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Giants once roamed the Earth in the distant past, what was their demise?

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posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 05:29 AM
reply to post by debris765nju

Giants had very large appetites, they rapidly depleted the available game so they started to eat domesticated animals and humans.

I have read where this was one of the problems concerning giants. They had a tendency to eat themselves out of house and home not to mention the neighbors. This however is on the American continent but in regards to the Middle East during Moses's time, they were also living in Canaan.

Once the Israelite's crossed the Jordain river the hunt was on. They secured the land by conquest. Those they conquered were either made slaves of killed. I doubt they took any of the giants as slaves as they would always be a security risk. Just a thought.

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 10:01 AM
reply to post by pstrron

It might turn out that they were just another group of humans

Who? Angels or Giants?

Might want to clarify some terms here. Just what exactly is an angel, in your view. If you accede that angels have DNA, then they are no longer purely spiritual beings from the kingdom of heaven. They would be biological entities, and carbon based life forms. That would fly in the face of what a lot of other people believe. Even if you suppose that they took human form, then it would only be the human form that would be producing offspring - not the angel itself. There would be no giant offspring for the same reason that African men mating with Chinese women do not reliably produce giants. What would be intrinsically different between a human form and a human parentage?

If angels are not just merely a separate branch of humanity paleontology has not discovered yet - then there is still the question of how the mechanism behind how reproduction manifests. If they are a similar branch of humanity, there is still the question of how their pairing produced giants.

You don't even really need a sample of Giant DNA. Just show some examples in nature of a similar occurrence. Where can you find information on breeding a Horse and a Mule to reliably produce an offspring as large as a Moose?

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 10:12 AM

Originally posted by pstrronAs for angel DNA I have no idea though we do have bones of some of the giants.

Well, I'd be interested in knowing where these bones are. We all know how much archaeologists like to publish their finds. Can you cite all your sources, other than the Bible?

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 10:54 AM
There is nowhere an account of a female "Giantess"...
all i ever heard tale about were giant men & cyclops'

maybe the Amazons of later lore were supposed to fill that obvious gap
in making a complete social order of giants.?

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 02:45 PM
If giants ever existed (of course, they absolutely did not,) then the most obvious cause of their demise would have to be a young man named Jack.

All you brits know what I mean (I hope,) though most Jack stories aren't British.


posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 07:41 AM
reply to post by pstrron

there no doubt there were giants around if fact theres one in family name angus mccaskill he was 7 ft 9 and super strong but died at 43 and it is said that modern humans came from a giant strain of early humans but being that big can give you a lot of medical problems but there a lot more big guys around today that are a lot healther because of better food and medical care so i think that most of us in the next 100 years will be around the 7 ft mark if nothing bad happens to our evoultion.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 12:10 PM

Originally posted by St Udio
There is nowhere an account of a female "Giantess"...
all i ever heard tale about were giant men & cyclops'

maybe the Amazons of later lore were supposed to fill that obvious gap
in making a complete social order of giants.?

You just don't read enough mythology.
The Norse mythology talks about the Jotnir -- a race of giants that the Aesir were always fighting or trying to trick. Hel (goddess of the underworld) was a giantess as were several other notables.

Loki was the son of a giantess and Odin (which is why he was picked on by the other Aesir and why he played so many jokes on them... many of which backfire on him.)

posted on Feb, 3 2009 @ 11:28 AM
reply to post by pstrron

If Asians were a foot shorter and blacks or whites were a foot taller - those Asians might refer to us as giants.

Example: A race of People with males who were 5 foot tall, 120 pounds average weight might view a race that was averaging 6'6 and 230 pounds as "giants'.

Should such an encounter have occurred in ancient times, the stories and tales would probably turn in to myths and feature artistic hyperbole respective to the culture wherein the myths reside.

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 02:23 PM
if they were a race of giants, i'd assume there would be females as well. they could have eventually died out from other races killing them (it's bigger and scarier, kill it!), possibly changes to their environment they couldn't adapt to easily, and interbreeding (they sound like they were very tall, but not like storybook giants and 20-30 ft tall or anything, so could still be physically possible) and the occasional giant humans born in this day and age is a throwback to those genes (could aslo say the same for dwarfism, maybe there was a race, interbred with other humans,and we get occasional dwarfs now from it)

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 04:32 PM
reply to post by Gren

Howdy Gren

Dwarfs and large humans have the same DNA we all do, they just got unlucky.

No sign of interbreeding! I'm holding out for Neanderthal and Homo Sapien Sapien whoopie thou.

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 05:36 PM

Originally posted by Hanslune I'm holding out for Neanderthal and Homo Sapien Sapien whoopie thou.

Sorry...I believe the latest round of neanderthal DNA analysis out of Germany wrote that off.

But there's always the alien factor, right?

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 06:50 PM
I think giants are reborn whenever satan begins his genetic breeding programs. No doubt that's what is behind the abductions and talk of human cloning and experimentation by so called aliens.

Since Jesus said that the last days would be like the days of Noah, I believe the program is repeating itself.

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 09:21 PM
reply to post by JohnnyCanuck

Yes you are correct but they have looked at only a limited group (In Spain from around 27,000 years ago) I was thinking those that were in the Middle East and elsewhere, may have had a greater chance for mixture. Small chance I do believe, like a Be-2c versus a SU-7.

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 09:31 PM
Read the Book of Enoch.

And it came to pass when the children of men had multiplied that in those days were born unto 2 them beautiful and comely daughters. And the angels, the children of the heaven, saw and lusted after them, and said to one another: 'Come, let us choose us wives from among the children of men 3 and beget us children.' And Semjaza, who was their leader, said unto them: 'I fear ye will not 4 indeed agree to do this deed, and I alone shall have to pay the penalty of a great sin.' And they all answered him and said: 'Let us all swear an oath, and all bind ourselves by mutual imprecations 5 not to abandon this plan but to do this thing.' Then sware they all together and bound themselves 6 by mutual imprecations upon it. And they were in all two hundred; who descended in the days of Jared on the summit of Mount Hermon, and they called it Mount Hermon, because they had sworn 7 and bound themselves by mutual imprecations upon it. And these are the names of their leaders: Samlazaz, their leader, Araklba, Rameel, Kokablel, Tamlel, Ramlel, Danel, Ezeqeel, Baraqijal, 8 Asael, Armaros, Batarel, Ananel, Zaq1el, Samsapeel, Satarel, Turel, Jomjael, Sariel. These are their chiefs of tens.

[Chapter 7]

1 And all the others together with them took unto themselves wives, and each chose for himself one, and they began to go in unto them and to defile themselves with them, and they taught them charms 2 and enchantments, and the cutting of roots, and made them acquainted with plants. And they 3 became pregnant, and they bare great giants, whose height was three thousand ells: Who consumed 4 all the acquisitions of men. And when men could no longer sustain them, the giants turned against 5 them and devoured mankind. And they began to sin against birds, and beasts, and reptiles, and 6 fish, and to devour one another's flesh, and drink the blood. Then the earth laid accusation against the lawless ones.

[Chapter 8]

1 And Azazel taught men to make swords, and knives, and shields, and breastplates, and made known to them the metals of the earth and the art of working them, and bracelets, and ornaments, and the use of antimony, and the beautifying of the eyelids, and all kinds of costly stones, and all 2 colouring tinctures. And there arose much godlessness, and they committed fornication, and they 3 were led astray, and became corrupt in all their ways. Semjaza taught enchantments, and root-cuttings, 'Armaros the resolving of enchantments, Baraqijal (taught) astrology, Kokabel the constellations, Ezeqeel the knowledge of the clouds, Araqiel the signs of the earth, Shamsiel the signs of the sun, and Sariel the course of the moon. And as men perished, they cried, and their cry went up to heaven . . .

[Chapter 9]

1 And then Michael, Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel looked down from heaven and saw much blood being 2 shed upon the earth, and all lawlessness being wrought upon the earth. And they said one to another: 'The earth made without inhabitant cries the voice of their cryingst up to the gates of heaven. 3 And now to you, the holy ones of heaven, the souls of men make their suit, saying, "Bring our cause 4 before the Most High."' And they said to the Lord of the ages: 'Lord of lords, God of gods, King of kings, and God of the ages, the throne of Thy glory (standeth) unto all the generations of the 5 ages, and Thy name holy and glorious and blessed unto all the ages! Thou hast made all things, and power over all things hast Thou: and all things are naked and open in Thy sight, and Thou seest all 6 things, and nothing can hide itself from Thee. Thou seest what Azazel hath done, who hath taught all unrighteousness on earth and revealed the eternal secrets which were (preserved) in heaven, which 7 men were striving to learn: And Semjaza, to whom Thou hast given authority to bear rule over his associates. And they have gone to the daughters of men upon the earth, and have slept with the 9 women, and have defiled themselves, and revealed to them all kinds of sins. And the women have 10 borne giants, and the whole earth has thereby been filled with blood and unrighteousness. And now, behold, the souls of those who have died are crying and making their suit to the gates of heaven, and their lamentations have ascended: and cannot cease because of the lawless deeds which are 11 wrought on the earth. And Thou knowest all things before they come to pass, and Thou seest these things and Thou dost suffer them, and Thou dost not say to us what we are to do to them in regard to these.'

[Chapter 10]

1 Then said the Most High, the Holy and Great One spake, and sent Uriel to the son of Lamech, 2 and said to him: 'Go to Noah and tell him in my name "Hide thyself!" and reveal to him the end that is approaching: that the whole earth will be destroyed, and a deluge is about to come 3 upon the whole earth, and will destroy all that is on it. And now instruct him that he may escape 4 and his seed may be preserved for all the generations of the world.' And again the Lord said to Raphael: 'Bind Azazel hand and foot, and cast him into the darkness: and make an opening 5 in the desert, which is in Dudael, and cast him therein. And place upon him rough and jagged rocks, and cover him with darkness, and let him abide there for ever, and cover his face that he may 6,7 not see light. And on the day of the great judgment he shall be cast into the fire. And heal the earth which the angels have corrupted, and proclaim the healing of the earth, that they may heal the plague, and that all the children of men may not perish through all the secret things that the 8 Watchers have disclosed and have taught their sons. And the whole earth has been corrupted 9 through the works that were taught by Azazel: to him ascribe all sin.'

The Book of Enoch. A book which is actually quoted by Jude in the New Testament. What is the Book of Enoch and where did it come from?

Enoch was the great-grandfather of Noah. The Book of Enoch chapter 68:1 "And after that my great-grandfather Enoch gave me all the secrets in the book and in the parables which had been given to him, and he put them together for me in the words of the book of the parables."

The Book of Enoch was extant centuries before the birth of Christ and yet is considered by many to be more Christian in its theology than Jewish. It was considered scripture by many early Christians. The earliest literature of the so-called "Church Fathers" is filled with references to this mysterious book. The early second century "Epistle of Barnabus" makes much use of the Book of Enoch. Second and Third Century "Church Fathers" like Justin Martyr, Irenaeus, Origin and Clement of Alexandria all make use of the Book of Enoch. Tertullian (160-230 C.E) even called the Book of Enoch "Holy Scripture". The Ethiopic Church even added the Book of Enoch to its official canon. It was widely known and read the first three centuries after Christ. This and many other books became discredited after the Council of Laodicea. And being under ban of the authorities, afterwards it gradually passed out of circulation.

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 09:58 PM

[Chapter 48]

1 And in that place I saw the fountain of righteousness
Which was inexhaustible:
And around it were many fountains of wisdom:
And all the thirsty drank of them,
And were filled with wisdom,
And their dwellings were with the righteous and holy and elect.
2 And at that hour that Son of Man was named In the presence of the Lord of Spirits,
And his name before the Head of Days.

3 Yea, before the sun and the signs were created,
Before the stars of the heaven were made,
His name was named before the Lord of Spirits.

4 He shall be a staff to the righteous whereon to stay themselves and not fall,
And he shall be the light of the Gentiles,
And the hope of those who are troubled of heart.

5 All who dwell on earth shall fall down and worship before him,
And will praise and bless and celebrate with song the Lord of Spirits.

6 And for this reason hath he been chosen and hidden before Him,
Before the creation of the world and for evermore.

7 And the wisdom of the Lord of Spirits hath revealed him to the holy and righteous;
For he hath preserved the lot of the righteous,
Because they have hated and despised this world of unrighteousness,
And have hated all its works and ways in the name of the Lord of Spirits:
For in his name they are saved

10 And on the day of their affliction there shall be rest on the earth,
And before them they shall fall and not rise again:
And there shall be no one to take them with his hands and raise them:
For they have denied the Lord of Spirits and His Anointed.
The name of the Lord of Spirits be blessed.

[Chapter 49]

l For wisdom is poured out like water,
And glory faileth not before him for evermore.

2 For he is mighty in all the secrets of righteousness,
And unrighteousness shall disappear as a shadow,
And have no continuance;
Because the Elect One standeth before the Lord of Spirits,
And his glory is for ever and ever,
And his might unto all generations.

3 And in him dwells the spirit of wisdom,
And the spirit which gives insight,
And the spirit of understanding and of might,
And the spirit of those who have fallen asleep in righteousness.

4 And he shall judge the secret things,
And none shall be able to utter a lying word before him;
For he is the Elect One before the Lord of Spirits according to His good pleasure.

[Chapter 50]

1 And in those days a change shall take place for the holy and elect,
And the light of days shall abide upon them,
And glory and honour shall turn to the holy,
2 On the day of affliction on which evil shall have been treasured up against the sinners.

And the righteous shall be victorious in the name of the Lord of Spirits:
And He will cause the others to witness (this)
That they may repent
And forgo the works of their hands.

3 They shall have no honour through the name of the Lord of Spirits,
Yet through His name shall they be saved,
And the Lord of Spirits will have compassion on them,
For His compassion is great.

4 And He is righteous also in His judgement,
And in the presence of His glory unrighteousness also shall not maintain itself:
At His judgement the unrepentant shall perish before Him.
5 And from henceforth I will have no mercy on them, saith the Lord of Spirits.

[Chapter 51]

1 And in those days shall the earth also give back that which has been entrusted to it,
And Sheol also shall give back that which it has received,
And hell shall give back that which it owes.

5a For in those days the Elect One shall arise,
2 And he shall choose the righteous and holy from among them:
For the day has drawn nigh that they should be saved.

3 And the Elect One shall in those days sit on My throne,
And his mouth shall pour forth all the secrets of wisdom and counsel:
For the Lord of Spirits hath given (them) to him and hath glorified him.

4 And in those days shall the mountains leap like rams,
And the hills also shall skip like lambs satisfied with milk,
And the faces of [all] the angels in heaven shall be lighted up with joy.

5b And the earth shall rejoice,
c And the righteous shall dwell upon it,
d And the elect shall walk thereon.

[Chapter 52]

l And after those days in that place where I had seen all the visions of that which is hidden -for 2 I had been carried off in a whirlwind and they had borne me towards the west-There mine eyes saw all the secret things of heaven that shall be, a mountain of iron, and a mountain of copper, and a mountain of silver, and a mountain of gold, and a mountain of soft metal, and a mountain of lead. 3 And I asked the angel who went with me, saying, 'What things are these which I have seen in 4 secret?' And he said unto me: 'All these things which thou hast seen shall serve the dominion of His Anointed that he may be potent and mighty on the earth.' 5 And that angel of peace answered, saying unto me: 'Wait a little, and there shall be revealed unto thee all the secret things which surround the Lord of Spirits.
6 And these mountains which thine eyes have seen,
The mountain of iron, and the mountain of copper, and the mountain of silver,
And the mountain of gold, and the mountain of soft metal, and the mountain of lead,
All these shall be in the presence of the Elect One
As wax: before the fire,
And like the water which streams down from above [upon those mountains],
And they shall become powerless before his feet.
7 And it shall come to pass in those days that none shall be saved,
Either by gold or by silver,
And none be able to escape.
8 And there shall be no iron for war,
Nor shall one clothe oneself with a breastplate.
Bronze shall be of no service,
And tin [shall be of no service and] shall not be esteemed,
And lead shall not be desired.
9 And all these things shall be [denied and] destroyed from the surface of the earth,
When the Elect One shall appear before the face of the Lord of Spirits.'

[Chapter 53]

1 There mine eyes saw a deep valley with open mouths, and all who dwell on the earth and sea and islands shall bring to him gifts and presents and tokens of homage, but that deep valley shall not become full.
2 And their hands commit lawless deeds,
And the sinners devour all whom they lawlessly oppress:
Yet the sinners shall be destroyed before the face of the Lord of Spirits,
And they shall be banished from off the face of His earth,
And they shall perish for ever and ever.
3 For I saw all the angels of punishment abiding (there) and preparing all the instruments of Satan. 4 And I asked the angel of peace who went with me: ' For whom are they preparing these Instruments?' 5 And he said unto me: ' They prepare these for the kings and the mighty of this earth, that they may thereby be destroyed. 6 And after this the Righteous and Elect One shall cause the house of his congregation to appear: henceforth they shall be no more hindered in the name of the Lord of Spirits.
7 And these mountains shall not stand as the earth before his righteousness,
But the hills shall be as a fountain of water,
And the righteous shall have rest from the oppression of sinners.'

[Chapter 54]

1 And I looked and turned to another part of the earth, and saw there a deep valley with burning 2 fire. And they brought the kings and the mighty, and began to cast them into this deep valley. 3 And there mine eyes saw how they made these their instruments, iron chains of immeasurable weight. 4 And I asked the angel of peace who went with me, saying: ' For whom are these chains being prepared ? ' And he said unto me: ' These are being prepared for the hosts of Azazel, so that they may take them and cast them into the abyss of complete condemnation, and they shall cover their jaws with rough stones as the Lord of Spirits commanded. 6 And Michael, and Gabriel, and Raphael, and Phanuel shall take hold of them on that great day, and cast them on that day into the burning furnace, that the Lord of Spirits may take vengeance on them for their unrighteousness in becoming subject to Satan and leading astray those who dwell on the earth.'

posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 12:21 AM
Here is a website with a list of giants found in the US. I'm going to try to check into each of them. Very interesting!

This one I know about. I found it at quite awhile ago, but I lost the article.

1888 Ohio, Toledo: 20 skeletons were discovered with jaws and teeth twice as large as those of normal humans

I'll look to see if I can find it.

[edit on 25-2-2009 by Clark W. Griswold]

posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 02:48 AM
I think giants died out around 100 years or so ago - about the time US newspapers stopped printing tall tales to boost circulation

posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 03:35 PM
I love this quote!

"There are skeletal remains of people that were, 8, 9, 10 - 13 and greater and listed at ages in excess of 100,000 years even millions of years."

I mean....seriously....written words don't constitute "proof" of anything. especially in the internet age. this statement defies conventional wisdom and common sense.

posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 04:03 PM
reply to post by nicholaswa

Unless you figure there was more than one Jack.


posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 04:12 PM
I really wish people would stop quoting the bible, there is indeed alot about our prehistory that we do not yet fully comprehend, but reverting back to the same so called "Evidence" every time a theory is brought up does not proof a thing. Not that I wouldnt like to believe in giant's existing in prehistory mind you.

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