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The Fourteen Minute Gap: JFK Conspiracy

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posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 11:31 AM
The Fourteen Minute Gap (part 1)

The Fourteen Minute Gap (part 2)

From the LBJ Library archive, a cassette tape with a conversation between LBJ and JEH the morning after JFK's assassination, seems to have 14 minutes erased purposely, which after 2 + years of cover stories from the LBJ Library, was found to be coorborated by audio engineer analysis of said tape, prior to the cover story.

The missing content refers to a meeting at the Soviet Union's Embassy in Mexico, 7 months prior to JFK's murder, where a man, claiming to be Oswald supposedly recieved payment for the assassination.

Evidently, over 40 years after the fact, this story was too sensitive to be published by journalists contacted.

Official report of lone gunman may be proven false, 14 minutes.


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