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Bush, the wolf that got away.

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posted on Feb, 2 2009 @ 07:53 PM
There he goes, the man that got away with his flat out lies regarding the Iraq war, the man who started out with an economy billions in surplus and reduced it to trillions in debt upon his departure. A man that further destablized the middle east than it was to start with. A man that reduced positive global opinion of these United states, to what our label now is, "the arrogant police state". You know I just shake my head in shame to be america when I hear some of these bozos go on about what unconfirmed rumor they heard on the drudge, and yet totally ignore the core hard evidence of unconstitutional handlings we have had from this last administration.

I shake my head when there are some who spend more time accusing the current administration of something they are yet to do to be accused of, and yet they totally ignore what has already been done to this nation from the last administration. I couldnt care less what ideology you were when it came to justice, all I care about is justice. And yet to some here and outside, its appears partisanship goes beyond the protection of the constitution and the preservence of government honesty.

Let us look back at the Bush administration and many of the things folks here have seemed to have forgotten. Kieth says it best here:

George Walker Bush.

43rd president of the United States.
first ever with a criminal record.
our third story tonight,
his presidency: eight years in eight minutes.

early in 2001 the U.S. fingered Al Qaeda
for the bombing of the USS Cole
Bush counterterrorism adviser Richard Clarke
had a plan to take down Al Qaeda.
instead by February the NSC
had already discussed invading Iraq,
and had a plan for post-Saddam Iraq.

by March 5 Bush had a map ready for Iraqi oil exploration
and a list of companies.
Al Qaeda?
Rice told Clarke not to give Bush a lot of long memos.
not a big reader.

August 6, 2001
a CIA analyst briefs Bush on vacation:
"Bin Laden determined to strike in U.S."
Bush takes no action tells the briefer - quote
all right, you've covered your ass now.

next month Clarke requests
using new predator drones to kill Bin Laden
the Pentagon and CIA
say no.

September 11th
Bush remains seated for several minutes
to avoid scaring school children
by getting up and leaving.
he then flies around the country
and promises quote a full scale investigation to find
those folks who did it

Rumsfeld says Afghanistan does not have enough targets
we've got to do Iraq.
when the CIA traps Bin Laden at Tora Bora
it asks for 800 rangers to cut off his escape
Bush outsources the job to Pakistanis
sympathetic to the Taliban
Bin Laden
gets away

then in Iraq, stuff happens:
Iraq's army, disbanded
the government de-Baathified
200,000 weapons, billions of dollars just
foreign mercenaries immunized from justice
political hacks run the Green Zone
religious cleansing forcing one out of six Iraqis from their homes
Abu Ghraib
the insurgency
Al Qaeda in Iraq

other stuff does not happen:
post-war planning
body armor
vehicular armor

the payoff?
and billions for Halliburton, Blackwater and other companies
while Mr. Bush denies VA healthcare to 450,000 veterans
tries to raise their healthcare fees
blocks the new G.I. Bill
and increases his own power with the USA PATRIOT Act
with the Military Commissions Act
public orders exempting himself from a thousand laws
and secretly from the Presidential Records Act
The Geneva Conventions
sparking a mass rebellion at the Justice Department

The reason to the invasion of Iraq? None. There was no real reason to invade Iraq.

WMDs? NONE. This man commanded the most highly advanced highly trained and resourced intelligence agencies in the world and yet they could not find any WMDs. NONE. Only TWO YEARS following thosen attacks on OUR nation, this man decided to push focus AWAY from the REAL WAR to hunt this monster to a $200 MILLION DOLLAR A DAY war that as of yet has not benefitted out great nation anything. We have lost 4000 AMERICAN LIVES, patriotic men and woman who would have been better respected as to serve in a REAL WAR to hunt down the COWARD who cause these attacks. Not a COWARD that BUSH AND CO needed to brush up their oil revenues.

-The Bush family and their close dealings with the BIN LADENS
-The history of OIL company ownerships and the BUSH FAMILY.
-The very fact such companies as Heliburton, contracted companies, benefitted FROM THIS WAR. A company mr Bush, the man paraded by the conservatives back in 2000, the man CONSERVATIVES considered GOD SENT, as Palin so put it, a man conservatives now prefer DISTANCING themselves from, and instead of focusing on bringing this man to justice, their too bush sourcing out the latest speculation over what "those damn liberals are going to do in the future". PARTISANSHIP against the patriotic duty to bring this man to justice. Disgusting

Over a trillion lost to this oil war,
over 4000 patriotic lives gone over an oil war,
and still no justice to the 9/11 victoms, Osama is still out there....

...and yet some folks among the population prefer ignoring these facts in place for the latest rumor being posted on Drudge.

Patriotism? Constitutionalist? It appears those are just mere covers for loyalty in the name of ones ideology.

[edit on 2-2-2009 by southern_Guardian]

posted on Feb, 2 2009 @ 08:01 PM
I have a really great website for you ... although the figures involved are reversed but you will get the jist ...

posted on Feb, 2 2009 @ 08:03 PM

Originally posted by southern_Guardian

and still no justice to the 9/11 victoms, Osama is still out there....

Uhmmm.... Osama is still out there?

Do you know what a wolf is?

Or better yet... a wolf in sheep's clothing?

He was a bigger wolf than you think...

Who was the bigger threat to you the past 8 years... Bush or Osama?

posted on Feb, 2 2009 @ 08:05 PM
Yeah i wouln't be so quick to say he's got off scott free. There is the matter of the GITMO detainnees that he might see prosecution for,but i doubt it.

To tell you the truth, i don't think George really knew much during his Presidency. Me thinks he just did as he was told and followed orders from daddy and daddy's rich friends.

If the people want him prosecuted...then the people need to ask for it. In large numbers, all over.

Ask and you shall receive....

posted on Feb, 3 2009 @ 04:32 AM
I am with you...I think Bush has this, and more to answer for! Will he...ever. I doubt it. I would bet he is already in Argentina, where I had heard he has bought like 3600 acres...not extraditable.

I checked out not see the appeal. Enjoy the ignorance sweetie...or as the old motto of a company I worked for so eloquently put it...

Condescend to Omnipotence

posted on Feb, 3 2009 @ 05:40 AM
Absolutley disgusting how people can say

'' move on ''
'' Get over it ''

After everything the man did to your country ( America ) its must be pretty shameful to just turn the other cheek and forget everything he did to your nation.

Americans are mocked throughout the world now, your nations is in absolute shambles, and it all occured BECAUSE of Georges Presidency.

Atleast some Nazi's wanted Hitler dead, seems Americans dont even have 'that' much respect!

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