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Important news: statement by actual, native neighbor aliens.

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posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 08:10 PM
On January 15 of 2009 late at night, some in the advanced alien community made an important statement. They explicitly, specifically, said they are part of the Virgo supercluster populations and they posed apart from, and in distinction to, an advanced alien population associated with the galaxy group Centaurus A, the apparent location of the gray alignment’s reported administrative center---the 14 million light years distant “Verdant” aliens’ home galaxy (1998 Krapf).

Here is how the statement arose and what context it was said. In an argument (ongoing communications and debate) with an older alien of the gray-Verdant alignment, speaking in an aside, I drew distinctions between the behavior of the gray alignment (on a distant fringe of Virgo) and the more humble yet more capable, more complex multiply-connected Virgo supercluster populations. I remarked, with tongue-in-cheek irony, that Virgo “is only a population center.” My inference was that Virgo is more important, more valid as a social model and is more civilized than the criminal, resource-seeking behavior of the gray alignment. I also stated that Centaurus A is unusual in that it’s far out beyond the edge of Virgo. Centaurus A faces a great, empty void between galaxy superclusters.

At that juncture, Virgo community aliens, after explicitly identifying themselves as “Virgo” and behaving much more subtly with much more gently contoured yet deeply mixed-community characterization, said re: the gray alignment Centaurus A advanced aliens: “Maybe they were left out too long.” That may be an important characterization---on a very large, important scale. The statement was a comment on how the larger gray alignment may be cruder and more destructive than are populations more deeply mixed into Virgo. The statement was made explicitly so that it would be noticed by other humans involved in this interaction.

The above may be the first explicit statement made as Virgo, by Virgo’s advanced monitors of our situation. A reply was then made by the old alien noted above (profiled in my book Alien Mind) who identifies himself as part of an advanced population that attends to, and appears to have made both genetic contributions to, and has some measure of influence over the gray/Verdant alignment. The old alien then made disparaging remarks about the Virgo supercluster entity, as though he and/or his population was frustrated with Virgo and wanted humans to consider the Verdant alignment as an alternative to integration within the Virgo supercluster’s more cosmically urbane mix of populations. I should note that if readers consult galaxy charts, such maps show that our galaxy and galaxy group is closer to Virgo than is Centaurus A (see Our galaxy group (the Milky Way, Andromeda, M-33 etc.) is close to the Canes I group of galaxies that opens widely, closely into Virgo. In other words, we appear to be more directly mixed into Virgo, via close, aggregated galaxy density, than is Centaurus A, the reported administrative center of the gray alignment. This is not a subject that can be avoided. It is of prime importance in, and is intrinsic to the considerations of all aliens that humans will encounter. Their scope of considerations is not monoplanetary, not about "the world" or just one single sun. Instead, they must be aware of a larger scale of interactions in order to survive competently.

The spectre of the Centaurus A-Verdant and gray alignment doing horrendous manipulations here, as they appear to have done when the grays’ original planet was destroyed previously, poses a conundrum for Virgo aliens. On the one hand, it’s important that a planet like Earth get acquainted with the interstellar-intergalactic community, but on the other hand the gray-Verdant alignment is seen as doing some wrong here.

At this same juncture, the old alien (associated with the grays’ alignment) explicitly contrasted his group’s gray alien prototype with aliens reportedly from the planet Iarga, which Stefan Denaerde reported orbits a star about 10 light years distance from Earth (they may be our closest native neighbors). The old alien tried to say that the grays’ smaller body frame, genetically engineered radiation-resistant bodies, and the grays’ enhanced brain capacity is a better prototype than the more squat and different Iargan body frame, or physical constitution. Part of the argument is moot because Iargans reportedly live on a planet more than twice the size, and gravity, of Earth, hence they have to be more squat and capable of surviving falls that cause twice the force of impact as does a fall on our planet. The old alien also tried to contrast grays’ non-sexual reproduction with Iargan’s sexual reproduction. Again, part of the argument is exaggerated because the sexual physiology of Iargans is reportedly so subtle that a female can shower in a glass cubicle open to view by neighbors without it even being a curiosity. And Iargans reportedly evolved from swimmers long ago---they have a sexual organ that is minimal and more like the retractable membrane of a dolphin, hence the old alien’s comparison is biased there, too.

I should note that in the past, the old alien (who defends the gray-Verdant intervention here as necessary) stated that his more advanced alien population is billions of years old, and when confronted with Virgo, he tried to say that his population is “not on that map.” That appears to have been idealized and untrue because a competing alien who is far more advanced than the grays or Verdants had already stated that the old alien essentially arrived on the scene, here near Earth, only after he was compelled to leave his "retirement garden" in Centaurus A (a large elliptical galaxy). Today, on January 31, 2009, a Chilean observatory that works in conjunction with the ESO released a striking new photo of the galaxy Centaurus A showing two huge, potentially dangerous double plumes spreading far out from opposite ends of the supermassive central black hole in the galaxy Centaurus A. In other words, it’s a highly challenged and difficult environment. The jet plumes are huge and billow widely beyond the entire visible radius of the galaxy. Worse yet, astronomers report that the plumes spread out at half the speed of light, which isn’t the kind of shower that's conducive to open, unprotected planetary atmospheres hit by the plume.

More to the point, if the new statements are truly representative, the entire gray alignment (referred to as the “three ellipticals and Verdant IFSP” in my book Alien Mind) appears to have partly opted out of our major Virgo population center’s more evolved, yet marginally more challenging milieu. That has enormous, long-term implications for this planet—at this time, when the gray alignment is spectacularly failing to demonstrate acceptable behavior during their flagging, increasingly resented intervention here. The fact that, according to a variety of reports and other indicators, the grays’ alignment appears to have lied and has used sub-groups to approach us on false terms (“Pleiadian”/Nordics and Semitics, and possibly the “tall whites” also) has also caused suspicion about the gray alignment’s intentions here.

And, if the Virgo statement coupled with the old alien’s counter-remarks are true, then the larger gray alignment may have lingered too long within a relatively backward, primitive physical agenda compared to Virgo populations. By attempting to suggest that Virgo can be too constrictive, which is a remark we might expect to hear from an admittedly oversized planet-killing colonizer like the gray alignment, the larger grays’ alignment may be indicating that they haven’t yet assimilated into the universe’s major population centers on contemporary, advanced alien terms. They appear to be behind the curve, in that respect. The question is whether, by being an offender out along the fringes of Virgo, the grays’ alignment has shirked the finer, more civilized non-violent means of Virgo’s mainstream, and has preferred, instead, to streak out into empty space in order to avoid the Virgo community and take advantage of younger, less competitive isolated populations, instead. If such is the case, that would mean that humankind has the very positive option of seeking a more refined, more cosmically urbane supercluster community of interaction, which may already be the prevailing standard in the Milky Way and Andromeda, at present.

In short, in the controlling populations of the gray alignment, we may be seeing a relatively backward alternative. Evidence of this is seen in their overgrown and aggressive predations, their deceptive quality of stealth and misrepresentations, and their abductions and breeding program infiltration coupled with an expansion agenda of so-called Verdants (aliens reportedly numbering 500 trillion and living on 246,000 planets, believe it or not, according to Phillip Krapf’s remarkable journals). The so-called “Verdants” try to rationalize their bizarre, excess take by saying that they work to de-weaponize new populations and/or make them non-sexual. The irony, of course, is that they deliberately, undeniably seeded this planet with potentially dangerous technology, which in turn fuels their supposed excuse to aggressively intervene here. They don’t appear to have legitimate jurisdiction here because, as Verdants reportedly say, they don’t even live in our group of galaxies. Instead, they come from a galaxy 14 million light years away, meaning that roughly 150 other galaxies are closer to us than is their galaxy. So, the gray-and-Verdant intevention here must be examined for material motives, rather than legitimate neighborly concerns. It may be a kind of hustle in which we are partly victims.

I should note a further pattern of behavior that we’ve seen in the past. The old alien, who represents a more advanced group of aliens that is reportedly billions of years old and has demonstrated a margin of control and influence over the entire gray alignment, previously referred to THE largest population of Milky Way aliens in dismissive manner. He tried to say that particular Milky Way population is relatively primitive (ostensibly because they don’t aggressively intervene early to take control of, and genetically change a population like ours). He seems to have implied that our native Milky Way neighbors would allow us more time and space to do as we would find necessary to evolve according to more sparing alien contacts within our own scientific understandings. He also tried to model that large native Milky Way population as having smaller brains, somehow---but didn’t really say that. Instead, he modeled their sense of community as being largely rounded, in a sense, and in a conveyed graphic he showed their heads as conforming to the outer, curved contour of a large, essentially glowing community. The perjorative quality in the graphic was the insinuation that body was more weighty than mind in that Milky Way population--body as billowing into the center of the rounded graphic. It was a strange moment, to say the least.

The irony, now, years later, is that the same Virgo community is exactly cohomologous and resonating within that same native Milky Way population. The two would appear to be integrated and on good terms, if I’m not mistaken. Such should be expected, after all. In addition, we can now see the subjective, marginally boastful, almost sales-like quality of the old alien’s graphic. We now see that it was his own very subjective, internal view of himself (and his headform), a marginally boastful, egoistic quality (albeit an advanced alien version of that--drier, more subdued than a human).

We don’t live in isolation from the universe’s main population centers (superclusters), but are instead, closely wrapped into the larger space of Virgo. And, in the new physics and hyperdynamics of faster-than-light fluctuations and interstellar communications, social networking and communities of mind, Virgo is intrinsic to our existence---and not effectively as distant as 20th century astronomers might once have thought. In other words, unknown to me, and others, at the time, the old alien’s & gray alignment former critique of our Milky Way neighbor population was that the larger curvature of Virgo somehow implied reduced critical capacities---which is a false statement. The truth is exactly the opposite: the larger, more refined communities, i.e. Virgo, are categorically more capable. They are the predominant kind of community of the preponderance of the universe’s beings. They involve physics and other science capacities and communities of interaction that may seem more subtle and refined because they involve vastly more populations and sometimes stressed, merging galaxies---situations that the larger community must accommodate more openly.

So, years later, we finally see that what is ostensibly the gray alignment’s internal critique of our own native neighbors, is a misrepresentation, a manipulative strategem to apparently mislead, and or confound human recognition of the larger, prevailing community here. To know that could be of real, enduring importance for humankind. We will live with our neighbors for the living equivalent of forever, but the gray alignment may have to withdraw, over time. They are neither native, nor invited here. If and when they leave, they will simply seek other prospects, elsewhere. I should also note that repeatedly over the years, over and over again, the old alien overseer who has been witnessed instructing Verdants, grays and gray hybrids on many occasions, has used the Iargan image as an exemplar of lesser aliens. He has often tried to paint some diminuitive, perjorative graphic of Iargans onto his graphic of the large, reportedly native (integrated into Virgo) Milky Way population—a mixup of sorts.

In short, we appear to be witnessing a competition between two different galaxies (one ours, one very distant), and the human population is clearly being hustled by the gray alignment, disclosure is partly being frustrated by what appears to be the gray alignment’s breeding program operatives so that we don’t notice the very civilized and more patient alternative posed by our neighbors.

The old alien has stated that not only do Iargans exist, as reported to us by Stefan Denaerde, but he has repeatedly tried to pose them as lesser. The implications of this are far beyond me—-they will take time to digest, which is why I report this here, now, long before I can put it into print in an upcoming book on related subjects.

I should note that previously, I’ve discussed the possibility that the gray alignment lags significantly behind the standards of the universe’s larger population centers, but only now do I have direct, stated implications that such is the case.

--reporting from Davis, CA George LoBuono

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posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 08:48 PM
Any way you can break this down into a more digestible read? Every time I try and have a go at it, my mind rejects whats it's being fed. Who spoke to what aliens? What did they have to say?

Also, your manner is so "matter of fact" and casual that it almost seems like there is zero question in your mind that you are talking about some really far out there stuff. I've got quite an open mind and am really into this stuff but I've never heard of "Verdant" aliens. How can you remark with "Tongue in Cheek" irony that Virgo is a population center? What exactly do you mean?

You obviously put too much work into your post for this to be a sarcastic joke, so please break it down into something briefer and slightly less crazy.


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posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 10:37 PM
So what are we to do? Stand by and just get wiped off the face of the earth? What am I to do? How can I ensure the safety of everyone I love and hold dear? What can we do to save everyone?

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 01:02 AM
reply to post by TheRealDonPedros

You said what is on my mind much more succintly than I cared to.

My second line goes here.


posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 12:31 PM
Sure, TRDP. Pulitzer Prize winning LA Times journalist Phillip Krapf wrote a book, The Contact Has Begun, in 1998. In it he describes being taken up, fully awake, to a large, disk shaped alien craft that was about 1 1/2 miles in diameter, with berthing ports, observation decks and more. The aliens who took him up identified themselves as from a planet they call Verdant, located in a galaxy 14 million light years away. More importantly, the gray and gray hybrid aliens that we know about (crashed at Roswell) all work for the Verdant-led alignment, Krapf was told. He was onboard for three days and was asked to write a white paper (his book) about the alignment's attempt to do a diplomatic opening to humankind. They admitted abducting humans and said the Verdants are 500 trillion in number and have expanded to live on 246,000 planets, to date.

Although I find Krapf's writing coherent, consistent and well framed (I've interviewed him), I was only able to corroborate his details in contacts that began, in my case, back in 1995, as you may read in my (free on the web) book Alien Mind. *Because the information in my book should be known on a larger scale, I don't charge for the read. I merely ask that readers refer others to the book. So, I report on my contacts and a larger network of researchers as would any other reporter covering a certain beat. If it sounds matter of fact, it's because it is, as far as I know, factual.

A simplified version of the above post: Aliens who aren't part of the abducting grays's alignment recently said here that a larger community of aliens in our neighboring Virgo supercluster of galaxies (contains 1200-2000 galaxies) see the gray alignment as being "left out," in a sense. The statement appears to concern the aggressiveness and material motivations, the corruption of the gray alignment's current intervention on this planet. So, in a nutshell, there may be reason to think that we have good, much larger and more enduring alternatives to the gray alignment.

***I sometimes write in-depth and without full explanations by making reference to my book, and/or other sources, assuming some readers have read them. Krapf wrote a sequel, which is also important. Krapf's book is the only book that places the abducting gray activity in such large, clear perspective. For that reason, it is a must-read---if you want to know what such aliens are doing here.


posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 12:43 PM
Forgot to mention, the tongue in cheek remark wasn't literally spoken verbally but is part of a telepathic interaction ongoing. You may have noticed that most contactees and even official sources on aliens (Corso, Clifford Stone, Gordon Cooper's friend, etc.) note that aliens usually communicate telepathically (faster, more info quantity, can include a larger group when the signals are boosted w. "psychotronics"). Humans can do the same. My remark about Virgo being a population center was stated with irony because we, humans are being patronized, abused crudely--children even being taken for use of their reproductive materials. That seems crude and repressive to some, hence when a noted alien of the gray alignment made a remark as though the main, most important population center in our vicinity (see the link in the first entry -- atlas of the ---as though the main population center (Virgo supercluster) isn't all that important, he was ignoring the higher, more civilized standards of the universe's major population centers (galaxy superclusters).

To put that in perspective, our galaxy group contains just three large galaxies and some 30 smaller ones. The neighboring 5 galaxy groups are similar, but Virgo--right next door--contains up to 2000 galaxies. It is a supercluster, and superclusters contain most of the galaxies in the universe, so what happens in Virgo is hugely important: the social forms, the ecology, the interactions, and the likely more civilized standards. When an aggressive, abducting alignment of aliens is violating your planet, the standards and protocols of Virgo are important because they may pose a finer, more restrained alternative.

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posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 01:05 PM
Also, about 7-8 years ago, when I was baffled and out of my depth in interactions with aliens, one alien essentially raked me over the coals for not knowing more about where we are located re surrounding galaxies. I took the hint and studied galaxy charts and the atlasoftheuniverse web site, and only after doing so was I able to model the larger population and political dynamics of alien interactions. Prior to looking at such charts/maps, I was essentially blowing bubbles in a fishbowl.

posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 02:06 PM

Thank you for such a fascinating post. Assuming you believe in what you say I'd like to thank you for disseminating what you know out into the general public.

Information, history and context in such a matter must be disseminated and studied thoroughly before any decision is made. That decision must be made with unanimity and because of that I believe we have some time to go before a decision is made.

With that said I have some thoughts and beliefs I want to put out there. First I fear agendas and would wish to align myself with those that do not mettle even for the sake of technological advance. Second I fear our own agendas and do feel that we must advance at our own pace and with our physical characteristics intact.

Third and finally I feel we do, as a community, need to become aware of our small place in the universe. Perhaps something like this could be accomplished by a publicized treaty between us and others formally made in earth orbit with representatives from each government. Nothing more than an agreement for peace. I see less harm in that.

Assuming that the universe is brimming with life as you mention I would gather that a law against interference already exists. A sort of prime directive. But the spectacle of mass understanding in what "could be" really could steer the course of humanity in a positive direction.


PS: I forgot to mention that I gave you a star and flag. Though there is no evidence that I can see that support your claims - I do feel it is important to increase our awareness of such possibilities.

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posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 02:07 PM
Thanks for the breakdown (I managed to gulp it all down this time). Your view of the galaxy is like some crazy Sci-Fi novel, I'm not sure I buy it..But being a fan of space drama, I like it.

You mention being "out of my depth" in regards to your alien interactions. Where,when and how did these interactions take place, and who/what kind of being were you interacting with?

Thanks for the briefer but still equally crazy response.


posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 03:58 PM
No offense to the OP but:

Personal story with no evidence... not to mention an extremely 'out there' story at that.

Skunk works or Gray Area material I think?


posted on Feb, 2 2009 @ 04:54 PM
Oops, hoping to read what's in a flag, I flagged my own post... For background on my explication, see my free to read ebook, Alien Mind at I was interviewed on George Noory about it.

I was out of my depth because, since 1995, I'd been a contactee but wasn't actively researching the larger, background space of our current exopolitical environment. In other words, I needed to study the larger map of our galaxy group and its juxtaposition to the Virgo supercluster of galaxies. See for a good, greatly expanded look at where we live.

posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 02:13 PM
Hi gl2.

I've read the "Alien Mind" and I know where you're coming from. S&F. I would like to expound on this further but I still live in 3D and continually kept busy by the "system".

Nonetheless, thanks to the maker for this news. This is new - for me. I've always wondered if there'd be an alternative to the Verdants and frankly, I don't like them. And neither do anyone else I presume.

I've read about the Iargans to, years ago, and found them very down to earth (no pun intended) and just the right kind of species to interact with for the moment. I do not believe we're ready for grays or their bosses. Maybe that's why we, or someone, made the TV series "V" to warn us about these sneaky encroachers. Invasive, eh?

Yes, I like the Iargans. We humans do have an affinity for dolphins, but I thought they looked more like lean hippos? Well, time erased most of what I read about them, but the species name itself invokes a certain cuteness to it.

I can hardly wait to communicate with these guys. Masters of oversized population management and ecological care. One must love 'em. And I don't plan on being an abductee/experiment in one of the grays electro-gravity polluting vehicles. They can have their advance tech and shove it.

Bullet trains and mass transportation instead, never mind standing close to a musky Iargan!!!

posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 07:18 PM

Philip Krapf's "Verdant" aliens, as they were described in his book- why do they not appear in other UFO literature?

posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 09:51 PM
I don't know why, but for some reason your story has a feeling of some truth about it. I really am inclined to believe you, and must confess that I am extremely jealous that you are a contactee, and no matter how much I desire it, I have never been, and probably will never be, contacted.

Also, I never thought about a population system on a universal scale, using galaxy super clusters as population centers seems so obvious, but I never even considered it. I suppose I imagine the distance between galaxies to be to great for various species to have much interaction between them. Very interesting stuff!

posted on Dec, 7 2009 @ 04:51 AM
link lies and more lies.

A person of "any age" should be ashamed of making this up.

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