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Jordan Maxwell - Shattering discovery?

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posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 12:05 AM
I'm not sure I'm sold on what Maxwell believes he has found, but what I do understand through my own intuition is that he is on the right track. Many different studies from various aspects of alternative research are beginning to hone in one a singular point; everyone is beginning to find their own pieces to the grander puzzle, and now is the time we begin to see the picture form from the shapes.

I will be interested in watching J. Maxwell's video, if it is ever released, and I will do so with an open heart. I always try to allow my intuition to guide my reason. He certainly does not have the whole truth, but what information he does have might be vitally important in these times.

dunwichwitch, I find your explanation for the 'Beast' to be interesting. Would not our everyday common bar-code, found on almost all products both electronic and not, be the Mark of the Beast then?

Good thread.
Let the haters hate. If anyone feels they have found the truth and feels the need to debunk Mr. Maxwell, I direct you to the quote in my sig, attributed Albert Einstein.

One more thing; it is important to remember this quote: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good to do nothing." I feel, even if just a minuscule amount of people with good intentions decide to stand up against the rising tyranny of evil, then the war has already been won. All that is left now is for the mettle of our species to be tested. Fun times, no?

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 12:07 AM

Originally posted by dunwichwitch
reply to post by Max_TO

Do you know he's lying for sure? Does the possibility of his interpretations of things being different from "established" interpretations mean that he's a fraud?

Even if he is telling half truths..... that means that half is still worthy of looking at.

I don't care about #ing cults of personality. What the Hell use does it do to debunk people? One man's trash is another ma's treasure, and as we all know.... evidence and fact simply aren't so concrete to everyone.... and anyone who thinks that anything they know is concrete..... is delusional.

I find what he is SAYING NOW to be much more relevant than "everything is #ed up. What are we gunna do? Let's kill each other and if that doesn't work, we'll throw our hands up and let the world end because of our ignorance."

There's a very simple solution, but poison ideals make it so complicated of an illusion that nobody will #ing listen. You don't know Jordan Maxwell OR the research he;s done. He's been at this for almost 50 years, and you see a movie debunking it and now think you're an expert?

How ignorant is that? I'm not saying he's a saint, but refusing to listen to someone just because what they are saying doesn't agree with your beliefs or your memorization of so called facts (I guess those are beliefs too) IS the definition of ignorance.

Edit my post as I didn't like the tone that could be implied by my response .
I will say that I am sure that we are all on the same page here all I would ask is that we look into things ourselves and independently back things up by our own research and not base our impression of fact on some statement made by others .

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posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 12:13 AM
reply to post by ipsedixit

I agree ipsedixit. The power needs to be equalized...and only through spiritual knowledge will it happen...I guess. I am not a Christian but I suspect an equalizer. Destruction is the alternative. Any greater power outside ourselves would rejoice in Love, peace and prosperity I assume because those are the traits that ensure infinity.

Just using some introspection on this. Thank you for your post. I enjoyed your insight as well as others in this thread.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 12:15 AM

But it doesn't mean you can't take something from it.... like his insistence on people understanding the origins of words and their original meanings and spellings and such.... that is a HUGE insight.

Yes, actually this is VERY important. This interlinks with the phonetic cabala, and is the true key to understanding the mysteries. I've also mentioned this subject in many of my other posts.

Remember how the Georgia Guidestones mentions a Living New Language? The phonetic cabala, or the "Green Language of the Alchemists" is what they meant by this guideline.

This event ECHOES throughout all written and spoken language. It's a fundamental tool I use when researching language and how words & concepts phonetically evolve.

Fulcanelli uses the "Living Language" to decode a certain message hinted to by the Hendaye monument.

In "The Cyclic Cross at Hendaye" Fulcanelli gives us a guided tour of this monument to the alchemy of time. He begins with the Latin inscription, which he interprets, in French from the Latin letters of the original, as: "It is written that life takes refuge in a single space." Following this rendering, he casually suggests that the phrase means "that a country exists, where death cannot reach man at the terrible time of the double cataclysm." What is more, only the elite will be able to find "this promised land."

Forgive me, this is not a good source, but you may read this information straight from Fulcanelli's' book if you're interested. It's in the last chapter of "The Mysteries of the Cathedrals."

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posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 12:23 AM
reply to post by Electricneo

Jordan Maxwell is government issue.

you CANNOT believe what is being filtered by the government.

DO NOT underestimate a collective group of bad motives.

this is bigger than all of us, this is bigger than Earth.


posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 12:28 AM
I think Maxwell has been watching to many Terminator movies.
Also if anything these Illuminati/mason freaks are just trying to fulfill old prophecies. Like he said, all the great ancient civilizations tried the same, but guess what... Failed!! It will always fail, because no entity will return.
Everything the ancients thought they knew they were wrong! Religion and spiritualism was born of the use of entheogens like mushrooms or psychoactive herbs. Why do you think there was a Pharmacratic Inquisition and witches were hunted down? Why do you think the church burned every book back then? They couldn't get the knowledge out, they had to suppress all the information, all the truth, and be the only ones in the know. The same goes for Masons, they kept the knowledge to themselves until this day.
Anyway, long story short, the great secret the Egyptians had is and always was...the Pineal Gland. The Gland where '___', the "spirit molecule" is created. It's the Stargate to Universe, it's the place where Good and Evil, Light and Darkness reside. It's the fountain of all knowledge, it's where we can find "the Greys", "the Reptilians" and even "God"! It's probably why it's one of the most illegal substances, even though it's everywhere in nature and even our body and doesn't do any harm.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 12:34 AM

Anyway, long story short, the great secret the Egyptians had is and always was...the Pineal Gland. The Gland where '___', the "spirit molecule" is created.

The Egyptians possessed the secrets of alchemy. This is where alchemy originates from, and is also one of the highest secrets of man. Alchemy is a conglomeration of all the mysteries of man tied together and kept secret by a very strange web of information.

Egyptian priests had very high knowledge of the inner workings of nature. They knew of the event that happened 13,000 years ago, and they also knew of its cyclical nature.

The spirit is manifest in all molecules, and does not restrict itself to a single form. This was one of their teachings. However, I do understand what you mean by saying the spirit is manifest in '___' - it's hallucinogenic. The Egyptians were also fascinated by psychoactives.

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posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 12:36 AM

Originally posted by dunwichwitch
You assume that consciousness is logic?

Consciousness doesn't come from how complicated a ccircuitry is. It is something that comes from "outside" "into" a body.

A device will never truly be conscious or creatively intelligent enough until someone can manage to tap into the source(s) of consciousness and bring it into a processing device such as a computer. I'm not sure you understood me. I never mentioned artificial intelligence. This is ACTUAL conscious intelligence I'm talking about.

No, the opposite. Consciousness creates logic, logic can not create consciousness. Meaning, "AI" can never be intelligent without it. You say there is a consciousness which enters it, so we can move on to that, as that would be the only possible way.

To put consciousness into a computer as you say would first of all, require things which go well beyond any biological things even dreamed of with sci-fi. If you are to put a brain in there, then the brain itself becomes a bottleneck. Getting the consciousness out of the brain without killing the brain and consciousness leaving is of course not dreamed of. What you are talking about is for full consciousness to just come into it. This is the equivalent of "Johnny 5".

But lets assume for arguments sake that indeed, by some magic or unknown technology consciousness does enter into this computer. It then completely ignores the manipulations that has been done on consciousness on this earth in order to be controlled. We have this same consciousness, and because of it we have to be manipulated in order to be controlled. We have a muzzle put on the level of things we are allowed to get. And so to get consciousness into a machine and not have it muzzled as such means this consciousness will need to know truth beyond manipulation and yet still chooses to do evil. If it isn't evil, which would be the more likely cause, then it would react in exactly the opposite way.

Such an entity would need to literally be the devil himself, and of course then what in the world does he need an AI supercomputer for when he already knows the truth and things well beyond what a 3 dimensional computer can offer?

Surely you realize that in terms of technology the human body itself is much more advanced. The DNA is a config file, the cells are just nanobots. You are in the possession of a body made out of self reproducing nanobots etc. So why would such an entity with all this knowledge reduce themselves to a lessor technology?

Sorry, but it just doesn't make logical sense.

I would more likely believe that some type of AI robots were being created, who acted only on orders and were unable to understand what was going on, and thus had no heart and were able to carry out the most heinous of crimes without remorse than such a theory as this. That is actually something that is possible to do.

Maybe a hint of "soulless beings", although personally I think corporations already fill this, as they are soulless entities, but are treated with the rights of an individual. Of course, those things start rolling down the street, and I would have to start leaning towards robots with AI.

Quantum Computing btw has nothing to do with consciousness, and I have no idea why it's being mentioned as somekind of magical gateway among people who talk about AI. It's just the speed in which the computer operates is all. Because of entanglement and things like superimposition where you once had transistors which took a bit of time to happen, with entanglement these signals travel instantly as when you affect 1 part, you effect the other part and that information then travels instantly.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 12:47 AM
At the beginning of the last hour he and Alex sound like they are saying that some sort of Gnosticism is the right thing to pray to.

In one of the more popular brands of Christian Gnosticism, Judaism does not worship the true God. Rather, they worshipped a mad God who was hidden by Sophia (Wisdom). The True God tried to work through the Mad God for years but His message was twisted into one of violence, exclusion, and hate. The True God decided to send His Son - one who would be completely divine and completely human - to correct the madness and give a direct link to the True Divinity.

The Son, was Jesus according to this tradition. He was hated by the Mad God who saw only a rival instead of one who came to heal the Madness of both this world and the Mad God. (There is a remnant of this in Orthodoxy which sees sin as an illness.) Those in authority and in service to the Mad God were driven into frenzy to kill Jesus.

Three days later, after feeding this land His Blood and His Flesh, He was reborn into his waiting body, having started the process of healing. Just as a surgeon must cut and sometimes mangle parts of a diseased body, or induce some type of "unhealthy" state - note the references to cutting off limbs - the earth suffers darkness as the painful process of healing continues. As man is part of this world - and also not part of this world - we see and feel the pain and darkness in ways much of the rest of this realm does not. Often, the worst of an illness is right before the fever breaks.

As the fever breaks in a long, tiring illness, much of the energy of any patient will be depleted. A long time recovery can sometimes be expected - with, hopefully, greater health being the ending found.

This tradition has survived in small cells all over the Christian World. Is the reference to the Mad God in one final act against the Great Healing? Is this why they imply that many are praying to the wrong figure (the OT God instead of the healing NT God) and giving that figure power?

What I personally believe doesn't matter. But I have run across this belief and variations on it in many places. I am curious if any think this is what he is alluding to?

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 12:50 AM
Oh p l e a s e ...

That video link would have to rate as the biggest pile of garbage I've ever heard. Who wants to listen to ..."A discovery so terrible, a discovery so important" ...yet the imbecile doesn't say what it is?

Oh but its symbolism ...ohhh ooowww

Give me a break. I'm sorry but Alex Jones and the rest of the phonies are cashing in on ignorance.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 12:54 AM
is this really meaning 2012?

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 01:03 AM

Originally posted by Disclosure Agent
So it looks like its almost time to gather up the clan and head out into the Aussie bush

I cant think of a better place to escape to than outback Australia !!!

In the middle of the southern summer?

you will FRY, my friend. EFF ARRR WWIIIEEE that spells FRY.


posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 01:07 AM
All information, insignificant to earth shattering, has some context.

Who are our sources here? Alex Jones and Jordan Maxwell.

They are part of a sub-culture where broadcasting on radio, selling advertising space and DVDs are what keeps the engine running.

Having milked the paranoia catalogues of NWO, UFO, 2012, FEMA, and the occasional new pick-up form the past or some other culture, they still have to produce new episodes for each season to keep their audiences, the ads, and the DVD sales.

So like in a pulp novel series, the new episode is the beginning of the latest adventure of Jones and Maxwell fighting the greatest threat to all mankind ever.

At least until the next one.

If these guys were onto something and were genuinely concerned they would be doing something beyond packaging it as more product to sell.

There are vast mysteries to life to be discovered, inner and outer.

These guys aren't the messengers.

Mike F

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 01:12 AM
One of the most interesting things going on in the world today is a convergence of spiritual and materialist cultures. For hundreds of years the spiritual culture of the West was in decline. Genuine spiritual threads were either stamped out by force or reduced to only their moral and ethical components without the inner wisdom. The east achieved a high spiritual awareness at the expense of under development in the material sphere.

Now all is changing, all human understanding is converging. There is still a long way to go to consolidate a comprehensive collection of the valid spiritual and material knowledge of mankind, but the job is starting to be done around the world by many, many people that nobody has ever heard of.

The most dangerous thing that is faced by humanity now is the fact that the materialists are approaching a knowledge level that may enable them to do what they will with people on a material level, i.e., to get physical control of everybody. Spiritual people have to oppose this and work for the appropriate convergence of material and spiritual power.

I think Jordan Maxwell is wrong in emphasizing the spiritual component of illuminati awareness. I would put more emphasis on the work of someone like Jim Marrs in The Rise of the Fourth Reich, where he traces the influences of Nazism into modern American corporations, government, science and ethics. Creeping fascism is the methodology being used to usher in the society that Maxwell fears, even if occult demonology is it's spiritual basis and strength.

It's more easy to know these people by their works, than by their beliefs. Their works are easily seen to be fascist and comparable to the works of Adolf Hitler.

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posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 01:14 AM

Originally posted by Electricneo

I don't buy what Maxwell's selling.
If it's so important then why doesn't he just offer proof and alert people?
Instead he's using standard NLP manipulation of people-the old ultimate
fear as bait then switch game. And his ego is as big as his belly.

It's evil to use the fear card due to his fear addictions and lack of compassion.
He tries to make money off peoples paranoia and that is the lowest of the low.

This is the same old ploy of whipping up the naive paranoids into a state of frenzy
for profit. For fame, money, glory all the low level motivations.

If he really wanted to benefit people why doesn't he do it.
Instead he wants to be the wizard of Oz, manipulating people with fear
from behind the curtain. Toto the black dog has pulled the curtain back
and visualize Jordan Maxwell standing there in his boxer shorts. Feeble and sterile.

He's not using bait and fear purposefully. The subject is obviously extremely controversial/expansive and he did not have enough time to fully explain and did not want to give people a bad impression on the subject and thus turning them away.

Let us wait until he makes that video. I personally have respect for Maxwell, and will watch his presentation when it becomes available, and then make judgements.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 01:17 AM
I want ot be open minded and I listened to all five parts, but this guy Jordan just talked in circles.

I think this is more of an opportunistic interview to sell dvds and books.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 01:31 AM
I listened to the hole broadcast and am not sure what all the hoop la is about ?
I would like to thank the OP for taking the time to post this broadcast as there are many people out there that do indeed like to hear what Jordan has to say but I didn't really hear anything new or ground breaking .
Sun worship does indeed go back a long ways , all the way back to the first civilizations in fact . Do we continue to see signs of sun worship in our culture today ? Why yes we do .
What are the reasons for this ? Well , some find it to be a cool form of symbolism to link to there product or brand and some do it based on certain religious beliefs that they hold that date back to the early mystery religions .
I think that many of you may be surprised at how often in our day to day life that we are faced with the ancient symbolism of the sun , have a peek at the power button on your phone and see what symbol you see .
I didn't hear anything ground breaking on this topic nor did I hear any real conversation on any subject matter in this broadcast .

A subject that some of you may find worthy of study would be early astronomy and stellar theology , a subject matter much more interesting and thought provoking then this recap of the Alex Jones show .

Once again thanks to the OP'er for taking the time to start this thread and this conversation , but IMHO there are many other avenues that one can research to learn about the symbolism of the sun and its various meanings .

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 01:39 AM
Just want to mention in response to some who have stated that they are interested in seeing the up coming movie by Jordan based on this topic covered on the Alex Jones show before forming an opinion .
Why not start researching it for yourself right now , spicily if you claim to be interested in this subject matter ? Why on earth would you wait for someone else to tell you what to think , or how to look at something , when all the tools you need are at your disposal right now to do your own research ?
How else could you ever tell if what some one is offering as fact is in deed fact or just some nice sounding notion ?

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posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 01:47 AM
Frankly, I am not sure I can convey what I really think with Civility & Decorum. So, I will put it this way. All that was clearly stated on the Georgia Stones will come to pass; those on the Left and those on the Right will in the coming years be wiped away; the earth will breath again, be the lush jewel of this system again and the best of humanity will go forward out into the stars. Those of you who think Obama will lead you to the promise land are no more or less fooled than those who believed in and followed the other puppet leaders down through the years. You knew, you were told and knew and did nothing but served yourselves. Now comes Karma and me and mine can't wait for a settling of all scores....not one cut or offense or debt has been forgotten.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 01:47 AM

Obama will bring in the new world order?

well KISSENGER IS THE OLD WORLD ORDER so, ya, a GERMAN born fella who invaded foreign governments for companies - PEPSI... PEPSI and their new OBAMA like logo.

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