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The Casey Anthony Case: Casey Anthony aka Zenaida Gonzalez

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posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 08:33 PM
My updated view on the Anthony case.
They won't have a problem with finding a jury. I'll tell ya' why I say that. The other night my mom stopped over and when she walked in, she saw me sitting at the computer. She asked what I was up to, and my wife said; "Oh, he's been following the case against Casey Anthony"
My mom said; "Who's Casey Anthony?" lmao
For those of us following it, or people that watch Nancy Grace or those kind of shows, it seems impossible almost to us that noone has at least heard of this case. But the fact is, there are more people that could care less than that do.
It isn't going to be hard to find 12 people who will be able to be honest and fair, sit on a jury and decide a vertict based only on the evidence provided during the trial.
What I find funny, is George accusing Morgan of wanting his "15 minutes of fame"! Now after we've all seen George and Cindy on Larry King, Geraldo, and countless other programs. Also after one of the investigating detectives told Cindy, she should stay away from these sort of shows for their own good. We now find out that George and Cindy are going to be on Oprah!! Probably the most viewed daytime show on TV. lmao Oprah going for those ratings and George and Cindy no doubt will try to play the "Poor Me" act as "Grieving Grandparents". I hope it back fires right in their smug arrogant faces! No doubt they will blame everyone other than themselves. They will portray themselves as victims. They will say the police made their minds up about Casey without giving her a chance. On and On......
All lies, all planned out, and all already most likely set up with Oprah. They will also be able to refuse to answer Oprah's questions claiming a pending murder trial. They will say they believe Casey's story. They will probably give their new story of what happened and why it wasn't originally told. Why their PI D. Casey is still investigating a woman in Pureto Rico. All lies, all to create resonable doubt. Probably throw Jesse Grund's name out there as much as possible, along with his father Richard. So much for George and Cindy not wanting any attention. They want america to view them as a married couple going through a terrible ordeal. Oprah's audience won't hear about Cindy screwing her PI Dom. Casey. They won't hear about how George and Cindy haven't slept together in years. They won't hear about each of them having their own bedroom. They won't hear anything that resembles the truth.
They'll say how much they loved Caylee and how much they are devestated over her loss. OR the possibility of her still being alive? In the words of Nancy Grace, it'll be a "BOMBSHELL" show!
But you can be sure it will be packed with lies and misdirection. Cindy is a control freak, so she'll probably do most of the talking. George will play the nice guy on the pitty pot.
If Cindy had numbers and addresses why did she need Casey to take her to "Zanny's"? If George believed Zanny had Caylee, and he had an address, and he claimed to search for Caylee, why didn't he search for Zanny or go to where he says he knew where she was? It's all rediculous unmatching lies. Absurd stories, all nothing more than obstruction. These people are horrible people that will do anything and hurt anyone to help themselves. Bottom line, Cindy and George have stooped to a new low. All lies.
Casey Anthony is guilty of murder, I hope she rotts in prison for the rest of her life. If she gets the death sentance, GOOD.


posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 02:20 PM
reply to post by Valhall

Ahhhh and I missed NG last night. Thanks for this information. I was expecting an article and I got the actual document - nice!

As most of you, I have been following this case since the very beginning, reading every document release, continuing to follow with interest in justice for Caylee.

This case captured my attention for several reasons: I'm an older first time mom and have a little one myself. Secondly, I have an interest in true crime. And finally, I hold a generic belief that conflicts with a specific situation.

Meaning, I'm a liberal who does not believe in the death penalty. However like most of you, I am appaled at the horrendous nature of this case and the cold hearted malevolence of this seriously disturbed human, Casey. There is a sickness in that whole family that runs deep and I wouldn't be a bit shocked if there are actual case studies being done by collegiants in various fields.

I am personally being challenged by this case in my quest to always being an 'authentic' person. Can't have it both ways. Can't hold such a concrete belief and make one convenient exception.

I feel so torn and find it personally challenging.

I have lots of theories, observations of the players, my own email dialog with Brad Conway. I'll touch upon these at a later date. I'm just glad we finally have a thread about this on ATS and wanted to share my personal torments.

Justice for Caylee indeed.

[edit on 4/14/2009 by Whisper67]

posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 06:08 PM
Aggravating circumstances for death penalty:

1. Killing was Heinous, atrocious, cruel or depraved.

2. Killing involved substancial planning and premeditation.

3. Killing was committed without pretense of moral or legal justification.

4. Victim is less than 12 years of age.

Here's the one that caught my attention:

5. Killing was committed by a person with previous felonies, or happened while another felony was being committed.

Veilanna's video, Nancy Grace Pt 2

Kathi Belich explains how other evidence that was found at the scene AFTER little Caylee's remains were found, was strong enough for the state to seek the death penalty.

We all know from ValHall's information that there is a question of the ID that was obtained from Casey Anthony's belongings that her brother Lee brought home from Tony Lazzaro's apartment.

The fifth element that fits the criteria for the death penalty to be placed back on the table could be described as the fact that Casey was already committing crimes by the check fraud charges that stem from incidents in July in which Casey was caught stealing checks from AH.

The charges include grand theft, fraudulent use of personal identification, forgery of a check, uttering a forged check and petty theft. All of the charges are felonies.

We know that the "fraudulent use of personal identification" is from Casey's use of AH's checks.

BUT, the thing that I wonder about is this other ID. It just keeps bugging me.

Look again at the comparisons between Casey's doodling and notice the "Z" in Tony Lazzaro's name (looks like the number 3) she writes it a few different ways:

Page 2780

Also notice the "n" in Anthony, there's a curve upwards in the "n", same as in the Za"n"aida signature (click "I acknowledge") to view the doc:

The signature is way at the bottom and signed very small, zoom in 300 to get a better look.

THAT ZG22 fell off the face of the earth after this offense, could THIS be the states smoking gun?

Now, check out what Michelle Dresbold says about Casey's handwriting (more examples of Casey's handwriting):

Part 1

Part 2

Sorry for bringing it up again, but it just seems very strange that the state has not released the information about the contents of the belongings that they collected from the night of the 15th of July.

Shouldn't that have already been released to the public?

Why are they holding on to that?

posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 07:46 PM

Originally posted by Whisper67
reply to post by Valhall

This case captured my attention for several reasons: I'm an older first time mom and have a little one myself. Secondly, I have an interest in true crime. And finally, I hold a generic belief that conflicts with a specific situation.

Meaning, I'm a liberal who does not believe in the death penalty. However like most of you, I am appaled at the horrendous nature of this case and the cold hearted malevolence of this seriously disturbed human, Casey. There is a sickness in that whole family that runs deep and I wouldn't be a bit shocked if there are actual case studies being done by collegiants in various fields.

I am personally being challenged by this case in my quest to always being an 'authentic' person. Can't have it both ways. Can't hold such a concrete belief and make one convenient exception.

I feel so torn and find it personally challenging.

Justice for Caylee indeed.

Just for the record, I'm torn as well. You won't see me celebrating the news of the death penalty being reintroduced, but at the same time, I leave the judgment of that call to 12 qualified citizens who have the right and power to do so.

I have compassion for Casey. I'll post something here that I stated on WebSleuths after some one voiced their feelings of wanting to understand...

Thanks for these words...couldn't have said it better. I personally believe that there is something wrong mentally - you can call it illness or dysfunction or whatever you want - with anyone who takes another human being's life on purpose and without defensive cause. I also believe that the illness can be created by the environs the person comes up through, coupled with a conscious decision to give in to the demons those precursors created. The decision is 100% KC's. The factors are shared by the person's kookoo family. In this case, I believe the lion's share goes to CA (IMHO).

You wanting to "understand" how a person of KC's ilk can come to be is your attempt to find ground where you can continue to handle the situation as a human being versus a torch-carrying mob member in a Frankenstein flic...your attempt to find a way to have compassion. In this particular case it is very hard to voice "I have compassion for KC"..especially here, maybe, because people will tend to take that as if you are giving her leeway. It's not so. We can hold compassion and maintain the law - including punitive measures.

I have compassion for KC...I feel downright sorry for her. I personally believe she was in a mental prison for the majority of her adolescence under the warden named CA. I wish she had found the moral strength to overcome that with grace as many other people have done under the same circumstances. She didn't...and she stands accused. She said it the best she could in that last released tape of the jailhouse visit with her parents - "I have lost everything"...her daughter, her family, her freedom....her life as it could have been; but not when she got arrested, (as she thinks), but when she made the amoral (and I believe it was amoral versus immoral - there in lies the mental illness) decision she made. The only error in her statement was that she had "lost" everything...she didn't lose anything, she threw it all away and she knows right where she pitched a cold, dark, skanky swamp, double-bagged and rotting.

I do feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for the fact she appears to have been raised in such a dysfunctional family and she gave in to the role of the victim so entirely, that when the defining moment in her life appeared, she chose to become a monster. Now we're all forced to take the moral ground and not pick up the torch. The monster was stitched together...

All [her] speculations and hopes are as nothing, and like the archangel who aspired to omnipotence, [she] is chained in an eternal hell.
- modified Mary Shelly, Frankenstein

posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 01:48 AM
reply to post by Valhall

I believe SOMETHING happened to her too.

People just don't act that way and do the things she did "just because".

I've had my share of fingerpointing and ridicule and I'll be honest, PURE HATRED for this girl.

But, it's not normal for someone to go off and kill her baby, and then incinuate in her diary that she did it to "save" her from her mother Cindy.

If Casey's mentality was to "save" Caylee, then save her from WHAT?

I believe there are deep dark secrets in that family that drives them ALL to act the way they ALL do in this seemingly diabolical cover-up.

Casey has put up a "wall", and to get into a little bit of behavioral science, Casey built this wall up from WAY back before she killed her daughter. She definitely has a protection for herself. It's a defensive mechanism used to "not feel". Casey portrays herself as a cold-hearted B*tch. THAT takes a LOT of practice and a LONG time to accomplish and build up throughout your life.

It didn't just all of a sudden get built (Rome wasn't built in a day either)...

My personal opinion is that she was molested, and probably being molested from a very young age.

Casey shared lies and truths with her closest friends, and some of her lies were tainted with truths.

She said that she told her mother that her Dad was "touching" her and she said that Cindy brushed her off and told her not to be causing trouble.

She also mentioned that her brother was trying to have sex with her as well.

Whether he actually did or not is a good question and NEEDS a answer, to find out if this is one of the reasons she is the way she is, and I suspect it is. THAT would screw ANYONE up

Is THIS why Casey is so disturbed?

SOMETHING has made her become the cold, emotionless human being she is.

I put a LOT of the blame for this on Cindy, because just the way I feel about Casey, I feel she never stood a chance of being a good person because of the mother she has.

Cindy never gave consequences. Casey was allowed to commit crimes, lie and cause lots of problems BEFORE the ultimate crime of murder.

As a parent, you're supposed to TEACH your children and scold and punish them when they do wrong. Cindy never did that for Casey.

How could Casey differentiate between right and wrong when there's no repercussions of wrongdoings?

Although no one is ever going to excuse Casey for this baby's death, it SHOULD be a priority (besides JUSTICE for Caylee) to find out WHAT EXACTLY caused Casey to kill Caylee.

Maybe we'll never find out.

posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 10:57 PM
Heres whats up.
Casey Anthony is guilty of murder. Cindy and George are guilty of lying and trying to obstruct justice in this case.
Caylee is the only victim in this situation. Caylee is dead, murdered by her mother. Caylee never had a chance. I'll tell you why Casey murdered her daughter. At least it's another theroy to kick around.
I think we can all agree that children are products of their enviornment. They can't help taking on traits, personalities, and even lifestyles in some cases as the parents that raised them.
Lets start with getting this out of the way, Lee Anthony is not Caylee's father as has been proven. But Caylee DNA shows, which is why they tested Lee, that an uncle would be a probable likelyhood to look at as Caylee's father.
What if 23 years ago, Cindy slept with George's brother? And George actually just found out that he's really Casey's uncle!? Remember in the beginning, George was being honest with police, and really searching for the truth, even he back then was leaning towards Casey. Then, suddenly George starts lying, and out of nowhere he even tries to kill himself! Then after he gets out of the hospital and regains strength, George does his flip and drastically starts lying and changing his story. Remember Casey said she told Cindy George molested her. Could that have been the only truth Casey ever told? When a young girl confides something that tramatic to someone and it gets rejected, that girl becomes a ticking time bomb of destruction of something. Cindy and George surely don't want this story out there. Could George be Caylee's father? Could George be the uncle that police thought probably fathered Caylee? Is George really Casey's uncle? Is this why George quit his job and left Ohio over 20 years ago? Is this why Cindy told Casey, Caylee was her best mistake?
Seems to me, the crazier this story gets, the more it makes sence.
It seems Cindy was one to sleep around also. She's a liar, a control freak, a manipulator, Cindy is everything Casey turned out to be with the exception of being a murderer.
Is this why Casey suddenly is showing signs of stress? She was calm and emotionless until a couple days ago or so. Did she just find some of this out through her lawyer? Is this why Baez is so confident she won't get the death sentence? Baez is going to lay the blame on Cindy and George. At the most Casey will be found guilty of Manslauter, if Baez can prove Casey has been on the brink of a breakdown for years and a victim of incest.

I'm not saying I know any of this to be fact. I'm just saying it's a thought. It seems to actually make sence. More sence than a young woman who suddenly decides to murder her daughter over jealousy of attention. It would explain and make sence of alot of things.

Cindy is desperate to lie and manipulate this case. It's obvious she has been rediculously lying and telling absurd stories since the beginning. She was acting normal during the 911 calls. But as soon as this case got national attention, Cindy went nuts with lying and changing her statements and stories.

Whatever happens, the important thing is........


posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 06:58 AM
After weeks (and we won't even get into how many hours) of searching every stinking scrapbook site on the internet, I have FINALLY located the exact heart sticker found at the crime scene. I've turned over the manufacturer information as well as the stores that sell this particular packet to Yuri Melich.

Here's hoping it helps.

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 07:48 PM
Something just popped out at me that I hadn't noticed before and it is the statement by Harry Garcia who was the one that filled out the guest card for the real Zenaida Gonzalez when she visited Sawgrass apartments on June 17th.

Yuri Melich showed up at the Sawgrass apartments office at 8:45 a.m. on July 16th (that is less than 12 hours into the investigation). He had know idea when he arrived there that he was about to learn that a real Zenaida Gonzalez had visited the apartments on the 17th of June. He told the manager, Amanda Macklin, they were there to investigate a report of a missing child and that they had reason to believe she was last seen at apartment 210. Amanda Macklin explained that apartment 210 had been vacant for over 140 days. She then states in her official statement:

I checked our database and informed the detective that Kayley [sic] nor her mother were listed as ever being a resident or applicant for residency of Sawgrass....I was questioned as to whether or not I recognized the name of Zenaida Gonzalez, which I did not. I checked for her information in our database and found she had inquired about an apartment at Sawgrass apartments in June 2008.

She then pulls the guest card and sees that Harry Garcia was the one that filled it out, so she passes the guest card to Harry Garcia and the investigators talk to him. Harry states the investigator handed him a page with about 12 photos on it and from his statement:

I looked at the photographs and believed I recognized one of the pictures. I told Detective Melich one of the pictures looked familiar to me and I believed the pictured person may have visited the community as a prospect. He told me all of the pictures were of the same person. He never mentioned the person's name.

He then goes on to state that ALL prospects have a guest card filled out on them.

So here are the important questions: 1. Who was the woman in the 12 photos? It couldn't have been the real Zenaida Gonzalez because Melich didn't even know about her yet. I contend it most likely was NO Zenaida Gonzalez at that point because they were less than 12 hours into the investigation. The only person they had AMPLE photos of at that point was KC. 2. If ALL prospects have a guest card filled out, and the person in the photo that Harry Garcia recognized is KC, then why doesn't her name hit in the database?

Did KC visit Sawgrass as a prospect under a different name? Did she visit as ZG22???

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 08:47 PM
I think you hit it on the head: why would the cops show 12 photos of Z, when they only learned about her name 12 hours prior (if I understood correctly), how would they get those pictures unless she is real and had a prior conviction. It seems more plausible that they actually showed 12 shots of C instead.

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 05:22 PM
reply to post by Valhall


12 photos, they already had...

When you apply for a driver's license, they take your picture..

I wonder if ONE of the pictures the police presented to the Sawgrass employees was the one on the driver's license.

Casey googled the name ZG on the 16th, THEN to cover herself, she started her ZG alibi.

Casey described ZG as a "10" and described her as very similar looking to the nanny in the One Tree Hill series.

Wanda Wery "claims" she saw little Caylee at the airport, but HER description of the woman who had Caylee does NOT fit the description that Casey gave.

I believe the police has ALL of this information and they have not released it yet.

Cindy (according to Lee) SAW this other ID, so Cindy KNOWS of this.

She is cahoots with the rest of these people who are trying to cover this murder up.

I HOPE that they arrest her and make her accountable for her part in this.

Val.... YOU are a genius!

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 07:04 PM
For some reason when the police approached Zanaida Gonzalez, they showed her a picture of Casey's driver's license..

Page 47

This picture is clearly the picture on the driver's license, however, the information, such as name, height, weight, address, date issued, etc was clipped out.

A very young Casey with long hair.

Nothing else that is identifiable, except for the picture is there.

Here's a copy of the "real" Zanaida Gonzales signature

page 46

posted on May, 20 2009 @ 09:06 PM
I think that Casey is about to throw her parents under the bus. The more I think of this, I think she is focusing on who to blame. Baez isn't above coaching her, and she isn't above blaming her parents for her behavior (for something like) years of sexual or emotional abuse. Baez did say everyone would understand, and everyone didn't know the whole story.
The lawyer she had, with experience in death penalty cases tried to get her to go for an insanity plea before Caylees body was found. He must have known she did the crime, and she knew where the body was.
Baez is probably thinks (at worst) she will get a manslaughter charge if everyone has sympathy for her.
It is a shame because her parents are trying to convince everyone she is a loving person. If they were clear minded, they would know she is a psycopath.

posted on May, 20 2009 @ 09:10 PM
Don't get me wrong, I don't think she was molested. I think she is a great actor and only lets people know what she want's them to know.

Just like when she was seven months pregnant, and she told everyone she had a tumor.


posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 11:06 AM
So let's assume the Zenaida myspace created on 6/16/08 and last accessed on 10/14/08 is KC. (I'm assuming it because I'm virtually convinced it is her.) Okay, the research into this has shown that the picture had to be put up on the page creation date, and the name "zenaida" had to have been used on the creation date. Neither of these things could have been changed afterwards without updating the last update field on the page. There are no hacks on this myspace to dupe an erroneous creation date, update date or last login date.

The only thing that could have changed after the creation date is there could have been a blog entry made on the creation date that was later deleted. There could not have been blog entries made past the creation date without updating the last update field. But a blog entry can be deleted without updating that field.

So if this is KC - why did she access this page on her last free day (the day of the indictment and her permanent return to jail)? Some people speculate she may have gotten scared about creating the fake zenaida myspace page and wanted to delete it and either had second thoughts or couldn't remember the password to the email she used to create the page. That may have been her intention...just don't know.

But could it be that she decided to point the creation of the page to some one else? In other words, change the email account on the myspace to where it looked like some one else created the fake zenaida page?

I wonder this because in doing some further research surrounding the myspace I've been searching profiles on yahoo to see if there were any zenaida's or zanny's set up on either 6/16/08 or 10/14/08. What I found was this profile:

Now - the way I hit against that profile was searching "Zanny"...not Cindy. This means that Cindy is the nickname associated with this account, but that either the REAL username assigned to the account, or the email address with the account has the name "Zanny" in it. Keep in mind that George and Cindy were originally from Ohio.

That yahoo account was set up on 10/14/08.

posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 08:53 AM
I think I've pretty much confirmed that the yahoo account listed in the previous post is not attached to this case at all. There is a person with the full name associated with this account living in Ohio. So scratch that one.

posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 08:39 AM

I believe I've established the latest possible time for the creation of the zenaida myspace

Note that the myspace assigned userid number is 389838213. These numbers are assigned sequentially. First point is this establishes without a doubt that the myspace was created on June 16, 2008. So we can set aside that the creation date may be hacked in some manner. The assigned userid number can't be, and that number is deep in the middle of June 16 sign-ups.

So in order to try to determine the earliest possible time I started marching forward in time for myspace members who signed up on June 16 after this page was made (i.e. they have higher userid numbers). And then I looked at whether there was a blog entry on the 16th or a comment by a friend on the 16th. Here is what I have (you can just put the userid at the end of the zenaida myspace link to get to the pages and verify for yourself):

406362084 - signed up on 16th and made a blog entry at 1:31 pm. Member is in Nevada. This would be 4:31 pm in Orlando.

389838234 - signed up on 16th and had a friend comment at 2:16 pm. Member is in Texas. This would be 3:16 pm in Orlando.

389838264 - signed up on 16th and had a friend comment at 4:10 pm. Member is in Poland. This would be 10:10 am in Orlando.

The zenaida myspace was created prior to 10:10 am June 16th. If this is KC (which I can't imagine how it couldn't be), this is premeditation.

posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 09:54 AM
reply to post by Valhall

Excellent work! Caylee may have already been gone at that point. If so it could also point to the early start of her alibi. Either way.

I tend to discount GA's having seen them before going to work on the 16th.
I still think KC blew a fuse after the alleged fight. Whatever happened with the report of the young man that claimed he saw KC in a hotel parking lot alone in the wee hours of the 16th? Though even if that turned out to be a credible tip Caylee could still have been asleep at home.

posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 08:00 PM

Originally posted by elfie
reply to post by Valhall

Excellent work! Caylee may have already been gone at that point. If so it could also point to the early start of her alibi. Either way.

I tend to discount GA's having seen them before going to work on the 16th.
I still think KC blew a fuse after the alleged fight. Whatever happened with the report of the young man that claimed he saw KC in a hotel parking lot alone in the wee hours of the 16th? Though even if that turned out to be a credible tip Caylee could still have been asleep at home.

I held out on doubting George's account until today.

I need to correct something. When I first found this I did not realize that the comment timetag of a friend on a myspace member's page is adjusted by the timezone of the viewer. We tested this over at Websleuths and it is, in fact, adjusted according to the person looking at it. So this means instead of 10:10 am on that particular comment, it was 5:10 pm Orlando time.

BUT - there is a second one that moves the creation date of the Zenaida myspace earlier in the day. It is this one...

Signed up 6/16/08 and entered first blog at 2:31 pm Orlando time.

This is important because of two things: 1.] This page was created after the Zenaida webpage. Which means the Zenaida page had to be created prior to 2:31 pm Orlando time. 2.) There is high activity on the Anthony desktop from 10 til noon and from 1 pm to 3 pm. George went to work at 3 pm - usually leaving the house at about 2:45. I had thought, up until this point, the activity from 1 to 3 pm was George, but now I don't think so. KC's cell phone pings place her at or near the Anthony home continuously from 1 pm to after 4 pm.

In addition, KC set up myspace notifications on her cell phone for her other myspace account. The Websleuth people have found that every time an activity occurred on her myspace there was a consistent lag time of around 3 hours between the activity on the page (say a friend leaving a comment, etc.) and the notification coming through on her cell phone. At about 3:39 pm on 6/16 there was a notification that came through on KC's cell phone from myspace. If that notification was attached to the Zenaida myspace (i.e. "Welcome to myspace") then that would place the creation of the Zenaida page at some where around 12:30. If the lag holds consistent. Since the desktop showed activity just prior to noon and after 1 - it would hold that it would have been created during those two periods of time.

[edit on 9-1-2009 by Valhall]

posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 09:55 PM
reply to post by Valhall

KC's statement was that she dropped Caylee off at Sawgrass between what, 10 am & 1 pm? Her flurry of phone calls was after 4:30 pm.

You're right, if any sort of confirmation of the account came through between 3:30 & 4 pm, the timing would have to be an eerie coincidence.

posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 10:27 PM
I can't help but wonder if KC hadn't dressed Caylee and carried her out of the house in front of George already dead.

Of course, George would have likely noticed something like that and doubt it would really change much of anything anyway,whether George was telling the whole truth or not. It still doesn't look very good for KC.
According to Georges' statement, it would seem that he was the last known witness to see KC and Caylee together last?

The pool ladder, the disturbed garden etc. That area where the remains were found were also known to KC that it could flood at certain times of the year.......or not? Wasn't this area a collection pond or run off from the storms?

The remains, being as late as it was with the timing, also seems to work in the favor of someone. It would still seem that the evidence goes beyond circumstantail.

This blog, I'm assuming, isn't related to KC other than to show the delay in posting? Wouldn't the prosecutor already know this from an investigation or do they really even care about this as evidence? I would think the site would have all of this information.

The jury will more than likely convict KC anyway. Especially, since her credibility is shot with her apparently compulsive lying.

KC still needs to be profiled as to her personality and the other testimonies...Right?

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