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A question for Tarot card enthusiasts

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posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 03:26 PM
Hello all!

For my personal readings and readings of close (female) friends and family, I use the Goddess Deck It took me quite a while to decide which deck to buy. I wanted to really identify with the imagery on some level. I bought them completely inexperienced in the tarot, utterly green! After a few weeks, I gained some confidence and allowed my intuition to take over. It wasn't long before my hands moved on their own and laid spreads that were completely unique to the situation. Interestingly enough, I've just met a woman who had read the cards since she was a young teenager (we're nearly the same age) and asked her how she does her readings. Our methods are virtually identical in their movements. I was surprised, but on some level it was to be expected, wasn't it? heh

For readings for others, I use Crowley's Thoth. I clean them in light and between crystals regularly. I don't know whether it actually does any good at all but it's what "they" say.... The feeling of this deck is completely different to the Goddess deck. It has a far more masculine energy to it and the readings are more statements rather than suggestions, I feel.

It has been my policy not to study more than the basics about the suits of the Minor Arcana (seasons, elements, etc.) and I keep my eyes closed as my hands select the cards and then lay the spread. I don't want to manipulate or affect the results of a reading in any way. It's also paramount to ask the question correctly (dunno if that was mentioned previously - I didn't bother to read all the previous posts!) so be sure that bit is perfectly clear to all involved. When a person doesn't really know how to phrase the issue at hand, or it's too involved to get into, I just ask them to ask their angels or whoever their soul speaks to about such things to give permission to my "whoever deals with such things" to reveal the answers. I think they do things much more efficiently "up there" than we do "down here". Interestingly enough, I've never yet had an ambiguous reading when the question is posed correctly, even using the "permission" method.

posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 10:18 PM
I was given the most beautiful deck of tarot as a gift from my mother when I was in my teens. It's a Llewellyn deck and all of the art on every card is a collage of different kinds of fabric. They're truly gorgeous and intricate. I can't remember the exact name of the deck though and I haven't used them in years.

I became interested in tarot for the same reason as another poster raised in a Christian environment. Being from the bible belt a little tarot was all it took to freak people out, which is usually the goal when you're a teenager.

But an interesting thing that happened to me was that when I was 17, I went on vacay to New Orleans with my boyfriend. I went into the voodoo shop at the end of Bourbon St. and the lady in the back read my palm and my cards. I can't remember preciesely what she said, but I do remember that she said I wouldn't marry my then boyfriend (which was a shock at the time) but that we would remain friends all our lives, and that I would marry a man from another country. I didn't remember any of this until I had been dating the man who I"m now married to who is in fact from Canada.

posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 11:05 PM
I have a Rider Waite Tarot deck that I haven't pulled out in years. I bought them from a book store on a whim. This thread has made me want to dig my cards out, "cleanse" them and take them out for a spin.

I used to read for friends and friends of friends. But I got to the point where I refused to read them for family and close friends though, as it was just too much pressure, and personal feelings sometimes got in the way.

I remember that I had a hard time reading the cards for myself for some strange reason. Like past and present seldom seemed to fit. Maybe I just didn't want to know *shrugs*. Anyone else have this problem or know why that might be?

I love the idea of designing my own deck. Thanks for the fabulous idea, I think I may try it.

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 03:21 PM
reply to post by Skamindy77

I agree , I to have been giving a lot of thought to making my own deck as well .
It would be a creative blast !

posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 02:50 AM
I love the RWS deck, but prefer the recoloured editions due to the fuzzy print on the traditional cards. Currently I'm using the 'Radiant' deck which has strong, brilliant colours that bring Pamela Smith's drawings to life (for me).

I have heard that the PS' originals were lost and the ones they use now are copies from decks in existence at the time. Because mass-printing technology wasn't so good back then all we have are copies of bad-copies, hence the poor picture quality.

Like many other posters, I avoid reading for family and close friends. It's too easy to get carried away with prejudice when you're already familiar with the person and/or situation. In fact, I rarely do readings at all. I prefer to use the tarot for meditation and personal guidance.

I find tarot is something that kind of grows with me. As I experience different stages of life and refer back to the cards from time to time they seem to become part of me. The images and the 'characters' in the tarot, especially the major arcana, seem to have become like an index in my mind. Sort of like a combination of a trusted friend and a super-personality that can be summoned as required. Not sure if that even makes sense, but it's very hard to explain.

I love the idea of creating my own deck. I do have a set that can be coloured yourself (I think a group called BOTA makes them). Not the same as creating a deck yourself, but the process of colouring brings home the impact of active participation.

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 03:41 AM
I use a Morgan Greer Deck, which I picked out at the store where I bought it. It seems to be a standard deck. I did readings long ago, before I had ever bought cards, that seemed to be accurate, or at least the person I was reading to thought I was, which I guess is what counts, so eventually I bought a deck.

I think the numerology combined with the symbolism of the four elements are the major contributors that identifies that meanings of the cards. The Major Arcana I think places the subject into the cycles that they are going through, among other things. I like the story line that one can build. I almost always use the standard layout, can't remember the name, but where two cards are crossed in the middle, then one below, and then from there one on each side, with four lined up to the right.

I have the reader shuffle the cards however they like, as long as they don't bend them, then I lay out the cards and tell the possible versions of the story. A full reading starts with past, then a second lay out for the present, and a third layout for the future.

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 03:43 PM

Originally posted by ElusiveGoddess

I find tarot is something that kind of grows with me. As I experience different stages of life and refer back to the cards from time to time they seem to become part of me. The images and the 'characters' in the tarot, especially the major arcana, seem to have become like an index in my mind. Sort of like a combination of a trusted friend and a super-personality that can be summoned as required. Not sure if that even makes sense, but it's very hard to explain.

You may enjoy reading the story " the Fools Journey " It is very related to what you have just mentioned . I will post a link for you , if your interested .

posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 08:51 AM
I had a lady read for me in the early 80's. She explained the tarot to me. I found it so interesting and accurate. I ask her to be my teacher. She used the Rider Waite deck. I did not have this deck speak to me. The first deck I bought was Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot , When I read them all I would get was bad reading. I met a guy about year later that used a deck with blue background and stars on it. He did not know what deck it was. This deck was speaking to me. Several years later I found out it was a Morgan Greer deck. I quickly bought one. It is my favorite deck. I collect tarot decks. I have found I also like Witches Deck, Dragon deck and Le Tarot De Marselle. The art work of a deck says a lot more than just the meaning of the deck. You have look at both to give a good meaning. Find a deck that speaks to you.

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 05:37 PM
reply to post by Satana

How right you are ! It is so important that the deck you get " speaks " to you through its symbolism and art .

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 06:31 PM
Interesting thread OP! flagged and starred

I love tarot cards!. I own 5 decks: Dali, Rohrig, Cosmic, Rainbow and Russian Tarot.

My absolutely favourite is the Rohrig tarot... (Carl W.R. is a German artist that made a wonderful job with each card). I communicate very good with this deck and is the one I use for myself; (their symbolism clicks with me instantly). And I can feel its own energy.

Here are there are some pictures I found on google of this deck:

When reading for other people I either use the Russian or Cosmic, but also it depends on the energy of the person asking the questions...

I believe Tarot is a wonderful and powerful tool that should be treated with respect and be very careful about it.

And the readings (in my experience) have always been very spot on.

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