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Did Obama's Secret Talks Give Iran/Syria/Hamas Green Light To Attack Israel?

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posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 11:28 PM
Obama's Secret Iran Talks; Iran Says Shows US Failure

Unconditional talks with Iran began even before BHO faced the voters in our recent elections!

Would Americans have voted for a man who proclaimed to require "conditions," yet was already meeting with Iranian and Syrian diplomats?

Despite his protestations otherwise, Obama used back channels to assure Iran AND Syria that he would be willing to open up discussions once he was elected!

Did this give Iran and Syria the "Green Light," through Hamas, to step up the pressure on Israel?

US President Barack Obama has already used experts within the last few months to hold high-level but discreet talks with both Iran and Syria, organizers of the meetings told AFP.
AFP Report:;_ylt=Ahz8DvJEe9kAWch08N7MqUeaOrgF

US President Barack Obama's offer to talk to Iran shows that America's policy of "domination" has failed, the government spokesman said on Saturday.

"This request means Western ideology has become passive, that capitalist thought and the system of domination have failed," Gholam Hossein Elham was quoted as saying by the Mehr news agency.

"Negotiation is secondary, the main issue is that there is no way but for (the United States) to change," he added.

"Iran Says Obama's Offer To Talk Shows US Failure!"

AFP/Breitbart Report:

Officially, Obama's overtures toward both Tehran and Damascus have remained limited. In reality, these discussions began, even as he denied it, while Obama was still campaigning!

Even before winning the November 4 election, Obama had already begun negotiations with Iran, and used what experts call "track two" discussions to approach America's two foes, Syria and Iran, in the region.

After nearly three decades of severed ties, Obama said shortly after taking office this month that he is willing to extend a diplomatic hand to Tehran if the Islamic republic is ready to "unclench its fist".

In response, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad launched a fresh tirade against the United States, demanding an apology for its "crimes" against Iran and saying he expected "deep and fundamental" change from Obama.

Iranian politicians frequently refer to the US administration as the "global arrogance", "domineering power" and "Great Satan".
Tensions with the United States have soared over Iran's nuclear drive and Ahmadinejad's vitriolic verbal attacks against Washington's close regional ally Israel.

Former US president George W. Bush refused to hold talks with the Islamic republic -- which he dubbed part of an "axis of evil" -- unless it suspended uranium enrichment, and never took a military option to thwart Tehran's atomic drive off the table.

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posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 11:31 PM
How many of you remember when, during the debates, Obama "slipped" and said he would begin UNCONDITIONAL talks with our avowed enemies, Iran, Syria and North Korea?

He immediately denied saying he said it, despite the tapes, then said that "Of course" there would be conditions.
Would the American people have voted for him had he also "slipped" and disclosed that he had already begun talks with them?

Is this the position of strength he intended to present to us or to them?

And, more importantly, having seen his weakness, did Iran and Syria take this as a sign that Obama's administration would be soft and that Israel was on its own?

You may recall that both Clinton and Bush claimed to be unwavering in their support of Israel while Obama refused to commit to past and long-established policy regarding the Middle East and diplomacy with terrorists and terror-supporting states.

This obvious and immediate duplicity and weakness can only be seen by others as proof that the Obama administration has abandoned a hard-line approach to murderers and terrorists.

The murderers and terrorists no doubt will be lining up to begin "diplomatic discussions" with the new President - with fingers crossed behind their back. Or, even worse, a knife in America's.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 11:34 PM
lol why did you repost this thread and dude

obama gave the green light to iran?


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