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Kyoto Protocol = Global Governance

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posted on Feb, 3 2009 @ 08:00 PM
People don't believe me when I tell them the end of the world is here. So I try to show them through the things other people say, even though I'm perfectly capable of telling of the future of mankind.

Keep in mind, the future can be altered, but there are two general outcomes.

One is peaceful bliss and hundreds of years of progress that beautifies our world and makes life easier, and more rewarding, without most of the pain and suffering.

The other is Hell on Earth.

We are headed towards the latter, much of it induced by the greedy, rich and powerful.

They are basically ALL corrupt, in one way or another. They all show favoritism to one group or another, most of the time, to the highest bidder.

That is why it's not the people in the system, but the system itself.

Now, having said that, imagine trying to change the United States government as some threads have suggested. Or what about getting rid of the British Crown and the commonwealth. I can tell you, they wouldn't go down easy. Much blood would be shed.

So, if that concerns you, imagine what it will be like to fight against the Global Governance.

I was in the room in The Hague in November 2000 when then-French President Jacques Chirac hailed the Kyoto Protocol, or "global warming" treaty, as "the first component of an authentic global governance." Then-European Union Environment Commissioner Margot Wallstrom seconded the sentiment when she told London's Independent that Kyoto was "not about whether scientists agree" but instead "about leveling the playing field for big businesses worldwide." s

And then there is the Center for the study of Global Governance. Guess who sponsors that? The London School of Economics. Can someone say "the Queens experiment?"

The Centre for the Study of Global Governance
is a leading international institution dedicated to research, analysis and dissemination about global governance. Based at the London School of Economics, the Centre aims to increase understanding and knowledge of global issues, to encourage interaction between academics, policy makers, journalists and activists, and to propose solutions.

So, I just saying, get the word out. Stuff is about to hit the fan in a big way, and time is up. The window is quickly slamming shut, for good.

Go with God.

posted on Feb, 3 2009 @ 10:30 PM
One of the only things GWB did that I agreed with is not signing that thing. Although I doubt it was for the same reasons.

It's against the constitution to enter into treaties which give power over US companies/individuals to foreign nations or organizations.

I don't know what his reason is, given his other choices i'd make a guess that it was because of him being in the pocket of big business, but that is clearly my biased opinion of him.


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