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Canadian budget to pass. The Coalition is done.

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posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 09:02 PM
The Federal Budget came down yesterday and what a budget it was!

360 pages in total. Something for everyone, or so they say. I haven't read it all yet but I am working my way through it. A most unconservative document if I do say so myself. Stephen Harper must be just rotting inside to present something that goes against his core values, well what are supposed to be his core values. Although they did spend like drunken liberals while in office the previous two years.

Some interesting stuff in there. I haven't come across any mention yet of the sale of Government assets that was mentioned back in November but I am looking.

We have all heard of the term "shovel-ready" by now. What they haven't said very much about is this. The money earmarked for infrastructure projects will only be meted out if, for Municipal and Provincial projects, the other two levels have the Capital available to go forward with the work. In other words, if your city has need of a new sewage treatment plant, the Feds will cough up the money only if your Municipality has the funding ready to go. Having the project ready but no funding as of yet will basically negate the Federal money coming your way. Which is to say, your city needs it's 1/3 ready now and your province needs its 1/3 ready now.

Also, Ignatief said the Liberals will support it if the Conservatives agree to three budgetary updates throughout the year, giving them the chance to defeat the Government if they don't like the progress or lack thereof of this stimulus.

The best quote I have heard so far is from Layton.

Layton refused to specify whether the coalition between the Liberals and NDP was dead, saying only that: "We have a new coalition on Parliament Hill. It’s a coalition between Mr. Harper and Mr. Ignatieff."


Poor Jack, he actually thought he had a chance at running the show. He may well have if Dion had remained leader.

So fellow Canucks, what is your thoughts on the Budget? Good, bad, indifference?

I would like to finish reading it before I make a real decision about it. The only thing I know is that my kids kids are going to be paying for it.

posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 09:07 PM
Meh all i know is it won't help us over here on the East Coast. Our municipal governments are too busy arguing they're own budgets and re-locating fund money to other "pet" projects in the region.

And yes i do agree with your assesment of Jack Layton. Poor guy, almost had a shot. It's too bad that everytime he opens his mouth it's like it's falling down the stairs.

I don't think the coalition is dead though, i think they'll just play nice until harper breathes in a way they don't like and then they'll pounce on him.

Come on now, the Bloc isn't that stupid, they knew they had Harper by the groin a few months ago, they're not about to let that go.


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