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gated communities harbor white collar crime

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posted on Feb, 3 2009 @ 02:06 PM
I have been thinking lately about the rich. And how many are being reigned in as liar sheisters who cheat the poor old ladies for a profit.

I think that we should have a purge of those who live in gated communes.
The rules they hold are unfair, and un-american. They use the lie, fear, and law to hold the masses down using business economics that are plain unfair an a grand scale.

I dont trust the street thug for being a crackhead violent r-tard, nor do I trust a nice rich person, because thats how they work.
Plus the priveledges they get for there money create a rift between the rest of us and them. So i need to make a billion a year, to do that at my stage, ill need some very good ideas and loans. And a business degree. BUt more than that, I need to feel no pain for others in my climbing an image ladder and selling my time to useless things.

I promote the soul, and no ownership because ownership is backwards, and this society forces the world, even monks to own something. When we truly dellusion ourselves, you may have everything, but at the same time, sometime and somewhere else, you will have nothing.

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