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(UK) Hold a knife in a photo? Police will be sent to your home.

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posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 11:21 PM

The UK government are now actively spying on people's webpages to check if they're pictured holding a knife or any other weapon in any photos uploaded, even in if it's in their own home...

Upload a picture of your prized samurai sword? Expect a visit from the police.

Have a picture taken while out hunting, clay shooting or airsoft combat simulation? Expect a visit from the police.

'The law's been broken'

The man in charge of this, Superintendent Bob Hamilton, says there are two ways of dealing with people once they've been tracked down.

If they were posing in a public place, like on the street or a park, the law has been broken and they'll be arrested.

Even when pictures are taken in private, though, which isn't technically breaking the law, he says the weapons are so dangerous his officers pay a visit to the people involved.

Seriously, you can't make this stuff up.

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 11:38 PM
so how about films? If there is a british film with guns, will the actors get a visit? Otherwise everybody can say they were filming a movie...

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 11:43 PM
This is indeed true,
However they said they are limiting their monitoring to the 'main' websites, Myspace and Bebo,
It is mainly being aimed at teenagers in the wake of knife & gun crim rising in the U.K =)

posted on Apr, 3 2009 @ 11:00 PM
lol ive had a picture of me holding a knife for about 3 years and i have many on my website,,nothings happened to me as of yet,but my site isnt one of killing and stuff,just many different pics of myself being sillly,weird,funny and one holding a knife.

posted on Apr, 4 2009 @ 02:19 AM
Dude, this is a sad day indeed for one of my favorite shows.

posted on Apr, 4 2009 @ 02:29 AM
I wonder if they will come to someone's house if they post a picture of them holding a steak knife?

Probably would, what am I thinking.

posted on Apr, 4 2009 @ 04:14 AM
Don't read so much into it or extrapolate that kitchen utensils will encourage a visit from the police
In the UK there is a growing culture of teenaged gangs arming themselves with knives. The growth is reflected in the rise of A&E patients with knife wounds and police stats of murders by knives.

It's a real problem. The gangs were and are uploading pics and videos to YT, Bebo and Myspace to antagonize other gangs and amuse themselves. Several murder investigations in the past 18 months have been helped by the evidence posted by the perpetrators. A murder of a young boy from Croxteth, Liverpool was partially solved by information posted by the two gangs on websites. They also post footage of being in stolen cars, burning properties, tearing up housing estates on illegal scooters.

If a gang identify themselves by name and postcode (zip code) on a website and then pose holding illegal knives and guns, what would you do? The police will naturally use the vid as evidence. If it prevents someone else getting stabbed or cut up than fair enough. These kids aren't normal members of the public. They wear hoods and scarfs covering their faces. They carry weapons. They involve themselves with acts of violence against themselves and normal people that pass by.

The police aren't looking at survivalists videos or guys carving atlatls with carving knives. They are looking at young criminal assholes that use numbers to scare people. Individually, they often aren't worth a damn thing. 8 stone, uneducated, underfed, pale and spotty. Gathered together, hidden behind hood and scarf, pissed up on cheap alcohol and high on skunk they are a whole new ballgame. Every town has got them and if the police want to go and remove their weapons, a lot of people will much happier.

Suggesting that the police will be invading homes on the grounds that Uncle Charlie has a knife on last years barbecue video is ridiculous.

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