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The Dead Baby Stategy

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posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 06:47 AM

Alan Dershowitz calls it "Hamas' CNN strategy." When Palestinians fire a rocket that kills a Jewish child, they win. When the Israelis fire back and inadvertently kill an Arab child, Palestinians win even more. "Look at my dead babies!" they cry to CNN, which eats it up and rings the cash register. Dead Arab children seem to be the life blood of BBC ghouls. Well, certain sorts of dead Arab children.

You see, the stipulated motive for this anti-Israeli outcry on the part of the media and the "human rights" activists -- the "deep concern" for murdered and maimed Arabs -- is a disprovable fraud. Look at the math.

This article shows the bias and true insanity that hate breeds in the Islamic world. The agenda no matter what happens is "hate" Israel.

Follow this...from the article

Algeria: In 1992, civil war broke out. Psychopathic Islamists with machetes hacked to death 110,000 Algerian civilians. No tears flowed down the cheeks of Western "rights activists." No pictures of these dead Arabs -- babies, children, women and men -- appeared on posters in European or American streets. No marches to protest on behalf of these murdered Arabs. Maybe it would be seen as Politically Incorrect to show a non-Western culture as barbarian. Can that possibly outweigh the souls of the dead Algerians? To "rights groups" -- yes it does.

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