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Fighting with an entity, help is needed.

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posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 11:22 AM
Hello to all, first of all please sorry for my bad and poor english, i have been reading and checking this site for years now, guys, i need help

A friend of mine has a problem, in my opinion a big one.
Somehow a bad entity is attached to her, let me explain it, she always has been a cheerful person, since some days ago, she feels sad, really tired, she's afraid to go sleep, she has terrible nightmares when se goes sleep at night, nightmares that make her emotionally bad. Some objects in her bedroom have moved alone, electronic devices as digital cameras or a mobile phone went mad :S she's a special person, is sensitive. She's really tired, i don't know how to help her
, discard any illness. I need help, any info is welcome on how to make them run away, she doesn't live in mi city so i can't help her as i would


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posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 11:55 AM
I would reccomend someone to watch over her for protection, see if you can get a trusted friend of hers and yours to stay with her for a few days, or have her stay with someone else, preferably a family. As far as etherial entities are concerned, they tend to lose strength when they're around multiple people due to our own strong life energies.
As far as tiredness is concerned, perhaps she could use a 5 hour energy shot, and let her get plenty of restful sleep under a watchful eye. Just make sure she feels protected, and this thing might go away on its own.

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 12:19 PM
reply to post by NotHuman

I'd offer help.

There really is powerful help available to stop the nonsense cold in it's tracks.

There's a non-profit website dedicated to helping folks with such challinging assaultive stuff.

Even his materials are available for whatever donation folks feel like even if it's less than postage.

And, I've posted the link without problems.

However, the last time I posted it a month or 3 ago, a mod got all wound up about it being a promotion of a website etc. etc. etc. and deleted it.

So, alas, I guess I'll just have to pray that folks seriously wanting help will somehow be guided to the website by Holy Spirit.

I tried reasoning with the mod via U2U's to no avail. Their biases were fiercely cemented enough that there was 0.000% progress.

I don't even know if doing a DOGPILE.COM on




as a suggestion will be allowed. but I'll try that.

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 01:28 PM
She received a reiki session by a friend, during the session she felt well, great, as always (not tired..etc) however a few mins after the session finished she is again really tired even more than before, in her own words: "it is as if I had run a marathon" , it's weird :S it seems that "the entity" also receives the reiki energy and in some way it gets stronger
(the session was over distance, not face by face)
Bo XIAN i can't u2u because i haven't enough posts, there is any way you can send me the link of that site? Thanks.

edit: she went sleep because se was too tired, and in a 5min kidnap se had a nightmare... :S

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posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 05:37 AM

Originally posted by NotHuman
She received a reiki session by a friend, during the session she felt well, great, as always (not tired..etc) however a few mins after the session finished she is again really tired even more than before, in her own words: "it is as if I had run a marathon" , it's weird :S it seems that "the entity" also receives the reiki energy and in some way it gets stronger
(the session was over distance, not face by face)
Bo XIAN i can't u2u because i haven't enough posts, there is any way you can send me the link of that site? Thanks.

edit: she went sleep because se was too tired, and in a 5min kidnap se had a nightmare... :S

If you are truly happy why do you need a healing?

I believe reiki has a certain power but I don't think highly of the ability of most reiki practicioners to handle that power responsibly. Many so called healers want to help so desperately, even going so far believing they can fix things that were not really broken.

ps. if you confront your healer, don't fall for the lame explanation of "Yeah she is feeling tired because a lot of things are happening with her chakra's, aura whatever, it means she is healing her inner self!"

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posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 07:56 AM
If she has a negative attachment it needs a bit of work - would recommend this book

Practical Psychic Self-Defense: Understanding and Surviving Unseen Influences - robert bruce.

Some of the ideas in it are way out there, but this has a lot of good stuff in it that I have used.

posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 09:40 AM
I'd suggest meditating and a white sage smudge stick.

posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 07:30 PM
reply to post by BO XIAN

Actually - My issue with the removed post in question was not that you were offering assistance - in fact I applaud that, as I too (believe it or not) approach these 'entities and afflictions' from a faith-based perspective and via that which I personally term 'God'.

The core issue - which seemed to get lost in our discussions - was the large copy-n-paste from that referenced website, complete with prices of the helpful books you were directing the person to.
In that form what you post looked far more promotional rather than an offer of assistance..

However - I would certainly encourage you to repost the link/website for the OP. It can be done without the copy/paste of pricelists etc...which is where your post infringed upon this sites T&Cs.

For instance, a post such as:

Hi There,
This website here --------------------- is a site you may find useless.
Within in are some understandings, teachings, assistance that I believe you could benefit from.

Please check it out.

Something like that would be fine and dandy and certainly within the T&Cs of this site.

I do not see it as a case of a Mod being cemented or getting all carried away - as the say goes, it takes two to perhaps you also may need to review how you approached our discussions and the failure/own biases to see where I was coming from also. However that said, I do sincerely apologise if I came across that way.

Anyway - this is hardly on-topic and indeed any further discussion of same I'd welcome via to address the OP:

How do you address this? How do you 'fight with an entity' as your thread title indicates? Short answer: You don't. You don't fight with them at all.

The long answer - and please bear in mind this is from my own understandings/teachings/experience:

One of the little tricks these *things* like to play is the 'Make it Personal Game'.
Through your love for the person afflicted, or through a personalised attack upon yourself there is a bit of a trap - easy to fall into no doubt, done it many times myself in the past - to make it a personal battle.

A You Vs Them engagement.

Right there is were things can start getting a little bit messy.
For when you personalise an engagement with these things what you essentially are doing is stepping on the play field Vs them.
By doing so you also - in some ways - ostracise yourself from your other more adept 'team-mate/s' for want of better way of describing it.

Who are your other team-mate/s? ..well...your own perception and understandings are of course your own.
For me - as mentioned above - I come from a rather strong faith-based perspective. My perspectives are also culturally influenced by my own ethnic culture.
For me the real power for dealing with and dealing to these *things* is not mine at all. No way. All I do is essentially 'hand it over' to that which I term 'GOD'.

You yourself may have your own name/s, understandings of what that is....personally I kinda think at the end of the day we're just arguing semantics...different viewpoints, names etc of what is essentially the same thing.

When we take these things on ourselves we also somewhat step outside the coverage of those governances...that/those 'higher powers' who are FAR more capable of dealing with these things than we mere mortals could ever be.

From experience it is when we personalise the battle...when we go into it with the mindset of "Yeah - bring it on buddy, I'll deal to you" that we are only so effective...eventually you'll come up against something that will hand you your butt on a platter. Been there, done that, got the licks for it...seen others take their licks for it too.

Ego is a hinderance.

Handing it over to your 'higher power/God/Good/Light/insert-name-here' is the key.

How do you do that? Again thats really up to your own perspectives/beliefs/understandings.

For me I pray.
Firstly I pray to give praise, to acknowledge that Higher Power/God, to firstly essentially draw that line in the sand of acknowledging to that Higher Power that I am but a servant...complete with faults and failings...I am in many ways not worthy of even being called/sent to assist that person. Yet also ask to serve truthly and humbly...acknowledging that it is also a blessing and an honour to serve that Higher Power but also to serve those who require the assistance.

In doing so I place myself under the governances (and more importantly the protection) of that Higher Power - and I can tell you that NEVER once, after doing so, have I ever taken a lick since....for essentially all I become is servant - not Master. Any glory, kudos, whatever for what is done is that which I term Gods and His alone.

Another thing to throw into the mix: Prayer doesn't have to be any kneeling down, clasping of hands, shutting of eyes and getting all preachy with it.
Prayer - to me anyway - is about connection. HOW you connect is also just as varied as the people who seek to connect.

You may find that *prayer* is more *effective* for you not in words, but in actions. Through serving others you effectively *pray*. Through good works for others, you are sending *prayer*.

For me *prayer* is praise, it is love, it is peace and connection.

You can show your brother love or connection or assistance...through helping them, through sending them a smile, through picking up their heavy bags, whatever...its the mindset behind the actions that matters...essentially the action is then just the visible/externalised active effect of that loving mindset.

So...if you're a praying type person...then pray for her.
Pray that whatever is troubling her shall be dealt with by whatever Higher Power you personally term it/believe in. Call it in. Send the request up...ask for that Higher Powers intervention here, for the benefit of your friend. Place the task of dealing with it in the hands of that Higher Power. Place the call, the judgement, in His hands.

If you're not so much into the prayer/faith thing...then *pray* through actions, through servitude...through continuing what you are doing.
Looking after and out for the person. Showing them love and compassion. Focussing energy and desire that they will be untroubled, unburdened, that they will be released from whatever is plaguing them.
That focussed love, that purity of concern for someone is POWERFUL! So very powerful...and indeed it is essentially prayer.
The inner wish for the betterment of someone other than our own selves. Thats purity right there.

Other things you could do:
Personally I use water a lot. And salt.
Holy Water mixed with a little bit of salt actually.
I tend to use that for house-blessings and other interventions/services when called upon/asked to.
I also use sea-shells as I find these *things* aren't so fond of salt and seashells are in many ways a very physical combination of both of those substances.
Ya know - maybe even having some seashells around her her bedroom, next to her bedside, that kinda thing.

Whenever I house-bless I tend to place a seashell at each corner of the persons house, and also each corner of the land it sits me thats just a physical way of saying "Off limits" to any *things* that may not have good intentions...its essentially a way of marking the place as no longer being a sandpit that they can have their fun in.

Other methods have been mentioned - such as the burning/smudging of substances.

Really - I'd also be looking in other directions than just here...which I'm sure you're doing also no doubt.

I don't know any place/town/city that doesn't have people who can assist you - its just a matter of seeking/asking.

Anyhoo...enough of the novel for now. You have posted this question with concern for your friend - that to me is in itself a *prayer* for them.
So bless you also for your love and compassion for your friend...indeed...sending a prayer up right now as well for you and her.


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