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New ID system for EU!!!???

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posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 03:14 PM

I live in norway and read the following today: (translated from norwegian)External source

Next year new identification-cards will be avalible for all Norwegian citizens.
With the new ID-card you can travel within the Schengen area without a passport.
The new card will be avalible from the end of 2010 and is voluntary.
The new ID-card will be the same size as a creditcard and will have all the functions to make it accepted as personal identification in the EU.
It will contain picture, personal-data and a computer chip with the owners personal-data, picture and biometrics (picture and fingerprint).
With the new card you can identify yourself before any officials, and you can sign documents electronicaly.

This is a little creepy.
If this becomes the "new" type of passport and all documents has to be signed using ID-card chip, imagine. They can make it impossible to even buy anything without your ID-card. If this happens NWO will be very close.
It makes it possible for officials to make one click and you no longer exist.

I will not get one thats for sure!
(though they will probably force it on in a few years)

I know that Sweden have started with the new ID-cards already.

Fellow EU citizens:

Deny Ignorance!


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posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 04:27 PM
reply to post by Zykloner

Trouble with these cards of course, is that once people have them, they are bound to lose them, have them stolen, or destroy them in some way. It will become much more practical to simply put a chip in people that authorities can then scan to prove who you are.

Should fit it with GPS tracking ability just in case you are lost and hurt and cant find your phone so you are always safe.

Makes perfect sense. Oh, and the world is going to hell.

posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 04:52 PM

Originally posted by Zykloner

Fellow EU citizens:

I just wanna say that Norway aint part of EU.

But still.. to [stop], [think] and [question] is fine. If we [act] on top of that we'd get something done also

posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 05:44 PM

Originally posted by Zykloner
They can make it impossible to even buy anything without your ID-card. If this happens NWO will be very close.

They're going to do that everywhere in the future. They will put electronic chips in us, and if we refuse to have chips inserted in us, than we won't be able to purchase things or leave the city, state, or country.

posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 10:59 PM
This is not really that unusually my school id was a smart card and had everything in it as you described except the passport.

Some cities are now producing Id's that can be used to pay for fares on the local transit, function as library cards, and with the cards you gain access to all city services such as rec centers and pools.

I wouldn't be surprised if somewhere they have id's that function as an id, smart card for trains/bus/transit, credit card, library card, etc.

I dont see anyplace going directly to the cards as money

I see them as basically how smart cards are used in transit centers.

Where you add funds to the card through a machine and the machines are everywhere like pay phones use to be; you add money to the machine via cash/credit/debit and it credits your card and from that the card is accepted at many places, like cash or credit cards.

That could be a way to transition people to the system without outright alienating them and then over say 5-7 years expand the system to when it surpasses cash and the different credit & debit cards a person may have. Then the system is updated and your funds are not sent directly to your card, plus the card has a list of your accounts with banks, credit card companies, your loan history, you education history if in school, people that live in the same household as you, heath records, etc.

All you would have to do is throw a mp3 & video player in it and like 70 % of the world would jump on it.

Almost everything now has a chip or some type of strip in them the only thing to do is merge the systems. They use smart cards on transit, for id's at many companies, as school id's/drivers licenses, laundromat that one surprised me when i went to a laundromat and you have to get a card and add money to the card. Almost everything now has a chip or some type of strip in them the next thing to do is merge the systems.

I noticed from college many of the current id's have chips, barcode or magnetic strip in/on them, and through that people buy things through financial aid or use the card for meal plans.

Some major stores in the area even accept the card and they even have an agreement with a bank that the cards can be used as ATM cards if you open an account with that bank, almost every store in the mall accepts the card etc.

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posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 01:24 AM

Originally posted by Daniem

Originally posted by Zykloner

Fellow EU citizens:

I just wanna say that Norway aint part of EU.

But still.. to [stop], [think] and [question] is fine. If we [act] on top of that we'd get something done also

I am fully aware that my own country (Norway) is not a listed part of the EU. But in effect we still are due to the EFTA-court, ESA and an agreement to the EU making us practically part of the EU. So when it comes to buisness, and trade we are a part of the EU.


posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 02:48 AM
And so it begins.

Chipped ID cards have already been introduced in my country, voluntary at this moment, but expected to become mandatory at some point in the future.

The people who don't understand what's happening are happily being "chipped", oblivious to their destinies.

Those who understand will never take those cards. It just happens that when they, too, are forced to take them... all hell will break loose. The PTBs just haven't stepped on the toes of the wrong people yet. The people who can, and will, shove all the crap they took from PTBs down the PTBs throats again.

I am eagerly awaiting that moment now.

If all this crap weren't so disgusting, it would actually be quite funny. Who in their right mind would dig their own grave? Therefore, logically, the PTBs are not in their right minds, and they will be dealt with like a doctor deals with a deadly infectious disease. Exterminated, that is.

It will make no difference who, or what they happen to be at the moment of extermination. Likable or not, they will be dealt with. Wishful thinking will not help them.

"Let's see if he can liberate them." Something like that?

Oh, by the way, that "disco mix" I've seen in the last week's episode of "Colbert Report" was really nicely done. Maybe somewhat overdone, though, since that "face" looked exactly like the one that "drained" a very dear friend of mine (who acted like a fool, but I liked him nevertheless).

That was a spitting image of a "reptilian" I saw. What race is that anyway? I called it "reptilian" simply because people use the term, but you (and I mean "you" among the humans, the one who will be reading this) are not really reptilian, are you?

Well, mistakes are bound to happen at some time, right?

This is not about liberation anymore. It's about lessons now, and it's becoming increasingly personal.

Some "people" just ask for lessons that will end their learning once and for all. Permanently.

But hopefully, others will learn form those lessons instead of those who are gone. So it's not all in vain. The lesson will be repeated with different "people" as many times as it takes, and someone is bound, sooner or later, to learn from the mistakes others make.

I can promise you that, and I don't give promises like that very easily. I have all the "time" in the world to make it happen, and I have the will. Besides, there's nothing else to do in "here", so those "people" may now consider themselves to have become my very close and personal project.

And some projects simply fail... That fact, unfortunately, is well known.

"All is forgiven", but only up to that moment. If you want to act like fools, you will end like fools. Just like my friend did.

I know this won't end up being posted in the thread, but it's not meant for the people reading the thread anyway. You understand, right?

The time to choose a side has indeed come.

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