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UFOs -- What we "see"

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posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 11:21 PM
I preface this diatribe of mine with the following:

1. I do believe in beings that have evolved outside Earth

2. I do believe that beings have/might have visited Earth (at one or more times).

What I propose -- and I am not putting this information out as "fact" -- merely a discussion focal point is this:

What we witnesses "see" are nothing more than government secret craft. I have no evidence that these craft are alien-based, or even reversed engineered.

I realize that this position has been made many times....

However, I feel somehow compelled due to a recent lucid dream I have just had to post this theory.

In my dream, I was in my car (backseat, left side) with my mom (driving) and my dad (passenger) and my sister (backseat, right side).

Going down a "country" road we witnessed an unusual ammount of "UFO's" so many that we sort of got used to spotting them. On one of them, however, I saw a USAF logo with an American flag. Also, in a pasture we passed a NASA rocket was being launched.

Now -- dreams are dreams, right? In my opinion dreams are much REM sleep one's unconcious mind is much more open to the "collective" mind of the planet.

I have no doubt we have been visited, are probably being visited ... but I think most of the sensational sightings we are seeing these days are dis-info "ooooh its ALIEN" moves to keep us from questioning the funding of our "black budget"....

Hell, when our economy is in such a freaking BLACK HOLE -- I think we as a public ought to start demanding accountability for the MILLIONS if not BILLIONS spent on "black projects" that do what for "national security" in a post-cold war/"rouge poor-ass-nation" state?

Really?? UFO Tech compared to N. Korea or Iran? Come on -- come clean and lets save our country and planet.

But no...the people in the aerospace industry at the top of the game make such an insane profit it should be SICKENING to us peons. These people could care LESS ABOUT YOU AND ME AS OUR ECONOMY TANKS. They have beach homes and off-shore accounts paid via government contracts (paid by taxpayer dollars).

If we want so-called "accountability" with "bailout money" -- lets also demand the same for the "black budget" Areospace funds that are making a very few rich without worry for the masses.

Screw Boeing and Northrom & Grumman... these greedy private bitches have been leeching off the American tax dollar with potentially alien technology for far to long.

You don't see them asking for a damned bail out, do you? Unlike the adult film industry...

posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 11:33 PM
It's one thing to "rant" ...

It's another to actually come up with ideas for how to force the US Gov. to unlock and allow technology it *might* have gained from ET sources.

I am not a bitchy woman -- I want solutions, not commiseration from fellow like-minded folk. I want ideas, plans, legal and lawful ways we as citizens we can force our government into action.

Maybe find your Senator's favorite bar, get him trashed and bull# with him...(it seems this is how it's done in Washington) and put a suggestion in his ear...

If we as a public are going to reign in our political elite -- ESPECIALLY about UFO's and potential alien technology that can actually SAVE US -- we need to start acting as they do.

Blackmail, campaign contributions...scandals....they are so dirty it makes a cock roach look good to eat.

If political options are off the table -- then we need to recruit people from inside the "complex" -- willing to leak compromising information to bring the system to it's knees...back to where it should the knees before the PEOPLE.

This BS about UFOs and "secret gov. craft" has gone on to far for to long...

Now I hear the USPS might give up a damned day of postal service? What the hell? Is our economy THAT BAD? Apparently is is...but "they" have they technology apparently to change that and they do not...because they make more on OUR suffering.

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