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Optimizing Energy: My tips!

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posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 10:18 AM

This might look a bit disorganized in presentation at the start because it's a bit of a cut and paste from a reply in another thread, but lately I've been looking for something to post and decided this was worthy. You gotta get the throat chakra flowing.

If you are familar with Qi Gong, T'ai Chi, or any other meditative practise for cultivating energy, then you'll probably know what I'm talking about.

Condensed Breathing

If you haven't tried condensed breathing its worth a shot. The theory being that chi is like 3rd dimensional energy, but to bypass the laws of the 3rd dimension, the chi has to increase its frequency, it must become JING.

To turn chi into jing you can do condensed breathing. You are supposed to start with your hands, then work on feeling it in your arms, and legs, spine, individual ribs, skull etc, until you are aware of your whole skeleton at once, I guess this takes months and years to achieve to some degree.

When you are aware your bones, just try your hands first, as you inhale, picture the energy in your hands and fingers squeezing towards the bone marrow, like your skeleton is pulling all the energy in, kind of like the muscles are squeezing.

Jing can be felt as electric shocks. Prolonged telekinesis/psychokinesis excercises where I put much emphasis on the feeling in my hands, I will get these electric shocks.

From doing some Qi Gong, I've felt rare, no so frequent sparks at my navel / dan tien area.

When doing some Qi Gong excercises, I put my arms to my sides, and elbows bent and palms facing up. As I inhale I contract the muscles in my arms and visualize gathering chi in my navel (where my hands) are, and as I move my hands up I visualize the chi in the navel rolling in a sphere... as I exhale, I condense the muscles in my arms and sort of neck, kind of breathing out through my mouth harshly, as I move my hands (palms down this time), picturing the ball of chi rolling the other way. Picture the movement being graceful but powerful. Much emphasis on thoughts of energy and raw power.

Kind of like rolling dough, you know? Squeezing it all together into a round ball.

Absorbing surrounding energy

Another favourite of mine, I suggest you sit down and relax/ meditate for a least 10 minutes first, just to get you in the right awareness / mind... Close your eyes, while sitting in a chair or standing... as you inhale deeply, imagine (BUT FEEL, really FEEL it).. feel/imagine energy comming through your body from all angles, like through your skin, like your just sitting in an electrical ocean of it and your pulling it in from everywhere, not necessarily sending it to a specific area, just bring it in man, into the cells. Let it saturate your whole system with healing, abundant energy.

I've been able to fend off mental and bodily fatigue this way as well. High positive emotions also helps to stir up and elevate energy to high levels, you might feel a tingling all over your body, kundalini rising etc. Usually to get this I think about my purpose and all the positive things I can for the world and it gives me this surge, while sitting, walking etc.

* I just wanted to note on pulling energy from everywhere in the above excercise. It also helps to harmonize. Your cells all have sentience of their own, try and talk to them subconsciously. Tell them to energize, work together and communicate, tell them to crystallize beautifully and efficiently for energy transference. (I'm thinking of positive intention here and how it crystallizes water). I'm just doing the same to my body, and try to do the same to things I intend to affect.

You can also try breathing short and rapid breaths, while maintaining a rhythm. In seconds you might feel a cold rush come over your body, and your head might feel strange as your are filled with a surge of oxygen.

Standing out in the sun and absorbing the rays through a similar method mentioned above can be quite energizing. Smile at the sun and think about its energy abundance to sustain a solar system.. realize this energy, then breathe it in through the top of your head, down to the bottom of your spine, or picture it filling different chakras on each inhale. One thing to take note of is the fact that this powerful sphere is yellow, the colour of the solar plexus, the chakra of energy, confidence, male energy and the soul. A connection? Perhaps.

Confidence and energy

I wanted to touch on the solar plexus too.. When we open this chakra we feel more confident, but what does that mean to be confident? When we lack confidence, we doubt our ability to do something. Is this like an internal mechanism that's telling us we lack the energy to accomplish a task? Difficult things are more work for us, things we aren't used to. One who lacks confidence may still be able to do things they are familiar with. When trying anything new, with continued efforts we learn to optimize the process, so is it that we are able to reduce required energy for a certain task, that is to say, it doesn't weigh so heavy on self doubt?

Well confidence, courage, lets look at that. Courage is the WILL to stand strong and try things no matter the uncertainty or difficulty. It's like having more energy then you assume you'd need, so we think there's nothing to worry about. Courage, the abundance of personal power.

So pulling energy into the solar plexus fills us with confidence, is this a sure sign that we are gathering power of an unseen sort? I believe so.

Energy networks and the human body

Another thing I wanted to bring up was the actual shape of your body, and I've been slacking on this one lately.

Think about this analogy:

Person A has really big muscles, he can lift much more then person B, but he can only lift for a short period of time before he has to rest.

Person B has really FIT muscles, he can lift a fair amount but he can do so for long periods of time before he needs any rest.

I don't see anything as muscle or matter, I see things as code or concepts. Your body, and particularly muscles, are a network.. Having larger muscles gives you a larger network, more supports for oxygen / components of energy to reach, but it's a slow process unless the network is organized. People who rip muscles to make them grow are damaging their network, essentially making it fail so the body will think to improve, repair and expand the system.

If you work the network just right, (the muscles), they will optimize their performance, except in this case instead of expanding, they just organize. Picture someone who is very physically fit, at the molecular level being this perfectly crystallized and arranged network for energy to flow. The energy or oxygen passes freely with minimal resistance to supply adequate energy to keep the work going.

So what I'm saying, through this example you can see how energy flows. It's a simple matter of resistance. Expand vs Optimize.

I try to keep this in mind when dealing with energy. That is why I try and communicate with my cells and such, tell them to work together, harmonize and crystallize like that image depicting the effect of positive intent on water.

If there's a cut in a wire, there's going to be a loss of power, the same with any other energy system I imagine.

Anyways I'd like to elaborate more but this house suddenly filled up with people and it's getting difficult to focus.

Have an efficient harmonious day.

I hope that edit job wasn't so bad, and that you understand what I'm getting at. If you've read my Interested in spirituality and meditation thread, you might have an idea what I'm talking about. I recommend looking into Qi Gong, it works wonders!

Anyways, good day!

EDIT: I'm done editing this post, please excuse my spelling and grammar, some obvious use of "u"s is because I'm Canadian. I get sloppy though, I just keep typing trying to focus that communication energy, if I slow down I'll lose it.

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posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 05:22 PM
Hey you...

Another great thread...thank you. I will definitely be trying some of this. I just wanted to add, although you probably already know, that the two images of water are from Dr Emoto's book "Messages from Water", and it's a total revelation. It explains exactly how the energy of words and language can affect us on a physical level, and is really worth a read. Anyone who makes gem or flower essences already understands this, and it's a beautiful energy to play with.

Write more! (Like you need any encouragement!

Lots of love


posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 05:26 PM
Thanks cait.

Thanks for putting the source too, I just google image searched it.

The energy behind words is powerful. You have only to speak in your mind a certain intent or quality to begin to manifest it.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 06:28 PM
Wonderful thread.

I like to play to with the Chi being absorbed either through the Chakra system or mouth as being very Golden and delicious.

It is the colour of spiritual healing, and also the Divine/Shakti colour to use in Kundalini coming down after your kundalini rises up to meet God as such.

An good self healing tip is to imagine a shower of golden energy flowing down over you in your aura, just there not linked to the breath, and as you feel yourself bathed in it, then to imagine it entering your crown, relaxing each part moving down in warm spiralling currents, revitalising all, every muscle, all the way down through your whole body.

Doing this focusing more on the feeling of the warm golden spiralling energy unblocking all the Chi meridians visualising and feeling that more than just breath can become very deep in its absorbsion (mind at Alpha and eventually delta quickly) and is very very healing.

I do it sometimes too in the sun as you mention without looking at it but closed eyes feeling the warmth as focus to expand the warmth there on the face body to visualise it easier inside to, but the spiralling is important. Nice to is to imagine it like nectar, so it has a sweet taste or yummy feeling to this helps the true relaxation of the deep held stress in our bodies.

A book as well as the wonderful one you mention for you and all that will be of interest and may shock you in the certified claims of one master is

"The art of Chi Kung"
Wong Kiew Kit.

Very very good for both beginners and advanced.

Kind Regards,


posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 06:34 PM
Thanks for that, also nice excercises there. There are too many good ones to count.

If anyone would like to contribute it would help much, I only mentioned a few. Another simple one is the MPE (Middle Pillar Excercise)... you breathe in white light from the crown down to the root, exhale it back up the spin out the crown and pouring down all around the body.

A good one if your sitting in a chair, get yourself nice and rooted and inhale and pull earth energy up through your feet, you can really feel it, feel it go up your legs and up your spin, you might wanna try flexing that muscle related to kundalini stimulation, your perenium or what not as you inhale, and let go of it as you exhale.

At first you might try imaging the energy traveling and how it might feel, it time you can start to feel it (as you imagine it).. and it can be quite powerful.

I might keep adding more.

Thanks for the contribution.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 07:04 PM
A simple one, part of my first breaths on awakening every morning, before toilet and morning meditation true tai chi routine, that involves no real guidance, cant really be done wrong and even if anyone does it will still be beneficial.

"Raising The Sky"

Stand straight back feet about 1-2 inch's apart facing forward. Take some deep breaths in and out, but breath down through your stomach, not out into your chest as most do.

Ok now keep your arms straight, place them with both your hands facing palms down to the earth floor. Both turned so your fingers are about 1-2 inch's apart, so your hands create a sort of reverse L shape, totally palm facing the floor/feet, tips of fingers just apart facing each other, just in front of your tummy, hips legs, pelvis on your front part of body,however long your arms are !

Now make sure all your breath is out empty. Start breathing in through your nose whilst rising both arms upwards, still straight, still with palms facing outwards, infront of yourself, like following a line from the start up through your middle of your body. As you breath in imagine it as chi white or golden as mentioned above filling your lungs the white light spreading to all your body and even out to. Breath GENTLY. now you want to keep moving your arms up whilst straight palms at right angles as in the beginning until your arms are now above your head and palms facing up and away from your head. You want to time the breath so that when your arms reach this point still straight your breath in finishes, or is full.

If you looked at someone from the side whilst they did this, the arms always straight not bent at elbows palms facing the floor index fingers about 2 inchs apart, as they lifted their arms up keeping their arms straight the arms would seem to make a make a half circle line from infront of them up halfway through palms facing outward arms straight at the chest in line with the nipples as such , so would look like a D countour, where the straight line of the D is the person in profile, and the curved bit of the D is the line of movement the arms would take if looking side on.
edit to add above paragraph for ease of understanding

Now Look up slowly to the space between your hands, just between the fingers of each hand. Imagine now a wonderful golden Light or white cascading down through this space into your third eye, now you are doing this as you are gently holding your breath, push yourpalms as they are without coming of your feet, to the Sky upwards as far as they will go,

You will feel your back straightening esp the lower back, now gently and slowly lower your arms to the side still straight not in front of your body as the first bit, but down your sides a bit like straight arm breaststroke. As they lower when you make a cross position you should have gently let your hands now not be at right angles but straight, continue all the way down till your palms and straight arms touch your outside thighs.

Whilst doing this feel the energy you saw hitting your third eye fill your entire body cascade through out it. Also as your arms reach the cross position straight out from the shoulders you should have lowered your head slowly so that at that time it is facing straight forward.

The basic "lifting" or "raising the Sky"

Do this 20 times every morning for 6 weeks and I promise you even with no other work you will see a difference to any newbie to Chi or Gong, kung.

In todays world of office workers it is wonderful for Desks all day posture and slumped shoulders.

So go on guys RAISE the SKY on your life, health, energy and connectedness.

The Sky is The Limit

wont get there if you never try.

Kind Regards,


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posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 07:27 PM
Nice thread Caveman. Helpful like always

I would like to know what are the benefits when you turn your chi into jing.
It says that the laws of the 3rd dimension could broken so I'll guess and say that we will be able to be telephatic? maybe levitate?

There is also someone I know that talked about chi. I think he knows a lot of it. If you want I can tell him to join (if he didn't) and maybe he can give us more information about it.

I'll start training. I'll see where it can take me.

S & F


I forgot to say that I also read that when you take care of a plant with love, tell it nice words and make it listen to calming music the plant will grow healthy. But if you insult it, treat it bad, etc the plant will grow unhealthy, just like the water. I think it was David Wilcock who said that.

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posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 07:39 PM
I was learning about the benefits of Jing in this book T'ai C'hi classics.

They were giving examples such as..a punch.. something delivering force, posessing the same power from one inch away as say 8 inches.

We need to pull our arm back, like wind up for a punch but what they were basically saying was that the actual impact is unimportant, thus no need to put real brute force into it, as long as the energy is delivered, you can do this from any distance.. deliver another kind of energy that possesses the same power. In this case, physical force deliverance vs projected jing energy.

I'm trying to think of other examples, I don't have the book on me.

I just look at it like, the same amount of energy, but better results.. instead of using more energy, increasing its frequency lets you get more out of it.

The reasoning also given in the book from ancient tai chi interpretations is that everything is bound to the physics of the world, except the mind, the mind is the only thing that is free, so its a matter of using the mind to work around the laws. That's their take, I can see what they're getting at.

I can't remember the guy, some scientist.. I was listening to discussions on energy/ atoms increasing in frequency, through a process of electromagnetism, but the result of the higher frequency energy was.. the energy stays the same, its still the same thing, the same atom etc.. only the electrons and such move to a closer orbit, and its density has descreased, it weighs less. Very interesting. I try to apply this principle with certain things.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 07:40 PM
reply to post by MischeviousElf

Another great one thanks, would be nice to see a demonstration to get the idea.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 07:49 PM
As my thyroid quit altogether during my pregnancies, and my biggest concern is protecting and raising energy, I'm starring and flagging this thread. I suspect the throat chakra is very important for energy, and also for speaking up. Since I was shy and often didn't speak up when I should have I always wondered if there was link between the two. I'm currently using a winter light that zapped me into an hour exercise routine and starting to build my stamina with walks.
This extra help is perfect.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 08:06 PM
Good info, I am late in posting this thanks.

It is intrresting that your "unhappy" water kind of looks like the picture of a violent man, to me.

One thing I like to do.. this may be silly but I like to "thank" my food silently before I eat it... not like a prayer but thanking the plant/animal for giving its life. Because essentially everything is a transfer of energy and this thing died, then I absorbed its energy.

I think it would be helpful to clarify the difference between chi/jing/kundalini or any other different type of energy.

I understand that energy is essentially the same thing, so maybe a better term is to clarify how they are utalized differently and what the difference is between building and using, say, jing versus kundalini.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 08:12 PM
I think I get it. If you lift a weight you will lift one that your muscles and energy can handle. But you will be able to lift a heavier one if you can focus your energy into that specific arm.

only the electrons and such move to a closer orbit, and its density has descreased, it weighs less.

Do all of the electrons in our body move in a closer orbit and lose weight all at once? or just in the place where you focus your energy?

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 08:13 PM

Originally posted by mystiq
I suspect the throat chakra is very important for energy, and also for speaking up. Since I was shy and often didn't speak up when I should have I always wondered if there was link between the two.

Synchronistically, I was just talking about this.

I was saying how I struggle to create threads like this or voice my opinion on complex subjects but I know there's a certain mode I just need to tap into.

I would sit and scratch my head trying to think how to word something when really I know the solution for me, which I will get to in a minute.

Often I find we understand something, we might feel we don't but really we're just having trouble putting into words, organizing it. And do we need language to think? I don't think so. I think its more of an exterior layer of the conscious mind, a tool of sorts that we, and our subconscious can use.

So how do you open up that little well of throat energy? Why its! write!.. I try not to think about writing complex things, I just let it happen. I might just be talking casually to someone about a simple metaphysical concept, nothing too deep, and from there the conversation goes on and you can literally feel the energy pouring out the more interesting the conversation gets. When two people really enjoy a conversation, they can talk for hours, articulating their thoughts well. But you don't even need it to that extent really.. just start typing out some ats replies, really simple stuff... just keep typing and let it flow naturaly, don't analyze it, just type the first thing that comes to mind and then when its all said and done, go back and edit what you don't like. You might notice a consistency as the writing goes on, or verbal conversation.. ideas flow more smoothly as your ability and desire to speak increases. It can get to such a point where your throat chakra might be too active and then you might have to compensate somehow.. you'll know because all you'll feel like doing is talking and find it difficult to focus on anything else.

(This really should be another thread in itself, I will post it later I think). This thread here actually started as a reply, which I turned into a thread. I think that illustrates that the throat chakra will open gradually if you just let it.

As far as shyness, it may be related to multiple factors.. You could naturally have shielded emotions. Learning to be free and open about my emotions or sacral center related energies in general is one of the best transformations I've gone through. Try working on being open about your feelings.

Then of course there is confidence, but again this could be linked to energy..and if your sacral/emotions have a hard time comming out, then it might feel like more work in that sense, thus more energy.. --> Self doubt and reluctance of something out of an internal mechanism to conserve energy.

The throat to me, verbally shows the levels of our other chakras. I like to try and guess someone's state based on how they verbally express themselves.

If one is of an intellectual mood, then they will talk as such..but say they are depressed or angry, their might be arrogance or sharpness about their words, intellectual or not. There are many different energies encompassing a simple verbal message.

Open your sacral, your words will be full of honest emotions.. open your solar plexus, you'll have the desire, the energy to act, in this case through expression... open your heart and your words will be loving, they probably won't come off as negative to anyone if enough love is there.. and then of course the ability to express, the throat, again one way is to simply stimulate this ability. Get yourself warmed up with light conversation.

And of course.. the other chakras.. crown open, your words will be full of wisdom, brow open, they will be imaginative, intuitive etc.. root.. physicaly based? Survival, physical activity, etc.etc.

Anyways, I hope any of that helped.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 08:19 PM
reply to post by danielsil18

I would imagine just where we transmute the chi into jing, if not all over... i'm not sure how and if there is much separation.

But I mean, don't quote me on that about the electrons, i'm not a scientist! I just repeat what I hear, and often when we do this it can be a little innaccurate.

For this case I try to specialize and focus on intuitive opinion.!

Here's a thought for you, if science is backing this idea that as energy increases in frequency, it weighs less.. If there was a jesus, how did he walk on water.

What appears to be miraculous can simply be a display of ones ability to alter frequencies of energy.

Perhaps there is a point where your frequency exceeds the 3rd dimensional range and you end up "ascending".
The idea of ascension makes sense to me. We could vibrate beyond the state of energy here to the point of no return.

Ahh..altering frequencies.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 08:20 PM
reply to post by asmeone2

Because essentially everything is a transfer of energy and this thing died, then I absorbed its energy.

I read that eating meat is bad. If an animal is about to be killed and they are scared then that bad energy is in their body. They are killed and when you eat the meat you absorb that bad energy the animal left in the body. I always thought that humans should only eat fruits and vegetables. Think about, If you eat fruits and veggies then you will be healthy and get all of the vitamins you need. Some meats harm you. We also wouldn't have to kill animals or raise them especially to eat them.

That's what I read. The animal has fear, the energy is bad. You consume the bad energy.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 08:29 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

In my opinion the bible can be proven true with science. But our science is not high enough right now to even prove ghosts are real. I think God exists But I think that the God in the bible is an alien. Some of the events were done with technology. But let's not talk about that yet because it will need it's own thread.

Perhaps there is a point where your frequency exceeds the 3rd dimensional range and you end up "ascending".
The idea of ascension makes sense to me. We could vibrate beyond the state of energy here to the point of no return.

That's what might happen starting 2012. The frequencies raise, energy flows faster, atoms also flows faster and we go into a higher dimension. We are still here but in a different dimension.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 08:34 PM
reply to post by asmeone2

I also practising thanking my food when I can remember.

If anyone's heard of the book "The Secret Life of Plants", if you haven't, pick it up!.. just read the first 2 chapters at least. Plants have sentience. Powerful sentience, like of a more connected universal nature.

How? well you'll have to read the book. It's about a bunch of scientific tests on plants in the 1960's.

But the book mentioned one part, that the plants and all thing from my point of view, desire to be useful.

Express gratitude, undue any negative energies in the process. Show appreciation for the cycle of energy we are apart of, you can't lose. It could potentially be good for your health. It might harmonize the food you're eating.

As for picking apart jing and kundalini, I'm not going to touch that one at the moment. Different energy formats used different ways, but its all the same pile to me. I think its all conceptual being manifested.

Perhaps someone else can talk about it, I don't feel like tackling it at the moment. The true nature of kundalini is a bit elusive to me. I can grasp it, but I don't feel I possess a good enough perspective yet to voice. When dealing with traditional concepts, I don't like to give what's considered false information, though i think this kind of thing needs to be questioned. That is.. traditional takes on things being set in stone.

"I know what I know about myself, I know about myself what I'm aware of and no more"

Kundalini, the chakra energy.. it seems like a powerful sexual energy.. its release almost seems like replication/reproduction of the spiritual self, to give birth to oneself in a manner of speaking. In nature, things reach a level where they just replicate. This could be the true nature of the kundalini, but I am uncertain. I look at everything like basic concepts shown in nature but on different scales.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 08:36 PM
I thought you were going to tell me to change my lightbulbs and insulate my hot water cylinder haha.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 08:38 PM

Originally posted by danielsil18
reply to post by asmeone2

Because essentially everything is a transfer of energy and this thing died, then I absorbed its energy.

I read that eating meat is bad. If an animal is about to be killed and they are scared then that bad energy is in their body. They are killed and when you eat the meat you absorb that bad energy the animal left in the body. I always thought that humans should only eat fruits and vegetables. Think about, If you eat fruits and veggies then you will be healthy and get all of the vitamins you need. Some meats harm you. We also wouldn't have to kill animals or raise them especially to eat them.

That's what I read. The animal has fear, the energy is bad. You consume the bad energy.

If you read the book I mentioned, plants respond (on a lie detector).. with a high degree if a nearby plant or animal cell has been destroyed. The plants are also aware of someone who has killed other plants etc etc. Really interesting stuff.

Why I brought it up is, it seems just as likely to eat plants with chaotic stress/fear vibes.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 08:40 PM
reply to post by Azador

I'm not sure saving energy in the home fits in the philosophy section, although I would like to hear the metaphysical approach to maintaining energy in the home.

You could meditate and manifest an energy filter in the home that conserves heat. Cheap insulation, it just takes an hour of intent per day.

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