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Memory recall - are you your very own bigbrother????

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posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 10:26 PM
Right i probably just in the right place i think, the psycology thread, if i'm nuts then i'll have the best people around to tell me so

Ooh i know i'm only touching on a subject i know very little about so don't shoot me down, please objectivley critisise, i welcome it.
Our brains can recall the following:

Stills and motion pictures of your memories, you can even take your self back to the moment and almost relive it.

sound - you can listen to a song or tune in your head like you were listening to it in reality almost. You can recall songs at random and hear them, kind of like a jukebos. You can recall and link them to situations or how you are feeling, or even to something someone has said.


I know that there are memories that i will have had that i have long forgotton and cannot recall unless prompted by something, but i like others will have surpressed memories too. I have been led to believe that Hypnotherapy is contraversial and for instance could not be used in a trial in court as there is also the possibilty the influence of an idea that the hypnotee may have actually could cause them to create a fictional memory rather than an actual recalled memory. I am quite interested in this subject and have considered regressive hypnotherapy myself but also wondered if i would gain anything from knowing now what happened back then. Its like a curiousity killed the cat situation.

I suppose its like having a butterfly effect moment but not being able to alter the outcome, looking at something from your past with a maturer set of peepers. I try to learn frm my mistakes, i've cringed at many things i've done but always learned from them. I supposed regression could be used in that way, to observe forgotton parts of your life and see what helped create who you are today. But in doing so i thing you would need to be prepared to take the bitter with the sweet, for as well as cringing, observance of your true self and realisation of who you are could possibly change the balance of your mental state. With that to think about , i reflected on the philosophy of the egyptians weighing of the heart. I know its a random thought but just imagine if that was the way your fate really was descided, seriously humour me for a moment really, Humour me..

BUT directly before weighing your heart - they replay you back your life in full. Man you get this in best quality ever - forget HD - this kicks ASS! Surround Sound,Vibrant colours but get this - its smellyvision too, you can smell and taste it too - but this is the best bit you feel it, and every single thought you ever had, really full on - like your actually there again - Just like when supposedly life flashes before your eyes except full impact - every detail. Crazy thought, just imagin how that could make you feel. Then they weigh your heart - Ooh scary thought.
I've had night terrors when i was a kid where the music in my dream was distorted and loud, and painful to listen too, it was mad, like out of tune fairground music - way too loud. Made think, whahh thats what it could sound like (shudders).. Weird those random thoughts you get.....

Now, something i dont know too much about but i'm sure is relative in someway is anchors and NLP )i think?? So, i think that as most us can do this (yes you can) with normal memories, not the surpressed ones, and if a hypnotist is said to be able to unlock the old ones, could thiis be a bad thing rather than a good thing, are we that clever that we protect ourselves from the bad stuff so we cannot reflect on it. I hear some people who have surpresses memories reacall them later in life and found that if they had remembered earlier they would not have been able to cope. Great thing the brain, very, very clever. Sorry if this just sound like babbling nonsense or have bored you senseless drivel but however, if you a are still awake, then i'd be interested in anyones views/thoughts on the subject.

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 10:40 PM
reply to post by MCoG1980

Well you probably won't like my reply, but... Our spirit records everything flawlessly, God doesn't need to see every thing we do to know what we did, nor do angels, at the final judgement he can see what we did through our own eyes, which is why we won't be able to lie.

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 10:55 PM
reply to post by Razimus

On the contrary, as like the egyptian weighing of the heart: Its the same principal.

What i was getting at is we are living proof that we do record our lives, event down to the memories we have long forgotten, but if propmted can recall. Scarey thought. It was just a hypethetical take on the day of reckoning, whatever belief system you wish to use as the metaphor, i was curious to explore the notion of presenting YOURSELF with your entire life very vividly, but condering how you would feel IF then having little time to reflect on it and are measured on how you feel about yourself having re-lived every second in fastmotion.

If i had to imagine how i thought that would feel, i would compare it to going on a merrygo round which get out of control and gives you nausea
My question is also though, for this reason, could regression be bad for me or could satisfying my curiousity of my past prove harmless?

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posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 11:25 AM
Has anyone actually been regressed and regretted it, or were glad they did it. Although i'm talking about regression of your current life (if you belive you have more than one:puz
, i'd also to be interested to hear from one who has had pastlife regression too?

posted on May, 22 2009 @ 03:39 PM
I'm bumping this as i'm still quite curious to get other peoples opinions on this, and/or regressional experiences.


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