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Ecuador expels US official for 'bribery'

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posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 05:45 AM
I have read how the U.S. goes around the world, trying to get people/countries to bend to the wishes of the U.S. It is nice that one country has kicked the U.S. out and saying NO!

Yes I am a U.S. citizen, but I do not like how the U.S. goes around the world being a "big bully", telling other countries what they can do and not do. Or who their leader etc. is to be. It is great - one country is kicking the "offical" out.

I would wager a bet too, that within the next few months, all kinds of "bad" things will come out against Ecuador in our media. I would bet, the U.S. will say how "corrupt" the leader is and do their workings of isolating the country until it bends to the "will of the U.S.".

link to article:

The Ecuadorian president said the US official had sought to link economic aid to allowing Washington to choose the head of Ecuador's anti-contraband police.

"We are not going to accept anyone treating us like a colony," the president was quoted as saying by AFP.

I want to add one thing.... a couple of months ago, when I was looking for that ONE "no NWO" country..... I listened to a radio program, of someone who used to be part of the "banker cartel" here.

I listened to this off the website : Project Camelot. I do not remember who it was, on the radio. But the link to website:

Below is what "he said" occured and why he moved out of the U.S.

He said. he used to be part of all that is going on right now, he is supposively a billionare. He said, he was told what exactly was going to happen a few years ago, and what the ultimate plan is.

He realized he did not want to be part of it all. He sold everything in the U.S. that he had and he had researched, where he could go that was not going to be part of this NWO collapse of the world.

He said the only place was Ecuador. So he moved there and it is not part of the NWO.

posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 08:37 AM
I think that the man you're referring to is George Green. He claims to be alot of things including a banker and property developer.

Of course it is very hard to verify these claims of his but I for one still listen to him for his opinion on the economy and were its headed.

Mr Green and Project Camelot are in ecuador at the moment with a former astronaut whom I forget the name of and they posted a new interview with George a couple of days ago if you want to listen to it.

Be warned though, the interview lasts for 2.5 hours


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