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Louis Free and the Murder of Judge Vance

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posted on Apr, 13 2004 @ 02:11 AM
Louis Freeh and the VanPac Case... It was Murder at
the highest level !

On the day Judge Robert Vance was murdered Louis Freeh
was an unknown prosecutor in the state of New York.
Three years later Louis Freeh was director of the FBI.

Although Vance's caseload was 60% drug related, the
FBI, the agency that never communicates with the CIA,
immediately responded "drugs were no more prominent
than several other avenues we are following". But
Vance had been preparing to hear a series of cases,
all pointing to the CIA as a major source of
Cocaine... and Vance had a reputation for absolute and
dogmatic honesty. The FBI soon "discovered" from the
records of Vance's prior trials that the bombs were
EXACT duplicates of bombs Walter Leroy Moody had sent
years earlier. Supposedly, Moody had painted both
cardboard box bombs interiors with black paint, used
the exact same welded end caps etc etc... Supposedly
Moody must have been rather stupid and not known the
bombs would point directly to him like a Neon sign.
But Moody did not know how to weld. Ted Banks was
accused of doing the welding.... a deal was struck to
pin it all on Moody. A conviction was secured and the
case drifted into history.

Then it all unraveled.
In Federal Appeals court counterfeiter turned patriot
Ted Banks blew the whistle on then Assistant U.S.
Atty. Louis Freeh. Patriot Banks accepted a ten year
addition to his sentence as the price of telling the
truth. He pointed at Freeh from the stand and said "I
lied and he told me to Lie, I never welded no bombs
for Moody". Then FBI agent Whitehurst charged the FBI
had fabricated evidence, ... then the Vance bomb was
identified in the Unabom case as originating from
Saratoga California.... then the world court threw out
the Lockerby conviction cause FBI agent J Thomas
Thurman could not be trusted...because he was not
credible in their eyes after his role in the Vance
debacle... and the US press is still silent.

The site,, provides insights into the
activities of the FBI/CIA pre September 11th 2001.
Activities that include the manufacture and management
of a series of high profile, random terrorist events
and selective assassinations. The facts have been
covered up, despite a wide trail of undeniable proof
and multiple witnesses.
They are presented at

Hopefully some day they will erect a statue to Ted
Banks just like the one they erected to Nathan Hale at
yale...the same pose would be appropriate since they
both did essentially the same thing. I would like to
suggest an inscription for that day and that statue
"His currency was counterfeit but his character was
not !"

posted on Apr, 11 2012 @ 04:08 AM
I thought this would be an interesting thread to bump, Louis Freeh is back in the news lately with ties to Israeli Terrorism. All the way back to the Unabomber, through 9-11, and now in Iran. These guys sure gets around.


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