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The Salary of Greed

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posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 05:51 PM
Bail outs. Those things that give the "ailing" rich more money to spend. No one is bailing out the poor or middle class. No one is even suggesting it around the people who are signing in the laws.

And why would they? Let's have a simple thought experiment.

You are a rich owner of a bank that, until recently, was very popular. You see that you could either lower your salary, or fire people. Which do you choose?

You are a rich politician, with rich friends, who have to make that choice. They whine to you every day, and you've never had to speak to too many poor people before. Who do you feel bad for?

The rich will never spend enough to make our country better, but all anyone ever talks about is trickle down economics, and never trickle up. How has trickle down ever worked? You give more money to the fat cats, they'll just keep it and fire people anyway!

This is the real bail out conspiracy. The fact that no one wants to help the poor, the families that are struggling to keep their house, the elderly that are struggling to keep their heat on.


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