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Why we won’t get disclosure - who’s in control...

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posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 02:25 AM
The reason we haven’t had disclosure on the UFO phenomenon, and the reason we probably never will, has everything to do with who controls the data.

Many serious researchers have come up with various names; Majestic (MJ-12), the CIA, the Air Force, the Navy, NASA, NSA... the whole alphabet soup. These people have spent a large portion of their lives researching, they can’t all be wrong, can they?

The thing is, they’re probably right. All of them.

The US is a strange country. Outwardly it appears to be a free and open country. It’s probably the case for the average citizen living there, but not for the powers that be.

We know for example, that since WWII, two factions have been struggling for power in the White House and at the Pentagon. One faction wants to nuke the rest of the planet so that no enemies are left. The other faction wants to avoid using nukes at all cost. We can see the results of this little war. Remember last year, when those nukes went missing and it was immediately made public? Or when Bush told the world that Iranian ships had threatened an American fleet and within hours we had video of speedboats circling around cruisers?

We also know that the CIA acts above the law. They control the drug market. They invented the Taliban in order to get the Soviet Union involved in their own little Viet Nam. What precious little we know about the NSA makes the CIA look like choir boys. Meanwhile, the FBI puts its nose into the whole pot, trying to find out just what the heck is really going on.

At NASA, well... we’ve all seen the pictures of Mars. I always get a laugh at what they call sandstorms; give me the original pictures and 30 seconds in Photo Paint and I’ll give you the same results; they don’t even try to make it look real. As for the Navy; they have more secret bases than anybody else and keep coming out with these wonderfully advanced technologies (rail guns, cold fusion, etc). Then again, during the days of the (real or not) Philadelphia Experiment, the Navy had three people working together inside the same office; Isaac Asimov, L. Ron Hubbard and Robert Heinlein (but that’s a subject for another thread). As for the Air Force, they messed up Roswell so badly, they probably have nothing to do with any of it. Except as a decoy; while everyone is busy with Area 51, nobody looks anywhere else.

When it comes to the whole UFO business, I believe it’s more likely that several groups have several pieces of the puzzle; CIA, NSA, Navy, NASA, Majestic (if they still exist, if not, whoever replaced this group), corporations working in black ops and probably several other groups.

There probably was a time, in the mid 1940's when a few people had the whole picture, but this was probably all divided into several groups soon after. These groups all work individually to get the rest of the puzzle, often stepping on each other’s toes and getting in the way of each other.

Probably some people from several of these groups have banded together to some extent (the Aviary comes to mind, if there’s any truth to that one) to form their own cabals. They probably have a much bigger piece of the puzzle. But what they want with it is to stump the other groups, to be the only ones with the full picture. Most likely for personal gain.

This little game has probably been going on since the late 40's or early 50's and it can go on forever. Unless one cabal decides to stop the game and go public with everything they know. But then again, who would believe them?

posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 02:34 AM
Also there is about zero reason to tell the public anything. They have nothing to gain from it. 99.9% of people are trying to just live their life and take care of their family, so their interest in the shadow games are about as low as it can get.

posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 10:14 AM
What an awful outllook on like. So only .01% of people are interested in anything beyond their family and their work?

Even if that were true, they aren't the ones signed up on this site.

Disclosure of the existence of ET would radically change our lives, even the 99.9% you refer to. It would significantly altar people's perception of life and of their own importance. It would change religions (although I believe religious leaders would use this to their advantage and this could be quite dangerous).

Perhaps something like this is needed to shake the masses. And believe it or not, some of the people in the "powers that be" want people to wake up.

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