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The average Joe is not ready for disclosure and new alien technologies!

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posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 02:27 AM
When the alternative is watching the civilizations of the world fall apart as mankind turns on itself for what little resources are left; as our economic and ecological environments collapse around us, then I'll take boredom any day.

Also, if we are able to develop technologies that would allow us to cross stellar distances, then I think that the future would be anything but boring. Religions have survived every new scientific discovery that has been made over the past 2000 years, by either incorporating them or just ignoring them. I am sure that whatever the visitors may tell us we will be able apply these methods to the new info.

I say yes to contact, not because I think that it is going to be easy, but because I think that we owe it to every generation that comes after ours. We might find the change hard, but once contact is made it will just be a matter of finding our place in the galactic community, something that is going to get easier as more time passes.

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 02:35 AM
It's like , when we have our against the wall we are at our best. Maybe the crooked will follow?

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 03:24 AM

Originally posted by cluckerspud
Disclosure is the right thing to do.
The ramifications don't seem to worry me.
YOU are not worried. YOU can handle it. I can handle it. You fail to realise that in the 1930's and 40's, when civility was at its height, when America was not over run by gangs, and when America had faith in something called the government, and trusted the military, Even then there was wide spread panic over a bloody short story called War of the Worlds. Yes I know the next argument: that was 60 years ago. Again the aspect of we have socially digressed even further since then, and no not for lack of Jesus, for lack of respect and morality which has little to do with religion. We have no sense of community, and from our view, you are ready for a civil war as it is. Everyone now, even with modern technology at its pace wants only to be left alone, there is no community, its all sex, self and pleasure. To disclose this sort of information sets the racial activists, black and white, to new levels of hate, because now they work together to hate something else that is allegedly taking their jobs, or opressing them. Religion world wide would fail faster than it is now, and markets would either fully collapse, or start a new level of chaos the likes of which even I cannot fathom. (I am the guy with all the tattoos and piercings, I love anarchy) A human is intelligent, society is a blood thirsty monster that must be told what to do in order to function. A tree is pleasant, a forest is full of things that go bump in the night. This is the way of nature. Regardless of what laws we see fit to enforce, the laws of nature surpass anything laid by man. To give disclosure to people like us, That is reasonable. Then our families are threatened and our silence is obediently given, because believe it or not, (Hell I cannot believe I will be saying this) but the governments are right in their assumptions that we the monster, society, are not ready for anything but a ball to keep our pampered little mind at ease. We fight religiously the 'establishment' in here. but all in all, those of us that really are ready for this disclosure will turn down the opportunity because even we know its the right thing to do, we know it will destroy everything we have done. You think the economy is bad now, let someone mention the cold fusion tests that are successful, and watch the market completely fall. Then what? Yes, the Star Trekian (r) philosophy of doing for the betterment of man is great, but only people like you and I and the author will abide by those rules, no security, no money, no rule, no one willing to enforce law. It will be pure chaos, and nothing more. In America, as well as Europe, there are 40yr olds that still play the teeny gangsta crap intentionally speaking in this gibberish urban crab talk that no one understands. There are 40 yr olds that still think Lover Boy is the ultimate band and live the 80's progressive rock life style trying to pick up on underage lasses the had when they were in the late 70's. Intellect is shunned, and society needs a role model. The only ones it has are children, and those that still think they are children. We are farther now than ever before, for disclosure sir. We are not even ready to find out why Kennedy was really shot, we are not ready for the FRS to shut down, anymore the WE are ready for the Rothschild's to die off and rot in hell where they belong. Currently we are being conditioned for something. What it is I do not know. I do not think FEMA has much to do with it, I do not think the FRS, has anything to do with it, nor this so-called Oligarch and its lizard aliens on Nibiru, that want us to mine gold for them. Something is coming sir, just be patient, and watch as we who know better get the last laugh.

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 03:37 AM

Originally posted by The Truth Project
Since our economy is about to hit rock bottom this would be the best time we have nothing to lose at this point.

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 03:46 AM

Originally posted by stanlee

Originally posted by The Truth Project
Since our economy is about to hit rock bottom this would be the best time we have nothing to lose at this point.
oops forgot to say something there.. anyway.
The economy is no worse than it was in 1907. That was the largest scare yet. The only thing that makes it historical even in America is the fact that we now have more and more people; this is a constant thing. lower the value of currency, and scare the hell out of everyone. this instills more trust in the government, and allows for more control. The economy is all in all, not that bad. We society, get scared, and depressed and start pointing fingers isntead of pointing our thoughts and drive to more ambitious and creative methods of living. The technology is here. what stops us from creating our own methods? why are we so hell bent on corporate reliability when we can bloody well do this ourselves? I am always hearing about how far indepth the proverbial hole goes. Its not deep. You can lift yourself out as easily as I can. THen comes the explanation of "the government will silence me if I do" Bullocks. You can shove plasma spark plugs in your car and run it on water. "I dont know how to begin these types of projects" Bullocks on that too. there was this invnetion created back in about, 700 BCE called a library. it holds all the information one needs to accomplish these tasks and learn to create their own, then there was this nifty invention created in the early 1980's CE called the internet, its like the library but faster. You mentioned a clever remark about utopian society and what not. I do have to agree with you there. We are not spiritual, or mature enough to live in peace. We could not follow orders for free. we have to have incentive. (money) But, it takes one person to start the change. Forgive me if I sound rather brash, I am not intending to be so, I simply believe, to make these changes, this is key, education is everything. One person may not be able to move a mountain, but you convince the right people there is gold in thar, you will have it moved for you.

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 04:37 AM
Hmm i think discosure would be a good thing,

You say there would be no need for jobs, well that's not strictly true we will still need people to install and teach us how to use the new tech and create new infrastructures.

And even after that we have a lot of tidying up to do around this planet weve been pretty messy over the last few hundred years and its time for a damn good spring clean :-).

Wars and terrorism well humans can be pretty violent and lots like to fight for some reason or no reason, but something like this may bring countrys together in a way we never thought possible.

Religion well i suppose that is the one that could cause the most problems a lot of people take it far to seriously and take every word as truth.

Personly i was brought up christian attended church (and sunday school) every sunday till the age of about 12, but i never really got it i just saw it as a nice collection of storys.
(i still remember getting clipped round the ear for suggesting jesus was an alien that got beamed up instead of ascending to heaven)

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 06:55 AM

It is so sad, so sad to listen to good people, who have their heart and mind not lost in this world... but who think in DEAD WRONG stereotypes!

THE average worker?
THE average guy or girl in the supermarket, in the truck or with the mob, cleaning your stairway??

Release these people from their stress and their worries, give them good food, nice surroundings, maybe nice music. Give them time to shed tears and time to be angry. Only one year. Then you educate them with only some couple of well written books... AND THERE WILL BE NO AVERAGE JOE ANY MORE!!

Sorry, but i must say, the term "Average Joe" alone has something very brutal in it, 'cause you define a human through the work he carried out for some years! Do you know the "average Joe" when he plays with his kids? When he talks to his dog? In the very first hours of daylight, dizzy, joking with his beloved wife?? You know how much potential, energy and love is wasted when the "Average Joe" IS FORCED to do some silly job

Why are you so blinded

It seems to me, that you think very bad of humans, and never saw the true potential of some uneducated "average Joe"

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 07:30 AM
We'll never know if the people are ready unless we try...

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 10:19 AM
so hurry up and get over the problems people, i want electrogravity and i want a place to go to get away from you all that is not just the mountains or hiking trails.

"Space..the final frontier. these are the voyages of people who need to get over themselves."

posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 12:09 AM
It was discouraging this week to see some people just refusing to believe what the MOD and Denmark were releasing on UFOs. I don't have a problem with doubting UFOs being aliens, but the illogical anger and insults was disappointing. Some skeptical thinking has gone too far into a belief system.

Disclosure will be a shock no matter when it happens...there will be no "right time". Some things just have to happen. Forget getting any "power" from these aliens, they are not going to give it to us. If we're lucky they will offer to help eliminate some of our screw ups, but I seriously doubt they will give us devious egomaniacs the keys to hyperdrive--they will probably build or fix things on their own. Don't worship these aliens to solve your problems with humanity with their technology, you will be disappointed.

The average Joe will expect a handout from the aliens...sorry Joe.

posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 12:20 AM
nope human society will not panic, in war society adapts and continues as normal look at the people of Gaza they go to work while there is fighting a few miles a way, just go on and do ur own thing. In UK most of us just moved on with our lives with the IRA bombing, same in ww2, and in Iraq as well, they adapt, if we loose the car or oil guess what we go back to the horse and cart and start getting gas from burning coal or rubbish etc, we always adapt.

posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 01:12 AM
Ready or not, if its truth and an honest understanding of our reality, people need to know! suck it up and deal. Truth is always the way to go.
bottom line.

posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 03:01 AM
How about just Limited Disclosure. They have collected tons of info on people already. Without a warrant they use it all unofficially. How about insted of just professionals and experts and in a non scientific setting, they weed out the average Joe and let them give their take on everything. I mean, you know, a point of view that they, due to their profeesional and expert nature's, just would not think of. Like, if there are aliens, why not let the average Joes who can handle connect with them and make real uncontrolled interpersonal relations. They can start with the UFO Communities, and select their candidates from the less extreme and panicky. Maybe throw in a few healthy skeptics. I would think they owe it to us. And in return, we offer a blanket amnesty for all they've done. It suck's, but, done is done. Let's just get over it and get on. From that they can better guage, in smaller, doses, from those more ready to accept, just how Society may react and what could be done to help soften the effect. And, if they are a product of our psychology, or something in nature, like the Universe is a cell, but on a larger scale than the one's we view in microscopes. Or, if the UFO phenomena is classified works, or, belongs to our enemies. Well, in this controlled manner, just reveal that to. That way they can get the average common mind to help them better guage, what the true reaction would be, and what would take place over the long term. Rather than guaging by non believers and profiteers, who were just blindsided or only saw dollar signs, or power, whatever.
And, if one of them should talk, well, just do what we always do, call us nuts.

As for Asians they would more readily accept it than most. An old man stands before his pupils and fills a vase with water. He kicks it over and it pours out onto the floor and slips between the cracks. The students watching just sat there, unsure how to think or react, while a servant boy in the back had broken out laughing at the Act. The old man made the boy his succesor. So, it was Buddaharmi "Budda" Guatarmi (? SPELLING), became the Master.

Do you get it? I do, the Asians do. You just get it or you don't. All I can do is point. Asians have a better mindset to recieve the news than Americans or the UK do, sorry, to disagree with you on that.

posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 06:06 AM
OP you have to be kidding.

at least for me there's not enough time in the day to LEARN about everything there is to LEARN about...
you'd have all the time in the world to LEARN about every aspect of the human body.. all the organs..
or learn about other lifeforms.. and genetic engineering. and creation of new species..
or learn to paint building size murals that are beautiful
or learn to write a symphony

or learn all the secrets of the inner mind and life the universe and everything.

as for me.. man.. i WANT all those things.. but i don't have the time to do them.
too busy chasing my tail trying to make ends meet just like cavemen did.
actually i think cavemen probably had WAY more free time than me.
kill a deer or mamoth once a month.. make some clothes...and CHILL doing what you want for the rest of the time.

BUT you WILL have those caveman types that are still on the planet with us.. doesn't matter what race they are..
imagine them having a vehicle that you can't turn off?
or them paying someone to hack it so that it can be used as a very powerful weapon?

we're still living with billions of animalistic tribal caveman types all around us every day.

they'd have just as much access to the tech as you would..
and because of emotional and behavioral problems.. they'd fight over disagreements vioently.. or because of jealousy .. etc..

look at jerry springer. show...
you're going to give THOSE PEOPLE ultra alien technology????


we as a whole.. (on the surface level at least) .. are NOT in any way shape or form ready for this.

if it "trickles down safely" .. then fine..

bu untill we have less cavemen types.. and more peacefull loving and brilliant minds that want to LEARN and help each other..

we can't have the technology.

which means we can't have disclosure...
because the next question would be.. well wheres the technology the aliens have?

we need a complete psychological / spiritual revolution to happen towards global cooperation and peace and become truly civilized before this stuff you're talking about can happen.
because many of the people that would be receiving the tech.. would abuse it.

it's not something you can gamble on.


posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 09:09 AM
I don't think we can anticipate too much in how it will span out but I am sure that the alien beings will have a plan of action once disclosure is made. As long as you know where you stand and what ypou believe that will become your reality. I believe some of us will transcend into a 5th dimension and those who are not ready wont.

As for being board NO WAY!!! There is so much more to life than work. We could play music, dance, sing, travel, paint, build, design, enjoy nature, keep fit, party, constantly re-educate ourselves.

Bring it on!!

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