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Who will be the next leader of Austrian economics?

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posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 03:38 PM
I don't know where to put this.

Anyhow, I've been listening to an audiobook about Austrian economics and it's about what Ludwig Von Mises and Fredrich Hayek seem to think.

i used to think that Ron Paul was really knowledgeable and he is don't get me wrong-- but I think we need the next great economic philosopher.

We need someone who will lead a new generation against the eventual nationalization and socialization of the free market so that our children can learn about the free market just like we did and realize why Democracy and having a free society is so great.

We need a new young face who can get people interested in Austrian economics- the study of economics and the pushing of the free market- to fight against these greedy corporate bankers who want to make the government socialist so they can have all that money for themselves.

Tony La Rouche is getting old. So is Ron Paul.

When will it happen? I believe we need a rebirth of the intellectual period and this time the intellectualism needs not be focused on faulty socialism but on a free market. We need people educated about the free market.

People have become brainwashed to believe that it's just the ideology for the rich.

That is not the case.

If socialists have their way I fear that we may see the end of the economy as we know it.

Socialism is akin to totalitarianism in an economic sense.

A society is never free unless it has a free market.

That is why I believe we need someone who will get the masses interested in free market societies like Karl Marx got people interested in socialism (in a different way but the same idea).

Thoughts? Opinions?

What can we do to get people to learn how the free market really works?


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