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A theory of God

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posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 12:20 PM
Throughout this confusing existence pulling me in ten different ways at once, i keep telling myself that God is no where near that of the bible or what mankind thinks it knows. And Im not being exclusive or presumptuous Im just saying that I have had experiences that lead me to believe in a 'Creature of the macro and micro and ethereal." And we are as our drugged up ancestors saw in themselves tied to this creature which ahs a better interactive view of our existence.

My personal views of religion are grim. I believe in God, and think that Christ knew alot more than was led on in the bible. Like about time and space, early physics and sciences. And alot about sociology hence the lessons in cryptic fashion because he wanted to make people use there minds. Lead a man to water and teach him to fish so he doesnt become dependent on a governmental system.

What I wish to accomplish is to create a new view of the world and yourself if you have not already gained this view. Its a highly skeptical view of reality. I.E. "dont believe your eyes" I learned that in high school after my expirimentation days. What I mean is that we as a human race have the ability to realise our fears and our hopes, and intertwined in these are agents of force, which the timeline uses as well, because it is tied into the centience behind it all. And is altogether one thinking creature, fragmented like we are inside. With different organs and blood etc..

The impitus for this post is people who kill and harm and threaten in the name of God, religion, indoctrinations..or those who brainwash people into such absurdity. In my mind there are only certain things. Those who know and those who dont want to. Right now there are alot of people who just dont want to know about thier religious beliefs because they think they are set in them. This to me is another, absurdity, because those people are the most stagnant and lost spiritually and intellectually speaking i guess.

Those who refuse knowledge and wisdom are doomed fools. And when I argue with staunch christians especially they always use the bible, not reason, not observation, they faithfully and blindly saw with confidence, its a demon or devil making you think such things.. as if quoting mythos would somehow stop my mind from seeing whats really there.

IT is A machine, the dead are recycled back into the newborn, some souls get trapped in dimensions that torchure there soul, others stay on earth in a time loop. Because i believe the atomic nature of the non coporial self which is something like ionic and static at the same time. Our early ancestors had to deal with a chatoic society of drunks, tripped out wierdos and oligarcy as well as armies. And the ones who left later generations "religion" or exclusivity" should be looked at not with blind faith or emotion but with skepticism. Their visions could have been tv signals bouncing off the sun back to earth. THat coupled with naturally or self indiced states could have given them the visions.

Those magick masters next to the Nile in the bible, had a grasp of mixing their knowledge of psychedelics, mass hypnosis, and sly words to make people believe what they were seeing. The real magick was the spell casting, programming earths grid basicly to return a desired effect, indians had the "rain dance" basicly the earth is a transducers, speaking into your home speakers can act like a microphone for example.

So I argue that the bible is merely a book that should be adhered to by those who go about a weeks work screwing people for millions, just so they can feel like they cleaned there soul one day a week, searching for the spirit of god in you requires a out of mind experience as was the original template for the creation and basis of all modern construct and religion.

The war today, irrellevant and ignorant, the governments-tyrannies and scams. Because all people think they know, but only few really do, they are as the bible refers to as, the saint who could never be deceived by the beast. The beast has already twisted meaning for so long, its impossible to stop, they just take the next generation and brainwash them to creaete something that gives them the effect they want to dominate again.

Its a pharoitic cycle of elitism, oligarcy and madness. I for one resent that my fellow humans are so ignorant and short sighted.

Hail SCIENCE, thank the stars.

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posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 02:02 PM
I grew up Baptist but even now at 21 I've completely rejected their teachings and the teachings of other religions alike. I don't really know the truth yet but I do know what I have felt.

posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 11:17 PM
Some words for you to google:





"Perennial philosophy"

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