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The Bubble Universe

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posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 01:34 AM
Does a spider exist in the same universe as a human being? In one sense, yes, we can splat them. They can scare us. So in some physical way we exist side by side in the same world, the same universe.
But does this extend to our appreciation of reality? Does a spider intuit the same universe as a human? Does it inhabit, experience and understand in the same way as us? This, we have to conclude, is doubtful.

There is an important point here.

Much of the way we see the universe is based on our knowledge of it. Indeed, reality is a compromise between how the universe thinks it ‘is’, and how we appreciate how it ‘is’.
Reality – the universe – becomes a subtle construct based upon our consensual view of it, combined with universal realities that help to fashion the consensus. When a scientist talks about ‘laws of nature’, he isn’t exactly being honest. Some can be obviously seen as such – things fall – but other ‘laws’ are based on theory, and are the laws of ‘man’.

Consensual realities are not exact.

The human race itself lives in a cauldron of conflicting consensual realities, the most obvious being the ‘scientific’ and the ‘religious’. In either case, the ‘realities’ of our knowledge confirm the paradigm.
It is almost as if reality is like a vacuum – and knowledge abhors a vacuum, if I may paraphrase a famous scientific ‘law’. ‘Reality’ is flooded with how we think it ‘is’. And the ‘observer’ becomes intrinsic to the ‘reality’ we think we experience.


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