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The BEAUTIFUL you: self truths.

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posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 03:14 PM
Disclaimer: The following is a personal truth, meaning: I do not mean to preach or dictate, just to pour out my heart and mind. If you are suggestible, I urge you to interpret your personal feelings of the following...opinions. (I'm trying to avoid karma)

If I had to try real hard to kind of sum up what I feel separates us as humans, it's degrees of self awareness. There are some of us who know ourself more then others know thierselves, and in different ways not just overall.

I don't think people do anything they feel is wrong, I think even when a poor decision is made they think they were doing the right thing in their mind. I'm using this just as an example. So call it ignorance or that simply they overlooked some details, they are still just being thierself..but so few people have such a grasp of that identity.

I came to a realization the other day and I think it has profoundly rewired the judgemental part of my thoughts I've been unable to kick. I think my judgement stems from a desire to positively change something, combined with my perceptiveness. But what allowed me to finally let go of the habit of judging others (before it was like a habit I resisted and tried and tried to fix)... but anyways.. what finally allowed me to let go was simple. I realized...firstly..self-awareness..these people are being thierself, the best they know how, how can I blame them?..but more importantly.. 2. I learn more about myself every day, this is my spiritual path I walk.. to become more aware of myself... and I thought.... How can we begin to assume we have others figured out when we ourselves constantly redefine who we are? We can never know the full story, so we can't assume. So I realized... so its pretty much pointless to judge anyone isn't it?

I realized...its not that they say you SHOULDN'T judge... because that thought wasn't getting me too far... its that you CAN'T judge..rather that its sort of futile, an on going process where there will always be more variables... not unless you knew everything there is to know about yourself and everything there is to know about the other person, as well as probably every other factor of existence, for to fully know yourself, you'd have to fully understand the existence you live in. So if there is that finite level that you could one day reach... understand EVERYTHING..and so then you can judge.. But just don't be surprised that if you get to such a state of realization that you begin to feel as if others aren't exactly so separate from the self.. and so it becomes sort of a self judgement.

A bit of a rant there but this the kind of BASIC stuff to me, its the basics that satisfy the complex questions, and this to me gives me the most profound sense of self awareness.. its not tinkering in thoughts of light and gravity and souls etc.. its more like observing basics.. hard to explain.. basic apparent givens that require no scientific instruments, no measurements etc.

I also recently received the gift of freedom from obligation.

Another "basic" I self realized.. "I" feel "we" have no obligations, and this another secondary thing that the world places into our mindset. It seems all we can do is be ourself and how we live our life is a reflection of how we choose to BE ourself...and so in the sense, say your work was dishonest, like you wanted to leave early..but this was fine in your PERSONAL mindset.. I mean you might frown upon your dishonesty and see the wrong in it.. yet you might think... I feel I create my reality in the way I see fit and perhaps ducking out of work allows me to get these other things done etc...and so this is something I have arranged...but seems the purpose of life to me is know/BE ourself because that seems like what we really do behind it all... and if we are just being ourself..while creating our own reality... why should we feel bound to the rules that the world put on us? I'm not encouraging dishonesty..just encouraging one to be theirself and not get wrapped up in superficial?..we'll say secondary or artificial.. things. In that sense I'm encouraging one to be honest to thierself.

I hope that made sense.

Like for example I struggle to find time and juggle all my projects and I stopped to think just what I was doing.. I was putting so much importance on this and that.. etc... and like.. I was thinking this morning..ahh I gotta do qi-gong but I'm reading this message from zy5in... and I realized...why am I doing qi-gong? Ultimately for self-awareness... yet i'm having a very constructive conversation thats helping with that self-awareness so how am I losing? We get stuck in our own routines and forget what the goal is I think sometimes.

Why do I stress doing this or that..why learn to do this, why do this and so on... and you think.. i'm just doing all of this to satisfy my deep sense of purpose.. whatever it is you may do in life.. the self-awareness I find runs with fulfillment of the desires of feel fulfilled in what you do.. hard to explain.... I often used to think where I fit in it all.. what job to do etc.. I saw people lived very basic lives I did not understand, or rather did not personally see fulfilling.... and I was thinking.. I have to do something that for the most part satisfies my sense of purpose, but the ever expanding sense of self alters that as well.. it's an interesting relationship.

All we can ever do is listen to ourself.. and then act upon on that. To do otherwise no matter how its viewed..good..or bad.. is to live a personal lie. What purpose is there in perceivable good if its a personal lie? To do otherwise is to live through someone's else's truth.

What is truth? To aspire to see with eyes unclouded and to just be.. to know..what is.. to be one true other words..for things to be just as they are without any additional spin on it. Why is it that some of us desire this truth so much while others put such little care in it? Why is that? Is this simple concept what makes some of us "special"? I don't feel special do you? I'm just being myself, and i'll never stop being myself, and i'll never stop trying to be MORE of myself and fulfill the sense of purpose of myself.

What is beauty? Unity is beauty..for when concepts..atoms..particles etc..BE, the existence of "something".. thoughts or light..the infinitely smallest point of presence if you will...Hard for me to articulate this one.. Everything is bound in nature, if you can break that down logically or conceptual.. the fact that I perceive a world means I am of a symbolic unification with it.. this unity is like a painting.. when all things are unified it becomes an elaborate perceivable tapestry of concept. Beauty is up to interpretation but beauty happens when there is something to interpret.. now this really mind bending stuff.. if you think..freedom from limitation of what you consider to be "something"... If it can be observed, or thought of conceptually... if it can just exist and BE.... then this is what I'm getting can be deemed beautiful. it is united with all, even if it IS all,..and if only on a conceptual level.. it is part of the painting.. and it can be deemed beautiful.

So what the hell are you getting at Steve? (says the confused readers)... observe nature.. observe the animals, the trees, the galaxies.. its all united.. What is unity.. it is peace... what is love..but the allowance to be, thus the allowance of unity..and where there is this allowance, the concepts will stay together..the unity will remain, and thus the beauty remains.. with this allowance, it cannot fall apart... and with this allowance..this love..this desire for peace.. to just let things be..because it feels feels TRUE..we might feel personally..this is a TRUTH to me.. that things must be.... well then.. with this allowance... unity prevails.. the image..the concept..the painting stays together... and beauty.. beauty reveals itself..

All is beautiful that is of a unity, all that is unity is the infinitesimal concept of being..if you can define size or quantity, it doesn't matter. For it to be, it has to be holding itself together, in that sense there is still a sense of balance and unity. I want to drop the "T" word.. truth.. I'm hinting something, a piece of my own puzzle..but its MY puzzle.. and I retain truth is personal so its up to you.

Beauty reveals itself. Look at the world you perceive externally or internally.

Through my own self awareness...that is to say.. self truths... it has shown me more harmony..more unity.. it has brought upon a balance which has helped align the tilted scale and let in possibilties I've been missing.. beautiful things from both sides of the scale encompass my life now. I'm in touch with both my male and female qualities and the more I accept them and allow them to be harmoniously, the more beautiful life seems, and the close I feel to knowing myself.. the closer I feel I am to TRUTH.

What is duality but something to compliment the other? If you're an artist you know this is the chemistry for an art piece.

And on another note... you might say well.. thats nice and all Steve, but I disagree..the world is an ugly place.. We can paint something terrible and it becomes beautiful to us once we are able to REMOVE ourselves from it and observe it. Take a picture of a war-torn country and observe the artistry of nature, of our world. How much of our artistic media depict "ugly" things? war..murder.. etc..

Throat chakra powering down..

Never stop being yourself, though I don't think it's possible if you know what I mean.


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posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 03:23 PM
I ran out of space otherwise I'd say... a concept..or simplest form of being... what sustains it.. what is the unity or harmony that sustains it if it is ALL that IS.? Perhaps its nothingness.. its void... uhh for example.. to understand the meaning of yes, perhaps you need a no? You know what I mean? I don't want to rant about this one but I'm trying to illustrate there seems there can be a balance, a unity in the smallest indivisible concept.

I see balance in everything, and I see wisdom in that balance.

A computer runs on binary code does it not?.. can anyone tell me what happens when all the signals are just 1's... or just 0's? I don't know but working together they create beautiful things.

An endless white light is something, but whats the unity that sustains it?
I'll let that roll around in your mind. I'm just trying to get the idea of dualistic union across.

I've worked on this post for hours, originally a reply but now personal tribute to the awesome ATS member zysin5.

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 04:36 PM

Originally posted by CavemanDD
I realized...its not that they say you SHOULDN'T judge... because that thought wasn't getting me too far... its that you CAN'T judge..rather that its sort of futile

That line alone was worth the price of admissin

But cool concept you hammered out there. Does it exist? Then it's beautiful in some sense damn it! I'm all on bored with that. Yes that means even some of the disturbing stuff, but at one point that judgment that exists with in the boundaries of a singular concept are transcended and we find that we're all just aspects of that same painting.

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 06:16 PM
One thing that I realized long ago, is that the way I feel is the "right" way to judge, is by how one's actions help other people instead of how closely they fit a certain dogma.

I think that is a Buddhist thing, I am not sure.

Like... a man who robs a bank to feed his family. What he did is "wrong" because he has stolen money that other people had to earn and has probably traumatized employees and customers, but you can see that it is also "right" because he was doing the only thing he could to help his family.

But I maintain that this is still a philosophy that most people are too immature to follow. For example if you have followed a handful of threads recently about fathers that have killed their children because they lost their job or didn't want to pay child support or something. There's no way that's right, ever.

Another place it can be deceptively applied, people with addictions... to the addict anything that gets them theri fix is "right," even though this decimates the lives of the people around them, and many of those same people supporting the addiction because they think it is right. I have talked about the m asive problems this has caused in my family here--the situation has actually gotten a lot worse than what I've talkned about there, precisely because both parties involved pull the "It's not wrong if it makes me feel good" card.

I'm not saying you're wrong though. Just that I think that there has to be a level of maturity before a person can entertain the notion of no right and wrong, and that situationally speaking, there is almost always a "better" choice.

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 07:12 PM
I understand what your talking about but its not quite what I was getting at. If a situation calls for it, make the best judgement possible, like the scenarios you mentioned.

I'm talking about walking down the street thinking "look at that guy.. I bet hes not..., i bet he does this... he should do this... he doesn't get it.. I can't believe he would do this etc etc.. and get wrapped up and judgemental about how people choose to live their lives. Unless you are going to act upon it, learn from it, acknowledge it, but don't hold it against the person, don't let it stir hindering thoughts, if you can view it objectively good, otherwise, you can try and let it go but what I was saying is that it comes back, its hard to let go unless you re-evaluate why you judge people, and why you think your perceptions, assumptions are accurate, and what this means to you. Its kind of like..concerning yourself with what could be very minimal accurate assumptions. If your generally curious and want to help.. maybe you could ask them so you can confirm? What i'm getting at more then anything else its an activity that wastes alot of energy, distracts us, could potentially send out the wrong vibe, but it is also ignorant and serves little end unless we do something with it/ about it, like give this person a word of advice...

Its like this thought that we see/ assume something is wrong and we can't just leave it alone, but we do. An alternative would be acting on this jugdement I would say.

But I feel I am free of this judgement in the sense that I feel my judgement is innaccurate. I still help people but I dont need the pretense that they need helping. I don't condemn people either for their decisions.. if thier life is in a negative direction, how is my added negativity going to fix it?

Judgement seems have a negative conotation to it and thats more or less how I meant it, but more to prolong ones own ignorance.

I could go on about this, but you know what I'm talking about?

Its a great weight that is lifted, to longer follow this pattern.

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 08:32 PM
Ah now I better see what you are getting at.

Yes I struggle with that too, to go down the street and say this person looks trashy/stupid/arrogant/snobbish. So much energy is wasted on "I am better than them." That is true.

I still, however, reserve the right to "judge" when I see someone hurting someone else.

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 09:05 PM
Last year, for quite some time, I had these same sorts of discussions with myself. Not good to talk to oneself, so I've heard, but no one else could help me so I went with what worked. Ultimately I came to much the same conclusions, at least as far as I understand these conclusions.

Basically I figured that it isn't so much what I do, but what I'm willing to undo. That it isn't what we hold onto that makes us fallible as humans, but rather how tightly we hold on to it.

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 11:24 PM
I came to many of the same conclusions you have. When I stopped judging others, I felt very relieved! As a result, I was happier during the day. The same goes for forgiveness. Sometimes, you forgive for selfish reasons, and that's exactly how some teachers describe the real benefit of forgiveness. Wow, that's now what I was taught in church!

Concerning being oneself, the way I like to put it whenever I'm feeling guilty for being of the male species who is blamed for every ill under the sun, I just say, "Hey, God made me this way! Therefore, there can't be anything wrong with me!" I will not apologize for being a man damit.

And, in the end, there really isn't anything wrong with anybody. You are who you are, because that's who you are, and that's it. No one can really help it.

However, the big question is, how far do you take this viewpoint? Is a Hitler and a child rapist also just being themselves? Well, of course! What scares the establishment about this "moral relevancy" is if everyone just allowed anything, and everything was "judged" as "natural", then the world would turn to SIN! Killers would feel even more justified in the killing. There would be chaos in the streets!

My holistic rectification of this dilemma is thus; everyone may come to RESPECT other peoples needs and wants and desires, but still, there will be clashes between two or more individuals or groups that just will not be able to compromise or allow the others' to get what they want, especially when it will affect others who disagree in a profound way. Ok, so no one is right or wrong, and everyone's opinions are equally valid. But, in the end of the day, you have to decide if you are going to push for your own needs versus laying down and let others walk all over you. The basic hash realities of this physical plane (which is just as important as the ethereal if you truly believe in unity) will come into play. And how has every animal and insect on this planet resolved those differences? Simple, they fought it out. So, here we are, back at square one! I'm afraid there is no way out... That's why all you can pretty much do is throw up your hands and just say that life is a mystery and get some chores done.

But, that's were life is; in the middle between extremes; pushing and pulling at one another. It's only unfortunate that this living and learning process can hurt so damn much.

I'm not totally non-judgmental as I was a few years back. I pick my battles now. And true, we judge only because we want to help or flee from something too dangerous.

So, I say, "sure, everyone's view/life/behavior is equally valid as anyone else's, but if your view starts to conflict with mine, then I'm sorry, but I'll have to side in my own favor... unless you are a friend, then I can do you a favor, or maybe we can negotiate something... otherwise, it's me and my family first. Sorry, but I have to set priorities.

One more thing I've had to think about concerning moral relativism. Did you realize how normal and natural lying is? It's in nature everywhere. When the angler fish dangles a false bait in front of it's prey and creating the illusion of food to lure it closer to it's jaws, in effect, it's just lying to the poor fish. When an animal uses it's camouflage to lead it's prey astray, it's a lie; a misdirection. The point is to affect the other's perception of what the truth is for whatever purpose... to create an illusion in the other's mind... to deceive and mislead. Lying is so hard-wired into your biology that we will never be able to free ourselves from it... and why would we? YOu have to lie in some situations just to survive. The only one that could ever be totally honest is one who is all powerful and has nothing to fear.

So, is it OK to lie? You tell me.

Good post.

posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 01:34 AM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Another great thread as usual from one of my favorite posters on ATS.

I admire your writing skills. I have a really hard time putting my thoughts and opinions out their like you do, it seems like their aren't even words in any language on Earth for my thoughts to come through to where anyone can understand what i'm saying, I just get tounge-tied and frustrated when trying to explain how I perceive things.

You are a very inspiring guy. Keep it up.


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posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 01:42 AM
So many words, so little time! In summary, I look in the mirror every morning and wonder: Is that it? Damn! Then I realize that there's more beauty outside and through the eyes of others - their reflections of me.

posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 02:54 AM
Can't judge "others" because there are no "others". There is no "me".
What to judge ? When I see others do "bad" things I see myself doing those things, maybe sometime in the past, and I see them lost in the same problems or bad thinking as I was once. There is nothing to judge.

Question: What are your thoughts when facing an opponent?
Bruce: There is no opponent.
Question: Why is that?
Bruce: Because the word ''l'' does not exist.

The void is no mere emptiness, but is real, free and existing. It is the source from which all things arise and return. It cannot be seen, touched or known, yet it exists and is freely used. It has no shape, size, colour or form, and yet all that we see, hear, feel and touch is "it". It is beyond intellectual knowing and cannot be grasped by the ordinary mind. When we suddenly awake to the realization that there is no barrier, and has never been seen, one realizes that one is all things, mountains, rivers, grasses, trees, sun, moon, stars, universe are all oneself. There is no longer a division or barrier between myself and others, no longer any feeling of alienation or fear. Realizing this, results in true compassion. Other people and things are not seen as apart from oneself, on the contrary, as one's own body

Bruce Lee

posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 03:00 AM
Hey man.

I'm really diggin your post, good insights on life man.

Keep on that path, it's the right on.

posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 03:05 AM
Thanks for this very enlightening wake-up call about why I came here which was to participate in discussions such as these. I have let others bad feelings rub off on me wheres I have forgotten not to rush to anger and let their bad will transfer to me lately. Sometimes people are not ready to be more than a set of books and quick judgments. The only things one can change is within hand's reach, let everything else fall away.

Peace to you.

posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 04:07 AM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Originally posted by CavemanDDI don't think people do anything they feel is wrong, I think even when a poor decision is made they think they were doing the right thing in their mind.

You don't think that people do anything that they feel is wrong? Let me tell you now that you are wrong. I do things that i feel are wrong and do things that i know are wrong. I do them anyway and not because i think it is right in any way. I'm kinda weirded out by the fact that you can make such a huge statement. It's a big assumption and i'd just say this, think about it a little longer. I'm going to go steal something right now and i know i am not doing the right thing.

Edit - Spelling

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posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 05:49 AM
Is this serious??????

posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 06:07 AM
reply to post by CavemanDD

I didn't fully understand the rantings of the OP but felt inclined to flag it nonetheless. But you bring a good point. Free yourself from the urge to judge and you will be free from judgement yourself because it works both ways, when you judge you enforce the feeling that judgements have merrit so when someone judges you it tends to stick. If you do not judge then someone else judging you is not as important. Something like that? Anyway, fully agree on the 'no judgement' thing but then again i'm naturally inclined not to judge, or so the personality test says

Good topic

posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 06:13 AM
ok for the man with the bank robber question, you are deciding what everything is in any given moment, everything as no meaning save the meaning you give it. you make life up as you go along and one question would be,,why does a man need to rob a bank to feed his family?

posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 06:28 AM
When we were children we looked at the world with wonder, fascination and joy. We saw beauty in everything, a flower, a sunset, a rainbow and so on. We had no knowledge of fear (I remember being fearless when i was a child) we didnt judge or hate. So what went wrong... we went to school.

Im not saying education is bad for you, quite the opposite. But here (at school) is where we learn about hate, fear and how to judge (to name but a few). Whether this is through our lessons (e.g history (wars), religion, etc) or through our social interaction with other children. (My toy is better than your toy)

School shapes us and prepares us for society, we are moulded into what they think is best for us. When we leave and go to work we are then told that you have to be the best at what you do, get a well paid job, get married, have kids and then with your own children repeat the whole process all over again.

Our world or society tells us how to live, what to buy, what to wear, what to eat and also at the moment its full of doom and gloom, hate and fear due to the global meltdown. But really nothing has changed, just the way weve been told to perceive it.

We still have beauty in the world, the flower still opens, we still have amazing sunsets and rainbows etc.

Whats happened now is that some of us have stepped back from what we are being told to do (this probably includes most of the members of ATS who constantly question everything) and have started to see beauty in its most simplest form, as we did when we were children.

When we do this, does this take away our other implanted beliefs.. hate, judgement, fear.

In affect we have come full circle. Weve always had knowledge of this concept but its never been allowed to grow.

At the moment our world is in a crisis or at a turning point, our society is breaking down (global meltdown, recession, unemployment) and we are still being controlled by fear. But..

The more our soceity breaks down the more self aware we will become..


If you dont have anyone telling you what to do or what to be, then you begin to question your own existence.

Maybe this is what 2012 is driving towards, a collapse of society, collapse of governments and a collapse of being told what to be / do. The beginning of self awareness.

This is where unity comes into play, even on a basic level as ATS members we are all united in finding the truth / answers to our questions (and there are people here that i feel connected to on many levels).

This unity or connection we have continues through our dreams, on a spiritual level, through nature, our planet and so on.

I also feel theres an underlying connection between the alternative topics we discuss here e.g. aliens, ufos, time, alien abduction, paranormal, dreams, etc.

What is it that links these topics together and then links us to them?

So to finish, for beauty, truth, unity its something weve always had, its just never been allowed to surface...

Until now.

Like I said weve come full circle.

Great thread.


posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 06:42 AM
I like the top pic a lot!!!

Listen to Krishamurti a bit.
And take in this below.

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posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 06:47 AM
I see what your pointing at. Scream or judge at grounded (non-spiritual),
'happy' (brainwashed and conditioned) people wont do anything good to
me, because they like the ground as much as I like cleaning my window
of thought.

You are some busy little bee!
that's a great pile of insights!

(wonder what dream trigged that)

One point should be universal i guess (like the beauty of celestial gravity):
No one, in absolutely NO WAY, should be conditioned. We must deal
SANELY with ego POV, and deal with the fact that something can be both
wrong and right given the perspective. Quit your job without a safety net
is wrong, but there will be a time when one needs peace of mind and do
what the heart tells, and quitting his job is the right thing to do.

I think, as this last months of spiritual discovery, im WAY more focused on
me than judging others, but sometimes (waiting on the bus, walk towards
job) i hear the 'judge voice' going up to the pedestal and putting out non

Thats what perspective do.
We have to deal with that, constructively.

Good discussion... S&F.

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