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(YYSLSC) Yarina

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posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 08:33 PM
Roswell New Mexico, June 1985

I guess the best place to start is at the beginning, but there’s a problem with that, I don’t remember the beginning. I vaguely remember the crash in 1947. I lost most of my memories in the crash and I only remember parts of my life on that other planet. Sometimes in my dreams I catch a glimpse of my other life, but the memory fades the more that I am awake. I wish I could sleep more. All I know for certain is that I am different and I have never told Matthew this, the man to whom I am married.

I met Matthew in 1980, in Roswell New Mexico. It had been 38 years since the crash, and I hadn’t aged a day. This disguise that I wear is for protection. I don’t want to end up on a gurney somewhere under the knife of the Military Surgeons. I sort of remember being “fitted” for this protective skin before we boarded the ship. I remember hurling towards the Earth, stars and debris were whisking past the windows of the ship. Yevlin had trouble slowing the ship down, that’s why we crashed that night in the desert. He should have begun the deceleration process as soon as we reached the Earth’s atmosphere, everyone might have survived had he followed the rules.

Deskis should have been the Pilot, he was my husband on that other planet. I don’t remember him very clearly or the protective skin he was given before the Launch. I only know his energy. The few of us who survived the crash fled the ship before the Air Force came and cleaned up the debris. Deskis, was one of the four taken away by the Military, probably cut up, experimented on and placed on display somewhere. I stopped feeling his energy in 1959; I knew that he was dead. It still breaks my heart when I think of him.

Rose saved my life. I give her all the credit in the world for what she did for me. A human, her ranch was a few miles from the crash site. I hid in her shed for about a week until she found me. I ate vegetables from her garden, and drank water from the creek that ran down her property. Before we left our planet we received strict instructions to keep this body hydrated. Why? I don’t know. Probably because it’s easier on the organs when we shape shift; I haven’t done it in years. I don’t even know if I could do it if I tried.

Rose died of Ovarian Cancer when she was 53, in July 1979. I tried to heal her, to fix her, to take her pain away. She had done so much for me. I believed I could heal her but our planet does not have Cancer, and I had no previous training in killing the disease. I used to be so good at healing; I was what you would a “Holistic Practitioner”. Energy: The source of all things Life. The day I laid my hands on her, was the day I told her my secret. She never told a single soul, I trusted her with all my heart. I miss her very much.

She had spoke of Matthew many times before, her ex-husband’s son from another marriage. And although I lived with her for 32 years, I never met him. He was a hot-shot Neurologist in New York, Roswell was simply too small for him. I met him at her funeral, he was tall and handsome. Three years later we were married, and he moved back to Roswell, where we live in Roses’ house. It kills me to sit in this house without her. She knew my secret; it was such a relief sharing this secret with someone.


“What do you want for Valentines Day Julia?” I hate it when he calls me that.
“Oh you know me, I’m not big on these corporate Holidays.”
“Don’t give me that. When a woman says she doesn’t want anything it usually means she does.” I’m not a regular woman Matthew.
“No honey, it’s fine. I don’t need anything.”
“Well I didn’t ask you if you needed anything.” He was nibbling at my ears now. I don’t know why humans find that pleasurable.
“I need to go to the grocery store. We’re out of eggs.” I pulled away from him. I don’t know what’s going on with me, I feel so empty.

I grab my car keys and my purse. “I’ll be home in an hour.”
“Okay. I love you.”
I close the door and lock it behind me.

The grocery store is quite small, with only a few aisles of produce. I head to the dairy section and grab a carton of eggs. I know most of the people who work here, but I don’t consider any of them friends. We’ve had Beth and her husband over for dinner a few times.

“Hi Julia! I haven’t seen you in ages, how are you doing?”
“Oh not too bad, just busy with the garden is all.”
She rings my eggs through the till and invites me to a ladies night of drinks. I suppose I could fit in age wise with her crowd but I decline the offer anyway. I don’t know how I’m going to “age”. I might try and add some grey into my hair with one of those boxed dyes, but I’m scared the chemicals might affect this body somehow. I can’t risk something going wrong. I can’t keep looking young. Everyone always asks me what I use on my face that keeps it so smooth. I tell them: good old fashioned homemade soap and water. They never believe me.

I wave goodbye to Beth and unlock my car, which is parked right out front the double doors. There is that feeling again. What is that? I sense an energy around me, but I see no one on the street. I get in the car, and turn the key. I drive in the direction of the farm, trying to shake the feeling that has taken over my body. My knees are shaking, and my arms are unsteady. Only a few more miles to go…


Matthew is sound asleep, but I keep tossing and turning. I can’t get comfortable, and I’m not tired. I’ve never been one to sleep for 8 hours, apparently humans need that. Usually after 5 hours, I’m well rested. Restless, I get out of bed, careful not to wake Matthew and decide to make myself a tea and watch some TV; a novelty human’s enjoy that I will never understand. The blue sofa is the same one when Rose lived here. I remember her lying here, while I tried to heal her. I decide to sit in the red recliner instead. Flipping through the channels, I stop on the local news. About the same time, our telephone rings, an annoyance more then anything. I pick up the phone and it’s our neighbor Jennifer down the road.

“Julia, Something big has just happened! Ralph saw something flashing through the sky! Did you hear that loud noise?”
“What loud noise?”
“It sounded like a huge bang! Ralph is headed out to the property lines to look around! I thought maybe Matthew might want to go take a look around, Ralph says he saw something fall out of the sky near our fence.”

I tell her that I’ll send Matthew out, but I actually have no intention of doing so. I go back to our room and pull on some sweatpants, a sweatshirt and grab a flashlight. I shouldn’t be walking around the desert at night time alone, but I want to know what this is. If it is another crashed ship…I don’t finish the thought.

There is nothing on our land, but as I near the end of the property lines, I can see large puffs of smoke trailing off into the sky. Ralph has his flashlight walking up and down his own land; he is a fair distance from me. I turn off my flashlight and decide to walk a little further, just to take a look and see what is burning. After another hundred meters, over the hill, the smell hits my nose. I know instantly that this a spaceship is burning. My mind fills with memories of our crash, the metal hot on my skin, and the smell of burning flesh. I need to get to that ship. Someone like me could be hurt.

As I near the crash site, the same feeling of energy sweeps over my body. I recognize that energy. I know that energy. Within a few feet I can see that there are “people” trying to get out, and trying to put out the fire. It won’t go out. I stand to the side a little longer before one of them sees me, and starts to run in the other direction. The rest of the occupants follow. I stand fast, resisting the urge to tell them that I can help them. They’re probably terrified. They don’t know that I am like them. Instead, I send a ball of light energy through the palm of my hand up into the air a few feet, hoping to catch the attention of one of them with this peace offering. One of them looks my way, and matches my light energy; it’s hovering above my head. I catch it, and it absorbs into my palm. I whisper, but they can’t hear me.

One of them comes towards me, his hand extended. The rush surrounds my body, and I know in an instant that it is Daskis. I extend my hand back, and for a moment, I am lost in his glowing blue eyes. I take his hand, and in a moment our minds are connected. I can hear him thinking, and he can hear me. He’s telling me that he has come for me. I tell him that I can’t leave. He is hurt by this, and his eyes grow dark. He asks me why, but I can’t give him an answer.

The other occupants have fled into the desert, with supplies they were able to salvage from the ship. I ask him why he doesn’t follow. He tells me that they are destined to run, and he is destined to stay. I don’t know what to tell him. I love him so much, and it burns my insides. I have so many questions for him, and I need him to answer them.

He follows me back to the farm, and I tell him that he can stay in the Shed. I will bring him food in the morning, and we will talk more; after Matthew goes to work. I tell him that I am living with a human. He has so many questions for me, but I ignore them. I bring him some clothes before I go into the house, alone.


In the morning Matthew kisses my cheek as he dresses for work. He’s wearing a black suit with an awful red satin tie. I kiss him back, and for a moment I wonder if I’ll ever see him again. I wonder if I want to see him again. He leaves for work, and as soon as I am sure he has left the driveway, I leave for the shed.

Daskis is sitting on a box waiting . I can tell he hasn’t slept all night. He hugs me and for the first time in a long time, I feel at home.


Edit: Tense for Continuity.

[edit on 1/29/2009 by CA_Orot]

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 08:36 PM
As we’re holding hands, I ask him about our crash. I ask him where they took him. He tells me about an underground facility. He broke free during one of the experiments before they were able to pierce his epidermis. I don’t want to know how he escaped. He tells me this journey was a rescue mission, that the other 3 who were taken away, are still alive. He tells me his crew has come to take them home. I don’t want to know how they plan on saving anyone, I’m certain that death is involved. He talks of new technology for a while, but I’m not paying attention. I’m scanning his memories in hopes to find some of my own. I know he knows what I am doing.

“How are you going to get home?” I ask, out loud.
“Not me. We. I came for you.”
“I don’t remember it, it’s not my home anymore.”
“It will always be your home. You need to come back. I love you. I can help you remember.”
“I’ll never remember. I’m damaged. I try and I try, but I can’t. This place here and now, is more real to me than anything else.”
“You’ve been searching for me too.”
“I thought you were dead.”
“I left 30 years ago.”
“That’s why I couldn’t feel you? How did you get home?” I have so many questions.
“I hid in the desert until they came for me. I sent home a signal, a very large burst of energy.”
“Who was flying this time? You crashed again.”
“I didn’t crash. Fridder was the pilot.”
“Did he survive?”
He doesn’t answer.

“You’re going to die Yarina.” I know he is telling the truth, I’ve been feeling it inside of me for some time now. “Your protective skin is only good for a few more years. You need to come home, or you will die on this Planet.”

“Two more years?” I ask him.
He nods. I know that he wants me to go home with him, I can feel it. I want to go home, but I can’t leave Matthew. He moved his entire life to Roswell for me, and he never really knew the reason why. I needed to be close to the crash site. I told him it was because I didn’t want to leave Roses’ house. That it wasn’t right for the house to be sold to someone else.

“I’ll send the signal today. They can be here for us in a few weeks.”
“What about the others? You’ll leave them?”
“No, they’ll be ready to go. I’ve given them the time limits, they know where to meet me.”
“How did you know I was here?” I ask.
“I didn’t. I was expecting to search for you. But I felt you when we crashed.”
“The Military will be cleaning up the crash. They’ll be coming around to ask questions. Where am I supposed to hide you? I can’t keep you here…Matthew.”
His eyes look sharply to mine as I say Matthew’s name. I know that he is jealous. I feel light-headed so Close my eyes and lean on his shoulder.


October 1986

I open my eyes to the white ceiling. My heart skips a beat when I see Rose sitting in the chair across from my bed. Am I dreaming? I try to move towards her, but I am strapped down. I want to talk, but I can’t. My mouth is so dry. What have they given me?

“Julia, are you ready to come home?”
“Where is Daskis?” I manage in a hoarse voice.
“Julia, I thought we already talked about this. Don’t you want to come home?”

She looks to the nurse, and in an instant the lady in white jabs the needle into the Saline Drip. Before I know it, my eyes are closing, and I’m dreaming again. In the background I can hear screaming, and I can hear pills being shaken out into portion cups.
I drift off into my memories, and then I’m back in the Shed with Daskis, telling him that I want to home.


Patient: Julia Sanders
Diagnosis: Paranoid Schizophrenia Muiltiple Personalities (Julia,Yarina)
Birthday: January 24th, 1959
Treatment: Experimental

Julia Sanders, the foster child of Rose Sanders, has been a resident of Pine Grove Mental Institution for 7 years. Admitted in 1979, she suffers from delusions of paranoia and multiple personalities. She believes that she is an extraterrestrial being from another planet. Treatment thus far has been unsuccessful. She is unresponsive to the medications prescribed by her physician, and has undergone multiple surgeries: lesioning of the frontal lobe and parietal lobe, which proved mildly successful in diminishing the delusions. She is scheduled for Hippocampus lesioning on January 15, 1987.

Signed: Dr. Matthew Green, Pine Grove Mental Institution, Roswell New Mexico.

- Carrot

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 10:05 PM
Very nice story. I will have to leave it at that. Is there or will there be anymore to this story?? It does sound real somewhat and enjoyed reading it.

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 11:29 PM
I did not like the end, how very sad for her... Enjoyed the fantasy while it lasted though.

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 07:30 PM
Thanks for the comments

Brothers - I'm not sure that I'lll write more for this, its just for the contest I think.

Antar - Thanks for the feedback, It took me a few drafts to come up with an ending that no one would expect... It is sad for her, I agree.

- Carrot

posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 07:25 AM
Carrot honey, I don't know how you find the time between real life, dats and writing poetry and stories..but I'm so glad that you do.

posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 03:17 PM
Thank you AD
You just made my day dear...
I'm really enjoying your dark days thread

- Carrot
(I might be a bit of a hermit

posted on Feb, 2 2009 @ 04:04 PM

Originally posted by CA_Orot
Thank you AD
You just made my day dear...
I'm really enjoying your dark days thread

- Carrot
(I might be a bit of a hermit

iam quite enjoying the contributions to the dark days thread too.
never thought that would take off. oh geez..i just made a canuck funny...
take off eh!

posted on Feb, 3 2009 @ 03:39 PM
reply to post by CA_Orot

Absolutely superb Carrot

I really enjoyed that story immensely and believe it or not I liked the ending as well.

The ending kind of had that twilight zone feel to it.

At the beginning of the story you mention that she doesn’t remember the beginning and has problems remembering the past. I think that at the end of the story, there is a slight mystery, as to whether she is really just a human suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and multiple personalities or could she in fact, really be an alien who has had memory problems and lapses in memory, since the crash! How does this explain Rose being dead and her husband being a man called Mathew? I hear you ask lol Well, if she was an alien and could pick up on people’s life force, then, when she was in a dream state, in hospital, she could have picked up on the life force of the Doctor Mathew Green and patched in dream like memories that he was her husband. When Rose found (Julia,Yarina) in the shed, maybe she named her Julia due to (Julia’s,Yarina’s) lol lack of memory. During (Julia’s,Yarina’s) stay in hospital, maybe she couldn’t sense Rose’s life force in her dream like state because Rose was not at the hospital regularly enough and once again her brain patched in the memory that Rose had died. All of this, so called brain patching, lol could admittedly, have happened if she was just a human patient suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and multiple personalities but she could possibly, have been an alien.

Maybe I’m seeing more to this story, than there actually is lol

Just a thought

- JC

posted on Feb, 3 2009 @ 04:19 PM
Thank you for the comments Joe

You didn't read too far into the story - you got exactly what I was hoping you would: Uncertainty.

- Carrot

posted on Feb, 3 2009 @ 07:34 PM
Thanks Carrot

I knew I was onto something lol

I also like your story because it that really engages the reader and get's them to think about the possibilities and try to connect up imaginary dots. The descriptive side of your story was very clear and imaginative and you managed to keep an air of mystery, as to what was going to happen next.

Your story was awesomeness.

- JC

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 10:14 AM
Thank you Joe
I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. (This was my first short story that I've ever actually let someone read).

I'll u2u back soon I promise, I'm off to the dentist this morning.

- Carrot

PS. Awesomeness is an awesome word isn't it?

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 11:54 AM
Yeah, you can’t get more awesome than awesomeness.

Wow! your first story and it was excellent…all I can say is, it takes a lot of guts to post up your first story and I’m glad I found that there was more to it, than meets the eye.

Strange thing was, I was reading lots of threads on the Roswell crash and I thought I would take a break lol to look at some other threads. Your story was the first thread I stumbled across. At first I thought, Oh man not Roswell AGAIN lol Seriously though, that’s partly what sparked my interest

I hope I didn’t blow you away, with my u2u analysis of your story.

- Croft

PS. Good luck at the dentist, if they take out any wisdom teeth, you will still have plenty of wisdom left in the tank.

edit - thing - word

[edit on 4-2-2009 by Joecroft]

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 04:30 PM
i just like your story carrot
so real so disturbing
it made me shiver

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