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Two Things I've Noticed...

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posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 03:51 AM
These are two things I've noticed, originally since I joined ATS, but increasingly as I wandered through the various conspiracy forums on the net.

1. Academics are idiots.
2. Encouragements of registration.

For the first one, mostly this comes in the form of "Old farts working in universitys who have no actual idea of their fields of study and work to squash new ideas."
This is malarkey.
Generally, at this point, people will start saying how anyone who questions the norms are laughed out of their respective fields.
At this point, I'll admit something. I don't really participate in a lot of digs or studies, though I enjoy reading journals and keeping somewhat up to date with Scientific blogs.
If you spend some time reading these you get a idea of just how many scientists have different views on different subjects.
An excellent example would be the on going study of the T-rex. There is still a active debate going on about whether the T-rex was a hunter, a scavenger, and for some people, whether the species may have been vegetarian.
With that in mind, there are Creationist Paleontologists who work with Evolutionary Paleontologists, and depending on their manner, they generally work together fairly well.

Yes, new ideas are met with reluctance. Unlike claims that get made by many people I've seen, however, change gets made, new ideas are accepted and the field gets restructured if it needs to be.

Now for the second point.

Now, anyone who knows me fairly well, or looks at my posting history will notice I hang out in the Secret Societies forum a good deal. I do this on other sites as well, mainly 'cause I more enjoy reading topics in general than posting.
One thing that's been popping up more and more often lately is the call for groups, specifically Masons, but others as well, to be forcefully registered.
In fact, I remember there was a bill in England that was submitted for approval with just that intention, though I don't know if it passed or not.

Anyone with a bit to do with conspiracies about Masons in particular will note that most of the stories that get told are, when they are not second or third hand stories, very much bordering on the fantastic.

And, having viewed several threads on the NWO I've noticed that many posters tend to be against the idea of forcibly registering people.

I view it as hypocritical, myself, but some don't seem to see it that way. At best, I think it's similar in essence to McCarthy's Red Scare from the 50's.
In fact, the claims that are made about who in seats of any kind of power, and whether they are Jewish, Mason, Skull and Bones, etc. is similar in vein to McCarthy's own stance.

Anyway, these are just two of the main things I've noticed.

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 05:08 AM

1. Academics are idiots.
2. Encouragements of registration.

2 gripes! ok the first one i can understand.. alot of ats people have more clue.. Got that

the 2nd.. well i ait got a clue.. nwo stuff is just wacked out as aliens

But i would like to go back to your first point.. Its not that they are idiots but they are focused on one subject.. thats the path they are on in life.

we all have something to contribute being right or wrong smart or dumb..

Many great minds took a beating by the Academacs ect but the masses will find its path if (a) it makes sens or (b) Practical "ie" it works


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