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.::America The Beautiful Park Colorado::.

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posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 05:20 PM
+ First Thread +

So Im From Colorado Springs, CO.. Born And Raised. Always Had A Feeling Of Something A Little OFf Here, But Just Thought Everyone Probably Thinks That When They've Been In One City For So Long?... Well I Came Across A Thread On One Of Our New Parks.. Pretty Big Park, Pretty Big Deal... And I Remember Some Of The Massive Construction All Around There, But Really Didnt Seem Too "Incredible" For All That.. I Knew It Cost Alot ( Really Didnt See Why ) And It Is A Really Cool Park.. The Water Things Look Pretty Cool, And My Son Loved Playing On The Play Ground. Really haven't Studied It Too Much....
But I Do Remember Having A Kinda Unsettling Feeling, Didnt Think Too Much Of It THo. I Had No Comfort, Felt Un Natural Or Somethin. So Imma Post The LInk To The Thread I Read, And If Your Interested, Study Alittle About IT And Let Me know What you Think.

Not Sure This Link Will Post The Way It Should, Havent Really Figured Out How Everything Works On Here YEt ...

Sorry If Its Not Right...

But Im Finding IT Hard To Think Of This As " Looking To Far Into It"... With Everything Else Right Now,.. No Way This Cost That Much, And Took So Long, With That Much "Effort" Put Into It, Without Something Motivating The Idea.
With All The Theorys On Similar Subjects Are Making Sense To Me.. Too Many Things Fit Way To Well With One Another. Im Finding It Difficult To Understand How Any Of It Could Ever Be Denied..... So This BEing My First
+Thought+ .. Please Share Any Thought Of Yours On This, And If I Messed The Link Up, Or Anything Else, I Would Appreciate Any SchOolin On How Things Work On Here

** ADdICted

...::: SylentTruth :::...

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 05:31 PM
Quick tip - Don't Capitalize every first letter....especially if you want people to actually read it.

just my 2c.


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