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The Tree of Life

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posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 03:27 AM
Revelations 22:2

2In the midst of the street of it, and on either
side of the river, was there the tree of life,
which bare twelve manner of fruits, and
yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves
of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

The Árbol del Tule notwithstanding;

Is the Tree of Life an Avacado tree similar to
the Hass cultivated trees, possibly incorporating grafts of other

Hass fruits

Hass fruits are harvested every month of the year in California

Hass Avacado Trees

Hass avacado trees are related to a single "Mother Tree grown from seeds purchased from R.Rideout of Whittier, California.
Hass patented the resulting tree in 1935 – the first US patent on a tree,[1] and made a contract with Whittier nurseryman Harold Brokaw to grow and distribute the trees produced by the seeds of the "mother tree


The "mother tree" died at 76 years old and was cut down on September 11, 2002

Uses of avocado leaf.

In Chilean folk medicine the leaves are used for respiratory ailments, including cough, as a stomach tonic, and to regulate menstruation. The leaf is most used medicinally, although other parts are used also. It is also considered an emmenagogue.
According to Weniger and Robineau (1986), extracts of the fruit and leaf significantly stimulate rat uterus in vitro and the infusion spasmatic effects on pig small intestine and rat uterus. They also investigated a group of antitumor flavanoids called flavan-3,4-diol. These flavanoids injected into tumors appeared to reduce tumors partially in animals.

It seems that this is very plausible considering that

posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 08:40 AM
I don't think so. I think the tree of life symbolizes the way the spirit of god looks in filling up creation. Meaning.

For example, a family tree. Each new life is a new fruit, new branch and so on. Each contains the spirit of the father(consciousness). Now, realizing that all on earth have the same father this way, all life is basically connected and is like a tree. Also bares fruit(children) every month, and of course these children end up working and doing things for the nations. In fact, humans are earths greatest resource, and the leaders are really just farmers to be honest.

In the garden of Eden, we eat from the tree of knowledge. Which means we being evil can destroy other life, proof of course is all around you. We are to learn and know both good and evil. So, we are removed from the garden to protect the tree of life. Meaning, we are removed to protect other life which is not evil. Earth is quarantined.

Imagine a society where nobody is evil, and those who know evil have become wise enough to not choose it. The very instant you add evil into this society, it can no longer operate in the same way. You now have to have laws that would keep people from doing evil to other people. And ways to enforce it. So to protect the rest of life, evil people are just removed, until they have learned the knowledge of both good and evil, and then taken the wisdom to choose the good. At which point you are allowed back.

The perfect and Utopian society is anarchy. The problem of course is that it isn't going to work in a society where evil is present. You leave your house for the day, come back and it's been robbed etc. Who wants that? If nobody was evil, then you could leave your house and not have to worry about it. So, in this world where evil is present, government is in fact as the founding fathers said - a necessary evil. An evil to punish someone who breaks in your house, and a deterrent. While anarchy is a great idea, be weary of anyone who would support such things on earth, because most times it's just a means of breaking down existing systems to be replaced by new(and usually worse) systems. But that's another topic.

Ok, so now rather than put this evil on all of the tree of life, we are removed from the garden. To get back in, is to have wisdom, which is basically to follow the path and understanding of Jesus, another topic.

Tower of Babel. Man was "united" under a single culture and language. And threatened to enter into the heavens again, another threat to the tree of life. And so it is destroyed. Sounds bad, but it's proven not to be because once the languages and cultures become mixed, these people start fighting and killing each other. Man was only united because they were all the same, once differences were among them then they fought. And of course, they would have acted in this same way when they came across other forms of life. Proof is the earth itself. To this day we still think in terms of collectivism. We still see in terms of groups and differences rather than as individuals. Not gonna work. You are looking at what you are not in the other person, not what you are.

So, how is it that one "eats from this tree" and has immortality? I would same in the same way a leaf gets it's nutrients from a tree. Leaf stops getting these nutrients, and it dies.

IMO, you are still connected with the tree of life, it is the realization of it that has been cut off and separated for protection to the rest of the tree.

This is how I understand it anyway. This is an area where I am taking something I generally understand as being true(the nature of the earth being quarantined and so on), and trying to fit it into symbolism and ancient writings into it, so I'm not 100% dead certain if that is what the tree of life is referring to, it makes sense to me this way and would be consistent with what I've seen. So I welcome criticism on it.

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