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The Ugly Truth about James Donahue

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posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 11:54 PM
The Undeniable Truth About My Father

Jan. 31st, 2009 | 08:35 pm
In light of being found out, most child molesters, such as my father, will attempt to vilify their victims. As most can now see, my father continues his abuse via his web-site which is filled with lies, half truths, and other complete non-sense. I will simply say that you can not trust anything written by this man and for a very good reason.

The ulterior motive.

He wished to hide his unnatural crimes from the public by demonizing and vilifying his victim. Sadly, this is found to be a common practice amongst child abusers around the world especially when on the verge of being found out.

For the sake of other victims and my own well being, I will not budge from venting this evil man to the world when the opportunity presents itself. I have an indefeasible right to defend my honor and expose the truth and no matter what happens, I will never stop.

Child molestation happens, it happened to me, and it must be exposed without shame to the world in order to put an end to the continuation of the needless suffering of other victims.

Of course as with any child abuser, why not imagine that an evil and hateful negative person such as my father should at any time in his life stop abusing his child?


Look at his web-site of non-sense and you will begin to understand the mind of a creepy obsessed child molester.

Could such a person be insane?


As a victim of my father’s severe abuse continuing now within the public medium and as a defenseless child, he is simply evil. His intent all along was to do harm.

Within a good country such as Iran, such a criminal would have been quickly hanged for their crimes against nature, but within our own “civil” society, we protect child molesters such as my father and they remain free to continue their abuse in one form or another.

He has failed to do any harm in spite of his work in order to do so. Evil only inspires all that is good thus, I have in strange and obvious ways, gained from each and every attempt. My father is after all not a very bright man. He is simply unnaturally obsessed with hiding his true past from the public.

As a victim of his abuse, it should be known that I will in fact outlive this child molesting creep and expose him for the sake of other victims. I vow to stand against such evil and in this way help others gain the courage to do the same.

Simply, my father is a child abuser. He continues to this day abusing his child in the form of his web-sites of hatred aimed against me with lies and outrageous misguided ideas that are nothing short of an embarrassment to anyone thinking today of a rational study of spirituality. This man I can assure you is no authority on spiritual matters of any kind.

He is simply an aging brain damaged child molester who pretends to be a good journalist.

My father’s true history does not start with his abuse of me:

1. My father’s sister was in fact violently perused and to this day, she remains deeply disturbed in his presence.

2. My second youngest sister spent time in therapy for child sexual abuse and did in fact openly describe the incidents of sexual assault against her as a child by her father.

3. I am also the victim of my father’s abuse on several occasions.

4. My youngest sister was physically assaulted as more than one public witness will account. Her jaw, as she publicly described it, was injured in that case.

Note that no matter what, my father can not easily account for the public record of the above incidents.

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