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2012: A Beautiful Future: But 1st, Waves of What The (F)reak @ 11:11

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posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 09:29 PM
Hello Shakesbeer, (AKA...David Wilcox?)

[If you're not Mr. Wilcox, then this thread is the biggest bunch of plagiarism I have seen in a long time, I mean damn near word for word from the Youtube videos and Mr. Wilcox’s website. You can watch the videos here:

I would hate to think someone else is taking credit for what Mr. Wilcox has done. I have read several posts saying what a great job you did, and if you‘re not Mr. Wilcox, well then… You got some explaining to do! ]

I will continue this post as if I am addressing Mr. Wilcox, however, if you’re not Mr. Wilcox I guess after you explain the above issue, then I would enjoy reading your concepts as well.

Having watched your video's and after reading your website, I am still at a loss with regards to what this thing is your expecting to happen in 2012. I get the whole harmonic/vibration aspects... (The universe and everything within it is nothing but…) However, what in your opinion/vision/dreams causes it? Perhaps you have already mentioned it, and I just missed it, if so please point to where that information is within this thread.
I would like to know which concept you subscribe to; Gamma, Gravitational Vortex, Galactic radiation, combo of all three, or something other? And also, what exactly is the negative aspects you refer to; Polar Shift, Solar Flare, Universal/Galactic radiation, comets, meteors/meteorites, something other?

Also, I read the link: Interplanetary Day After Tomorrow/Hyper-dimensional Mathematics... Even though I enjoy listening and reading Mr. Hoagland's work/concepts/beliefs, the mathematical concepts/visual diagrams within that link appears to force the geometry to fit a desired conclusion, as opposed to allowing the geometry/mathematics to create the conclusions. Of course that is a conversation for another thread...I'm just sayin!

I Look forward to reading your response to the above questions...

--Charles Marcello

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posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 09:35 PM

Originally posted by Shakesbeer
Is that from low pressure on the inside? Or high on the outside? both?! Either way the Earth has been through these parts before in the past & apparently "life" has made it just fine...

Are you sure?

Eh...Pretty sure

I would point to fossil records as being a good indicator of "us" surviving the last "pole shift" & just about every other kind of "all life ending" catastrophe. Because I know I just got done writing this, and you're probably sitting there reading I think life survived

When you start to look back in history, you see that things are speeding up progress-wise and have been for millions of years. Apparently starting very slowly & now speeding up in what would seem to be an exponential manner. You can get an idea of this while checking out the basic timeline of evolution.

Start looking at things from early civilization & it's technological timeline and this exponential increase because even more apparent. Take note that those civilizations started and have developed through the 25,600 year Mayan Calendar cycle a lot of people are afraid once again

Yay! We're not all going to die! Woohoo!

What will all of that energy do to those of us hanging out on the surface of the planet? Who knows? But the stories from back that far are pretty wild aren't they?

But it's interesting to think that our planet and the sun (and I would imagine the other planets as well) "sing" in a sense back and forth to each other in harmony....and we're all part of that song vibrating in unison on the same living creature we call our planet Earth. Imagine if we get more in tuned with her/he/it/each-other what the implications of that "energetically" would mean?

Just some food for thought until next time...

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Ahh... Still, what causes it... What is the catalyst that makes it come to pass/happen. I understand all the different anomalies that are happening to our planet all at once, but, what in your opinion is causing all of it... To our Sun, the planets and that which will be responsible for our future?

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 10:52 PM
reply to post by littlebunny

I am NOT David Wilcock and I specifically sight his work through out my posts & embedded his and the other references I've sighted too. I'm not selling this crap, I'm just spewing what my take on the model of physics that is currently in discussion in regards to this phenomenon. I'm not a physicist, but I understand physics & enjoy it as I do science & researching in general. So I agree quite a bit with what David Wilock, Richard Hoagland, Joseph Farrell, Nassiem Haramein, and other models similar say. So what am I supposed to do, make up references? I'm not saying this is my theory either; If anything , I'm just coining a phrase, "waves of wtf"

I guess you can call me a shill if you want to because I'm supposed to be helping David with graphics for a sequel to his 2012 Enigma Video, but I definitely do not claim responsibility for the theories they've formulated, I just happen to agree with the larger portions of them
So easy on the plagiarism accusations especially when I'm blatantly sighting them while describing my take on what the implications of us standing on the ground will be.

I personally do not think a "switch" will be thrown, I think there will be an "apex" of energetic influx though. What are the implications of that? Don't know...hence the waves of wtf?!

Personally I think radiation, heat, vibration, etc are a form of cascading resonance from that "hyper" dimension to this 3rd dimension partially or entirely initiated in this dimension.. Gravity however is another subject, if Nassim Haramein is correct part of the cause of that gravity is due to the black hole or "singularity" that atoms create as they spin around in that quantum vortex that we define as it's structure. Just like the Russian scientists & the aforementioned researchers would also give rise to those torsion fields.

As far as the potentially dangerous things we might have to contend with, I talk about the major ones I've seen (not to say there might not be more of course) HERE

As far as what's the deal with Hoagland's figures being "approximate" in a way; David talked a bit about that in the sense that at those specific points, things fractally started to form. He had a sweet map I hope he includes in his next video illustrating this. Not to mention markers on geologically active planets will move as the crust does. But we do see them like the active volcano in Hawaii. From what I've heard listening to other researchers, Hoagland is aware of this as are other researchers and they are all trying to find & fit the right piece to the puzzle as the model seems to have quite a bit of merit. Dr. Brian O'Leary specifically talks about those discrepancies in his latest Project Camelot interview. Maybe you can figure something out?

What's the catalyst to all of this? Motion, or animation, or life...depending on which term you prefer & impeccable timing

Thanks for thinking I'm The Wil-Cayce though, he's pretty smart & funny

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 09:54 PM
Here's an interesting article that just came out this evening about the recent meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropology concerning consciousness & human evolution speeding up over the past 10,000 years.

Here's a clip:

"For most of the last century, the received wisdom in the social sciences has been that human evolution stopped a long time ago,'' Harpending said. "Clearly, received wisdom is wrong, and human evolution has continued.''

In their book, the Utah anthropologists contend that "human evolution has accelerated in the past 10,000 years, rather than slowing or stopping. . . . The pace has been so rapid that humans have changed significantly in body and mind over recorded history.''

full article: Modern life's pressures may be hastening human evolution

So there you go, modern academics & ancient knowledge collide once again. If asked, I'm sure those anthropologists would recognize that a shift in our magnetosphere and/or increase in solar winds & radiation would help facilitate those changes (or mutations depending on who you talk to).

And on the WTF is going on with the Earth Tip...Volcanoes & Earthquake swarms!

Chile Irrupts : Erupting Chile volcano's crater blocked with debris

Alaska Irrupts : Residents Ready For Alaskan Volcano To Quiet Down

Earthquake Swarm in Washington State: Swarm of quakes bedevils Hanford

Earthquake Swarm in Southern California: Earthquake swarm resumes in Salton Sea

Earthquake Swarm in Northern California: Cluster of tiny quakes shakes Mammoth Lakes area *technically also a Volcano.

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 10:05 PM
I believe the pyramids on mars are indeed the same pyramids on Earth. I believe that mars is Earth after its distruction!

The planets in our solar system are all one planet evolving in time! Sounds crazy but is true and the facts support this! Lets separate the inner planets from the gas planets because it is more clearer to see the progression.

The inner planets are all the same composition, iron, rock, etc. From mercury (the youngest) to mars (the oldest) the planet starts off small and gets bigger except mars is suddenly smaller(which can be explained). Venus is described as what Earth looked like when it was first being formed, No moon, oceans of plasma, mostly carbon, has no magnetic field, has volcanoes like the ones in Hawaii. Exactly what earth used to look like.

Mars used to have water, magnetic field, tectonic activity, carbonate rocks, and possibly life, JUST LIKE EARTH! Mars also shows signs of a major impact which could explain why it is smaller than Earth.

I believe that an impact to Earth will at the same time transform Venus into a life sustaining planet, and transform Earth into an uninhabitable planet Mars.

In 2012 there will be a transit of Venus. Venus will be between the sun and earth in it's orbit. If something impacts Earth, and Earth loses some of its mass as debris into space, Venus will attract a lot of that debris and that debris will cluster together creating Venus first moon(Earth). The remainder of the debris will stay in earths gravitational pull and cluster together creating a second moon(mars) Venus has no moon earth has one and mars has two moons. Which if you take the mass of Mar's second moon and add it to the mass of mars you would have a bigger than earth size mass. This May explain why mars is so much smaller than earth.

Now let's look at the gas planets.
Jupiter is mostly hydrogen if that planet were to explode what would the planet look like?

Saturn which is smaller than Jupiter has rings of debris and gases orbiting around the planet. A major planetary explosion could explain where the rings came from. The rings are either dissolving into space or into the planet, either way if we take a snapshot of Saturn a billion years in the future it will have fewer rings.

Uranus has fewer rings then Saturn, and Neptune has even fewer rings then Uranus.

Both sets of planets show very clear progressions of ABCD or 1234. The same planet in different stages of time.

My favorite quote is, "When you look through space, you are looking through time!" If we can see the edge of the universe today we are indeed looking 14 billion years into our past.

If we can look into space and see the birth of our universe then we should be able to look through space and see the birth of our planet but it should be much closer. It has been in front of our face the whole time.

perspective allows you to see other dimensions welcome to my perspective. I'm really eager to hear what you think about this amazing theory. I believe it is the solution to mankind always being able to exist for eternity. We can reuse the same area of time that the planet can sustain life over and over again. We will not have to search for another planet to colonize. We are creatures of Earth we simply can just reuse it.

I believe we may have already done this four times documented by the ancient Mayans. The only problem is we will have to live the same exact life/events over and over again. This could be a logical explanation for Deja Vu.

posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 09:43 AM
reply to post by The Real Antichrist

That would make sense when considering the artifacts we have found on the moon and mars and NASA's space program to colonize the moon. Sounds kinda like Noah's Ark in lunar proportions. There was also the sumerians who knew about Niburu and of course the tower of Babel which was destroyed. It would help explain ancient temporary dwelling places outside of the earths atmoshpere. But it does beg the question, if the universe is a space and time than how would a planets life be required to evacuate and dwell on other planets as a means of survival? That doesn't make sense.

Perhaps in such an extroardinary astronimocal event, a planet passing by earth could literally attract certain densities of life away from the earth as it is passing by. As far out there as that seems, it is easier for me to believe than that mankind would have to attain a rocketship to survive. But that does seem to be the direction mankind is going so who knows?

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posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 11:48 AM

let me give a quick run down on what I think is in store for us. Now I'm not talking Illuminati-Niburu-misconstrued mayan end of the world crap about 2012. I'm talking about a hyper dimensional influx of energy catalyzed by the positioning of the "heavenly bodies" in a particular configuration that will mark us moving into a more energetic plane of existence thus aiding our "ascension" on the evolutionary chart of our growth as a species. This all seemingly has something to do with the 11:11 thing as that also "coincidentally" falls into sacred geometry and hyper dimensional physics theory. What is it all pointing to?

autowrench: I happen to agree with you here, the positioning of the hevenly bodies will trigger an effect, an effect of the cosmic variety. Our human bodies are trapped here on planet Earth, forced to live in the third dimension, and this will all go away, and we will all have a chance to move into a higher dimension, taking all memories with us via a
When the Sun rises in Sagittarius on December 21, 2012, all will change, as an old world comes to a timely death, and a new world is born. We (humanity) are all children, yet to learn the ways of interplanetary travel and other species, and, we have all but ruined our once fair planet, and retribution must be paid for that. also, everyone will simply not make it, or will makes it for as few seconds, then be overcome by fear, will quickly fall again into the third dimension.

Okay, So what does that mean to us??
Well to condense what all that basically means is that the "gain" is going to get turned up on us. We're literally moving into a more energetic configuration in the universe. All of this apexing on the winter solstice which takes place on the December 21 2012 11:11 am

autowrench: This means we all have a chance to advance in our evolution to be a higher being, living on a higher plane. I know a lot of people who are trapped by their dogma, their fear, and their greed for money and power will not make it through. One must let go of all material things, and lay power and greed by the wayside. There is no place for these things in the new world.

posted on Sep, 17 2011 @ 09:19 PM
Great post, thank you for sharing~~!!

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