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The Creation Of Man

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posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 07:31 PM
It became. It became because without It, there was nothing, which was in the form of black water. Nothing could not exist without something, and that something was It. It opened his eyes and could not see, for he was surrounded by black water and it stung his eyes. It shut them and thought, ‘My eyes cause me pain, let there be no pain with seeing.’ As he thought this, he imagined dryness surrounding him. Slowly, It felt the water drip from around him. It opened his eyes, but all It saw was darkness. It thought, ‘This is no different from my eyes being shut. I want to be able to tell when my eyes are open and when they are shut.’ Suddenly, a bright light filled the sky, and It cried out in anger. All It could see was light, so he shut his eyes. At this time, It realized that he was thirsty. In anguish, It thought, ‘I want to be able to open my eyes and see around me, so I can find where that water went and take a drink.’ Finally, It opened his eyes and saw that the water and the light had formed spheres, suspended in the sky. Relieved, It soared down to the water-sphere and took a swim and a drink. As It had drank it’s full, he realized that he had no way of leaving the water, and he was about to drown! Desperately, It thought, ‘I need something to rest on!’ With that, the water began to sink, and land began to swell, raising It out of the water. By now, It was very tired. He tried to close his eyes and sleep, but the light-sphere shining onto him was too bright. It thought, ‘Let the light dim for the time I need to rest, so that I may sleep.’ The water-land-sphere groaned and turned in place, struggling at first and spewing hot fire from its depths, and creating large waves in the seas. As it turned, the sphere became dimmer, and finally It could sleep in the darkness.

In the morning, It awoke and said aloud, “I am It. I have a name. Therefore, everything else must have a name, too.” It looked up, and said “This blue I will call Sky, and this light-sphere I will call Sun.” It looked down, and said “This sphere I will call Earth. The wetness that is on it will be called Sea, and the dryness will be called Land.” A loud grumble filled Sky, and It realized that he was hungry. “This noise is called Thunder, and I want to eat.” It looked around and saw nothing to consume except the Sea and the Land, neither tasted very good. It thought, “I will create something to feed myself for all time. I will call it Plants.” It took some Sea and placed it upon Land, and a forest of plants grew, which covered much of Earth. It then sat and ate, and grew full. Soon the light became dim. It said, “The darkness is called Night, the light is called Day. It is almost Night, and now I want to sleep.” It looked around for a place to lie down, but the ground was covered by Plants. It frowned, and thought “I need somewhere rest, so I need something to clear these Plants. I will call them Animals.” In exhaustion and frustration, It created a mass of crawling, climbing, grazing, chewing things, which ate the Plants. Once enough Land was cleared, It settled down for the night.

During his sleep, It dreamed of the Animals he had created, and questioned whether it was a good idea. It had a nightmare that some of the Animals he had not noticed were in his form, and were also able to create and name things on Earth. In his dream he called them Humans. When Day came, It awoke and screamed loudly, creating sound on Earth. All the Animals began making noises. It had seen that his thoughts in the night had created a group of Animals which were built almost identical to himself. Afraid, It disappeared back into Sky, and Humans were left to the Water, Land, Plants, and Animals. Like It, they were able to create their own shelters, and their own ways of getting food. Humans took over It’s place resting on Earth, while It was sent away by nightmares of his accidental creation destroying the Land and Water. It was never to return, for fear of the destruction he would see of his sphere of paradise.

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