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Generating a lot of heat during yoga

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posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 03:20 PM
I have been doing yoga for about a year now and I have really gotten into it in the best way. I started doing it just once a week and now I do yoga 3, 4 sometimes 5 or 6 times a week. Lately I have noticed that I will be in a certain pose and I will notice that I am like a furnace in certain regions of my body. It's different than being hot and sweaty from a normal workout. It's isolated to generally my sacrum, inner thighs, groin and my lower abs. It's without warning too. It doesn't make me perspire and it feels nice. The amount of heat is just crazy. My mat becomes very hot in a few seconds of touching my sacrum when it starts doing that.

I'm wondering what it is. Perhaps it's my lowest chakra trying to open up? I've never opened my chakras before, at least I don't think I have. Or is this the beginning of what a kundalini awakening feels like? The heat doesn't always last very long. I'd say a minute or so and then it joins back up with the rest of my body's normal temperature.

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 03:57 PM
reply to post by merryxmas

As you say it is that, but also could be a few different causes to. You might need to do some Qi Quong or accupuncture also, is your liver healthy? do you eat a Yoga Diet as such?

There could be a blockage of Chi or a blockage on your second third chakra as you do this.

It is normal to generate a lot of heat in Yoga depending on what form you are practising, something that is very important is what are "Visualising" when you do it, or is your mind just wandering, or are you just focusing on your breath or bits of your body doing the exercise.

If not visualising anything and the form you practise has no visualisations to go with it, do the following, on the in breath imagine Prana/Chi entering your body through your Third eye chakra as a very delicious Golden light, travel over your crown chakra, down your spine, this golden energy is refreshing new gorgeous, see it as you yoga going down your spine through all the chakras to the base one, and then to wherever you want, or the part you are extending moving in the movement, on the outbraeth it returns as it came, but flows down clearing your third eye, down the front of your face and out of your mouth, dont ever let it leave through your third eye as it comes in.
But dark sticky old tired heavy energy and when you exhale COMPLETELY no reserve left all this is gone.

Repeat this you will find after time the out breath is not soo sticky in minds eye, getting lighter and eventually will be as clear and golden as the Chi coming in. When you do this for a while to you may notice the enrgy spralling or spinning down and up, let that go as it fells, let your feeling adjust it till its right for you.

I am sure two weeks of this will sort it out if not go to a teacher or use Tai Chi before the routine, or best 10 mins tai chi every morning or 5 mins simple exercise no teacher needed "Raising the Sky" look it up, just 10 reps a day, but FULL breath in and completely out all of it.

Ive seen this too when people don't warm up properly, or breath properly, , well actually empty of old breath properly.

Maybe time to go to a class and get some guidance , ask a teacher?

Of interest you might find Tu Mo or Tumo very interesting, Tibetan do some research on it.

Kind Regards,


posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 04:12 PM
You might want to read up on Kundalini. DON'T try Kundalini Meditation - as meditation goes, that practice is (or so I've been warned by those who probably know such things) risky and can lead to Shamanic Initiatory Illness or "Kundalini Affective Disorder" or "Kundalini Syndrome".

The heat you feel might be a small movement of "Kundalini energy" or "Kundalini flow" through your "chakras". The "chakras" - which apparently as you advance, you will come to understand these - can be "blocked" and generate uncomfortable heat. If you are not specifically doing a risky sort of meditation, then there is probably minimal risk, but if you are uncomfortable, then you should stop that practice and try something that seems to suit you or make you feel better. Yoga is about stilling the mind and restoring health and verve to the body, so discomfort is not desirable, I imagine.

You might notice, I would think, some odd things like this as you do more Yoga...the "flow" or "energy" can also, seemingly, lead to awakening and truly graceful states of mind. From what I seem to believe, try to keep your cool, relax and try to feel the divine grace within you, try to love others, and if you feel uncomfortable, then please stop and do something else, get your mind on a positive set of imagery, do something fun, take some deep breaths, and generally take a break.

I've heard there are advanced practitioners which can in fact control heat within their body, to the extent that they do not feel cold in freezing conditions or are able to give a warming touch.

Of course, I am not an expert in such things, and it might have nothing to do with Kundalini. Still, it's important to be informed, I imagine.

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 04:41 PM
Thanks Elf. My liver is probably not healthy or at least the healthiest. I'm a veggie and I eat pretty darn healthy, raw vegetables everyday and fruit no dressing etc. It definitely crossed my mind that it could be an energy blockage and my body is trying to get through it. I have asked my teacher (I do yoga in a class 99% of the time) and they didn't have much in a response for me. I also do visualize inhaling through my third eye and trying to rid myself of all old energy and residue. If it is an energy blockage I am guessing your advice is lending itself to clearing that right?

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 09:15 PM

Look up Tu MO / TUMO really do.

I think the Tai Chi might help much really look at that raising the Sky exercise very simple every effective and should as it focuses on this area, lower back and tummy breath help.

Well didnt want to go all heavy on diet but answered my biggest concern, so all good there then cool.

Maybe try and get your acidic levels sorted too, woth thinking about, sounds then like TUMO is occurring or Skakti is being reached for from your kundalini and is blocked.

need to make sure you have no negative entities/thoughtforms and cords to the past or people , this is a favourite area for karmic links still holding on, find a good Rekei friend, but careful loads of charlotans there, don't tell them the issue, let them "read" your aura from their hands over your body and see if they pick anything up there. If so get them to remove it.

Could be your emotional body though too, strong chakras to work through old wounds, bonds and frustrations the lower three. Some clear Quartz may seriously help in a Wand type single pointed when cross legged place in your tummy facing UP your spine for the point. In fact get some clear quartz and carry it for a while too, make sure cleansed properly first and ETHICAL mining.

This may just clear up on its own as you burn through this block try the above too. Learn about your chakras, do some chakra healing, use this to your advantage, its "inner Fire" I think but also as said could be any of the above.

Hey watch this Here You will see at about 1/4 way through a balloon meditation/yoga revealed that may enable you to use this to your advantage greatly in your self healing of mind and body and open up your chi channels yourself

Watch it all best docu you ever will,

Good Luck,


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posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 11:27 PM
Yup look up tummo!! I made a thread a while back about this man name Wim Hof, with this extraordinary ability to withstand the freezing temperature. And he accredited all to a tummo (a type of yoga, maybe meditation?) he practices.

Anyways here's the thread on it, I mean skim through it, you might find some useful or relevant information:

Here's a like wiki page on tummo (yoga):

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 01:46 AM
You may be refering to Tumo or Tummo:

Tumo - Tantric Yoga to keep you warm -

Using Tumo -

Hope that helps

(edit - i just read the whole thread, looks like you are well on your way, gl:up

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