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Jovion Corporation Gets Patent for Zero Point Energy Extraction

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posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 12:13 AM
In two days of reading and pouring over sources and doing
some correlation work, I have found of articles and papers
that give a general overview of the possible physics
of the Jovion Pwer Generation Device.

These are papers, Artciles and Books to read and pour over
which I think give a good overview and confirmation of what
could be the underlying or related physics of its operation.

Hope it helps...I will continue to look for other materials!

So read on:

1) A special kind of Casimir plates
for making exotic matter

by M.Mansooryar at

If you can make exotic matter, it means energy is being
transformed and where there is energy transformation,
there can be energy extraction!

**** Read the last 3 pages of the PDF for a Bibliography
detailing some FANTASTIC sources for possible
explanations for "Field Effects" used in breakthrough
power production and propulsion systems

2) Casimir forces between plates with
periodic longitudinal inhomogeneity

Yu. B. Zayaev1, V. M. Mostepanenko1 and N. N. Trunov1
D. I. Mendeleev All-Union Scientific-Research Institute
of Metrology, USSR (1986)

Methods and means to calculate the forces inherent
within the Casimir effects....If you know where,
how and how much force is produced or applied,
it's only a step beyond to INTENTIONALLY DIRECTING
the output or application of said force.
i.e. make electricity from aggregation of smaller
electrical and thermal Casimir effects)

3) Physicists Reduce Casimir Force by Altering Surface of Plates

University of Florida 2008 Ho Bun Chan, Yiliang Bao, Jie Zou,
Bell Labs scientists Raymond Cirelli, Fred Klemens,
William Mansfield and Chien-Shing Pai.

Research was funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.

July 15th, 2008

By actually REDUCING the Casimir forces at play,
the movement of viscuous fluids or or gaseous mediums
could be enhanced such that the movement of such
mediums within very small cavities or channels
could be used to create a long-lifetime nano-battery
as charges accumulate and drain from opposite ends
of said micro-channels and cavities.


If I am not mistaken or if my reading from this is correct,
could this effect not also be used to create a super-small
ultra-high capacity, EMP and Radiation hardened Random
Access Memory Cell using the exchange
(i.e. drain/accumulate) of gasses or viscuous fluid
between Casimir micro-cavities or plates as a
transistor which could be the basis of a binary computing
system and eventually super-tough, nearly indestructable
RAM (Random Access Memory) or ROM (Read Only Memory)

4) The thermal Casimir effect for rough metallic plates
by Giuseppe Bimonte

If Casimir plates are roughened up (made with random
dimples or ripples or corrugations), intense thermal effects
are produced due to ohmic (i.e. resistive) effects which
somewhat confirms that a fluid heat exchange system
could be added to the Jovion device to extract an
aggregated heat load and eventually drive some sort of
electricity-producing turbine. (i.e. steam turbine)

5) The Casimir Effect Heats Up

Number 811 #1, February 7, 2007 by Phil Schewe, Ben Stein,
and Davide Castelvecchi

For the first time, a group led by Nobel laureate Eric Cornell at
the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the
University of Colorado in Boulder has confirmed a 1955
prediction, by physicist Evgeny Lifschitz, that temperature
affects the Casimir force, the attraction between two objects
when they come to within 5 millionths of a meter (approximately
1/5,000 of an inch) of each other or less. These efforts heighten
the understanding of the force and enable future experiments to
better account for its effects.

Tiny as it is, the Casimir effect causes parts in nano- and
microelectromechanical systems (NEMS and MEMS) to stick
together. It confounds tabletop experimental efforts to detect
exotic new forces beyond those predicted by Newtonian gravity
and the Standard Model of particle physics.

In their work, the researchers investigated the Casimir-Polder
force, the attraction between a neutral atom and a nearby
surface. The Colorado group sent ultracold rubidium
atoms to within a few microns of a glass surface. Doubling the
temperature of the glass to 600 degrees Kelvin while keeping
the surroundings near room temperature caused the glass to
increase its attractive force threefold, confirming theoretical
predictions recently made by the group's theorist co-authors
in Trento, Italy.

What was happening here? The Casimir force arises from effects
of the vacuum (empty space). According to quantum mechanics,
the vacuum contains fleeting electromagnetic waves, in turn
consisting of electric and magnetic fields. The electric fields can
slightly rearrange the charge in atoms. Such "polarized" atoms
can then feel a force from an electric field. The vacuum's electric
fields are altered by the presence of the glass, creating a region
of maximum electric field that attracts the atoms. In addition,
heat inside the glass also drives the fleeting electromagnetic
waves, some of which leak onto the surface as "evanescent
waves." These evanescent waves have a maximum electric field
on the surface and further attract the atoms.

Electromagnetic waves from heat in the rest of the environment
would usually cancel out the thermal attraction from the glass
surface. However, dialing up the temperature on the glass tilts
the playing field in favor of glass's thermal force and heightens
the attraction between the wall and the atoms.

Obrecht et al., Physical Review Letters, 9 February 2007
Also see the NIST press release


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posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 12:17 AM


After reading the last 2 above paragraphs this article seems to
confirm that an electrical and thermal wave propogation takes
place within and ore between two Casimir plates/cavities AND that
it seem to confirm that if the distance between plates is reduced
and/or the temperature of the medium is increased, the final
energy output could be INCREASED from what the Jovion device
builders have envisioned.

It basically (in my opinion) confirms that the Jovion designers
actually seem to be on the ball and have something that is
VERY LIKLEY a workable (and generally CHEAP) solution
to our energy woes!!!!! (EMPHASIS ADDED)


I am NOT an accredited scientist so I cannot categorically state
one way or another that the device will or will not work, but it
APPEARS that is probably WILL work (with some modifications

Books to Read:

The Basics:

a) The Casimir Effect: Physical Manifestations
of Zero-point Energy

By Kimball A. Milton
Edition: illustrated
Published by World Scientific, 2001
ISBN 9810243979, 9789810243975
301 pages

Order from

This book explains the basics and advanced concepts of both
Casimir effects and Van Der Waals forces which would be
CRITICAL to knwo when building something like a power
generation device.

In its simplest manifestation, the Casimir effect is a quantum
force of attraction between two parallel uncharged conducting
plates. More generally, it refers to the interaction -- which may
be either attractive or repulsive -- between material bodies
due to quantum fluctuations in whatever fields are relevant.
It is a local version of the van der Waals force between
molecules. Its sweep ranges from perhaps its being the
origin of the cosmological constant to its being responsible for
the confinement of quarks.

This monograph develops the theory of such forces, based
primarily on physically transparent Green's function techniques,
and makes applications from quarks to the cosmos, as well as
observable consequences in condensed matter systems. It is
aimed at graduate students and researchers in theoretical
physics, quantum field theory, and applied mathematics.

b) The Casimir Effect in Critical Systems

By Michael Krech
Edition: illustrated
Published by World Scientific, 1994
ISBN 9810218451, 9789810218454
253 pages

Order from

This book explains things to be aware of when building
mission critical systems (such as a power generation device)
that may be affected by Casimir forces.

The well-known Casimir effect has a direct analogue in systems
near critical or multicritical points. Critical fluctuations in systems
confined to finite geometries lead to attractive or replusive forces
between the system boundaries. These forces influence the
formation of wetting layers of liquid [superscript 4]He or binary
liquid mixtures near critical points in these fluids. With the aid of
recently developed versions of the atomic force microscope these
forces appear to be directly measurable. This book contains an
introduction to the physics of critical phenomena and reviews the
most recent developments in the theory of finite-size scaling.
A detailed discussion of the Casimir effect and related questions
follows. The analysis of quantitative effects on the specific heat
of critical films, the formation of wetting layers, and force
measurements finishes the presentation.


posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 12:35 AM
Sorry to bug the other posters like this, but I am asking why
my edits (for content corrections and mis-spellings) don't seem
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posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 10:51 AM

Originally posted by StargateSG7
Sorry to bug the other posters like this, but I am asking why
my edits (for content corrections and mis-spellings) don't seem
to be showing up...when I edit my post, the edits show up
properly when the PREVIEW POST button is clicked but the
corrrected/edited post do NOT set permanently when the
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When you Edit, do not press Preview.

Go back and get a page reload but just perhaps do an edit
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ED: Yeah, press Edit Post.. that's it don't press Preview Post

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posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 11:06 AM
The biggest thing about Zero Point is that its obviously working for
the UFO craft.

And the reason we hear nothing about Tesla is he didn't do much
except work toward this air craft which is secreted.

We hear about death ray but what he described may not be
what is touted by people who can't be correct about an unknown
as great as the UFO craft that only a few people have sourced
with Tesla.

The UFO Zero Point craft is as unknown as the Zero Point death
ray yet the most famous device is the death ray and not the proven
and workable and often sighted and in production Zero Point craft
of Tesla's.

Energy from resonance at the speed of light, can it be done,
is it being done?

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 11:17 AM
reply to post by StargateSG7

if it's free energy,
Why need patent protection?

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 01:37 PM
Just to answer the previous post, in Canada
and the United States, a general idea or general
end-result cannot be patented (i.e. one cannot patent
an automobile tire as a whole but one CAN patent the
tread design and the formulation of the materials it is made of).
Any specific process, design implementation or highly-detailed
end-result IS allowed to be patented and protected.

It is NOT illegal to create a free energy device,
however if I use the same methods, means and
processes as the Jovion energy device builders,
then I must licence and pay a royalty to those
patent owners for my version of their device.

If I make improvements or change the operation of my device
so that it functions better or is easier/cheaper to manufacture,
it becomes a bit more murky on the legal side as I may be able
to apply for an "Improvement" patent that in itself allows me
to licence it to third parties for royalties because it builds
upon previous research but is considered to be a separate
3rd party improvement upon the original device.

This means that Jovion couldn't not use my improvements
without my permission and a royalty payment. However,
I would not be able to sell my improvement if it is embedded
into a device that uses Jovion's patented processes or designs
without me paying a royalty to them.

The usual thing to happen is that if my MY version of the
device works with the improvements of a built-in heat exchanger,
then I go back to Jovian and demo my gear to them and then
we arrange for a cross-licencing agreement where we exchange
and licence each other's patents and come to an agreeable
split of royalty income agreement.

It makes sense because If MY version works better or is easier
to manufacturer, it means THEIR (i.e. Jovion) market share is
potentially increased and we get to split a piece of a
now much, much bigger pie.

Using an analogy, it's better for us BOTH to share/split a
15% to 30% royalty fee from a two billion dollar a year pie
rather than they have 90% of a 10 million dollar pie...

i.e. which is better? Get 9 million dollars a year on 10 million
of yearly sales going on your own, or each of us get 300 million
a year on 2 billion a year thinks most of you would
agree that sharing the bigger pie and receiving 300 million
smackeroos to blow on your new vintage Ferrari collection
is the better way to go!

So I will continue on my quest to see if I can get a version
of the Jovion device working to MY desires and improved
specs and if it works, I go back to Jovion and do a cross-licence
deal and we split some royalty income from the now-bigger
home-based power-generation sales pie.

The key is to be agreeable and OPEN to possibilities because
in cases like this, sharing a little (i.e. going back to Jovion
and doing a cross-licence deal) by sharing ideas and patent
royalties, allows ALL partners to more easily (and more quickly)
fund their growing vintage Ferrari collections! :-) :-) :-)

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posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 01:56 PM
I object to the terminology "free" energy. Nothing is free, as one must have some input, even though they may get "out" 'multiples of what they input.

A year ago, I held in my hand, a perfect electret. It had been putting out voltage for two or three years, I shorted it out multiple times, and within two seconds, it was back up to full power.

Was this "free" energy?

Nope. Some engineering was required. That it was extracting energy directly from the vacuum into usable form was only enabled by performing precursor engineering.

The inventor, on his way to Europe to sign a licensing deal was found dead at the airport.

posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 12:39 AM
Free Energy devices are horded by the Illuminati when they are
actually using them.

Other wise they are bought up like HAARP or discouraged in some
way from ever achieving any impact due to existing capital investment

If Helium is the source in an other wise fuel less engine, then
the Illuminati is using these zero point engines in their most
prised and guarded possessions for high speed travel.

The ether power unlocking must take atomic smashing voltage, and
hardly any current or power.

posted on Feb, 13 2009 @ 09:29 AM
reply to post by MajorDisaster

So, what is stopping these guys from bulding this fancy-schmancy-super-duper-free-energy-zero-point-machine-and-a-coffee-maker?

Insufficient money from idiots to invest in their fake science concieved out of their own netherspace?

posted on Feb, 13 2009 @ 09:39 AM

Originally posted by TeslaandLyne
Free Energy devices are horded by the Illuminati when they are
actually using them.

Other wise they are bought up like HAARP or discouraged in some
way from ever achieving any impact due to existing capital investment

If Helium is the source in an other wise fuel less engine, then
the Illuminati is using these zero point engines in their most
prised and guarded possessions for high speed travel.

The ether power unlocking must take atomic smashing voltage, and
hardly any current or power.

Yeah keep flashing those illuminati/NWO/Boogieman cards when all the facts of the established physics of more than 300 years are too difficult to understand and comprehend.

We don't live in utopia sitting on our asses all day where everything is handed to you out of nothing without you WORKING FOR IT.

"NO! The illuminati dun it!"

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posted on Feb, 13 2009 @ 10:34 PM

Originally posted by apacheman
If you read through this thread, well, not the thread itself necessarily, but the theory available through the links, I think you'll see how this device might actually work. It refers to Lisi's new theory of everything.

Way to go, Tesla!! He figured this stuff out a long time ago.

[edit on 6-2-2009 by apacheman]

No, the principles behind Casimir force have been around since quantum electrodynamics (full quantum theory of electrons and photons). Lisi's stuff has no relation---it involves high energy unification of particles.

Secondly, I've seen no evidence Tesla understood or did anything with quantum mechanics. He was good at understanding, in a practical level, the implications of Maxwellian electrodynamics plus bulk macroscopic properties of matter---for somebody in the 1890's and on. 3-phase AC is a great idea. But all the "free energy" stuff? No real evidence. And people today understand E&M better than Tesla.

Let's come back to actual physics on this thread, ok?

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 04:38 PM
I like the previous posters line:

"Let's come back to actual physics on this thread, ok?"

After reading the patent application and doing a pretty fair
reading of the available physics literature (i.e. see my
previous posts with web links!), and from my intermediate-level
understanding of engineering and micro-mechanical physics,
the Jovion device is more of a micro-mechanical battery which
works by continuously flowing a gaseous (or liquid!) medium
through a serious of micro-channels and or "Collection Cavities"
that are 10 microns (or less!) in diameter (or width!) and then
collecting the stray electron charges or thermal effects that
are left over from the "Crushing effects" of liquids & gasses
being affected by Casimir and Van Der Waals forces as they are
FORCED by simple (and well understood!) mechanical processes
to flow between and through scientifically defined and machined
cavities and/or micro-channels.

In my humble opinion, basically the fluids or gasses are
contained within something like a transportation canal
or tunnel, and the mere fact that the walls are so close
together causes exotic "attraction forces" such as
Van Der Waals and Casimir forces to COMPRESS the gas
or liquid being pumped through the cavities/canals.

This can have numerous sub-atomic effects....the electron
orbits can compress and through nuclear binding-force resistance
will want to expand back to their original orbits and thus cause
photon discharges as the re-bound occurs and gas/liquid nucleii
collide...or...the compression can cause thermal effects
to manifest themselves within squeezed and excited
gas/liquid molecules.

The close confines and shapes of the Casimir plates/cavities
can also cause or shape a contiguous electron flow from stray
electrons jumping their orbits which MIGHT be harvestable
as a direct current flow.

One way to harvest the latent energy is to
harvest the thermal effects within a secondary
liquid-based or gaseous heat exchange mechanism
to harvest the heat to create steam and then power
a micro-turbine for AC electrical power generation.

Another way is that if the photon (i.e. light) generation
created by jumping/colliding gas or liquid nuclei could be
harvested by nano-scale photo-cells much like those used
in solar powered calculators or watches.

Many millions of those photo-cells arranged
in an array could make a VERY efficient direct
current generator (at my guess!) in excess of
30 to 40% of the latent energy.

When using the harvesting of thermal effects via heat exchange,
the energy efficiency probably drops to 3 to 10% of available latent energy.

And if the Casimir plates/cavities directly shape an electron flow,
then efficiencies would probably exceed 60 or 70% of available
latent energy.

And based upon the maximum calculated latent energy of a
gaseous/liquid medium within the confined spaces of 10 microns
as described in the Jovion patents of a 10 by 10 by 10 cm array
of Casimir Plates/Cavities , my theoretical estimation of
400 kilowatts (i.e. 400,000 WATTS!!!) could be used to
extrapolate a maximum 10% efficiency using thermal and
40% efficiency using photocells and finally 70% efficiency
using shaping of electron shown by these numbers:

a) 3% to 10% efficiency using thermal exhange to
drive a micro-turbine for AC electrical output
= 12 kilowatts to 40 kilowatts of power output

b) 30% to 40% efficiency using micro-photocell collection
and conversion of photon discharges
= 120 kilowatts to 160 kilowatts of power output

c) 60% to 70% efficiency using shaping of electron flow
as electrons jump from orbit to orbit and become
free as a bird.
= 240 kilowatts to 280 kilowatts of power output

And these output wattages are based upon a defined
volume of a device that is the size of a small household
refrigerator (i.e. including gas/liquid tank and/or
micro-turbine). This means the Jovion device COULD power
cars, homes, airplanes on a practical basis since the
gaseous or liquid mediums could be embedded within
a closed loop system.

This device is technically NOT free energy, and as far as
I can tell is a mechanically based compression/expansion
engine whose output is either heat, photons or a shaped
DC current depending upon the construction of the Casimir

It still needs a "Starter Motor" to begin pushing the gas or fluid
to flow within the microchannels or cavities, but much like a
cascading or runaway chemical reaction which will continue until
the reactants are exhausted, the gas or fluid movement will
continue on it's own due to Casimir and Van Der Waals forces
siphoning the rest of the gas or fluid into the Casimir
plates/cavities until the supply of moving medium, be it a gas
or a liquid, is finally exhausted which could be on the order of
MONTHS, YEARS or even CENTURIES if the tanks of gas/fluid
are big enough.

And since the sizes involved within the Casimir plates/cavities
are on the order or 10 microns (or less!), a tank of compressed
gas such as pure Nitrogen, Oxygen or any other semi-reactive
gas or fluid that can spare some electrons could be about the
size of a common barbecue propane canister so as to
conceivably power the Jovion device for MANY DECADES
before a re-fill is needed!!!

Shrink the size of the Jovion device and you could have
a cell phone or laptop battery that would operate for
MANY WEEKS before a refill is needed.

Increase the size of the tanks to many thousands of cubic
metres and ENTIRE CITIES could be powered for CENTURIES
without re-fill of the gas/liquid medium tank.

It's a matter of design of the Casimir plates/cavities
and the use of one of 3 possible energy collection systems
which will determine final efficiency and power output.

Each method has it's potential costs but right now the
thermal collection and heat exchange mechanism is
probably the easiest to do RIGHT NOW and at 40 kilowatts
output could still power a small home or a large car or
one can use a cascade of them to power larger homes,
building, trucks, ships, and planes.

Any Comments?

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 04:43 PM
I also forgot to add this would be an incredibly QUIET
power generation system. Even if only the Thermal effects
are collected to power a micro-turbine, you would barely
HEAR A THING !!! You could sleep next to it...!!!!


= no more stinky, noisy, vibrating diesel and gas engines!!!!!!

= quiet cars and factories = Quieter and calmer society!!!

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posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 08:54 PM
reply to post by StargateSG7

This type of microstructured devise is what I think will be necessary to extract energy that to me HAS TO BE there.

Consider this quote by John W. Ecklin:

"It is amazing that in the sub-micro world of the atom, quantum physics requires the perpetual motion of particles both as to spin and orbital motions. In the macro world, science is based on the law that a perpetual motion machine is absolutely impossible. This is the state of today's science?

To me it is obvious that there is a subatomic force maintaining this spin and orbital motion and it is necessarily very powerful!

In our Alice in Wonderland world here on Earth we simply have not discovered, defined and controled that force to our benifit.

I'm hoping this Casimar phenomenon will be the first practical extraction devices. 2 plates microns apart, how simple!

We don't need to understand what is the origin of the force, just how to use it to our advantage.

Thanks for the discussion!

posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 09:31 PM
For those of you who might be interested in how to BUILD such
device such as the Jovion engine, the key things are the terms
Ultraviolet Photolithography, Vacuum Chamber and
Chemical Etching.

Read this entire post as I also have some links
to resources and reading on the subjects I discuss here.

Since the distances are on the order of 10 microns rather than
the nanometre resolution of Microchip Fabrication techniques,
one can use home-made Standard UV Lithograph equipment
rather than having to buy a 15 million dollar Extreme Ultraviolet
Microlithography machine, AND one can using common CAD
software to create the designs for the Casimir plates/cavity
structures as described in the patent which can then be "Printed"
onto large, thermally stable plastic photo masks which can
then be used by an Ultraviolet photolithograph machine to
burn the designs into photo-sensitive PCB (Printed Circuit Board)
like material which then use a chemical wash to etch the patterns
designed with your CAD (Computer Aided Design) software.

Since ultraviolet light can easily create 10 microns (or less)
traces and etches, we can use simple (and relatively cheap)
Vacuum chambers and industrial level dust removal systems
to prevent problems with etching CLEAN and CRISP lines
and cavities for the Casimir Plates/cavities.

My estimation is about $15,000 to $20,000 to make your
own Ultraviolet Photolithograph and Chemical bath system
with micron-level dust removal systems plus about
$3000 for the computer system and PCD/CAD software
and a Micron-level microscope plus cheap clean-room.

And thin-film vapour deposition could be incorporated
into your final assembly area to coat the Casimir plates
with the metals required by the patent description
for about another $5,000 and thus, for about $28,000
of total investment and about 500 to 750 man-hours
you could build an assembly line to manufacture
a LOT of the Jovion-type power devices.

For me personally, the only thing I don't have in
my basement lab is a thin-film vapour deposition
setup which I need to research a bit more.

My ultraviolet lithograph machine was a commercial one
bought from a lab who didn't need it anymore for about
$25,000 so I already have that and my dust removal system
uses 2 micron ceramic filters for my "Clean Room"
plus I already have some older ZEISS optical microscopes
with video attachments so I'm pretty much set since I
use SoftImage XSI and Coreldraw for ALL my CAD/CAM
design work which gets exported to some signal-checking
software for obvious electrical mistakes since I am NOT
an electrical engineer by training so I've made some
pretty BRUTAL beginner mistakes but have learned fast
over the years on what NOT to do.

MY current PCB work already does traces into the sub-millimetre
range for cheap DSP chip manufacturing simulation purposes
so I'm set there too! I just need to go down in the micron range.

We'll see what I can do and I'll update this thread in
about 2 to 3 weeks and show off a few photos of a design
I have in mind.

It will be interesting to see what I can do,
there no gurantees of course if ANYTHING will work
but you can't win unless you actually play the game......

There are also ways to use Electron Beam Lithography
to directly etch patterns into the materials described within
the Jovion patent documents, but those are rather expensive

And I am not quite sure if one could make a homemade e-beam
machine whereas micron-level clean-room Ultraviolet Lithography
IS attainable by a reasonably competent technical person with a
few grand in their pockets to spare.


See these links and Resources:

Photolithography links

Interesting Homemade Lithography devices:

Thin Film Vapour Deposition:

Cleanroom Design, Micron-level Air Filtering and Testing:

Good Used Optical Microscopes Zeiss, Nikon, etc.:

Hope all this helps in YOUR QUEST to build a Free Energy Device

posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 05:38 PM
For those of you who are interested in reading some of my posts
on the matter of the Jovion Energy Device, here is an update
on some interesting issues I have found in terms of
actually DUPLICATING the items described in the patent.

Strictly following the patent documents will NOT get one
an actual, working over-unity device simply because those
documents describe generalities rather than specifics when
it comes to actual construction of the Jovion device.

It is also obvious that the inventors have access to some
serious micron-scale photolithographic machines that allow
them to micromachine Casimir Plates and Cavities which
makes their construction method NOT so inexpensive
and somewhat out of the reach of the casual backyard


Since this is a challenge I do relish and since the Jovion device
WOULD solve some immediate problems for my other project
I DO HAVE some interesting work-around which would ALLOW
any person with access to a home-style shop to manufacture
their devices.


...WELL...there are six items that I will explain and show working
plans and construction methods for:

a) Home-made software and printing techniques and plans
for a DYI ultraviolet photolithograph machine for making
and burning etchable traces and wells at sub-10 micron
resolutions. My software is OPEN SOURCE and my techniques
will be made public domain WITH PDF and Autocad
files made available for the do-it-yourselfer.

b) Designs and plans for a 10 by 10 foot basement or garage
based clean room with atmospheric over-pressure and
2 micron dust filtering to allow one to burn, etch and wash
sub-10 micron scale photomasks.

c) Designs, plans and source code for creating an optical
scanning system to auto-detect manufacturing defects
using cheap high-definition Firewire (IEEE-1394) consumer
camcorders with fine-resolution optical microscope attachment
and auto-stitching bitmap-based image recognition software.

d) Designs, plans and processes for creating home-made
metallurgical-grade Silicon wafers at 50 to 100 mm diameters
and the secondary plans, designs and processing for
specialty high-temperature furnaces to grow layers of
Silicon Dioxide/Polysilicon on a layer-by-layer basis
with "doping" of up to 6 layers. Techniques for creating
circuit-grade surface polish and circuit die cutting issues
will be explained in full. A system for the automation
of precision die cutting and die packaging will also be profiled.
Additional designs and protocols for creating heat resistant
and RAD-hardened Silicon-on-Sapphire circuits will also
be defined and presented.

e) An automated testing protocol for die testing
and final preparation for almagamation into larger
devices will be explained with step-by-step instructions.

f) Assembly instructions for creating a derivative of the
Jovion Energy Device with liquid-based thermal exchange
mechanism AND a version with shaped-cavity designs
for directed electron flow will also be presented.

This outlines my current methodology for creating a derivative
version of the Jovion device. The designs will first be created
on a CAD system and then tested within a Virtual environment
before manufacture...the entire process will be videotaped
for authenticity, posterity and reproducibility purposes.

The initial designs I expect to take a bit longer
than I originally said and thought, so I am thinking
on the order to 3 to 4 months for a set of initial
designs and another 2 or 3 months for the manufacture
and testing of proof-of-concept prototypes.

I hope this helps.



posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 11:10 PM
As per my previous post, one needs to start from the basics
in order to creat your own "Free Energy" machine like the
Jovion Device which means one needs to BUILD the basic
infrastructure that allows you to BUILD via a
DO-IT-YOURSELF manner, all the components necessary to
creating the device as described in the Jovion patents.

Once all the steps are done, you could actually create
you own Microchips, CPU's, circuit boards and other micron-scale
devices but for now we'll describe the FIRST steps
required to build that Clean Room in a cost effective manner.

1) Our first system is the Clean Room which basically is an
area of a home or basement that is SEALED OFF from outside
dirt, dust, gasses and also prevents excessive vibration
and other physical intrusions upon the workspace used
to create your micron-scale devices.

In the next few posts over the next few weeks I'll post links
to PDF files (Adobe Acrobat PDF format documents) containing
plans and designs using materials bought mostly from
Home Depot (USA) or Revy/Rona (Canada) style hardware
stores that would fall within a monthly spending budget of
about $350 to $500 per month over a period of 3 to 6 months
to create TOP-NOTCH self-built gear and systems for the
final assembly of a chip-fab grade clean room that would
keep a room clean from dust particles greater than or equal
to 2 microns in size. We could do less than 2 microns but for
our purposes and to keep costs sane 2 microns is our goal.

In my design and plans for a 2 Micron Clean Room,
I assume that we also want to fit it into a spare bedroom
or basement area that is about 12 feet (4 meters) by
12 feet (4 meters) and a ceiling height of 8 feet (2.5 meters).

This means the clean room MUST FIT into this size and
INCLUDE a de-contamination area plus all the equipment to
create the micron-scale circuits using only simple 15 amp
120 volt electrical circuits (i.e. 1800 watts max)

This clean room must also contain the systems to hold
multiple microcircuit masks that might be 4 feet by 4 feet
in size and a compact diagnostics and inspection area for
human visual and automated video inspection.

This area MUST also absorb vibration and contain motion
damping to prevent/mitigate chip mask mis-alignments.

There are also issues which include under-pressure and
over-pressure upon the walls of the clean room,
thermal expansion & contraction of walls and floors,
Off-gasing of materials that could contaminate the
clean-room interior and of course removal of dust particles
up to 2 microns in size using motors that don't contain parts
that themselves off-gas or contaminate the interior environment
with water, grease particles, metal shavings
or other micro-level particles.

So within 3 weeks I'll have PART 1 of the clean room
design and i'll invite you all to see what we've got
for a design that you can simply take to Home Depot
to get the parts for....(WITH PRICES)

posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 03:28 PM
Update on building a high quality clean room at a reasonable price:

There are two ways to go about building a clean room:

a) Weld the the entire thing out of a stable non-off-gassing metal
such as high-carbon steel (NOT aluminum!)

b) Build the walls out of glass tempered glass
upon a stable and energy damped floor.

When making micro-circuits which would be used to create
"Free Energy" systems or even your own microchips there
are some things one needs to be aware of.

Chief among these if the concept of off-gassing and
micro-particulate emissions. ALL plastics give off gasses
and particulate matter because they are hydrocarbons
which break down when exposed to light, corrosive atmosphere
(such as simple air which contains Oxygen which is a corrosive)
or liquid of almost any kind (even di-hydrogen monoxide or H2O
aka Water is a corrosive over time)

Metals such as hardened steel are less so and because of
high carbon or cobalt content reduces (but NOT eliminates)
particulate emissions from bumps, nicks, scratches, etc.
which could cause problems when making circuitry that
could be made inoperable due to lodged particles that
could be as small as 2 micrometres (or less)

The problem is that making a clean room out of such a material
is EXPENSIVE and difficult because one needs to know how to
use advanced welding (TIG/MIG/Plasma) techniques to
fabricate the clean room out of hardened metal.

The final clean room is also completely enclosed and
for claustrophobics, this might be a problem when working
in a small entirely enclosed space.

So for our purposes a totally metal clean room enclosure
is out of the question due to price issues and technical
welding skill requirements.

This brings us to the use of GLASS -- not just ANY kind of glass
but TEMPERED glass which is see-through, HARD but brittle


Since tempered glass (i.e. toughened) shatters easily and
cannot be cut without a high PSI water-cutter, you'll need
it manufactured to specific sizes.

I have found that local glass dealers or even Home Depot will
have double-paned TEMPERED glass panes at reasonable prices
usually in sizes up to 36"W by 84"H (3 feet by 7 feet)

See Double Window Pane FAQ:


You'll have to ASK and PAY for a semi-custom glass pane job
but with 7 foot high panels you MUST HAVE TEMPERED glassed
to ensure the STRENGTH of your clean room walls which will be
under OVERPRESSURE or UNDERPRESSURE settings meaning
the difference in pounds per square inch pressed upon each
square inch of the pane of glass from our atmosphere
(which is about on average 14.696 PSI) versus the interior
clean room pressure which may be less or more than outside
air pressure. The glass pane MUST BE ABLE to withstand the
difference in pressure.

Here's the math on a 3 by 7 foot sheet of glass:

36" by 84" = 3024 square inches at 14.696 PSI =

44,440.704 LBS total force if installed against a total vacuum

(pretty amazing isn't it how much force is actually involved!)

When installed against an underpressure or overpressure
of +/- 1.5 lbs PSI, the total DIFFERENCE in force between
the outside and interior of a clean room could be a total force
of up to 4536 pounds over a single pane of glass.

That glass pane MUST be able to take that sort of
TOTAL FORCE of 4500+ lbs over a 3 by 7 foot area
and over the individual POINT AREA FORCE upon
any single square inch of at least 1.5 PSI.

Untempered glass would be far too heavy and
unwieldy at the thicknesses needed to withstand
that sort of physical force.

Overpressure and underpressure is used to keep
particulate or gas emissions IN or OUT from an environment
depending upon a clean room's use. For medical clean rooms
you want under-pressure to keep pathogens IN the room.
For micro-circuitry building, you want OVER PRESSURE to
keep dust and particulates OUT from the clean room.

The two biggest issues will be designing a STABLE platform
for the glass walls and glass roof that also DOES NOT off-gas
or emit particulates from any glass surface treatments such as
UV/IR protection or etching or from any emissions from the
sealants or glues used in the glass pane manufacture process.
This is where high-grade silicone sealant and NON-aluminum
framing comes in which will be the discussion of our next clean
room building plans FAQ ... which is coming soon....!!!!

After I have shown you the specs of the walls and support
structure I'll start showing the PLANS for the floor
and energy damping system plus associated BUILDING COSTS!!!

Thank You!

posted on Apr, 16 2009 @ 04:25 PM
Today I leave you a few paragraphs on the concept of
Thermal Expansion & Contraction and why understanding
the two concepts is rather important when building a custom
Clean Room for manufacturing Microcircuits used to create
"Free Energy" devices or making your own microchips.

Any mass made up of any type of material located within
a fluid or gaseous environment will absorb and radiate heat.
When building any type of construct, be it a car, a house, a boat
or in this case a clean room one must be aware that the
materials you use will absorb and transform any energy from
the outside environment into other forms of energy. This also
means that energy will DIRECTLY AFFECT the properties of the
materials you use to build a clean room. And one effect of the
absorption and radiation of heat energy is a change in volume
of the materials you use. This will then affect the viability and
performance of any seals, glues, fastenings and joinery
used and or placed between joints, walls, floors and ceilings
and any sub-panels that are used as coverings.

Various materials such as glass, wood, plastic, metal absorb
and radiate heat at different rates and thus will contract and
expand at different rates to varying final volumes.

This requires us to understand and research the subject of
Thermal Management so that when we DO BUILD a clean room
that we account for and take advantage of the thermal expansion
properties of the materials we use to ensure that we DO NOT
cause leaks or create inadvertant seals. Since a clean room
is SUPPOSED TO BE CLEAN, it is VITAL that one understand
that you research the contraction and expansion rates and
properties of ANY AND ALL MATERIALS used so as to ensure
that your clean room keeps bad & large particulates and gasses
out and fresh, clean, dry air IN!

Expanding or contracting walls, ceilings and floors can rip glue
or sealant from joins and edges, crack or put too much pressure
on adjacent constructs and generally cause havoc when creating
an environment that is not supposed to leak!

The key terms to remember are Thermal Expansion/Contraction
Co-efficients and rate of contraction/expansion per minute
or per hour per unit of initial volume usually detailed
by CC (cubic centimetres) or millimetres per unit of time
on ALL axes (i.e. X,Y, and Z axis or Width, Height and Depth)
The key thing is to use materials that have similar
thermal expansion rates, use expensive materials
that have NO or little expansion/contraction or
design your structure to ensure that the final
expansion/contraction within a given final environment will
effect a good seal and thus not leak.

Is suggest these links to read more on the subject:

Temperature Dependent Elastic & Thermal Properties Database


Thermal Properties Math

Explanation of Thermal Properties

Thermal expansion properties of Plastics

WHat is a sealant:

Properties of adhesives and sealants:

Specialty Sealants and Adhesives:


Books to Buy and Read on Sealants and Adhesives: yb1cXptdHUopFDE6OxolUt0

In the next post, we'll discuss prevention of off-gassing and
particulate emissions and then vibration damping.....Stay Tuned!

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