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United Nations's Threat: No More Parental Rights

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posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 12:33 AM

Originally posted by 1xion325alpha

This is groundbreaking, it will change the fabric of our society for the better. People become murderers, evil heartless bankers, closed minded, irrational, selfish, because of intentional and unintentional harm received while growing up.

I agree. One of the things that makes me saddest as an adult is seeing all the people in the world who are just crippled from their childhoods and how the rest of society just assumes that its their own fault they are such horrible failures.

I made something of my life, but I never assume it is because I was "better" than those who didnt. I was lucky. I finally got a good family who didnt kick me out at 18 and helped me get on my feet as an adult. I was naturally smart, (just genetic luck of the draw,) and I was a good looking person. (also genetic luck of the draw) You would be surprised how much harder it is for someone not attractive to get a break in jobs. When everything else is equal, the human resources person will often give the position to the person whose looks they like better. It sucks, but its true, and studies bear it out.

I feel bad for the people who had sucky childhood, and because they didnt happen to have the right minds or the right looks and never found a good family will never, ever get ahead. And then they have to deal with people talking smack to them as if they somehow did something to deserve what they have.

It doesnt excuse everything they do as adults. And some who end up like that had great families. Who knows what went wrong for those guys. But I happen to know good people who never, ever got a fair shot at anything in their entire lives. Who have people turn up their noses at them, and treat them like scum because they are poor and work crappy jobs, and have no car, and wear crappy clothes.

It would be nice if children at least had the chance to reach their own potential in life, rather than being damned from the start because they had horrible parents.

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 02:02 AM
Only a really bitter and useless person blames their parents for the being they become when they grow up. The same way women will blame a pregnancy for being 200lbs heavier, for the rest of her life.

Nobody can blame anybody but themself, for who they decide to be as a full grown adult.

Let go of the friggen HATRED for parents, just because you hated yours. Stop hating all of us, because your parents sucked. This is what is REALLY wrong with the world. Everybody thinking everyone else must be punished because they them self is an epic failure.

Just because your life sucks, stop %^&*in trying to make the world police the rest of us.

Just get the hell out of my household, stop encouraging the government to treat all of us as criminals. JUST STOP

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 02:12 AM
reply to post by 12.21.12

un above the law ?... i hope you take that back , if un was above the law then the u.s would not be able to veto everything....

i guess the correct respons would be that some bodies within the u.n are above the law...

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 06:52 AM
reply to post by Cloudsinthesky

This is something that many are actually trying to pass. It is beyond unreasonable. For those that say t won't happen because the government doesn't want to mind the kids, well, I say SOME in the government simply want to take control from the parents, so that they can teach the kids anything and everything they want to. Social engineering is already a fact of public schools. This act would simply take that a step further, and remove all parental opposition. Remember that old saying, "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world." It's no joke.

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 06:57 AM
Who really cares?

When it comes down to it, the UN has been exposed as a pathetic waste of time, with a serious inability to police their "mandatory resolutions".

Unless they create some sort of world police force, their legislation is worth less than the paper it is written on. If such a situation were ever to arise, patriots would ignore it and probably even fight back if the UN tried to impose any laws upon them.

The UN really needs to read one of the Georgia Guidestone lines "Pass no useless legislation".

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 09:52 AM
reply to post by Trayen11

I love your daughter's replies. My family ran into a similar encounter years ago. I was a jr. or sr. in high school at the time, about 15 years ago. My sister, then in 7th or 8th grade, had gone to the school counselor's office crying that she didn't want to go home. The counselor, without asking why, called DCFS and the police. My parents finally, hours later, were called and told about the situation. After being read the riot act by the police and DCFS, my parents (knowing my sister) asked these people if anyone had bothered asking my sister why she didn't want to go home. Not a single one had. So, they all troop in to where my sister is waiting and ask her. Her answer? It was her night to help me do the dishes.

You would think that that would have been the end of it all, but no. A DCFS worker showed up at the house a few days later. Both of my parents were still at work and I was babysitting. Being 17 or 18 at the time, that wasn't a problem, but you would have thought that we had been on our own for days the way the lady acted.

Having been raised in an environment like your house, allowed to discuss and question anything, I was capable of independent thought and definitely of forming my own opinions. This lady was incredibly condescending and so I decided that I would return to her the attitude she was giving to me. She was pushing to be allowed in the house, despite my parents being not home, and I refused to allow her in. I came out, with my siblings, to talk to her, but she, a stranger I didn't know, sure wasn't getting into the house. I finally told her that for all I knew she could very well be half of a partnership trying to lure kids into trusting her so that they could be kidnapped by sexual predators. She wasn't amused, but I stood by my point. I didn't know her, she wasn't entering. I assured her that if I sensed any threat from her I would defend first and question later.

After agreeing that she would talk to us on the porch in view of the neighbors, she started asking if we had ever been abused. I, maybe unwisely (or not, considering the eventual outcome), was goading her. I was a mouthy beast and prone to sarcasm. She kept asking why my sister wouldn't want to come home. I had been goading her for a bit and asked her if she would want to have to share KP with me. She agreed that she would not want to spend time on KP with me. I explained that she had just answered her own question.

She moved on to asking if we were punished too harshly. I asked her to define "too harshly", asking if my being grounded from going to the school dance for my mouthiness counted, or maybe she meant that I got phone privileges taken away for a week, again for the mouthing off, was too harsh, 'cuz darned if I didn't think so. I had a boyfriend to call, darn it! She then asked about my siblings and their punishments. I informed her that I had pretty well broken in my parents for them. She kept pushing, asking the same thing different ways. I explained that she could ask as many ways as she liked, but that she wasn't doing herself any favors. I informed her that I was particularly good at the semantics game and would be happy to show her by out playing her. Again, not amused. I finally relented and told her "Lady, I wouldn't be out here annoying the crap out of you if I were so afraid. Who do you think taught me that doing my own thinking and opinion forming is important, anyway?"

She finally stormed away. Outcome? A child as mouthy as I wasn't being shown firm enough parenting - no evidence, case closed. I think she just didn't want to chance having to talk to me ever again.

Just one situation showing why this proposition would never be feasible.
Take care,

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 10:50 AM
reply to post by LostNemesis

You are abusive in the way you talk to people here, I can imagine how you would talk to you children if you had any.

No one said I was bitter. My life turned out well. But dont tell me that "your life is what you make of it" Getting to go to college matters. Having self esteem matters. Not having your little body shaken til you have brain damage, (as some children do) matters. I am glad you for if you had a decent family life. But children who are mistreated and abused DO have crap to deal with people from good families dont. How you can even deny that is beyond me.

Personally, I bet you had a better shot at life than I did and still didnt do as well, because nasty attitude also matters. If anyone sounds bitter about life, you do. Maybe you had horrible parents too, but you decided to become them rather than do better. Happens sometimes.

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 11:12 AM
So they want to be rid of homeschooling?

That's a control issue. They can't control the children in the homeschools and they can't program them so they want to ban it.

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 11:25 AM
reply to post by zerbot565

un above the law ?... i hope you take that back , if un was above the law then the u.s would not be able to veto everything....

i guess the correct respons would be that some bodies within the u.n are above the law...

No, Just simply stating that is the stance the UN would take, things can get messy when our governments become intertwined with the forces of International Law.

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 11:29 AM
Just to keep everyone updated on this topic. Like him or not......Glenn Beck will talk about this on his fox show today!

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 12:23 PM
so are they going to be teaching children to work starting at the age of 4 years old too...
This is the biggest pile of # I have read in a long time, since wehn do children have sound minds to make decisions? Last time I checked children were immature and irresponsible? no ?

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 08:04 PM
reply to post by FlyersFan

So they want to be rid of homeschooling? That's a control issue. They can't control the children in the homeschools and they can't program them so they want to ban it.

Good evening, friend. Yes, they are doing what California did, when they banned home schooling. Of course, now California is bankrupt, because of all of the "social experiments" that they forced on the taxpayers of California, while the beneficiaries of many of those programs, the illegal aliens, suck the state dry.

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