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Armageddon Armchair

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posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 03:48 AM
K this thread's discussion is directed at responses that understand that this post is under the "given" that a major violent shift in earth's mantle will occur in the near future.. either by asteroid or other means.. pole shift etc.. so keep that in mind thanks..

By now if you've read posts in the survival Forum, then you've heard of what is commonly referred to as a "BOB" or "Bug Out Bag" .. a bag that contains vital survival supplies conveniently on hand to go with you if you need to evacuate the location during an emergency.

also.. many of you have read about "underground cities" etc..or at least underground bunkers used for surviving a natural disaster of cataclysmic proportions.

now, IF the individuals and groups in high places have access to the necessary information needed to predict the when and where of this event.. down to the minute...or second even..

would they not have prepared for themselves.. specific types of restraints.. to endure the massive movement of the earth's crust?

obviously one would want to "tie down" anything they wanted to survive the violent shaking.. for however long it lasted..

i mean literally.. everything bolted down and compartmentalized.. nothing really "laying around" ... for the reasons of orderliness.. to avoid damage.. but also to avoid the debris of miscellaneous objects inflicting pain upon nearby humans during the quaking.

this also leads us to the topic at hand... if you're bolting down "things"..
then you're more than likely going to want to bolt down "people"...

gives new meaning to the term "strap yourselves in" or "prepare for the ride of your lifetime" ...

given that there ARE well funded military and scientific survival efforts in existence for an encounter with a near earth object or extinction level event.. given that fact..

do you think that they have incredibly well insulated rooms and rooms of "roller coaster" type seats where padded bars come down over you and strap you in safely for the traumatic earth shaking event of a pole switch or asteroid impact?... for use at the forecasted or observed anticipated..TIME OF IMPACT?

such precautions WOULD be thought of. imagine the implications if they WEREN'T thought of!! loss of many important people..
chances of them having accidents being slammed into walls.. concussions.. etc..
you obviously take this precautions when in a roller coaster.. or in an airplane even.. especially fighter planes...

so if any of you are in preparation for the 2012 pole shift or asteroid impact... IF any official info comes out (which i doubt there will be)... and it's every man for himself...
if there's more and more clues from relatively significant sources that indicate the immediate threat of this...

would YOU take this precaution?

would YOU invest time and energy/money into
a "Situation-X Seat" ... an "Armageddon Armchair", a "SHTF Stool", "The-Big-One Body-Brace"
an array of them for a "GoNuts Gallery" a series of "Twenty-Twelve Thrones"? ( no not the montaulk-type chair supposedly in the great pyramid ) ... more aptly a "TwentyTwelve TOILETS" because not everyone will be.. ahem.. irregular.. when the clock strikes twelve..

not to mention the incredible motion sickness many if not all would be experiencing.. and the apex of fear... one might want to accommodate their chair with an oxygen-mask and barf bags and ... dare I say... "toilet functionality"... because we all know.. containing yourself" is not going to be many people's prime concern during the most violent experience in human history.

maybe being out in a vast, open plains area in a field in a heavily fortified metal version of this type of thing.... would be an idea..
or .. in the middle of a lake in one of those...(with paddles that is)

link- rollercoaster without rails -

of course you'd need to prevent whiplash.. and wear a helmet.
these are interesting whiplash-prevention designs -

any creative people around here think this is necessary precaution for the "exact second" it "happens" ?? (if it's within reachable access and you've got apart warning of its impending approach" etc...

sounds like all those crash-test-dummies are going to have served a much higher purpose one day.

what say yous?


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posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 02:08 AM
given that something "would" happen then...
nobody's seriously considering this??

those of you that think something violent will happen to the earth.. impact.. or pole reversal causing massive movement..

could you tell me why you wouldnt consider this precaution?


posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 02:15 AM
im wondering if our world leaders, top dogs etc would take to the skies during such an event?

fly around for a good amount of time with mid air refuelling on hand for a long flight.

then assess the situation afterwards. maybe they have bunkers at various locations stocked up with supplies to land at afterwards.

who knows. i think anywhere on or below ground would be highly dangerous and unpredictable to say the least.

thats my take anyway. (not that i have a plane.... im in the same boat as the next man...although to be spiritually awakened may help imho)


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