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Ever noticed how the questions answer themselves? Feeling lost?

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posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 12:19 PM
I thought I should post this for anyone feeling lost these days with all the turnmoil etc going on.

A lot of people now more than ever are questioning things such as "Why are we here", "Whats the point", "Why did god say this", "The bible cannot be true", "Why did this happen" and so on and so forth. It still applies even with the smaller questions, what I am about to say.

It is also worth noticing that usually if said, people will say "Oh, it must just be because of this or that"


"Why are we here, its so confusing, life is all over the place doing all kinds of things?"

Now look at that for what it literally is, because it is the actual answer.

We are all here to do all the possibilities that are possible. Infinity from the finite.

Another example

"Why does my life always end up in the gutter, oh well it must just be because I am not doing enough"

Self answering really.

Another example

"Why is this earth so bad, oh well it must just be because theres not enough good people"

Self answering.

"Why do we let these people get away with this, oh well somebodies needing to do something"

Self answering

Lately ive been noticing that so many people answer there own questions but fail to see it.

Can you see my point. It works for almost all of it because everyone already knows the answers, they are looking in the wrong place because they ask the wrong question in the first place.

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