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I cant wait till we colonize the moon....

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posted on Apr, 12 2004 @ 01:59 PM
Wow, this pisses me off a lot. My friends always sign on AIm and it plays some crappy song out of my speakers and half the time its really loud cuase my speakers are weird. It pisses me off even more when poeple sign on and off over and over and over and all I hear is the beginning of that stupid hillary duff song.

Another thing that totally pisses me off is that everybody thinks they have depression. Wow that pisses me off more than anything, everybody I know says they have depression and I know for a fact there not bi-polar or whatnot. People need to take stuff way more serious liek that, People that claim they have it are a waste of attention to the people that really do it. Just a month ago one of my friends who really does have it hung himself, I guarintee that wouldent have happened if so many attention whores diddn't sit around and bitch about how bad their lives suck and how they need pills and alchohal to make their lives better Cause the people that really do have it are almost ignored. I hate america's youth.

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