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America is Protesting

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posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 06:44 PM
America has been protesting many years now.There would be more occurring if it wasn't censored in the media.I see many post on here calling for Americans to wake up.Because you don't see it on your nightly news doesn't mean it's not happening.My answer to you is,People are awakening up.Many are still asleep,but it's only a matter of time.The term,"A SLEEPING GIANT"comes to mind.

This is only a few protest

March for Life, Jan 22 2009

This is a protest in Dec 2008 for a free Palestine.As you watch the video you will see Muslims,Jews,and Christians all united.

Fox reporter disrupting a Protest,stands in the middle of their march.(2008)

Peace March Los Angeles March,2007

Iraq War Protest Jan 27,2007

Protest against the WTO in Seattle 1999

These are but only a few.There are more already planned this year.We hear in America aren't as complacent as many people think.Dissent is met with heavy force.It'll be interesting to see how this year unfolds.

I'll Leave you all with this clip.The difference between American protest and European Protest

Stay strong my fellow brothers and sisters.You see......we are all in the same boat.

posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 01:41 PM
Guns and jury nullification. That's the answer for america. We need to shoot the corrupt banksters and govt officials and juries need to acquit the alleged shooters even if they know they're guilty.


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