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UFO Mothership ? Mykonos Sunset Video

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posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 11:04 AM
Ok ... I know you have heard this before , but its a cloud. Rather than just saying that , Im going to explain what I mean .
This is a bit of thin cloud. This sort of cloud is often not easily visible unless the sun is behind it, at which stage it appears as a dense dark line. Denser than normal it must be said, but thin cloud none the less. This is such a regular occurance , that no one usualy bothers videoing it. I will admit that it could appear to be a UFO. I wish it was, but like too many vids and pics on this site lately , its just a really interesting video visualy . Its not staggering UFO evidence.

posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 11:10 AM

Originally posted by internos
Thanks to elevatedone and sauron: back on topic now. I dont think it's a cloud, i would think that is a compact and persistent contrail. But i could be wrong. Now the point is WHAT we use to debunk: a sunset that looks alike is is NOT a proof, while another video taken in the same moment would be. The fact that the op is easynow means NOTHING, is the topic that we should be interested in
Really, i saw a series of topics "debunked" just because someone claimed that the object was venus, but a claim versus a claim means NOTHING. Prove your claims mates: show why that was a cloud beyond a reasonable doubt.

How could we ever prove it?
You could claim the setting sun is another mothership, we couldn't prove the opposite. But everyone with a slight sense of logic will agree it's the sun. Everything on video or in pictures is questionable. Do you really think we have to prove clouds are clouds, trees are trees and rocks are rocks? Think a minute for your self. If 5,000,000 people tell you it's a cloud it is most likely a cloud, it must not be, but most likely it is.
In my opinion the OP has shown us a video of something that looks like a cloud in front of the setting sun. Until he can give absolute arguments or evidence hes the one to prove it's not a cloud. *snip

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posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 11:13 AM
Beeing a contrail it can be a solution. Just like the cloud. In fact, the contrail is a man-made fusiform cloud
. Having that long thin shape, it suggest it can be a contrail. But, personally, i don't think that contrails can be so opaque, ussualy they glow bright and yellow in the direct counter-light of the sun. Contrail can be dark only when in shadow, so when sun doesn't illuminate them, like here, when the sun was already set:

I put again my two pictures of long thin clouds:

Originally posted by depthoffield



In the first picture, we can see dark clouds on the face of the sun, but we cannot see clouds near the sun, but we only can guess they are. Only on the face of the sun we can see them. Just like in the OP. In the second image, the cloud is bigger (or closer), and, again, we cannot see easy the cloud beeing outside the surface of the sun, we guess only its shadow.

A cloud linear like in the second picture, but far away like in the first example, to be smaller relative to the sun disk, it may appear like in the OP.

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posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 11:33 AM
reply to post by depthoffield

Someone intelligent onboard.
Not one line, just succint.

posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 12:19 PM

Originally posted by depthoffieldAnd, by the way, you make a team with him? don't get your effort you put in your last post here...

That does not surprise me...

or in fact is just a consequence of those 1000 examples? This is the same situation here when i said many times about Venus, as a response of many Venus sightings here.


ATS is a site that USED to be a great place to post ones thoughts and 'way out there ideas' to share what other people thought. Its what made ATS the big money maker and world leader in this field that it is...

But lately there has been so much bickering and other crap its hardly worth the time to post anything intersting because no matter WHAT you post... all you can expect is a barrage of "its only rocks" its 'paredolia', your an idiot or a nutcase, or any other of the same old counter posts.

I do not know why people like yourself feel the need to go to every post like this and repeat your opinion that it is merely paredolia or whatever...

You know ahead of time what the post is about... so pop in and state your case and be done... its not a matter of ones right to post... All it does is cause battles. Why can people not share what they think without being subject to the barage of 'debunkers' that seem to live here just for that?

I posted some cloud images... I have hundreds of similar ones. Even Essan says my source is ligit and there is no photoshop involved... yet even the one comment made by Ozweatherman is an attack against the OP... not even a "Wow cool clouds Zorgon"

You all are so intent on debunking you can't stop for a minute and just LOOK and think what the OTHER GUY sees...

Well at least one person got something out of my post, lee anoma, and the flying UFO car got some attention
so it was not all for nothing...

But what would you have people do? Pick a picture of a rock on Mars and state..

"Hey look at this cool rock I spotted on Mars

Well then what? would there be debate? Would there be content on ATS that would draw interested people to this site? Would you 'debunkers' and 'skeptics' have anything to debunk or be skeptic about?

And what then would happen to the site? Already the scuttlebutt is floating around out there that ATS has become 'debunker central' Is that what you all want to see? I know it has already effected my posting history here... Would I be missed? Maybe by some... for a short time... but I am sure more would be glad to see me just disappear

But if you look at the stats...
Number of members with 5,000 to 10,000 posts: 83
Number of members with more than 10,000 posts: 42

Those few people provide most of the content that makes this place great...

But how many times must one hear 'its only a rock' or 'your just seeing things you want to see' from the same people before it gets old and makes you wish to be someplace else?

If i may said crap, argument your opinion, not just call me disinfo without real reason.

I have my reason... your 'mission' speaks volumes
I am not here to argue... I am here to share my opinion and what I consider evidence, to share with others who are interested... and hopefully get some info in return that I can use. Sadly lately those people prefer to contribute off line rather than face the hassle... but that works for me...

Should i conclude that maintaining a state of confusion about terms is your goal?

Sure why not? Many others do and have said so... knock yourself out...

is this a giant ufo mothership caught on camera ?
could it have been cloaked and the Sun made it visible ?

Most likely not in this case... but at Project Camelot Henry Deacon, an ex LLNL employee presented THIS as proof of one of the big ships involved in "Solar Warden'

Bigger here
Story here

So many people are looking at similar images because they are interested. So once you have stated you disagree... why is it necessary to have multiple posts attacking the OP for his/her opinion?

then the mind game continues;

Yes there sure is a lot of that around here lately
But are we getting any closer to any truth?

What are we hunting here? Real UFOs or brain illusions?

Maybe it is all just an illusion... we just haven't caught on yet
"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one" - Albert Einstein.
So far there has been no solid evidence presented on ATS or anywhere that there are ET craft flying about. A lot of circumstantial evidence, a lot of eyewitness accounts... but nothing solid.

But that does not stop the desire to LOOK for them... So should we stop posting what we THINK might be something and post just clouds and just rocks? Because if that is what you want I can do that... lets give it a try... I already posted some interesting clouds... so lets do rocks...

Here is a VERY cool rock on Mars... maybe I will start a thread on rocks on Mars like I did on the fossils that was mostly ignored...

Spirit Rover Sol 736 A piece of Vesicular Basalt otherwise know as Scoria...

Great close up huh? And the color is bang on because I have a specimen I picked up in the Nevada desert that matches...

So is this interesting enough that you will join me in a thread to discuss the merits of these rocks? And where to put it as its not ET or UFO related although being Martian it is alien?

Right I can see all the flags a thread like that will get... but your right THAT is 'just a rock'

And, Zorgon, your point in this topic is? clouds cannot be that way or what?

I have some very interesting theories on what some clouds represent... but I doubt you would be interested as you have already made up your mind that it is nothing but 'paredoliia'

Is THIS OP a spaceship? Not likely
but I will defend the right of someone to think it MIGHT be...


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posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 12:56 PM

Originally posted by zorgon

I have some very interesting theories on what some clouds represent... but I doubt you would be interested as you have already made up your mind that it is nothing but 'paredoliia'

I would be interested in reading about these theories. So perhaps you can make a post in this thread, or start your own thread about them?

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 06:01 AM

Originally posted by OzWeatherman

Originally posted by easynow
reply to post by SaviorComplex

am i not allowed to my opinion here on ATS without being scorned for it ?

You're allowed to post your opinion on ATS, but from what Ive read over the last four pages, you are the one under the impression that nobody elses opinion counts.

And whats this about asking others to provide evidence that its a cloud? Correct me if Im wrong, but you posted the thread yet you have provided no evidence to suggest its a mother ship other than a crappy quality you tube video.

Obviously you got the attention you wanted with this troll thread, but dont expect to much attention in the future if you continue to post crap like this and then attack everyone that disagrees

alright OZZY rules !

i just wanted to thank you for your post my good friend and here is a tribute song to commemorate this well intentioned masterpiece !

[edit on 6-2-2009 by easynow]

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 11:54 PM
This is not a is simply a layer of dense cloud which has blocked the light from the sun. The sun is setting which gives the appearance that the "ufo" is moving upward. Very pretty though

posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 02:04 AM
To everyone saying that we need to prove this is a cloud, I have to ask a simple question. Say I was to post a picture of myself and claim it was an alien. Would you tell all the people saying that it was just a picture of a human that they needed to prove it? In this field one really can't prove anything. That's why we have to rely on such things like Occam's Razor and skepticism if we ever wanted to be taken seriously. If we go around presenting pictures that look like clouds as motherships, no one will ever take us seriously. A lot of you who believe that this is more than a cloud keep calling those people that say it's a cloud debunkers, disinfo agents, or whatever, but think what the average person will say. They're going to agree that it's a cloud as well, so waht's the point when even the majority of the UFO field call it a cloud, even if it's a mothership?

posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 03:31 PM
O.P. thanks for the picture, but as most people here have's probably a cloud.

If we're talking "motherships"....

All the photos above are CLOUDS and are a LOT stranger than the original picture in this thread. Sorry to shoot your mothership down in a flaming sunset. Nice pic though.

The Cloud Appreciation Society is an excellent place for these kind of anomalies.

Ain't Mother Nature just the best!....


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