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The beginning to the End.

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posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 03:54 AM
Hello, as you realize by now this world is in a meltdown. Events have led mankind on a spiral to destruction, with every passing moment it strips the few strands of hope people have left. Soon everyone will have settled into a series of ideals that will leave them for a lack of a better word paralyzed, all hopes and dreams extinguished for the brutal reality that is the now. I am going to talk about the holistic reactions that have led man to this point, bring together the knowledge that I am sure the readers of this already have. ----

Two hundred thousand years ago modern man first appeared on this planet, over the course of roughly a hundred and fifty thousand years. The smallest thing done over generations changed their race for all history. Omnivorous diets, bipedalism, increased cranial vault to roughly 1500 cubic centimeters, shoveled teeth, all of these things led to the progression of Homo habilis into Homo Sapian Sapianus. Over time small things like the intake of less abrasive vegetation led to a flat backed tooth rather than a shoveled tooth, we are subject to change just by the things we eat.

Time progressed through many millennia we began to settle in tribes, which became communities that then became cities, city-states that turned into civilizations. From the beginning of the much controversed about Sumerians to the fall of the Roman Empire man was there, man created and man destroyed. The Sumerians, infinite in their own right, became the staple for every nation to come. They influenced every piece of art, political science, philosophical perspective, architectural style, etc, that would come there after. The natural distrust for all other societies that popped up around them led to their solidarity and when large civilizations rose from the ash of small villages destroyed by the Sumerians they felt trapped. Relying now on import of goods from the areas they once controlled, they had less to offer to the rest of the world save the major export of culture and technology. The likes of which founded the Harappa and Hamunjo Daro societies, Babylon, and Egypt. This wonder of the world the great Sumer over time dried up and disappeared in history.

Time after time a great civilization would become dominant and then fall back into the shadows, a tragedy to everyone in the world at that time and many reasons led to this trend. Sumeria survived plagues and the deluge, attacks from invaders, droughts and many other ecological problems but a ruining economy, separation from state, lewd behaviors and ultimately their systematic identity declined and culture became more Semiticised, this led to their downfall. Babylon survived an equal hardship; their predecessors staple the great cuneiform and the spoken language of Emegir was theirs as well, the name of Babylon comes from the word Babilu or בבל for confusion, this was indeed a reason or their demise. People could not stand the politics of this happening and due to small social uprisings the populace was moved to an area called Seleucia by the military of Babylon.

Social uprisings, sickness, morality at its lowest, corrupt banking systems, the apex of technologies, these things have brought down every civilization in the past.

Let us skip ahead until the modern times; there is quite too much history to cover in one posting on a web forum. We see great empires, the Germans, the Russians, Chinese, Great Britain, America… Each has erupted into world power for one time or another, each has fallen from the ranks, and some have come back. In postmodern civilization we can no longer call ourselves singular, we are not members of the great Iraqian civilization nor the Germanian, or the U.S.ian, we are members of a world civilization. For the first time in human history the whole world is connected, all land mass, all peoples; all cultures have grown from one another.

continue ---

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 03:55 AM
The leaders are rich and powerful people, with agendas beyond the average man. Some agendas might benefit the world people, some might hurt, but for certain they are taking root and have been for a long time.

We established that the smallest thing could change man, hopefully for the betterment of its race. Things like GE foods, proliforance in promiscuity, polluting the environment, changing the DNA structure of every human that encounters these things. Each scientist has his explanation for what these things might be doing to man and his future. Economic struggles worldwide are inhibiting people from progressing in the direction we have been heading for so long.

Mankind grows against all odds, we flourish, and we seem to have the want to make amazing technologies imbedded in our DNA itself. Great wars bent on exterminating massive portions of man has raged though time and space, all over the world we have engaged in these things yet we overcome and progress.

On this site I have seen all manor of things discussed, aliens, demons, religious dogma, government conspiracies, great truths. But nothing is done about it, these things continue, as they have been, maybe even at a greater rate. Things have not improved they have only worsened and yet man sits by and watches his destiny be removed from his grasp.

The monsters that run the governments, the threats of global extermination, threats from beyond, and these things exist in mass quantities, because of the laziness of man it has worsened, not the ignorance. One thing is certain about us, we have created all that we have vast empires, great civilizations that have transgressed time, many wonderful beautiful things, and we are the only ones that have destroyed them over time, man has ruined man. If aliens or demons exist we need no help in destruction.

In the past anthropologist have sent communications to distant solar systems asking for help, begging for proof of existence outside us. No help is here we are very much alone in our battle, our fight for survival. Maybe our greatest enemy is not man but he is the one who will destroy us before any other.

I see trends across time heading our direction, no longer do we worry about the fall of Babylon, no we worry about the fall of the entire human race. As I said events have led mankind on a spiral to destruction, with every moment, with every breath it comes closer. It has not just striped us of hope it has raped us of what we are meant to be.

Now I forshadow the people reading this article to find faults in my sayings, bring doubt to my words. To continue this trend this petulant circle of abysmal stupidity, but some will read and take heed. Mankind must take immediate action to save them; they must strike down the problems by whatever way possible, technologically, politically, and physically. Not wait for some saint, some prophet, some magical mystical other worldly person because they are not coming, man must united.

I want to see people change, make a stand for their race, their existence the trials against extinction against all things foreign and domestic evil and righteous. Unify the problems into a solution; act on them and save themselves.

Who am I to be saying all this, to bring this up at a time when people want to hear everything but this subject? Well that is a topic of discussion for another time, everyone makes their destiny, I just hope its not everyone’s destiny to be a bone in the ground of a lost peoples from lost times….

- Aziroth

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 06:04 AM
reply to post by Aziroth

We've been duped. This deception came thousands of years ago. There are several evil descending levels of wickedness that have existed to confuse, corrupt, distract, influence, and destroy by way of authorities, powers, principalities, and rulers of Darkness. If this site is one of the domiciles of this wickedness, I would expect that this will not be permitted.

As "officials" are interviewed/ appointed /determined to fit the agenda/they are placed into an "office" with the understanding that they have a boss, that they will be given more money than they are used to,
allowed a tiny bit of secret information to feel "in", promised rapid advanceent, must be actors/ articulate/ charming/ liars/ focused/ and wealthy, preferably from past "official families" and/or related to prior
"officials" who have attempted to groom them according to directions.
Each boss has been told the same things by their bosses, which become
fewer the lower one descends into the deepest evil where there eventually becomes only one Boss, and his messengers.

There must be no conpunctions, no caring for others, no refusals, and
all of this carried out under strict confidentiality, regardless.

The Khazars(Caesars) at the helm of each "office" inherit their goals from mega-generations previous and feel that world domination is the ultimate goal, whereas even they have been duped by the lowest and most elder
Boss, and his messengers.

I say this because too many have personal opinions, leaning on their own understandings, designs, conditioning, wrong beliefs, and the re-written histories of evil intent, as well as are members of a plan to depopulate the Earth further until there are only the wicked weak left to subdue, having
milked all treasure /value/ life from them.

This Revision of Caesars is from the Holy Roman Empire which cares not
for opinions, sanctity of human/animal life, and has formed a system of Caesars which are in the final detailing of the agenda of the ages, but are unaware that is will be only temporary, was written about over 2,200 yrs. ago, in great detail/ analagies, and with significant warning of the signs we can expect with each generation as we approach the end of this age
destined to be mostly destroyed both purposefully, greedily, savagely, as the historic firsts of such a massacre plays out exactly as each generation ignored those very warnings.

These truths have been mocked, terms and language bastardized by Hollywood and the ignorant, and are cherished by only a few, by comparison, but which shall be proven just ahead when these wicked humans remove the veils and shrouds from off the heads of those they have deceived for so long, destroying every life who rejected the truths, and that because of the human self-will, not by Free Will, which has only two options: to seek, learn, and obey these truths about what is true, good, pure, right, secure, peaceful - or - to remain the same ignorant, confused, fearful, debased person and never find the true
peace one seeks while sitting on their own throne.

The"self" must be overcome, redirected towards the Creator of Heaven and Earth and all hosts therein, and allow the mind to be renewed, the person to be made new, and therefore fulfill the original purpose for which the person was created: to know, learn, believe, love, and willingly serve the greatest Love anyone has ever or will ever know, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. There is no other way, other god, by which a person can be saved from what is just ahead except by Him. He came to save as our Savior, and not to condemn, because there is no condemnation when we realize that only He is Savior and Lord of lords, King of kings, about to return to Earth and put an end to all human governance, setting up the Kingdom of God forever in the new Jerusalem forever, in a world without end.Believe.

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 06:45 AM
Truly spoken. Bravo. That in essence sums up the problem man has had, is having and will face. Although i would point out that most people here will not do anything but read the article and post an arbitrary few lines telling you they know your right or they know your wrong. Your correct in saying that we must unite, but IMHO, i don't know if man has the will to. Sure after things go dramatically wrong they will band together, those few who have survived whatever catastrophe that may or may not be coming. It still remains to be said that man is a reactionary creature, rather than a creature of pro-action.

Humankind tends to try learning from the mistakes of the past rather than preventing those of the future. We have become a race who lives in hindsight, despite having full well the ability for foresight. Unfortunately i do not see this changing. Even after aforementioned catastrophe, i highly doubt foresight will be the name of the game.

Many a great mind, many a worth leader, have come and gone. Many have attempted in the last few centuries to get us in the future state of mind, yet it is as if we cannot tolerate these peoples visionary methods, we cannot understand, comprehend, or as is the case of the last hundred years or so, we do not want to understand or comprehend. In fact, we have a habit of eliminating those visionaries. Of removing the threat to our everyday existence. Surely those who are in power will take care of us, surely they will make sure we have food shelter and warmth.

We have not the will to unite, we have not the will to even proclaim a call to arms, let alone accept the arms if others call for them. It has been bred out of us. The fact is everyone is waiting for someone else to place the call, and therein lies their problem. The excuse of not rising to action because no-one has called for it is not justifiable. The time to act has already come upon us and passed. It is now in the realm of react. Hope, hope that after those of us that will, have survived, hope that we do not travel down this path again.

Love and Peace

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 07:00 AM
The only time when humans will actually have the will to stand together and unite will be the day that something really REALLY terrible happens. That would be the one and only time.

posted on Feb, 3 2009 @ 11:48 PM
Enjoyable read, not sure if I agree with every aspect, but an excellent article nonetheless.

I've been looking into the concept of unity and how it might be achieved in my lifetime, although I target this from a spiritual perspective based on no belief-systems or dogma.

This provided me with two ways it might be possible, and here they are...
A. To teach as many people as possible to look past our differences and see the obvious; that we are all human beings in this boat together. Human beings who share the same real hopes and dreams, who have family and loved ones, who have the same biology, same colored blood, same dire future if we do not row this boat together. "Sameness" if that is a word.

B. This section has two possibilities that in essence provide a similar outcome:-

1. As previously stated in the post by bskivss3.
2. Humanity does face an external threat, whether real or imagined by the whole.

Now onto my simple perspective of why A. will not occur:-

The mindset we have lived as the foundation of human experience here has been "Might is Right", where those with the biggest stick stand on top of the pile knocking down those who attempt to usurp their position or attempt to awaken the populace to the fact that they are the majority with real power.

So that the latter of the above scenarios is not reached, those with the biggest stick used the well worn path of "Divide and Conquer", by indoctrinating us with belief-systems to fight over, with cultural expectations to fight over, with every conceivable reason to view each other as separate to oneself and therefore a threat to our way of life.

Since this has been so very effective for so very long, people have slipped into their comfort zones and refuse change for the majority's betterment, unless it provides more tangible, material payoffs in lifestyle.

This need for lifestyle, particularly in the west but not solely restricted only to there, is a product of "The Dream"; a goal indoctrinated into us from birth and supported by all media, education facilities and modelled by all those who came before us. To break tradition of the Dream is to invite ridicule and worse, which is another determining factor in the dream's success.

It's a bit like the Matrix scenario isn't it it?

Therefore, either the coming Depression will unite a large percentage of people as it did in the 30's, or, a massive natural disaster (or a number of them) will place people from all strata of our society's in the same situation where they will have to rely on others, will have to work together and then may finally understand our sameness.

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 12:37 AM
Unity is a farce. Unity means conformity, it means to give up your individuality for something else.

You mention all these civilizations. The fall because they start putting all importance into "unity" and for the "nation", or "race", and they forget the individuals at the base. This always comes with the centralization of power, which thrives on defining people by superficial ways, nations, races and so on.

At the base of every community is the individual. When these nations start to ignore the individual, and the individuals rights, just as the many do today, the entire community starts to crumble.

Decentralization begins to take hold once people start to look for their individual rights again. And then the empires fall.

This happens over and over. And during the times when they respect the individual and freedom, the countries thrive. And then the people are happy, they become complacent and then power starts to come in centralizing things. They will speak of unity just as you do, just as has been preached for years and years. And production goes down with it, because creativity and everything else is squashed out in the need for a "common goal".

So no thanks. I don't want to be a robot. I don't want to be forced to conform to certain things for the "good of the nation". Instead, things will be for the "good of the nation", when things are focused on the good of the individual. Because that is the base of any nation.

Government is to serve the people and individual, not the other way around.

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 12:42 AM

Originally posted by bskivss3
The only time when humans will actually have the will to stand together and unite will be the day that something really REALLY terrible happens. That would be the one and only time.

Yup, so far everything appears to be ‘honky-dory’. Until some great, heart-breaking tragedy occurs, noone will band together. In the meantime, comedy is a relief to the woes of this world.

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 12:44 AM
I'm sorry, within the two quite verbose posts of yours, I failed to identify a point in any of it.

Is there something we should be discussing here, or is this more of a diary entry or stream of consciousness essay?

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 04:31 AM
I am sorry for the long pause in a reply to your question I had honestly thought I would receive no further posts on this thread. I had enjoyed the responses to this but I was waiting for a question to come across for me to answer. Now to answer your question Thrashee:

The point to my post was to observe the responses given, to understand what people are thinking and how they feel about these matters. This was no diary entry nor was it a stream of consciousness “essay”. I was hoping for questions, then answers to questions, more questions from that. What causes these problems? Why does it continue? Why is it a problem to us today? Many questions out there I feel and everything is related as one piece or another. I want to see peoples solutions, maybe if there is enough support provide a portal to fix things…. many things.

If people are still reading this post, again, I am sorry for taking too much time to respond, I hope to see responses.

- Aziroth

posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 08:47 PM
I don't even know what the hell you are talking about, as your OP was nothing more than a rambling session of the conscious.

Post a coherent and meaningful question, and we might be better able to respond to it.

posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 08:53 PM
reply to post by Aziroth

ATS people reading this are probably thinking:
This is true...yeah....we should unite!....It's true we should be out there rioting on the streets.....oh one else is......time to just stay on the computer.....

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