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Israel to launch war against Iran within a month

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posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 08:00 AM
Is this one of thouse pridiction's like ww3 & 2012 commit

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 08:06 AM

Originally posted by dooper
I started to watch your YouTube post, and when it suggested that these Zionists were intellectually limited, I checked out.

Something like 155 Nobel Prize winners were Jewish, which would indicate that as a people, they have a 115:1 ratio over any other race.

That's not what I'd call intellectually limited.

Go find out who are the people that give out the Nobel prizes, surprise surprise, they are jewish too. Hmm, coincidence? No. It's not a conspiracy it's just how it is. If the people who gave out the Nobel prizes were Muslims, I'm sure most of the Nobel prize winners would be Muslims too. People generally like to support their own "team".

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 08:08 AM
What proof do you lie this war pridiction on?

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 08:21 AM
The real major question in all of this is what will Israel do to guarantee American involvement? How far are they willing to go to convince the American people that joining in a war against Iran is a good idea?

Look at what was used to force the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

How much further would they need to go before the American public call for Iran to be attacked?

Interesting points to note, might be nothing but...

Nukes going walkabout and flying over the US and the following mysterious deaths of officers from that base.
Cheney stating that under Obama America is not safe from attack.
Biden, Cheney and Powell stating that Obama would be challenged.
History shows war follows financial decline.
Camps being renovated.
Mystery Nuclear attack story appearing in online UK press without reference or explanation.

In a sensible world, America and the UK would stay well away from any attack initiated by Israel. The fallout from that alone would cause immeasurable unrest globally. It would literally solidify a global religious war.

Nothing Israel does either shocks or surprises me anymore. They are a monstrous government. They should have no support for any war effort against any other nation right now.

I hope that if they do attack Iran, they find the rest of the world standing by ready to defend themselves against either.
There needs to be a clear message that no other nation will support Israel in any attack on anyone.

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 08:28 AM
The usa & uk will get involved they always do (If there is someing in there for them like oil or new wepons.

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 08:29 AM
The usa & uk will get involved they always do (If there is someing in there for them like oil or new wepons. They don't care if all the civillans die its not there problem. Before ww2 the us destroyed japanese mini subs.

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 08:31 AM
What happend

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 09:18 AM
Iran's nuanced language is often justified as being malignly mistranslated. But the incessant repitition of threats to Israel, Zionists, non-Muslims in the Middle East (ie. Americans) is intended as provocative. It's fairly apparent it wants to rally dissent among the disenfranchised through the region and in the Muslim world. Most Muslims, particularly in a place like Egypt, live in poverty with little hope for a better future. Iran promises a purgative Jihad to them as part of their still waiting Islamic Revolution.

Iran feels threatened, and is lashing out. Their financing and supplying of Hamas is the closest they've come to overt action. They miscalculated according to captured Hamas militants who have said Hamas expected only a minor retaliation for the missiles being sent into Israel.

Iran buoyed by an extended period of high oil prices, international and media attention, became overconfident with a sense of invulnerability. They felt no one would dare confront them. And they truly believed other Muslim regimes and their supposed ally Russia would be ready to confront Israel and any combination of the overstretched US, Britain, and others in a conflict.

Now they're thinking twice. Their economic wherewithal is not so rosy, it looks more an more like the West and Israel are ready to call their bluff.
Europe is even getting testier.

Iran always has the option of withdrawing it's claws, looking inward and dealing with the multiple domestic and economic problems it's adventurism is causing. Millions in Iran are suffering and there is growing resentment that the money is going to Syria, surrogates Hamas and Hezbollah, as far as South America, and on massive weapons programs.

Iran is falling off the edge economically as their oil industry infrastructure is neglected to the point of dysfunction. Their national budget based on oil at $90 a barrel, and prices are half that.

They can become pragmatic or continue on a foreign policy that seems to gain them little only isolation. Which way they go is under serious consideration now.

Mike F

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 09:46 AM

Originally posted by dooper

After all, no one is going to allow Iran to have nuclear weapons. They are Islamic nuts! Fanatics!

The the best fanatic, is a dead fanatic.

Everybod is laughing such statements..Your era is over..Vietnam Era, Bush Era is over. Hatred will loose. And history will always laugh to your dumb statement like I do

[edit on 4-2-2009 by deccal]

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 11:01 AM
FYI - Regardless of what type of war breaks out; if Nukes are released NOBODY wins...period. Can you honestly imagine the release of more than 1 nuke at the same time? I'm not atomic physicist but I'm sure that ALL on earth would die sooner or later.

It's in Israels interest to not use WMD; Iran doesn't have to and Iran is a lot stronger than the MSM or 'Intelligence' suggests. True Mahmoud is a raving madman sometimes, but he's also not very popular anyway. And in the end it's the Clerics that decide what happens; add to that the new Diplomatic talks that the New Administration wants to being with Iran.

Israel would be walking into suicide, I know that I would cheer on Iran as it destroyed Israel but they won't because of the Palestinians. The Israelis imo are using the Palestinians as Hostages, they know the other countries can't nuke them to all hell because it would affect their own brothers and sisters in Gaza and the West Bank.

At this point in time - Israel is testing the waters to see what it can get away with, the War Crimes charges will be a test on whether they do get away with it. I know I will protest and gladly head to D.C. if the U.S. tries to protect the Israeli officials from being tried.

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 02:17 PM
reply to post by audas
"Please understand why America and Israel are so upset at Iran acquiring the SAM 300 russian made anti aircraft anti missile defence system - renders Israel and your precious carrier useless."

One thing ppl that have not studied military history keep forgetting
is the Shrike, or anti-radar missile.

We fly in a a few drones with modern Shrikes, you fire up your fancy
radar for the SAM 300 and here comes a screaming horde of Shrikes.

Wash rinse repeat til no more radar.

Wild Weasel - Iron Hand missions

This was done back in Vietnam during Iron hand missions, but
without drones.

drones can fly this mission now, risking no human pilot.

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 02:37 PM
reply to post by masonwatcher

I misused the word "race" when I should have said ethnic distinction.

The rest still holds true.

They are as a people, as a religion, and as a culture, far more brilliant than any other people, religion, or culture.

And Zionism, strictly speaking, was accomplished when Israel was established.

The Nobel is awarded by Jews to Jews?


Regardless, it's quite a distinction. But a common distinction to those brilliant Jews who won them.

Oh. And that number didn't include the Nobel Peace Prize in the count. I believe that would add two more to the total number.

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 03:02 PM

Originally posted by dooper

They are as a people, as a religion, and as a culture, far more brilliant than any other people, religion, or culture.

If an only a little bit more clever being is watching humanity from space above, I think she/he is laughing very wide.
A brilliance that kills 50 civilian to kill 1 real enemy...Yeah, brilliant.

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 03:43 PM
reply to post by deccal

Or, it could possibly be that those who continue to pick fights they can never win, against a brilliant and determined people are unbelievably stupid. Foolish. Hard-headed. Non-discerning.


posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 04:00 PM

Originally posted by Founding
Anyone want to make a bet that Iran is going to lose the war? (If you can call it a war

oh wow dude thats not even funny iran isn't iraq did you not hear iran launched a satalite into space so it knows when israel is going to attack they have spy drones and cruise missiles. good luck to israel THEY NEED ALL THE LUCK THEY CAN GET

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 04:21 PM

Originally posted by dooper
I started to watch your YouTube post, and when it suggested that these Zionists were intellectually limited, I checked out.

Something like 155 Nobel Prize winners were Jewish, which would indicate that as a people, they have a 115:1 ratio over any other race.

That's not what I'd call intellectually limited.

Israelis are primarily Jewish, and Jews are apparently some of the most brilliant people in the world.

So, knowing that, I opted out of your YouTube BS.

Hey! Remember when the Iranians dropped that old bastard Ayatollah Khomeini right out onto the street?

That's a class act, all right.


And frankly dooper once you get your head out of the ground and realize the IDF is the biggest bunch of s*** since i had a crap this morning the better. All the IDF does is cause more misery for the people of israel and more anger directed at them from not only the arab nations or the Muslim nations but us that are sick of there BS here on ATS now if you want to say the things i read on other threads then fine go ahead im not gonna stop you but what i am going to say is IF IRAN GETS NUKED YOU THINK RUSSIA IS JUST GOING TO STAND THERE???LOL

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 04:22 PM
Technology-wise, Israel is only about 30 years ahead of Iran. Some of the world's most advanced defense electronics are made right there in Israel.

One of the most professional, well-trained, and determined military's in the world are Israeli.

Iran gets old crap from other Western nations, copies and tries to modify and improve it. And they still have junk.

There are American civilians, hobbyists, that can place a satellite in orbit, including, building the launch vehicle necessary to do so.

No one questions the courage of the Iranian military. Hell, Iraq slaughtered them be the thousands, and they kept coming.

No one's saying they don't have a nice, large country.

But Israel is not going to invade Iran. They'll just cripple its industrial base and technology base.

And they'll have it done in minutes.

And then the protests can begin.

And once again, Israel will show its middle finger.

After all, by then, it's a done deal.

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 04:32 PM
reply to post by dooper

Actually I think and I hope there will not be a war between Israel and Iran. But lets say Israel attacked Iran (which sounds almost impossible), arent there any probability of a nuclear war? Just asking, I have no idea whether Iran has nuclear weapon or not.

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 04:37 PM

Originally posted by BuffaloJoe
FreePalistine - don't confuse me as being pro Israel, but indeed, some of your points seem rather embellished and/or optimistic.

2) Its people are all united amongst when it comes to confronting outsiders.

This might matter if an occupation would be the ultimate goal of any Israeli attack. Then all of these people could get in line to be suicide bombers resisting their foreign occupation.

While Iran's leader openly talks about the need to remove Israel and its citizens from the pages of history, Israel is genuinely concerned with the proliferation of their culture, religion, and future existence. At this point, their biggest threat could be eliminated by removing Iran's nuclear capabilities. They could further their cause by delivering massive blows to Iranian infrastructure. That strategy would buy them decades of relative safety from Iran's threat to erase Israel from the chalkboard.

7) It has trained Hezbollah and since Hezbollah tactics were so successful
imagine how Iranian military will fare in battle.

What examples of this success are there? Suicide bombers, and random lobbing of big firecrackers? This can hardly be seen as successful. If by successful, you mean maintaining their ability to exist, then you got something there.

9) It occupies strategic locations in the straight of Hormuz, in the Persian
Gulf and large borders with Iraq and Afghanistan.

These large borders are currently within arms reach of the US military. Any advantages to be gained from their geographic location would be quite limited and sporadic at best. Any restraints placed on the waterways will be removed by countries they affect.

11) Flood Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon with IRGC troops and Basji militias which number in excess of 12 million plus

11.5 million of those troops/militia will likely need to have very strong throwing arms because their arsenal will be limited to rocks unless they are planning to take turns using weapons. It would be pretty easy for Israel to fend off an advancing mass of relatively unarmed loyalists even if they are running fast.

12) It has stated that American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are not a
threat to Iran but an advantage to Iran because they are more of a

Whoever it has that said that is surely confused

14) Iran has the satellites to seek accurate targets across the Middle East

Israel has, at a theoretical minimum, equal capabilities. It is probably safe to say that Israel is not working in that minimum capability scenario.

15) American bases across the ME would be under threat with ballistic
missiles and IRGC operatives for allowing Israeli aircraft to access
Iraqi airspace.

If this were to happen, it will probably only happen once. At which point, the US would take care of the infrastructure demolition discussed earlier.

What Iran should do is elect a leader who puts an end to the "destroy Israel for all time" rhetoric. Israel and the ME need to learn to live and respect each other's right to exist w/o constant confrontation and threats - it is pointless. Once that is accomplished, Israel also has to put someone in charge that believes in addressing disputes amongst neighbors with something other than bullets.

oh wow did you not hear ... just type in "hezbollahs military capabilities" into google for a day by day account of how hezbollah fought the IDF with body armour night vision goggles and all other standard issue army equipment.

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 04:39 PM

Originally posted by Kyoto111
The usa & uk will get involved they always do (If there is someing in there for them like oil or new wepons.

Unfortunately war is always about greed. It is always about someone taking something from another. It is always about power and control.

People can be forcibly taken but they have to consent to be owned.

One of the reasons that this battle has gone on throughout history is because battles are won and lost but the war rages on.

As long as there is one Israeli left there will be another battle because this war is about something that goes much deeper and no matter how you look at it or what you believe both sides are so very wrong.

Now the rest of the world has to choose sides for a war that can not be won.

We will all lose.

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