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The KRS-One Interview on Alex Jones Show - Must Watch!

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posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 04:30 PM
'Powerful interview everyone should hear! KRS and Alex discuss Obama, Politics, Racial Issues, Globalism, "Real" Hope, Critical Thought, and the general state of the world today.'

Wow all I can say is WOW!. The way KRS-One speaks about each topic and philosophy of each crime and the growing agenda, I really can understand where he is coming from. Even his views on Obama, nicely put. I think a lot of people will definitely agree with some of the things he has to say.

Google Video Link

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posted on Feb, 2 2009 @ 07:43 PM
I haven't looked out for his stuff for a long time but I always respected his articulacy and attitude. I really used to like this one, which was the first tune he had that broke in the UK...

And it was a pleasure hearing him chat with Alex Jones: yup, we'd all like the first black US president to be cool, but it's just not lookign likely.

Personal reminiscence... I used to work on cruise ships, and one of the weeks we had what was called the "911 cruise" (this was back in about 97/98 before those figures took on tragic significance). Basically, about half the passengers were from Toronto's 911 services - police, firemen, paramedics.

Anyway, the DJ, although a nice young lad (but a bit dim and vain, tbh), had no clue about hip-hop and I got him to play "sound of da police" before retiring swiftly to a safe distance. It was only a matter of a few seconds before a very, very large man came over and threatened immediate physical violence if he didn't take it off. Myself and the sound engineer were wetting ourselves.

Anyway, thanks for posting the show.

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