge of where the continet/city of Atlantis sunk?

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 05:37 AM
I apologize I've been out of contact for a little while. I have been working on another project, setting up a web site for some of my interested ATS'ers and communicating with them. Also, I've been resting up a bit.

LS: ...Now, my feeling about all of this is that these occurrences, or visits, were intended to help me remember who I am and why I am here. To come back to the lessons that were learned before hand to get me through the muck of living as a human and to do what it is I have to do.

J: (Joan shakes her head) Get in touch with SNC24 and have him give you the URL to a his thread where he is talking about goals. What you said here is identical to what 3 people said there. What you are feeling isn't unique. You just have to find these people and make an effort to forge a bond there.

LS: I don't want to start a church or anything. I am far more of a background person, well, that is until something pisses me off.

J: If a necessary tool is not available, you will have to make one. I'm not talking about making a church, however forming a group is not outside of most people's skill set.

LS: I also figured that if I could find others like me, then it would help with the remembering. We could help each other.

J: I agree with this intent.

LS: ...They say things like send out light through meditation, and while I think that helps the world greatly (they got one of their own elected to President didn't they?), there seems to be more that should be going on. It seems it should be part of what we do in our lives, more than just being nice and doing charity work. I think I have a bit of a warrior in me and a great deal of impatience.

J: I too have frustrations that parallel these. If you poke around my area (gotten to by SNC's thread, which he will give you the URL to if you U2U him), you'll notice that I am trying to address this frustration with the New Age movement.

LS: Any clues on this? So, aside from being anxious, I am finding myself to be quite the conumdrum.

J: I have heard of many dreams and visions like this. About your anxiety/conumdrum, I think we both know that if you found outlet for it, it might saciate the desire, and do something positive for others.

LS: Others say they have this memory and then go out and write a book with a bunch of bull in it and folks believe them and they go on book signing tours and get a bit of notariety. Which is great for them, but not what someone that has a true calling in this would do unless they are waaay off the assignment grid. Maybe that was the assignment and they only think they are serving themselves.

J: An interesting aspect of my experiment here, is that I am much like you in that I don't want to stick my head out too far. However, doing this has taught me much and I have a new appreciation of why this happens. Its a choice. You need money to live. If you apply a lot of time and energy to something, if you can make a living doing it, it allows you to focus much more of your time and energy to it. I wouldn't blast these people to hard. I think in their own right they are doing something positive.

LS: Also, some of my anxiety left after finding you back on here. But, something about you has changed. Am I correct?

J: Yes, BJ noticed the same thing. I am changing somewhat. Because of the flow through me, I tend to be colored by the spiritual forces that flow through and around me. This has the effect of changing my personality somewhat over time. I can't wait for it to become less dynamic. Fatigue also plays a part.

LS: Do you know anything about the Wingmakers? What are your thoughts, if any, on the truth of their assertions?

J: I checked out their web site and read the home page. It is somewhat interesting to me. however I don't have much more of an opinion than that.

LS: I just found your post where you direct the participants here to material. I am extremely grateful for this addition to the discussion.

J: You are welcome. I am of the understanding that these materials are core to the matter before us. I'm not much of a browser, in that I tend to only focus on those things that I think would help us, rather than that which would just dispell bordom.

LS: I am going to say that in man's memory they went from living a totally free from worry life to having to work at surviving and the lazy bum in man deeply regreted this and so points a finger back at Adam and Eve and says, see what they did to us?

J: It is the nature of man to blaim. Until man learns to take his fair share of responsibility, it will be this way.

LH: I was wondering if you could tell me your opinion on the new/old chemical composition of Monatomic gold? (M-state gold, white powder gold etc.)

J: I think that much of the symbolism in especially Alchemy is Life-based, not chemically based. A symbol like gold I think probably refers to something figurative, spiritual and allegorical, not literal.

I beleive that injesting an intert substance such as gold to be free from risk. My point is that I don't think that monotomic gold to have much of a health benifit. But you have Free Will, so injesting something is your right.

W67: I must admit I am strangly drawn to you. I find you intelligent, sly, enlightened and honestly - I'm in a bit of wonder of you at this point. I am actually having a physical reaction after reading this thread.

J: I thank you for your compliments.

W67: I consider myself educated and with a healthy dose of skeptisim. I put that out there within the last week and here I find you. I was first drawn to the Pleiadians.

J: Based on what I can sense of your vibration based on your posts, I don't think you would find the Pliedian perspective your best bet.

W67: I enjoy outwardly being a heretic, shaking up the christians - my goal although being a positive one to get them thinking out of their box. If they engage me in a conversation I will challenge their thinking (with decorm and respect) afterwards some seem scared others just shut down.

J: Please be careful with this, in that I think most Christians should be in their box. A few need to be liberated from it. So long as you do so with postive intent, wisdom and an idea of what you should be doing, I agree that doing this is a form of doing something positive.

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 05:38 AM

W67: The more a human stews in a negative emotion the more spidery entities were attracted thus creating a spiral of demise. Am I close on this issue?

J: I think so. Life tends to balance, and even when caught in a spiral of demise, it still have a tendancy to survive and trive when it can.

This reminds me of a conversation I had with a man in a bad situation, where he used provisional faith to use his powers of decision to at the very least conceive of a situation where he would eventually be free of the negativity that surrounded him. He confided in me that it was difficult to do this, but already he had found some truth in the results he was having.

W67: How did you come to your own awareness? Have you always known?

J: I awoke a few years ago. I have not always known. It was mainly through communication with entities that would visit me.

W67: Any comments on this? [prescription drugs]

J: This is a common idea in the Mind of God at this time. I have gone through a stage of this myself.

W67: *I want to belong to the house of Lucifer, bringer of light - do you have membership referrals (bats eyes)

J: Lol, I can tell by your vibration that you are already connected subconsciously to a strong House of Light. No need for referrals, just do well with what you have, support what you think important, do what is right, etc. etc.

W67: Thanks for your gifts, your time, and your eloquency.

J: you are welcome. Please come and join us in our discussion of Hidden Hand's contribution, if you feel you would like to do this.

BJ: Does this mean I have been followed around my whole life by yours and/or H_H's group?

J: Most of what human's feel as bad is human generated. This idea that most of it is due to demons, devils or spiritual influences I think is mankind not taking responsiblity for their share of the chaos.

LS: Joan, did you want us to attempt to answer the questions or to only consider them in our reading and studying?

J: Either or, but I would like a few more of you to do like Suberlaben and another user did where they actually attempted to answer the questions in a post format. This helps me in that the full burden of teaching does not rest upon my shoulders. So I do find benifit in them being answered explicitly here in the thread. I very rarely will say that someone is wrong in their views, and if I do, I try to point out why I think/feel its incorrect and assure them that they are entitled to their opinion as I am mine.

LV: But I would like to hear your answer on how HH claimed himself of negative polarity in 6th density, which is only positive polarity.

J: I'm not saying this is the case, but the logic might appeal to you. Positivity will lead you up the dimentions, therefore a desire for negative might cause you to descend downwards. Hidden Hand, the person, is in 3D. Therefore, if a 6th Density Being was talking through a 3D human being, then the 6th Density being would have to have descended, therefore, HH's soul connectivity would be negative. If it was positive, it would have remained in the 6th Density and not communicating with us.

LS: For the purposes of a House some things must be emphasized in the teachings a member receives and others not emphasized, and others not revealed. This could be because the workings of the individual towards the goals of the house are better served if some things are not known. There could be many reasons for this. One, not becoming distracted. Another, things that are accepted as absolute truths are usually followed more closely and with more dedication. Another, the view from one place in the Universe or school of thought is different than in another. Yet, both views are equally true. If both views are pursued with equal energy, then the purposes of both are better served and more balance is obtained. There could be many more.

J: This reasoning shows intelligence and wisdom. I agree wholeheartedly.

P: I'm just curious, if HH was ordered to divulge this information as his duty, who is providing information analogous to this to the billions of non-western, non-english speaking people of the planet. Who is instructing the Chinese, the Indians, the Koreans??

They have their own secret elite providing esoterica on the internet? Or are we the privileged few? Who are they? What is the name of their house? family? SMC??

J: Here is the advantage to being in the East: their religious and beleif systems are set up so that both negative and positive polarities are commonly taught. In the West, only the negative, or comfort polarity is taught. So during times that positivity comes into play, the East just goes "OH, so that's why we beleive that. Never could understand it in the comfortable times. But we were taught it, so we believe it and now we know what to do".

Unfortunately, in the West, what happens during positive times, is Gnosis is dynamically constructed and used for a few decades or centuries, and it is the beleif system used by a subset of the people effected by the spiritual forces that engender Gnosis.

So in answer to your question, Buddhist monks and yogis and people like that do what the Hidden Hands and Insiders and the New Age movement are doing, its just a usual aspect of their job, no matter what time it is. We got the fancy tech, they have the better beleifs. All in what you consider important I guess.

To find out the names of their Houses, just look for the primary Gods in Hinduism and the main leaders in Buddhism, take the top 10 or twenty and you have a pretty good idea of thier House names. Like Vishnu, Krishna, Indra, Brahma, Gautama Buddha, Matraya, Asura, Deva.

M: How did you become aware of that?

J: Combination of education, personal study and psychic experience.

M: Is it knowledge that was passed on from your parents to you?

J: My parents aren't from a physical bloodline. They have regular religious beleifs.

M: Do you guys have special schools were they teach you these things?

J: Yes, they are called mystery schools. There are several on the Internet, and a few are actually pretty sharp.

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 05:38 AM

M: I mean even if HH's bloodlines are real and they are truly ruling us like puppets, how do they know what they believe in is real?

J: Hidden Hand's discourse was not understood by the majority, as far as his treatment of especially slavery went. His point was that we are not sufficently free. By calling us slaves and puppet he wanted us to say "NO! I will not be a slave or a puppet." Not for you gentlemen to just accept it as fact. mY opinion.

Look, as far as I'm concerned, there isn't much difference in how the average Christian knows whats real and true and someone like Hidden Hand. Its just that some people have a higher level of prophesy/psychism within them. Same thing, just diferent strengths of the same connectivity.

R1: Hello Joan! Im really interested in your information, I deeply feel its truth,
as well as Hidden Hand and Insider. Everything is very familiar to me.
Thank you all!

J: I am glad for you Rosa. I'm glad you stopped by to read and inject something yourself.

A44: Hello Joan! You mentioned that at this time of the End, a huge natural
process is occuring, and that is why Hidden Hand felt the desire to share
with us information to benefit us. Is this process at the level of the whole
planet or is individually?

J: Both. A subset of humanity will participate in The End. Many, many who aren't directly effected by it will go on with life as usual (HH's reference to the "lukewarm"). If you read this thread, and Hidden Hand's you can put together a more detailed explination.

A44: Dear Joan, I was wondering if all of us belong to a certain House, even
though we dont know?. I have the feeling I belong somewhere. All this
information is very familiar to me, it seems to be a refreshment for my

J: Yes, most House connectivity is at a subconscious level. A few have conscious understanding of it. The fact that this stuff is resonating indicates you do have connectivity to a House.

TANS: Were you, Hidden Hand and Insider assigned to teach us about the Law of One?

J: It is my understanding that the Law of One is the most popular version of Gnosis available in the spirit realms at this time. Because of this, you will probably find the compitent teachers choosing of their own Free Will to teach it at this time.

However, there are expanded, detailed versions of the original physical-plan channelled version if you go and seek them out.

TANS: Have you met the SMC Ra?

J: Portions of it. It includes both positive and negative aspects.

TANS: If would you describe the appearance of a SMC such as Ra.

J: Literally, if you assembled all of Ra in one location it would look like a small city.

TANS: Do you have any knowledge of where the continet/city of Atlantis sunk?

J: Don't know much about the literal Atlantis. However Atlantis continues to exist as an actual reality in the higher dimentions.

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 01:33 PM
I would like to interject something here that I truly think needs to be pointed out.

Westerners look to the East, and a lot of this has been done on this ATS thread, and talk about the East as if those living there hold all the secrets to existence and as if their belief systems are superior to those in the West and so the folks there are wiser than those of the West. This simply is not so. On another site, I even read a post where some one stated he wished that we in the West could experience some of the peace they experience in the East. Okay, has anyone been to the slums of India? Has anyone heard about the poisoning of the Earth going on in China? What about how the monks have been tortured and killed? There is as much negativity going on over there as there is here and, in some cases, more.

I guess the answer to this is that the folks don't get upset about these conditions as they accept the negative along with the positive in a manner that we do not in the West because of our wanting to equate only with the positive material comforts or something. The Japanese do a pretty good job of this as well, as well as members of the ruling classes in India, and other countries.

I am not sure why folks think that Eastern thought has lead to more spiritual enlightenment than that found in the West. But, there are some conditions that are tolerated there that some in the West do not, or would not, tolerate here. I am not saying we are superior or that there are not places where the same conditons, or at least close to them, do not exist here. I am just pointing out that there isn't some perfect heavenly existance going on over there any more than there is here.

People tend to like to slam Christianity. I am not saying it is superior to any other religion or manner of thinking. Just that it is no worse. To tell you the truth, the folks over there have thought themselves into boxes of acceptance of conditions that are not so pretty. It isn't the teachings of the religions of the East or the West that does this. It is the human understanding of these teachings and how that leads folks to live out their lives that causes this. I could study some form of Asian myticism and enter a state where I am able to join with the Universal Consciousness (on another site someone posted about this experience) all the live long day and yet how would this add to human understanding of life and living and giving to others?

Well, in a sense all of man would gain as if I enter this realm all enter because the All is One and so greater understanding of the greater Truth is gained. It just seems to me that it should also inform our living. Othewise, all I have gained from the experience is maybe an A+ in meditation abilities. Because I have to come back as I am still in a body that is living, unless the experience kills me. I might also be a bit nuts afterwards and therefore not much use to mankind. Maybe the moral of this is the grass is always greener on the otherside. So, appreciate where you are and work from there because there is a reason why you are where you are.

[edit on 21-2-2009 by Little Star]

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 07:42 PM
Bravo Little Star, I could not, for obvious reasons, ever believe a culture that eats dogs is more enlightened than one that eats cattle. However, I wish humans would not use animals in such a way. Period.

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 09:14 PM
I want to clarify that I am not putting down Eastern thought. Nor, am I saying that those of us in the West need to stick to Christianity or Western thought. I am saying, just don't slam it.

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 11:57 PM
bravo little star, you show a good deal of wisdom and equanimity in all your posts.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 03:02 AM
Unit 1c: Free Will/Love/Light

In continuation of the last unit, HH continues on explaining the nature of The Creator/Creation by intoducing a trinity of symbols: Free Will/Love/Light.

I am breaking down his discourse into parts so that we can discuss and the group can express their thoughts and feelings on what he touched upon. Taking smaller "chunks" of his discourse and applying out analytical skills I think is the best way, I think, of understanding what it is that he is trying to say.


Creation is based upon the 'Three Primary Distortions of The Infinite One'.

1). Free Will:

In the first Law (or distortion) of Creation, the Creator receives the Free Will to know and experience Itself as an individuated though (paradoxically) unified aspect of The One.

2). Love:

In the second Law of Creation, the initial distortion of Free Will, becomes a focus point of awareness known as Logos, or 'Love' (or The Word in biblical terms). Love, or Logos, using It's Infinite Intelligent Energy, then takes on the role of co-creating a vast array of physical illusions ('thought forms') or Densities (which some call Dimensions) in which according to It's Intelligent design, will best offer the range of 'potential' experiences in which It can know Itself.

In effect, the One Infinite Creator, in dividing Itself into Logos, could be termed in your 3rd Density understanding as a 'Universal Creator'. In other words, Logos, creates on a Universal level of Being. Logos creates physical Universes, in which It and the Creator may experience theirself.
("Let there be Light")

3). Light:

To manifest this Infinite spiritual or 'Life-Force' Energy into a physical thought form of Densities, Logos creates the third distortion, of Light. From the three original Primary distortions of The One into making the Creation, arise myriad hierarchies of other sub-distortions, containing their own specific paradoxes. The goal of the Game is to enter into these in further divions of Creation, and then seek to harmonize the Polarities, in order to once again know Oneself as the Creator of them.

The nature of all such physically manifest Energy, is Light. Wherever thus exists any form of physical 'matter', there is Light, or Divine Intelligent Energy at it's Core or Centre.


Commentary: In various versions of this information amoung the houses, the term Purpose is sometimes used instead of Free Will. Having seen this idea from various perspectives, it seems that the form takes that of the Christian Trinity, with Free Will the unipolar, unifying symbol representing the duality of love and light.

In Christian tradition, we see God the Father (Unity) occupying the highest role, and underneith him, Jesus (Love) and the Holy Ghost (Light) being subservient to Him.

I will cut and paste a version of Hidden Hand's idea here, the one from the Horus Mind:

"In order for the ONE to manifest, It had to become the MANY. To manifest, the ONE Decision reflected Itself from the Prime Cause. Because the Prime Cause is infinite, the reflection was infinite; and infinite points of Decision filled and created all space. Each point was in the image of the ONE and had all the potential of the ONE. In other words, each point was a Son of the ONE or a Son of God.

All there is existed and still exists within this Point of Life, for It dwells in Eternity, or the Eternal Now, for all things are present before It. There is no past or future for the Life, but only Now. It sees beginnings and endings as Now, just as we can see the beginning and end to a line we draw. We can see the whole line with its millions of possible sections in one glance.

The infinite reflections had relationship between one another because they were all One in origin. This relationship is called Purpose and Purpose began to vibrate and this vibration creates the universal wavelength that manifests all things.

At the same non time that Purpose was created the vibration of Light and Love was manifest within the originating wavelength.

Light and Love and Purpose exist for eternity beyond time in the Eternal Now.

If we substitute a picture for this Eternal Now we can visualize timeless creation. Assuming the left side of a picture is the beginning and the right side the end, we can see the beginning and end with one glance; so does the Life see all things in creation - past, present, and future - all at one glance and knows the end from the beginning. It, however, sees time and space constantly changing to fit that end, but even the changes between beginning and end are, before It's eyes, seen as Now.

The Life is like a creative artist with one great paintbrush in It's hand, and with that paintbrush all that is, is made manifest. The hand which holds the paintbrush is that energy we call Purpose. Without Purpose, there would be no creation, for Purpose is behind all there is. It is the motivating Power of God.

From the beginning of creation then, there is eternally projected the Ray of Purpose. Purpose has no beginning because the Life that projects it has no beginning; thus, it has no end. Purpose is like a single endless line, or spiral, and because it is endless, it penetrates all things. When Purpose decides to paint pictures, it projects vibration and thus creates the wavelength. The top of the wavelength is called Love and the bottom is called Light, but Purpose is always there existing unseen between the two. It is the motivating Power.

The creative hand is Purpose, the paintbrush is Love, and the beautiful colored paints are Light. These three form the Trinity of God, projected by the One Life and are the powers behind all creation.

From Decision and, or Life is projected the supreme energy of Purpose. In the scriptures, this energy is represented by God the Father, the Most High God.

When Purpose vibrates with the objective of creating divine art, or manifest form, then the illusion of two separate energies is created. These energies, or aspects, are Love and Light, and are not separate from Purpose any more than Purpose is separate from Life. Purpose, Love, and Light are three Aspects of the One Life. They are one energy, but appear to be three energies. They are the One in Three, and the Three in One. They are the energies of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 03:22 AM
One of the best illustrations of this is the guitar string. When it is stationary there is before you only one string, but as soon as you pluck it there is immediately produced the illusion of three strings. There appears to be three strings until the vibration ends. Then we see one string again.

So it is with creation. There appears to be three energies as long as the one energy of manifestation is vibrating, but creation is based upon the illusion of the three. In reality there is only one. While manifest creation is in existence in time and space the Trinity will be real to us, but when the vibration that creates all things is stilled then all the universe will go back to its source: The One Great Life who is God, or the Singularity as it is was called by Stephen Hawking.

Notice that the line of energy that produces Love and Light is a single emission. It is only the fluctuation of that one energy on both sides of Purpose that creates the illusion of Two, or the great illusion of Duality.

Even though the appearance of the Trinity of strings is an illusion that does not negate its value. Quite the contrary, for without this Trinity it would be impossible to create any rhythm or melodies and the guitar would be able to fulfill no useful function except to stand silent in the closet.

Even so can we thank the One Great Life for reflecting Itself and creating motion, or vibration, so the Music of the Spheres, and All There Is made manifest so the various parts of God can know themselves and each other."


(1) Why is it that information from various houses is taking the Trinity form, that of Christian doctrine of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost? Why is this new information more scientific and logical than the previous versions throughout history?

(2) How do these ideas translate from a just being a general idea to indicating how you should choose in a given situation? Any ideas?

(3) Is this a positive step forward in how to conceive God, or do you think it will slowly die and be restored to more traditional ideas?

(4) Would you say you are balanced, love-polarized, or light-polarized?

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 09:11 AM
reply to post by JoanTheBlind

I am intrigued that "Unit 1c" is reflective of the "0-1-2-3" theory and yet no discourse has been forthcoming on this subject. Examination of this may be conducive at this stage.

I U2U'd some information to CosmicEgg on this matter and I post an extract from it here for the benefit of all that wish it. I have copied and pasted from the original U2U so typos are intact :-) :

The "theory" has inevitably become a belief system and manifests in many different forms, whether coherently as a direct branch or via parallel derivation.

The concept is relatively simple in the first instance. It can best be presented by referring to the words transcribed from "Dirigo Lux", c. 1735:

I. AB INITIO (that is, "from the beginning")

Now, all good men are tasked to exhalt God the Almighty as The Undifferentiated Power before all things. In that place without age or location, nor substance or measure, neither wet nor dry, neither earth, nor air, nor fire, nor light, nor darkness, God being before all things, in entirety as existence without definition may be described in absolute terms 'Omnia et Nihil'. God was in essence and presence as The All without further discretion, or context, or comparison, that no constraint of measure, or age, or other quality or quantity known to man may be applied and said to be relevant. For the understanding of man, we may term the nature of this state of being as 'ignorabimus' as it is beyond all knowledge of the created.

We may conjecture The All as one of paradox for the understanding of man, that each part may be termed the whole, that each moment may be termed as the ever, that light was as dark and dark as light, that high was as low, wide was as narrow, deep was as shallow. We may define no aspect in this existence as pertinent to the state of being but as nihilation without contradiction. So as each moment may be said to be the ever, so came the ordination 'de novo' that we may now know as creation which may be shewn to have always been for that event without 'ante hoc' or 'post hoc' within the state of being of The All existed as a happening at coincidence with all other happenings that may be said to be, as everything and so as nothing. That the moment of creation did occur is only as known to man but as God may ever be described as omnipotent so creation has always occurred and was ever to occur. Now in action so did God perform the Greatest Sacrifice and in so doing did create one Substance from the very being of that most holy presence, Hyle, which may be called the First Matter. This conversion to a physical dimension may be ascribed to a single undefined moment excepting our understanding as the beginning of all things that are known, now and as yet.

At the "point" that God performs the sacrifice, the being becomes physical matter, a singularity. This singularity then divides and multiplies:

That God did nominate the process so is exemplified by the triune in that very essence of nihil is the eternity of all things that may be called the The Undifferentiated Power, that the first of first matter was but chaos and may be called as a singularity, that just division did impart the seed for multiplication that all things shewn be grown.

The stages of the "creation" in this example are exemplified by the numerical progression of 0-1-2-3:

- "Zero" or the "circle" represents God in entirety ("ante hoc" to the "Horizon Æternitatis").
- "1" represents the singularity of physical creation, a conversion of "God" into the initial state of physicality (post hoc) that we may begin to understand. At this point, time itself is in infancy and is not a "constant" as such.
- The first function of division is applied and we have "2"
- As a consequence we also have multiplication since the division creates 2 from 1, represented by "3" in entirety.

The 3 empathies are presided over by three "deities" or manifestations of the state of God. The "deities" are not "Gods" in the true sense since the theory is that God *IS* The All, i.e. everything. Rather, they are manifestations of will. Strength is represented by an "X". This *may* be interpreted as 2 crossed arrows which classically represents the Roman Diana. Wisdom is shown by an eight pointed asterisk with an extended descender. This may be interpreted as Roman Minerva. The last pillar is beauty which is represented by a circle with two ascending lines as the sides (like a circle nestling in a capital U). This is interesting because it is represented by the classical Roman Venus, however, there may be a link to early Egyptian Goddesses although this may be a leap of faith too far.

In terms of the previous posts, I suggest that these would be analogous in the following way:

Free Will - Strength - The force of action/decision
Light - Wisdom - The logical application of knowledge
Love - Beauty - Spiritual cognition

Interestingly, the 3 empathies represent an inversion of the conversion process; "Beauty" (or "love") is deemed the greatest of the 3 and "Strength" (or "Free Will") the weakest. This may represent the supremacy of integrated spiritual cognition over individual action and decision, or a symbolic return to "The One" or "The All".

These 3 elements may be recognised from Freemasonry, however, I believe that they are a precursor to it and were contrived in masonic lore as an assimilation of other ideas. Of course, my analogy may be debated.

I present this information without conclusion since as I stated at the beginning of the post, "[it] manifests in many different forms, whether coherently as a direct branch or via parallel derivation."

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posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 10:42 AM
reply to post by JoanTheBlind

What exactly is the purpose or the need to disclose bloodlines?

I may be missing something but anyone with 2-3 hours and a keen eye for detail can gather the information on bloodlines themselves.

Please get back with some information as I wish to engage you in conversation.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 10:52 AM
reply to post by SugarCube

First Cause = Divine Infinite Intellect Expands, and then
Creates of Self= Divine Infinite Energy (Logos) Expands, and then
Creates of Self= Divine Light (Spirit).

Then Divine Infinite Spirit creates Achrons, Dominions and Principalities.

The Physical plane is a result of the later, and lives within a dualistic Physical. Infinite Godhead is unified and only knows itself and it's creations. We (souls) are of God and all this ascension through dimensions and polarity (reversal/cancelation) is the seeking of removing soul self f from lower vibratory dimensions and return to the Godhead. Just my 2 cents worth.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 11:00 AM

Good to see you have returned. I have a question.
Do Sethians develop substance abuse problems?

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 11:01 AM
LS: Westerners look to the East, and a lot of this has been done on this ATS thread, and talk about the East as if those living there hold all the secrets to existence and as if their belief systems are superior to those in the West and so the folks there are wiser than those of the West. This simply is not so. On another site, I even read a post where some one stated he wished that we in the West could experience some of the peace they experience in the East. Okay, has anyone been to the slums of India? Has anyone heard about the poisoning of the Earth going on in China? What about how the monks have been tortured and killed? There is as much negativity going on over there as there is here and, in some cases, more.

J: So you think you can come in here, Little Star, and disagree with me huh? Good going. I think you are doing the right thing.

I was reading IX-777's thread and he was saying how people are entitled to their opinion and that you should form your own opinions. Part of having an opinion is expressing it. So, Little Star, I'm glad you are doing what you are doing here.

Its well thought out, (as Pilot said) is eloquent, but it doesn't pull any punches in getting your point accross. Thank you. I feel respected here and honored that you would see me as deserving of a bit of critisism.

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posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 11:24 AM
reply to post by Jay-in-AR

Actually they do. Its a big House problem right now, and I'm a bit cheezed about it. There are quite a few Nephilim right now that have a meth problem (seems Meth is a Neph drug of choice), and to a lesser extent crack or coc aine.

While I might get in trouble for being so forthright about it, as far as I'm concerned, its so obvious in some circles that you basically have to admit the dog poop in the middle of the room. Walking around it, ignoring it isn't really an option anymore.

Having been around those that use drugs I've found that any short-term benifit that comes from it is paid for many times over after the initial "karma-free" period. It also invites suicide and a host of other problems that I'm a bit sick of dealling with.

I love the sinner, but I absolutely detest this sin. I drink. A few shots of vodka when things are rough is about as far as I go with substance use. I am not what you would call "sheltered". But recovery and rehabilitation is something that has to happen, even in harsh Game conditions.

An experiment I've conducted is quitting smoking, so that I could taste a bit of what its like to do something hard when a person is in pain. I am encouraged by the results. I think its possible for substance abusers to get clean if they have the desire, will, fear and anticipation of being clean. However, this level of decision I've found is difficult to find, even amoung the Nephilim.

I'm glad you brought this up, as its been weighing heavily upon my mind. Thinking and talking about this has already cheered me up a bit. Thanks.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 11:30 AM

Thanks for your honesty. There is a reason why I ask, but I don't feel like getting into it right now. I've got to go help my neighbor with his yard. This ice-storm we got here a few weeks back is still rearing its ugly head.

Ummm... Yeah, anyhow... I just thought I would extend the courtesy of a quick reply since you showed the same courtesy to me.
I'll be back later, you aren't off the hook yet.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 11:32 AM
MJ: What exactly is the purpose or the need to disclose bloodlines?

J: Well, my take on it is that a lot of this literal symbolism is for a deeper purpose.

For example, HH mentioned that there are 13 Houses amoung the Elite.

I personally think there is a coorelation between the number 13 and Jesus and the 12 apostles, in that Starseeds can be of one of 12 "vibrations" with the 13th a mediator, or Christ, principle.

Just some thinking I did one time.

Purpose? If you can link a person to one of 13 vibration types, then you can get into energy balancing, assigning tasks based on vibration type (ie. affinity or natural talent), and a whole host of other things you could probably figure out if you put your mind to it.

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