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USA look where you are heading

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posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 03:10 PM
Over here in the UK things have been getting worse and worse - with many decisions being made in europe. The sad fact is many people in the UK don't care or don't know.

We're very lethargic and easily forget that 60 odd years ago a war was fought in which we defended what we believed in - our sovereignty. Not to forget that many service-men from the US gave up their lives to defend our country (and others). My Grandfather was from the USA (a tail gunner). I am fortunate enough to have his medals etc. for his bravery in fighting for our country.

I need to find the source but Hitler during his reign had his finance minister(funke?) draft a document which would have come into place should have Germany won the war. That document later went on to form the blueprint for the EU and indeed some of the founding fathers had a Nazi background. So, we are merrily handing away what we fought for and Germany is getting its wish - just in a far more subtle way (and more powerful way).

-Some interesting reading
-More interesting reading

Note, most documentation states that the idea of EU came about with the idea of stopping another Hitler from appearing (indeed it's reported Sir Winston Churchill even pushed forward the idea of a union).

Anyway, I watched a couple of really good videos the other day. They are available on youtube or through the links below. They are done by UKIP - if you can forget the political spin they are aiming for then there are some scary facts in there. The scene where they show how inaccurate the laws being voted on is simply staggering. If you have the time, then please watch them (and this includes those in the UK).

This one is called No Remote Control. If only this could be shown to many people - scary.

Another is called Out of control. This shows some of the completely stupid things happening in the UK, but being driven by the EU.

To me it looks like the USA, South America and Canada are heading down this path. Who will make your laws I don't know - but when it's not your country voting on your policies it becomes a frightening future.

I'm sure there are far more knowledgeable people on here with regard to the information I have posted and I apologise if anything is in-accurate. However, if nothing else - the videos are worth watching.

posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 03:21 PM
You are right the USA is back stabbing us. They just don't care any more if this carries on a war will be sparked off a big war. This cannot be stopped. obama is the hitler of these days.

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