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Diagnozing Benny Morris: the mind of a European settler

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posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 08:16 PM

Diagnozing Benny Morris: the mind of a European settler (

– Israeli historian Benny Morris crossed a new line of shame when he put his academic credentials and respectability in the service of outlining the "moral" justification for a future genocide against Palestinians. Benny Morris is the Israeli historian most responsible for the vindication of the Palestinian narrative of 1948.

The lives of about 700,000 people were shattered as they were driven from their homes by the Jewish militia (and, later, the Israeli army) between December 1947 and early 1950. Morris went through Israeli archives and wrote the day by day account of this expulsion, documenting every "ethnically cleansed" village and every recorded act of violence, and placing each in the context of the military goals and perceptions of the cleansers.

Straight from the horse's mouth; here we have a zionist freely admit to the dynamics of zionism. More than anything such a love for Israel, it is a process of colonisation as Morris admits. Zionism is a method of expropriating property designed to assuage the natural and moral instincts of the mind. It is a means by which a mentality is weaponised to allow a person to accept the wrong they do without mental feedback, ie guilt.

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