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History that makes sense

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posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 10:37 AM
What is Mystery Babylon?

The historical development and symbiotic relationship of the Roman Catholic Church

and the New World Order
Revelation 17:5
And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT,

I. Mystery Babylon
Mystery Babylon defined according to "Strong's Exhaustive Concordance Of The
Bible" is 'the secret of confusion and or bitterness'. Derived from his Hebrew and
Greek renditions of the words.
In beginning our search for Mystery Babylon, we must journey by the means of
scriptures as well as historical data at our disposal to the beginning of the
manifestation of its' presence.
According to Ezekiel 28:13-19, Isa. 14:12-15 and Revelation 12:3-4; Lucifer "the
anointed cherub that covereth", fell through deceit and was cast out from the presence
of God. Approximately one-third of the heavens host followed him in his rebellion
and together they were cast into the earth. There are not a few commentators who
believe that this cataclysmic confrontation took place between Genesis chapter one
and verse one and chapter one verse two. Scoffield says "Jeremiah 4:23-26, Isa. 24:1
and 45:18, clearly indicate the earth had undergone a cataclysmic change as a result of
divine judgment. The face of the earth bears everywhere the marks of such a
catastrophe. There are not wanting intimations which connect it with the previous
testing and fall of angels." (Scoffield Ref. Bible, pg.3) Because of their anarchy, God
decreed that their ultimate destiny would be eternal damnation in a lake of fire. (Matt.
25:41, II Peter 2:4)
In Genesis 1:26 and 2:7 is recorded the creation of man from the dust of the ground.
The breath of God is "breathed" into him and "man became a living soul". Man is
given dominion (rule, or power to rule) over the creation of God. Because of this,
Lucifer, hereafter designated as Satan, conspires to overthrow the dominion of the
man (Genesis 3:1-7). Through the fall of man, Satan gains legal, physical and spiritual
control over the temporal realm of the earth. For with the fall of man, dominion is
The seed of Mystery Babylon, conceived in the corridors of the eternal, is brought to
birth in the sphere of the temporal. Yet in the midst of this conflict and struggle, a
plan formulated in the mind of God, in the eons of eternity begins to take shape and
emerge. A plan for the future redemption and justification of Gods' creation (Genesis
3:14-15, John 1:1-5,9-14).
The scriptures declare that as time progressed, "....God saw the wickedness of man
was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only
evil continually" (Genesis 6:5). The whole world was filled with evil and occult
practices. God determined to destroy the earth with a flood. But in the midst of gross
immorality and decadence God had a remnant. The scriptures declare "But Noah
found grace in the eyes of the Lord" (Genesis 6:8). Through obedience and the
building of the Ark, Noah and his family were preserved.
Though there is no record of Mystery Babylon as a bonafide entity or practice at this
time, we can be fairly certain by records and characteristics found in later scriptures
and historical evidence that the spirit of Mystery Babylon at least prevailed prior to

the destruction of the earth. And to be sure, it was this same spirit that brought about
the destruction of the earth by a great flood.
Following the flood, the Ark came to rest upon Mt. Ararat (Genesis 8:4). The family
of Noah came forth with both clean and unclean animals of every kind and began to
multiply and replenish the earth as commanded by God. But once again as time
progressed, the "imaginations of the thoughts of his heart" caused man to be evil and
Satan knows much of the plan of God. He knows that according to the word of God in
Genesis 3:15, one day a "heel" would come to "bruise his head". So he formulated a
plan and devised a religious system that people would believe in, kill for, even be
willing to die for. This religious system would be an occult system, centering upon
Mystery Babylon. This system was to eventually control the world, and to attempt to
deify Satan as lord.
To introduce this system into the world, he used two people. Nimrod a son of Cush
and the grandson of Ham, the son of Noah (Genesis 10:6-11). His very name is
defined by Smiths' Bible Dictionary as meaning "rebellion". The other person used in
the propagation of this, self-serving, self-seeking society was Semiramis. Together
with Nimrod she ruled Babel, one of the first major cities constructed after the flood.
(Genesis 11:1-9)
According to the nineteenth century historian, Alexander Hislop, most dependable
historians agree that Babel (Babylon) was the primal source from which all idolatry
spread to the ancient world. Also according to Hislop, Shem the son of Noah killed
Nimrod because of his iniquitous practices. Semiramis however, moved quickly. She
became pregnant and gave birth to a son, Tammuz. She let it be known that this was Nimrod reincarnate. This was the first intimation of the "trinity" as associated with the
worship and deification of the godhead. (The Two Babylons, Alexander Hislop, The
Force, pg.11, Chick Publications).
Another historian, Ralph Woodrow, concluded that to this present time, evidence of
Babylonian worship exists in "all the false religions of the earth." (Babylon, Mystery
Religion-Ralph Woodrow).
Beginning at Babylon and finding its' way into all ancient societies was the teaching
of "Pantheism". Pantheism teaches that all forces, manifestations, etc. of the universe
are god. (Sun worship, animal deification, etc.) This is the same doctrine being
propagated today as "New Age". This teaching has been a threat to humanity
throughout the ages. It was a very real threat even during the time of the Apostles.
(See Romans 1:20-32)
However the main god of Babylon was a god represented by an equilateral triangle, or
as a single body with three heads. This is the most ancient depiction of the "trinity".
Even in this modern age, Buddhist, Hindus and Catholics still retain a "trinity" as their
god. They also still retain certain symbols (the equilateral triangle, etc.) as the symbol
of god.

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 10:38 AM

From the book of First Samuel through the books of the Chronicles we get a picture of
Israel as a people. Intermingling with other nations. Adopting occult religious
practices and idolatry as occasion demanded, as each king strengthened his position
by making treaties with surrounding kingdoms. It is only through the life and kingship
of David, that we see a true hunger of a heart after God.
Following the reign of David and into the life and reign of Solomon, do we see again
the manifestation of Mystery Babylon. For the scriptures declare that "Solomon loved
many strange women...for surely they will turn away your heart unto their
gods...Solomon clave unto these in love" (Kings 11:1-2).
Throughout our study we have seen the manifestation of Mystery Babylon. We have
seen it's beginnings in the eons of time. We have seen it manifest in the plains of
Shinar and Babel. We have watched it grow and spread throughout the earth.
But there is no greater manifestation of Mystery Babylon than during the ministry of
the Prophets. For it was from the lips of these anointed, uncompromising men of God
that the secular and religious leaders of Israel began to be exposed for what they were.
A nation founded to be a vessel of God's truth, had become nothing more than just
another corrupt, occultic, people. The religious leaders in many instances went
through the guise of sacrifices according to Jewish custom and law while in reality
worshipping the god's of ancient Babylon. Gradually the people of God were led
farther and farther away, till they were enslaved to religion. It was due to this gross
idolatry and religious corruption that Israel as a nation was carried away into captivity
and ceased to exist as a people.
Following their enslavement and captivity, a decree was issued that a remnant might
return to the land of Israel for the rebuilding of the "streets" and "walls" of Jerusalem.
It was during the remnant's return that Zechariah received a vision of a woman in a
basket (Zechariah chapter five). In the vision the prophet saw an ephah (a measuring
basket). The basket was covered with a "talent of lead" (a sealing weight) and in the
basket was a woman (Israel). The prophet then lifted his eyes to see two women.
(Jerusalem and Samaria). The basket was born away to Shinar (the plains of Babylon)
to be "established and set there upon her own base" (Zechariah 5:5-11).
Scoffield said, "Symbolically, a measure is indicative of something that has come to
full, so that God must judge it." (II Sam. 8:2; Jer. 51:13; Hab. 3:6-7; Matt. 7:2; 23:32).
A woman in the bad ethical sense is always a symbol of that which is "religiously" out
of place.
In essence, the vision said that Israel was religiously out of place and would be
transported to Babylon, where she would establish a house on her on base. The word
"house" in verse 11 is indicative of more than a dwelling. It is and can be defined as a
"cover" a "shelter" or even a "legislative assembly".
It is my belief that this is a direct reference to Ezekiel 23 and Jeremiah 6:8. I believe it
has a direct bearing upon the foundation of Mystery Babylon being transferred and
laid in Israel and even Jerusalem itself.
In the 23rd chapter of Ezekiel, God gave us a prophecy concerning two women.
"Aholah" (Samaria) and "Aholibah" (Jerusalem). They are depicted as harlots and as
having committed whoredoms, which were brought from Egypt. Then verse 17 tells
us that the Babylonians came to her in a "bed of love and they defiled her with their
whoredoms and she was polluted with them". Verse18 tells us " mind (the mind
of God) was alienated from her, from her sister". This is a direct reference to
Jeremiah 6:8.

In Ezekiel chapter 8, God revealed to the man of God the abominations that the
religious leaders and the elders of the nation were committing while professing faith
in God.
They were going through the ritualistic rites of the Law. In verses 10-12, God
revealed 70 elders in a dark room, burning incense and worshipping images of
unclean creatures and idols of every sort. (This is pantheism). In verse 14 the prophet
is shown women sitting in the gate, weeping for Tammuz. In the third abomination
the prophet is shown "five and twenty men" with their faces to the east, and they
worshipped the sun toward the east, verse 16.
This is none other than Mystery Babylon. It was being practiced in the house of the
Lord. One commentary describes the afore-mentioned practices as Baal worship.
According to Smiths' Bible Dictionary, Bel was of Babylon. The worship of this
supreme Babylonian deity was "licentious (morally unrestrained) practices." Here we
see without a doubt, Mystery Babylon established in the House of God, in Jerusalem.
It is for this reason that God cut off the nation of Israel as a people and established the
Church of Jesus Christ.
To understand the full scope of Mystery Babylon and it's application to Israel, we
must first understand the reason Israel went into Babylonian captivity. It was due to
their rejection of God and their abominable occult practices.
The scriptures declare that in the "thirtieth year of the captivity of Jehoiachin", Evil-
Merodoch, king of Babylon brought Jehoiachin out of prison and gave him a "puppet
throne", till the day of his death. This was a throne that was not recognized by God,
because in Jeremiah 36:30 God had cursed Jehoiachin's father; Jehoiachim with an
ever-lasting punishment saying "He shall have none to sit upon the throne of David".
In effect, God had taken away the throne from his descendents forever. The throne of
the seed line of Solomon came to an end. In its place was established a Babylonian
"puppet throne". With the Babylonian puppet throne we can assume and correlate
with the visions of the prophets came the Babylonian religion with all of its perverted
practices. Even Jehoiachin's mothers' name correlated the evidence. Her name was
Nehushta, taken from the idol Nehushtan or "the serpent".
Here we see without a doubt, Mystery Babylon established in the city of Jerusalem.
[Note! If you read the genealogy in Matthew, Jehoiachim's name is missing. He had
been cut off !]
Study the prophets. You will find unequivocal proof that Israel as a nation, and or a
religious entity was removed from the benefit and blessings of God.
By the time of Jesus Christ, the religious hierarchy of Israel and Jerusalem was
nothing more than a pretence and a sham. For four-hundred years there had been no
spoken word from the Lord God. Not since Malachi: had there been a prophet to cry
out against the sin and iniquity of the people and the nation as a whole.
The religious leaders had taken the law given by Moses and reduced it to mere oral
tradition. The Pharisees, the largest religious sect of the day had merged the Law with
the oral interpretation of the elders, who had come out of Babylonian captivity. It was
this oral tradition and it's numerous commentaries that formed the Talmud.
The Talmud consisted of two parts (1) The Mishna, which is a concise,
comprehensive summary of the whole ritual law, reduced in writing. In its present
form, it was produced about the 2nd century. (2) The Gemara, which forms the
second part of the Talmud and which is commonly meant when the word Talmud is
used. The Gemara is by far the oldest of the commentaries on the oral law, having
been completed in Babylon.

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 10:39 AM

So by the time of Christ, we find the dominant spiritual leaders in Jerusalem were
using the Talmud, and more specifically the Gemara as a guideline concerning
spiritual issues. (Commentaries made by the elders of Babylon, influenced by
Babylonian practices-The Kabbalah). Mystery Babylon had become established on
Mount Moriah in Jerusalem under the pretence of worship to God. Mystery Babylon
had become part of the fabric of Israel.
When Jesus Christ, the Word of God (Jn. 1:14; II Cor. 5:19; I Tim. 3:16) stepped on
the scene, He met the devil squarely face to face in a temple supposedly built to honor
Him. He met Satan and his Babylonian Mystery cult established on Mount Moriah. Is
it any wonder he would throughly purge his floor (II Chr. 3:1; Matt. 3:12)?
It was the religious seed of the serpent, or Satan, in power on Mount Moriah that
would "bruise the heel" of Christ on Calvary (Acts 2:23; 3:15; 5:30; I Thess. 2:15).
Jesus knew this! That's why in his confrontation with the Pharisees, he would openly
accuse them, for who and what they were. (Jn. 8:41-47; Matt. 23:29-36; 37-39). Then
a careful study of Stephen's confrontation with these same leaders, shows Stephen
exposing their associations with Mystery Babylon, through the centuries (Acts 7:39,
42,43,52). Like Christ, it resulted in his death.
When Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, (Isa. 53:7; Jer.11:19; Jn. 1:29-36; I Peter 1:19;
Rev. 5:6; 13:8) was crucified and cried "it is finished", the veil of the temple in
Jerusalem was rent from top to bottom. This broke the back of Jewish Temple
worship and Mystery Babylon in Jerusalem, on Mount Moriah.
Because of their rejection of Jesus Christ, the Messiah; Christ prophesied the
destruction of Jerusalem and the desolation of Israel (Matt. 24:1-8; Mk. 13:1-10; Luke
21:5-22 note verses 20-22). Most commentators agree that two sieges are in view. The
siege by Titus in 70 AD, which results in the destruction of the city, the temple and
the nation. But there is also a future siege in view, when the final battle of
Armageddon takes place.
Upon the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus the Roman General in 70 AD., Mystery
Babylon was forced to change it's face and shift its base of power once again. The
new base of power was shifted to Rome.
The church however as founded on the day of Pentecost, with the outpouring of the
Holy Ghost continued to cling to the basic precepts of the faith, namely that there is
only One God (Luke 24:45-48; Acts 2:22-36). As the church began to grow and
spread, it was confronted by the new face of Mystery Babylon.
During the reign of Nero, emperor of Rome, a mass persecution began against the
church of Jesus Christ. Nero also instituted many imitation Christian churches for the
purpose of entrapping and enslaving the true believers of Acts Two. (Archives of the
Vatican, Chick Publications, Vol. 16). Many times these false churches used Jewish
Synagogues as meeting places. This was the warning issued to the churches of Asia in
the Revelation chapters 2 and 3 (note; 2:9,13,14-15;2:20-25; 3:1-3;3:9,13)
By the time of Constantine, the church of Jesus Christ had been carried throughout the
world by the Apostles and those who believed on Christ "through their word" . Even
under intense persecution by the Roman Empire, the New Seat of Mystery Babylon,
the true church grew and flourished. The imitation churches established by Nero also
grew as an extended arm of Mystery Babylon.
To take advantage of this growing wave of Christianity, both true and false,
Constantine professed a conversion to the new religion. He declared himself the
spiritual leader of Christianity and made himself Pontiff Maximus, the inaugural

He issued an edict of tolerance to draw the true believers out of hiding. But only those
that accepted his form of Christianity (Roman Catholicism/ Mystery Babylon) were
protected. True believers in Acts Two knew he was manifesting that spirit of
antichrist according to the scriptures and the witness of the Holy Ghost.
Afterward, Constantine moved the capital of his empire to Constantinople (Istanbul,
Turkey) in the east. The Bishops of his Catholic System (Mystery Babylon) seized the
opportunity to take control of the empire.
By the third century after Christ, Mystery Babylon was once again a well established
entity with its headquarters in Rome. Through the ensuing ages the Roman Catholic
Church/ Mystery Babylon has gained in power and momentum, even to this present
It has maintained it's wealth and power with deceit, subterfuge, witchcraft, sabotage,
masses and murder. It has bought, killed and controlled kings and countries. While
sitting upon the throne in the Vatican, Nimrod's representatives claim to be the vicar,
or stand-in for Jesus Christ.
Through the so-called "dark ages" a spiritual warfare raged. Yet in the midst of
inquisitions and persecutions, perpetuated by Catholicism, one of the arms of Mystery
Babylon, the church of Acts Two thrived and flourished, (History Of The Christian
Church, Marvin Arnold, Ancient Champions Of Oneness, William Chalfant). During
this catholic reign of terror approximately 68 million people were tortured or killed
for refusing to worship this spirit of antichrist.
From Mystery Babylon in Rome, we have seen a number of children birthed. These
children of the harlot, retain her doctrines and her symbols (Trinity, Equilateral
Triangle, etc.) We have also witnessed a number of secret societies emerge from the
folds of her garments, (Knights of Columbus, Masons, Shriners, etc.) All having their
roots in the occult.
In his book Morals And Dogmas, pg. 744, Albert Pike tells us that "all truly dogmatic
religions have issued from the Kabbalah and return to it." Who birthed and practices
the Kabbalah? Mystery Babylon. What is her basic belief? A multiplicity of gods or
Pantheism, their roots being Luciferianism!
In these last days there is a great move to confederate and join together the religions
of the world. This is being accomplished through the World Council of Churches and
the Ecumenical movement. There is also a push to unite the three religions of the
world which claim Abraham as a common founder. This includes Modern Judaism,
Christianity (Catholicism and her harlot children ) and Islam. Many believe that these
three religions are really three denominations of one religion. The religion and
posterity promised to Abraham.
True! They are all derivatives of one religion, but it is not the religion promised to
Abraham. They are of Mystery Babylon. -that counterfeit, antichrist monstrosity
conceived by Lucifer!
In The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion, a plan was outlined by the
"illuminated ones" for world domination. Many of these "learned elders" trace their
beginnings to Solomon. By the end of his reign as king of Israel, Solomon had
become nothing more than a pawn in the plan of Mystery Babylon, (I Kings 11:1-11).
Throughout time a select group of men have been privy to the mystical secrets of the
ancients. Paul Fisher in his book, "Behind The Lodge Door" tells us that "These cults,
(referring to the Ancient Mysteries)--of which Masonry is a modern day successor-
were predicated upon Gnosticism, a belief in a spurious 'knowledge' of the origin,
control, and destiny of the universe. This 'knowledge' originated in Chaldea (Babylon)
and Egypt and was handed down ...secretly by a chain of initiates"

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 10:39 AM
Who birthed and practiced the Kabbalah? Babylonian Pharisees, of Jewish descent!
One of the arms of Mystery Babylon, down through the Ages. What is the basic belief
of Mystery Babylon? A multiplicity of gods or Pantheism, as well as mysticism,
necromancy, etc.! Their roots being Luciferianism.

II. Annuit Coeptus
On May 1, 1776 in Ingolstadt Bavaria (Germany) an organization was founded that
would help shape the modern world. It would be this organization that would
maneuver, and shape circumstances and situations around the globe, to bring about a
culmination of Mystery Babylon. This organization, known as the Illuminati, was
organized by Adam Weishaupt, a prominent Freemason. The organization was
composed of those in Freemasonry who felt they were of superior intellect. The name
of the order itself speaks of their opinion of themselves. Illuminati means
"enlightened ones".
The Illuminati has been designed for the specific purpose of organizing and carrying
out the plan of world domination conceived in the mind of Lucifer in Isaiah 14:9-16,
Ezek.28:13-19. The order is made up of those who have been initiated into the secret
teachings of Luciferianism. Lucifer is the supposed light-bearer or source of
It is the purpose of those seeking world domination to do whatever it takes to fulfill
their plan. And it is an established fact that this plan is being carried out even as we
In reference to the subversion of governments and world leaders, Weishaupt said: "It
is our duty to surround them with its (Illuminati) members, so the profane may have
access to them. Thus we are able most powerfully to promote it's interest. If any
person is more disposed to listen to Princes than to the order, he is not fit for it, and
must rise no higher...By this plan we direct all mankind." (Proofs Of Conspiracy-J.
Robinson, Boston: Western Islands)
After approximately ten years in existence, the Illuminati was exposed by the
Bavarian government. There were several prosecutions, but most of it's influential
members found refuge with various European leaders.
By the time of it's exposure, the Illuminati had already spread to more than a dozen
countries; including the United States. Since 1776, at least three U. S. Presidents have
spoken out against the Illuminati. One of these was George Washington, (see " The

Writing's Of George Washington," Vol.20, U. S. Government Printing Office).
Although the Illuminati "ceased to exist" after it's exposure and denouncement by the
Bavarian government, its efforts would continue to pursued through other avenues of
Freemasonry. These forces continue today as a controlling, behind the scenes, shadow
In 1913, the efforts of the "Illuminated ones" paid off. With the creation of the
Federal Reserve System, the European Illuminists were given a permanent role in
America's finances.
Edward Mandell House, an agent for the Rothschild-Warburg-Rockefeller cartel
(avowed Illuminists), gained national prominence as chief advisor to President
Woodrow Wilson. It was House who persuaded President Wilson to sign the Federal
Reserve Act. President Wilson is quoted as saying "I have unwittingly ruined my
country" (Constitutional Money and The Banking Procedure, Catherine B. Dalton).
With the control of the Federal Reserve Act, the country's money was put under the
control of the Federal Reserve Board. The board was made up this country's
representatives of the world's bankers, most prominent being the Rockefeller,
Warburg and Morgan families.
During World War One, House represented President Wilson as his chief foreign
diplomat. It was House who helped plan the League Of Nations (funded by
Rockefeller money). The league was to be the first step to forming a one world
government. As a result of Houses influence, President Wilson would become the
prominent world leader speaking out for the league. America, even her president,
refused to be persuaded. The average citizen saw this as a threat toward globalization.
To assure future success, the Illuminati, working with House and his accomplices,
established an organization that still operates today. It is an organization, I might add,
that has had as a member six of the last nine sitting Presidents, Democrat and
The Council on Foreign Relations was conceived in May of 1919 at the Paris Peace
Conference. It was determined by the representatives of the conference that an
"international group which would advise their respective governments on
international affairs" should have separate sub-groups operating and cooperating with
one another world-wide. The Council on Foreign Relations was headquartered in New
York. The Royal Institute of International affairs was headquartered in London. Other
organizations were set up in Paris, France and Hamburg, Germany, (The World
Order, Eustace Mullins, Ezra Pound Inst. Of Civilization Stauntin, Va.)
The CFR was officially formed on the 29th of July 1921. The men who made up the
CFR were men who met the approval of Baron Edmond de Rothschild of France. It
was Baron de Rothschild who dominated the conference in Paris (The Unseen Hand,
Money for the founding of the CFR came primarily from J.P. Morgan, Bernard
Baruch, Jacob Schiff, Paul D. Warburg and John D. Rockefeller, among others. This
was the same international banking crowd and industrialists who founded the Federal
Reserve Board.

At this writing, the CFR has 2,670 members, of whom 952 reside in New York, 339
in Boston and 730 in Washington D.C. It's membership reads like a "Who's Who of
America". Most of the nation's top leaders in government, education, labor, the
military, the media and banking, are members, (CFR Annual Report, 1987-1990).
A former member of the CFR, Rear Admiral Chester Ward warned the American
People of the organizations intentions. "The most powerful clique in these elite groups

have one common objective--they want to bring about the surrender of the
sovereignty and the national independence of the United Stated..." Primarily they
want...control of global government ("Correction Please", Review of The News, April
9,1980). It should also be noted that in Study Number 7, a CFR position paper
published on November 25, 1959 the stated purpose of the CFR was "to advocate the
building of a New International Order."
The term New World Order (or New International Order) has been used privately by
the CFR since it's inception to describe the coming world government. It has only
been since the fall of 1990 that CFR members have, for the first time, began using the
term publicly. This is a subliminal attempt to condition the public for what lies ahead.
The term New World Order has been used by Illuminized Freemasonry since
Weishaupt to signify the coming world government. One of the Illuminized
Freemasonry's secret symbols was placed upon the back of our dollar bill during the
administration of Franklin Roosevelt.
Roosevelt himself was a thirty-third degree mason and close associate of the CFR.
The Masonic symbol consist of a 13 tiered pyramid with the "all seeing eye" of Osiris
or Baal above it. Embossed around the seal, we find, ANNUIT COEPTIS NOVUS
ORDO SECLORUM "Announcing The Birth Of The New Order Of The Ages" or
"New World Order."
On the opposite side of the bill is the Eagle. A symbol of the United States. However
above the head of the eagle; and made of stars is found the six pointed star of
Ashtoreth -another symbol of the ancient Babylonian Mystery cult. The very fact that
this symbol is over the eagles head, shows that since the administration of Franklin
Roosevelt, the U.S. has been under the control of Mystery Babylon, working its will
through the New World Order, (When Is The Rapture-G. Reckart).
With the start of World War II the CFR, working with Franklin Roosevelt, gained
control of the U.S. Department of State, thus ever after influencing foreign policy.
"Organization became virtually an agency of the government....The Rockefeller
Foundation had started and financed certain studies, manned largely by associates of
the Council (CFR); the State Department....took these studies over, retaining the
major personnel which the Council (CFR) had supplied." (Foundations--Their Power
and Influence, Rene Wormser).
CFR control of the State Department would ensure U.S. membership in the United
Nations following the War. "The United Nations was spawned two weeks after Pearl
Harbor. Secretary Hull, at the direction of his faceless sponsors....recommended the
founding of a Presidential Advisory Committee on Post War Foreign Policy.
This...was in fact the planning commission for the United Nations and it's charter."
(Bulletin-Should The U.S. Participate and Encourage Development of the U.N., Col.

A.E. Roberts). Colonel Roberts went on to describe most of the committee members
as CFR officials.
In Oosterbeek, Holland in 1954, approximately one hundred of the world's power-
elite met for the purpose of regionalizing Europe (The Unseen Hand, Epperson). This
group, made up of members of the CFR and members of other world groups, became
George McGhee, former U.S. Ambassador to West Germany revealed that the "Treaty
Of Rome which brought about the Common Market was nurtured at the Bilderberger
meetings" (Ten Kingdoms Among The Beast, Newswatch Magazine). Virtually every
one of current or former Bilderbergers is a current or former member of the CFR.
Another organization that has drawn a high percentage of it's membership from the
CFR is the Club Of Rome. The Club had it's beginning in April of 1968 when leaders

from ten different countries gathered in Rome at the invitation of Auerlio Peccei, an
Italian industrialist with close ties to Fiat. (Mankind At The Turning Point-The
Second Report Of The Club Of Rome, Reader's Digest Press) The organization claims
to have the solutions for World peace and prosperity. The solution, One World
Charged with overseeing the regionalization and unification of the entire world, the
Club's recommendations are published from time to time in special, confidential
reports, sent to the power-elite of the world. One report, released September 17, 1973,
recommended that the "world be divided into ten political / economic regions". The
report is entitled "Regionalized Model Of The Global World System" (Ten Kingdoms
Along With The Beast, Newswatch Magazine, March/ April, 1984). This report was
prepared by COR members Mihazlo Mesarovic and Eduard Peste (ibid.).
In the book Mankind At A Turning Point, already quoted, pages 151 and 152, we find
that the beliefs of the individuals associated with the COR is Pantheism. Thus the
COR, UN, CFR, indeed, the whole New World Order has it's roots in Mystery
In 1973, a new organization was formed to facilitate and accommodate the new era of
"global economic interdependence" brought about by the oil crisis. The Trilateral
Commission (TC) would promote World Government, by encouraging economic
interdependence among the superpowers. Steering the economies of the member
nations into a position where they would be completely intertwined. The commission
was formed by David Rockefeller and the TC's first director and the man who drafted
the charter was Zbigniew Brzezinski. Brzezinski would later become President Jimmy
Carter's National Security Advisor. (Constitutional Money, Dalton)
In one of his books, detailing his world view, (Between Two Ages) Brizinski calls for
a new international monetary system and prepares his readers for a global taxation
system. He also reveals on pg. 72 his views on Karl Marx, calling Marx a man of
"maturing...universal vision".
You may ask, "If all this is happening, how come the American People don't hear
about it?" The answer is quite simple. Media representatives who are members of the
CFR consist of (by affiliate): CBS-William Paley, Dan Rather, Harry Reasoner, and
Bill Moyer. NBC-Tom Brokaw, John Chancellor, Marvin Kalb, Irving R. Levine.
ABC-Peter Jennings, David Brinkly, John Scali, Barbara Walters. CNN-Daniel Shorr.
PBS-Robert McNeil, John Lehrer.

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 10:42 AM

In addition a report by Congress in 1974 indicated that Chase Manhattan Bank owns
substantial stock in ABC, NBC and CBS. The same trend applies to the Newspaper
and magazine publishing firms of the U.S.
John D. Rockefeller made his first move on education in 1902 when he formed the
General Education Board (GEB). Fredrick T. Gates an assistant to Rockefeller was
installed as chairman.
The philosophy of the GEB was revealed in the boards "Occasional Letter, No. 1." "In
our dream we have limitless resources and the people yield themselves with perfect
docility to our moulding hands. The present educational conventions fade from our
minds, and unhampered by tradition, we work our own good will upon a grateful and
responsive rural folk".
These same forces (Rockefeller/Carnegie) began to back John Dewey in the early
thirties, with large amounts of money. John Dewey was a private tutor to the
Rockefeller children. Dewey who became known as the "father of progressive
education" went on to influence the thinking of American educators more than any
other individual. What many people do not know is that Dewey was an atheist. He

wrote: "There is no God and no soul. Hence, there are no needs for the props of
traditional religion..." (The Rockefeller File, Allen, The Unseen Hand, Epperson).
In 1904 Dewey moved to the Teacher's College at Columbia University. There he
would spend the rest of his life teaching teachers. Today, 20% of all American school
superintendents and 40% of all teacher college heads have advanced degrees from
Also of note, the National Education Association (NEA) the countries chief lobby for
education is financed by the Rockefeller/Carnegie foundations.
Up to this point I have given you just a very brief description of a few key players and
their organizations. These are interested in promoting and seeing the vision of a New
World Order come about -a global government, with some type of Luciferic religion
as a means and mode of worship.
Behind these key players and their organizations are a host of others. Let me name
just a few: The World Constitution and Parliamentary Association, Lucis (Lucifer)
Trust (which has included such members as Robert McNamara, Henry Kissinger, and
George Shultz). (World Dictatorship, Warner). Their is the World Union, World
Federalist Association, American Civil Liberties Union, Sierra Club, American
Humanist Association, World Future Socialist, Fellowship Of Inner Light, National
Organization For Women; the list could go on. Also tied into these organizations are
such Mega corporations as, GE, IBM, Zerox, and AT & T, and many more. ("World
Future Society's World View 84", World Dictatorship, Warner).
Ladies and gentleman, whether we like it or not, we are facing a New World Order,
controlled behind the scenes by the Super-Elite-a select group of initiates,
indoctrinated with Kabbalistic philosophy and esoteric mysticism.
This is not a plan that has taken shape overnight, nor in just a few short years. It is a
plan that has been shaped and molded. These ideas have been cultivated for centuries,
waiting for that moment in time when it would all come together.
In closing, I would like to stress this is a "world" conspiracy. It reaches into the
highest levels of all major governments. It has been carried throughout the world by
avenue of Freemasonry. (World Revolution, Webster, Senator Robert F. Kennedy-
The Man, The Mysticism, The Murder, John Steinbacher, Christ, The Christian And
Freemasonry, McCormick).
The secret teaching's of this New World Order are the teachings of Masonic
Theology. Masonic Theology has it's roots in Pantheism. In his book; Morals And
Dogmas, Albert Pike states "All truly dogmatic religions have issued from the
Kabbalah and return to it. Everything scientific and grand in the religious dreams of
all the Illuminati: Jacob, Boehome, Swedenborg, St-Martin, and others; is borrowed
from the Kabbalah....the Kabbalah alone consecrates the alliance of the Universal
Reason With Faith, Power With Liberty, Science With Mystery; It has the keys of the
present, the past and the future....Lucifer, the Light Bearer!....Lucifer, the Son of the
Morning!....Is it he who bears the light?....Doubt it not!" (Morals And Dogmas,
Albert Pike, pg. 321, 744, 745).
We are sitting on the verge of a world crisis like man has never imagined. A real
global crisis. But the Scriptures declare "....And the ten horns....are ten kings, which
have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.
These shall have one mind and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.
These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: For he is
Lord of Lords and King of Kings; and they that are with him are called, chosen, and
faithful." (Revelations 17:12-14).
In Jesus Name, Amen

I came across this paper while doing my own research into these very same subjects, I have added to it here and there but I am not claiming the work as my own allthough it does support my research up to this point. I would love feed back from fellow users.

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 07:50 PM
Excellent post. It's a long read but well worth the time spent.
Every paper or thread I have read about Mystery Babylon, it referred to as a nation or city. I have yet till now, come across a paper that suggests what I have thought to be a spirit of the age.
Indeed all one has to do is turn on the t.v or simply go out an interact with others to witness the spirit of the age that is Mystery Babylon.
With the popularity of new age mysticism and Humanism, the spirit of deceit is more prevalent than any other time in history.
I agree that a new world order is just a tick of the clock away. With above reference to the paper it would seem, without intimate knowledge, that all the major components are in place. In light of the world facing a complete economic meltdown it makes one wonder what the key catalyst is going to be to set the proverbial nail in the coffin.
Good work.

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 08:33 PM
Interesting... I have done alot of research and man I have to say this was great at connecting the dots... However, I believe that the Great Mystery Babylon the Great is you and me and the whole family.

let me post an essay that i wrote a little while ago on here ... look for the forum the great mystery

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